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  1. Thoughtful says:

    Someone posted a video of a republican candidate handing the media a list of democrat election deniers, but I can’t find it now, cna someone please post a link to it?


  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Reposted as I put this on the previous thread instead of the current one.

    Did you see pixie Balls during Suella’s stint answering questions after her statement earlier this week.
    I was expecting her head to explode.

    Earlier posts are on about how bad it is in Sweden now.
    Makes me think of the HG Wells book The Time Machine where there are the Eloi and the Morlocks.
    One, violent beasts and the other a load of tolerant idiots being preyed on by the Morlocks.
    Our population is behaving like the Eloi and all these mass invaders can’t believe how easy it is for them to take over as we’ve become a soft bunch of cissies, ripe to be exploited and walked all over.

    On the earlier post about the bbbc supporting the government.
    If the bbbc keep on calling the Tories for being against mass unwanted immigration it gives the impression that the Tories are actually doing something about it when we all know they are not. They can pretend to be against mass immigration but they make sure nothing happens about it.
    If they wanted to stop it they could but the truth is, they want it to continue.
    They are fooling the population with the help of the bbbc.
    It’s symbiotic as the bbbc can virtue signal and the Tories can Carrie on pretending they want to do something about it.

    If Suella looks like solving this she will be out faster than garages putting petrol prices up after an increase in the price of a barrel.
    What an asset she would be if she joined Reform.


  3. tomo says:

    Having lost a day and found the new thread…

    The stink carries 5000 miles downwind – they just arrested the True The Vote people too….


  4. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Judge Michael Liburdi or just another Libturdi?


  5. Flotsam says:

    Invasion, time for action? Is it time to assemble a couple of powerful RIBs (boats), put them out on the Channel and start towing the illegals back to France? The RIBs could be badged up as “Lifeboat”, that would be truthful as they would be taken to safety (in France)

    It would be expensive to buy the boats and run them but perhaps some patriotic and wealthy benefactor would sponsor it.


    • moggie63 says:

      Couldn’t they just take some from the RNLI? After all, they are publicly funded and the purpose would remain the same, just the end destination would change. And I reckon it would guarantee an increase in donations.


  6. taffman says:

    “The the Tory promised land” , The Land Full of Promises & “Pledges”.
    The only thing reducing them is the weather.
    21 May 2015………………



  7. Concrete sea says:

    Rishi Sunak has admitted not enough asylum claims are being processed, but promised to fix the system. He was responding to questions from Sir Keir Starmer who accused the government of having lost control.
    Trouble is that control has never been there in the first place and therefore hasn’t been lost. Its no use politicians etc saying that the ‘evil’ people behind all this smuggling need to be caught/brought to justice etc. They will be slightly clever enough to be hidden from any attempts to identify, locate and arrest them. Sending the dinghies back or ensuring they never set sail in the first place will also send a clear message that the UK is not such an easy place to get to. Hence the gangs that operate the smuggling will lose their customers.


  8. taffman says:

    “The the Tory promised land” , The Land Full of Promises & “Pledges”.
    The only thing reducing them now is the weather.

    (21 May 2015)


  9. Tabs says:

    BBC News TV channel have a piece about cyclist and drivers. One scene the BBC reporter is cycling slowly up a hill whilst doing his piece to camera and an overtaking car crosses the 2 solid white centre lines to overtake him.

    “He shouldn’t be doing this, it’s a double white line”, shouts the BBC bloke.

    Actually you can still overtake if the thing you are overtaking is doing 10mph or less.

    Perhaps the BBC should get their facts right and not do reports to camera while cycling on pubic roads which is cycling without due care and attention.


    • tomo says:

      Me – I just want the assholes now riding without lights fined a minimum of £50 on the spot on pain of confiscation of their bicycles.

      I say this as a cyclist


      • moggie63 says:

        Yes. I was shouted at by a cyclist the other morning because I stepped out in front of him at 6:30am. I pointed out he was wearing all dark clothes, on a dark bike with no bloody lights and he was lucky I didn’t belt him one for being a dangerous tw@. He went off muttering to himself.


        • Fedup2 says:

          What language was he muttering in ? Albanian ? Where did he nick the bike from ?

          The new BBC Albanian channel is coming .. across the channel … featuring ….

          ….weather forecast for the channel
          ….our RNLI heroes
          ….pick of the dinghies
          ….news from home
          ….money box – how to claim more benefits
          ….day,Light robberies
          ….beginners guide to smuggling
          ….top Totty prostitutes
          ….how to buy an MP
          ….best immigration lawyers ( sponsored )
          ….bribing border force
          ….and much much more

          … now the weather for small boats … and shipping forecast ….


      • StewGreen says:

        A Mr Thomas Robinson has just been jailed for 10 years hard labour
        for not having lights on his bicycle.

        .. The judge said he would’ve got 20 years, if it had been dark.

        … and 40 if the bicycle had been on the road instead of inside his garage

        Britain’s famous two tier justice system.


  10. StewGreen says:

    Wokism in the evening news
    There is not usually any adverts between our local ITVnews and their 6:30pm main news
    but today we got an advert “Covid or Flu vaccination is the best way”
    Opening shot was a white nurse with a rastamans hair occupying the other half of the screen
    The other shots featured ethnics, but no white European males seem to feature at all.

    BBC local news “WhitemanBad some overseas doctors sometimes get deportation letters after they graduate”
    This is old news
    The item didn’t feature any examples of any doctor ever being deported cos I don’t think it has ever happened.
    A black female expert was featured
    The item was FakeNews cos it emitted major context

    #1 The doctors union once campaigned against increased medical courses cos it believed their members would suffer pressure from having too many doctors.
    #2 Now medical colleges have increased courses, but they favour foreign students cos they pay more money.
    #3 Foreign students are perfectly free to setup jobs that start after their graduation thus their student visa gets changed to a work visa. However some don’t get round to setting up a job … it is those who get warning letters, hey your visa has expired.
    #4 The campaign wants those guys to automatically get a free 1 year live in the UK and look for work visa

    Another item was “The zero carbon future for the RAF”
    It wasn’t really about that
    The RAF has set up some exhibition about its future and included in that is talk of using more electrical ground gear instead of diesel driven machines
    .. and I think talk of biofuel.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Have the nurses voted to strike in England yet ? I know the Scots are going ‘out’ – but not when there’s double or treble time …


  11. tomo says:

    stew – the RAF are also presently whinnying because it now apparently takes 8 years to train a pilot.

    18 months or so back there was a breathless series of PR articles about how Britain leads the world in electric fighter jets

    Have you seen https://twitter.com/RAF_Luton ?

    – it regularly catches dim journalists


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – please don’t mention the top secret RAF Luton – filmed from a Canberra …


  12. StewGreen says:

    Mark Steyn & Lois making a lot of sense as usual
    On Hungary sticking up for its population
    .. On Sunaks COP U-turn
    wasting our money on green energy subsidies/enforcement etc.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I think we are about 5 decades too late to try that policy – as the ‘new arrivals ‘ are breeding like rabbits already they don’t need any more encouragement ….


  13. vlad says:

    Apparently the latest fun craze in NY is for black men to push people onto subway tracks. (22 so far this year.)

    I wonder if the BBC will report it?


    • JohnC says:

      Violent, primitive instinct. Built into their DNA. It has to work the same in humans just as it does in every other animal where some strains are calm and others are violent killers. We are not ‘super beings’ – we are the result of the same evolution.

      The BBC won’t cover it truthfully because it is black people doing it. Same as the ‘sucker punch’ knockout game where blacks tried to knock random people out on the street with one punch.

      The BBC are liars and racists. They don’t care one bit about any truth. They seem to think that by hiding things like this so nobody blames black people for what they do, they will gradually integrate into this utopia where all colours live and behave exactly the same.

      They’ve been doing it for decades and have only made things worse. I wonder how long it is going to take for these ideology-driven cretins to realise they are wrong.


  14. taffman says:

    “Cold, hungry migrants stranded in London after error”

    Time we had a referendum on both “Immigration” and Net Zero Carbon Footprint . The Tories have wrecked this Great Nation and neglected the ‘Human Rights’ of its own people.
    We are heading for inflation . What say you ‘true Brits’ ?

    Vote for these next time https://www.reformparty.uk/reformisessential#


  15. JohnC says:

    Israel elections: Netanyahu election win propels far right to power

    Isn’t it amazing : every single election win by the Right recently has been described as ‘far right’ by the BBC. I haven’t seen any described as just ‘right wing’ for a long time.

    Yesterday they described the winner in Brazil as ‘Left wing’ and the loser as ‘far right’.

    What a complete joke the BBC has become. They don’t even try to hide their bias any more because they know OFCOM support them.


    • StewGreen says:

      In another article biasedBBC justify the label
      “Netanyahu’s bloc is set to win 65 out of 120 seats.
      .. he will be dependent on the support of the ultra-nationalist Religious Zionism party.
      Its leaders, Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, have gained notoriety for using anti-Arab rhetoric and advocating the deportation of “disloyal” politicians or civilians.

      (Guilt by association bit, and in PAST)
      Mr Ben-Gvir was a follower of the late, explicitly racist, ultra-nationalist Meir Kahane, whose organisation was banned in Israel and designated as a terrorist group by the United States.
      Mr Ben-Gvir himself has been convicted of incitement to racism and supporting a terrorist organisation.

      …Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Mr Ben-Gvir promised to “work for all of Israel, even those who hate me”.”


      • StewGreen says:

        If someone’s offences were 20 years ago you should say that
        but the BBC omitted that

        Four indictments for four separate incidents occurring between the years 2001 and 2002 were filed against Gvir.

        Eventually in 2007 Gvir was found guilty of 2
        – carrying a sign saying, “Expel the Arab enemy,” (incitement to racism)
        – a poster saying, “Rabbi Kahane was right, the Arab MKs are the fifth column” (support for a terror organization).


    • taffman says:

      What defines “Far Right” and Far Left”?
      One for the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on 6 September 2022.


      • vlad says:

        It all depends on the position of the observer.
        If the observer (BBC) is at the point marked Left, then the Right seems very far away, hence Far Right.


        (And by the same token, the Far Left will seem just a little bit Left… of them.)


        • Richard Pinder says:

          Observer > Morally Good > Correct > Right > Communism > Nasty Socialism > Left > Wrong > Evil > BBC


          • Richard Pinder says:

            The difference between the Socialists and Fascists was that the Nasty Socialist German Workers Party were the Socialists, while the Nasty Fascist Party of Italy were the Fascists.


        • JohnC says:

          Fascism is a set of principles used to control and supress people – not a political ideology like communism. The word has been used as a label to place on the Right by the Left to prevent it applying to them.

          I found this while looking it up:
          ‘Goldberg’s thesis is plainly and intelligently argued in his almost 500-page book: “[F]ascism, properly understood, is not a phenomenon of the right at all. Instead, it is, and always has been, a phenomenon of the left. This fact – an inconvenient truth if ever there was one – is obscured in our time by the equally mistaken belief that fascism and communism are opposites. In reality, they are closely related, historical competitors for the same constituents, seeking to dominate and control the same social space.”’

          I have considered the present Left-wing ideology as fascism, not communism, for a long time now. They are forcibly suppressing opinions and people they don’t agree with.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Definition of the words. (1) Far: “by a great distance”. (2) Right: “morally good, justified or acceptable & true or correct as a fact”. (3) Left: “sinister, evil, blood soaked red flag of mass murder”

      Far Right is by a great distance, morally good, justified or acceptable & true or correct as a fact
      Far Left is by a great distance, sinister, evil, blood soaked red flag of mass murder


  16. BRISSLES says:

    Great ‘optics’ for the news medias to see a woman throw a message in a bottle from the migrant centre. Jesus, it was her bloody choice to come here, she wasn’t dragged here kicking and screaming. Nigel spoke of the RNLI crews being ousted from their hotel to be replaced by migrants. There are no words anymore to describe this critical situation, except to say bring on the civil unrest !


  17. BRISSLES says:

    Bit of a rant !
    I love watching Portrait Artist of the Year – although increasingly I haven’t a clue who half the sitters are, but whether known or not, its noticeable how slovenly a nation we have become. Occasionally there is the odd mature lady who actually dresses up to be painted, but on the whole its tatty seen-better-days T shirts, on a raggedy arsed selection of sitters.

    Tonight took the biscuit. An obese mixed race slug called Big Zuuu (yes really), appeared in a grey hoodie which fit where it touched, not so clean jeans, and disgusting trainers that weren’t laced up. He slumped in the chairs legs akimbo, and this specimen is a ‘rapper’ (of course he is), sometime comedian and chef. The judges tried to pass him off as having a “big personality” instead of saying what they really felt.

    Not sure who books these people, but even the artists are hard pushed to raise a smile when they hear who they are painting – with the look of “who the f….k is that ?”


  18. StewGreen says:

    Sky finally report that many councils have or are trying to get injunctions
    Stoke’s ran out
    but Ipswich and East Yorkshire still have
    Great Yarmouth trying


  19. JohnC says:

    Paul Pelosi: Examining the false claims about the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband

    Cracking example of the bias of the BBC.

    It starts with the title. It’s immediately odd that they would say ‘Examining the false claims …’ instead of ‘Fact checking the claims …’.

    Because that is exactly what it is !. They are ONLY telling us about the claims they can in some way claim are false. None of the TRUE claims are mentioned.

    And even then some of their ‘proof’ is marginal at best. The whole article is a desperate attempt to prove a predetermined conclusion – just like Panaorama.

    Here’s part of their their ‘proof’ his blogs were not faked to suggest he was far right:
    ‘His writings, viewed by the BBC, suggest he was a man radicalised by far-right conspiracy theories.’

    None of stuff about him being mentally ill, having rainbow-flags and BLM posters at his hippy van or everyone saying he was left-wing, not right-wing are mentioned.

    This is biased, deliberately misleading garbage from the BBC which is no different from an outright lie because it doesn’t tell you anything which goes against their agenda.


    • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

      “There is no evidence in any of the police accounts that a third person was either in the house or involved in the attack.”

      Complete lie. The police refence a third party who opened the door in their initial press release.


  20. tomo says:


    • JohnC says:

      Normally I completely disagree with these activists as not having anything like a balanced view of the world – but on this occasion I think they are right.

      Nobody in our media ever mentions the root cause of this war : the very likely expansion of NATO into Ukraine. NATO is NOT a ‘passive defence’ organisation like it is supposed to be whatsoever : for example, it is actively assisting Ukraine in this conflict even though they are not even members.

      As usual, the Left are so sure they are ideologically superior, they are possibly going to kill hundreds of thousands – or even millions – as they try to force their ideology onto the rest of the world.

      I guarantee you won’t see that reported on the BBC.


  21. tomo says:


  22. JohnC says:

    Manchester Arena attack: Response was all wrong, survivor says

    Yet another empathy driven article which contains lots of emotion and very little fact.

    Mr Blake told the BBC he believed “big mistakes were made that night” and those in charge had “got it all wrong”.

    ‘… despite being injured himself and having no first aid training, tended to Mr Atkinson after seeing he was losing a lot of blood.

    Mr Blake used his wife’s belt as a tourniquet, having only ever seen it done on television’

    So I wonder why the BBC think that this man who only saw his immediate problems is qualified to use to launch a big headline criticising the authorities.

    What a shame the establishment-hating BBC did not consider the problem of Islamic terrorists in our society as the primary topic for the article.

    Every time I think I cannot despise the ethics of the BBC activists any more, they go and surprise me.


    • andyjsnape says:

      Hello JohnC

      Sorry I’ve commented below, and just read your very valid comments above


      • JohnC says:

        Great minds etc etc …


        • andyjsnape says:

          Okay if I like? 🙂 Sorry I was asking, thinking you worked for the state broadcaster then


          • JohnC says:

            Nobody will delete your comments here andy unless you use particularly offensive language.

            Unlike the BBC who deleted my HYS comment because ‘Now go and do your homework’ was deemed offensive to one of their spiteful students ranting about Brexit.


  23. Sluff says:

    Classic bias in this story trying to disprove what we know about economic chancers….errrr make that ‘vulnerable refugees’ arriving from Albania,


    The BBC claim 53% of Albanian asylum applications are successful and only 14% of these are men. Most are women and children.

    They don’t say, but I do, that 47% are unsuccessful and from men. Now that makes a male Albanian rejection rate of over 60%. Which is high but surprising it is not higher.

    The article provides a link to a Home Office fact sheet. Buried in this is the fact, omitted by the BBC, that the above statistics DO NOT INCLUDE the thousands who have arrived on small boats this year, whose claims have not been processed yet.

    Deliberate omissions and careful selective reporting by the BBC in order to justify their pro open door mass immigratoion agenda.


  24. JohnC says:

    Don’t blame us for UK border problems, says Albanian PM

    We don’t BBC. We blame you and people like you.

    It was called an invasion because YOU have created the conditions for them to come here, get their hotel room then live on benefits. The Albanians are just a consequence of the Leftist agenda. They are not destroying the country, you are.


    • G says:

      Question to Albanian PM:

      Tell us what is so wrong with your country that thousands upon thousands of young men are fleeing Albania………………


  25. andyjsnape says:

    Manchester Arena attack: Response was all wrong, survivor says

    After unfortunate events such as these, the bBC always tries to find the organisers at fault

    Maybe the route cause ie muslims usually, but this would actually mean doing some reporting, and couldn’t upset certain people with the truth


    • Fedup2 says:

      Yes – the daily report porn

      Today the abject failure of ‘diverse emergency services ‘ to respond to an Islamic terrorist attack on children at a pop thing .
      Predicted white wash
      Much has been learnt from the attack
      Lessons have been learnt
      Training has improved
      Lots of exercises
      Don’t worry – it’s all good …

      Until the next Muslim goes ‘lone wolf ‘ – it’s due …


    • Guest Who says:

      BBC Moaning Emole #couldfiles

      “Could two Manchester Arena bomb victims have survived had emergency services responded more quickly?”

      So far, based on the ‘belief’ of a bloke.

      Not misinformation, then ©️Spring, M, BA, BSc, PhD and Bar None.


  26. JohnC says:

    I see the Alec Baldwin – far-Left activist and darling to the Trump Haters – RUST story is on the move again. Charges may be brought soon.

    More specifically he has been proven to be lying about the gun going off on it’s own. The FBI examination has concluded it is impossible.

    Strange the BBC and the Leftist media don’t want to tell us about that.


  27. andyjsnape says:

    bBC loves this

    King to hold event to mark COP27 summit he will miss

    Anything important to the average person on the street to actually report on? Other than we all know “green” is expensive, but on the salary people earn at the bBC dont need to worry about that. Unless they keep going on about the “cost of living CRISIS”


  28. Guest Who says:

    See, the BBC does speak for the nations.


  29. taffman says:

    Some say that the French police have been told not to puncture the dinghies ? Is this true? Has BBC covered this ?


  30. Fedup2 says:


    A standard bias piece from the daughter of a dead socialist leader in the US about Biden giving a reading from an autocue .
    Usual stuff . But at the end the mouthy Asian presenter said – in passing ‘there is much talk about bidens mental capacity ‘…

    I choked on me tea ….

    “ Much talk “?

    Where ? We ve been talking and reporting on this on this site for 2 years or more . But I have never – never – heard anything on the BBC questioning bidens ‘ mental capacity – even mentioning it – even when he says something not on the autocue .
    Let’s face it – they don’t even mention that he doesn’t do press conferences – even during election campaigns .

    Biden apparently raged at the true president refusing to accept the outcome of the US presidential election. . Poor joe really thinks he won it .

    If the midterms are fixed I wonder what the reaction will be this time ?

    If the Republican win bigly will the democrats / msm smoke screen by accusing the republicans of fraud ? That would further cloud the outcome of the presidential election … and be fully supported by the ‘fact finders ‘of the BBC .


  31. Fedup2 says:

    BBC watch

    Today – again – campaigns for more school meals paid for by the taxpayer – also known as ‘free’ . This time they had a lefty doctor from the royal college if paedos ( go paedos )

    Anyway – it’s only gonna cost £500 000 000 five hundred million a year – that’s nothing ? Right ?

    There was no challenge . People are now fully wedded to the money tree . A total denial of how bad the UK finances are – and are going to be . Another 0.75% rate rise to 3% today – which will cost the taxpayer another 10 billion ? A month in interest repayments per month ….

    …. And that money has to come from somewhere …..you

    As for using tax payers ‘ money to pay for the meals of other peoples ‘ children at school I have an idea – a special tax on doctors suggesting the idea – If they want it they can pay for it .


  32. Guest Who says:

    Bet the bbc Getty AI selected those hairstyles not to be mocked, at all.


  33. Guest Who says:

    This is what the BBC serves up as #28gate expertise.

    Zero debate. All flounce.


    • JohnC says:

      I see Bob is ‘Policy and Communications Director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE’

      No vested interest there then. Except of course his entire career depends on it.


    • tomo says:

      Bob Ward can dish it out but is pretty thin skinned when he encounters push back.

      One particularly odious aspect of his antics is his use of process / law to harass people – I forget how many – but he’s repeatedly gone after people via the Advertising Standards Authority and lost.

      His boss Jeremy Grantham (see p5 here ) doesn’t like publicity much and maintains a fleet of attack dogs like Bob.


  34. Guest Who says:

    If the BBC do not give her a bbc qt season ticket there is no justice.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Lurch ‘reports’ in that unique way the bbc pioneered.


    • JohnC says:

      Is that the right-wing equivalent of CNN, The Guardian and the BBC ?.

      I just checked that site’s front page and it looks far more balanced than CNN – which I presume Lurch reads.


    • tomo says:

      Zurcher (and his colleagues) are just farcically biased – when one compares their stuff to what comes out via CNN + CNBC in the USA – anyone can see that he and his well remunerated mates are usually re-hashing DNC provided menus of talking points and smears.

      I’ve “reversed up” several times and compared their output to MSNBC – the words used and the topics chosen for commentary more often than not seamlessly matched – I now don’t bother to “fact check” – “lazy partisan hacks” hardly covers it.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch

    Illegal invaders dumped at Victoria . The BBC is using the invasion as a weapon against the blue tories .

    The longer the blue tories fail to find a solution to the invasion the worse it is going to get .

    I cannot see why cruise ships cannot be chartered to be placed in international waters and anyone coming across goes to it .
    Charted enough to hoover them all up and then transfer them to an off shore site for processing – and keep them on those boats until they can be returned .

    End any treaties which challenge this – ECHR – HRA – anything – and if the UK ‘international reputation ‘ is affected ? So what ?
    People just won’t take this invasion much longer … and the investment will be sufficient deterrent .


  37. JohnC says:

    Joe Biden just said his son was killed in Iraq.

    He spent only 7 months in Iraq and returned in 2009.

    His brain cancer was diagnosed in 2013 and killed him in 2015.

    People are saying he’s lost his marbles.

    Gonna report that BBC ?.
    Gonna fact check that one snopes ?.

    Nope. Thought not. Because you are the most shameless of hypocrites.


    • Guest Who says:

      Looks like Springster has a US henchman.


    • tomo says:

      It’s still taboo/haram to discuss who did it and why Joe was selected as POTUS candidate when pretty much any rational observer could see that he was significantly impaired especially between the ears (leave aside the old man shuffle walk that was obvious 2 years ago).

      Joe isn’t taking decisions – he’s being provided cheat sheets to stumble through on the podium.

      The MSM are in lockstep.

      – and still… the peeps taking the decisions (and literally calling the shots) hide behind the curtains – more so than in any US administration I can recall.

      but then again – the UK isn’t much better with Rishi getting his lead jerked over the UN COP party in Sharm el Sheik….


      • JohnC says:

        It’s hard to pin down which single act of the BBC to not report news about Biden because of their partisan bias to protect Joe and the Democrats.

        Is it how they totally refuse to report on his mental condition ?.

        Or how they completely ignored that remarkable occasion when Joe – The President – started going off script so they interrupted him to close the whole interview down. Who has the power to do that ?.

        Which event stands out in your mind ?.


        • tomo says:

          Which event stands out in your mind ?.

          The Corn Pop speech and another podium incident in the run-up to the 2020 election where Joe emitted a load of disjointed twaddle which descended into a series of slurred random noises and then looked out from the podium with rheumy eyes seemingly expecting to be applauded.

          – but really – there are too many to unequivocally pick out a winner!

          At the time I was attacked by “leftists” for mocking a disabled person who had a stutter.


  38. Fedup2 says:

    A piece about the Manchester arena Islamic terrorist mass murder .
    It was about 5 minutes – was ‘Islam or Muslim terrorism ‘mentioned at all ? No . Can’t identify the internal threat to the UK in case it causes offence – 22 dead .

    I would assess that the response would be even worse when it happens again – but it will be diverse – maybe next time it will be carried out by an unvetted Muslim plod ….


    • micknotmike says:

      There’s one aspect of this which concerns me more than ever. The Albanians are muscling in on the drug supply, cannabis farms etc. and the vice trade. These are “traditionally” run by the blacks, which is why the two groups spend their spare time killing and maiming each other. The m0slims don’t ordinarily concern themselves with these trades, instead concentrating on kebab shops, mass rape of white girls and running unsafe taxis.
      My theory is that the elite think that the m0ssies will act as foot soldiers for them in the coming europe-wide conflict.
      Here’s the chilling part. Albania is 60% islamic, 20% Christian, 20% other or none. Why do you think that the albanians are getting such an easy ride into the UK?


      • Wild Bill says:

        I think there have already been a few battles between the blacks on Manchester Mosside and the Pakistani muslims on Russholme area, forgive me about details, I’m not from Manchester.


  39. andyjsnape says:

    Hello Fedup

    I think any new met police officers have to sit in front of a panel (made of up of certain religious leaders) to find out if the new recruit is acceptable and will conform to the new way of life


  40. JohnC says:

    Russian commanders discussed using nuclear arms in Ukraine, says US


    ‘Senior Russian military leaders discussed last month how and when they might use nuclear weapons on the battlefield in Ukraine, two US officials have told CBS News.’

    And that’s it. No indication about how the USA could possibly know such a thing and no questions raised by the BBC. Does two officials saying it constitute proof ?.

    I’m somewhat stunned that this war has degenerated to the point where absolutely anything can be presented as fact then has ‘says xxx’ tagged on the end without any further questioning of it’s accuracy. Some of the claims by Zelensky they have printed as headlines have been outrageous.

    And then they state the escalation of the conflict is due to Russias rhetoric.

    The West is being led by the nose into WW3.


  41. andyjsnape says:

    Migrant begs for help in message in a bottle

    bBC speaks for the nation!

    #defund #closedown #soonerThanLater


    • Wink1 says:

      Aspects of this just appear staged to me –
      1/ How the message was written by a refugee child with a full understanding of English !
      2/ Part of the message said ” No phone, No smoke’ – strange from a child !
      3/ How did the ‘journalist’ get so close to the fence, to catch the bottle, when only a few days before an incendiary device had been thrown at the fence? In Dover independent journalists are regularly kept back from seeing what is going on.
      The whole immigration situation is completely out of hand now and I really worry for the future of my grandchildren.


  42. AsISeeIt says:

    They do love a freebie, the totally un-British edition

    Following the revelation that HM Prison Service dare not present a photo of a black convict beside a white guard in its recruitment advertising for fear of racial stereotyping – today’s Sun tells how our BBC is quietly doing its bit for afirmative action: BBC covers up Fleur’s Strictly tumble… Given second go… beats James in dance off. Strictly’s Fleur East won last week’s dance-off despite a disasterous fall that was kept secret from viewers

    Meanwhile the giveaway free corporate advertising sheet that is the Metro has their little favourite sons: That’s our boy! A desperate relative tries to find family at the Manston immigration facility – after spotting his nephew on our heart-rending front page – how interesting, Albanian Channel migrants take the Metro – well, they do love a freebie.

    On the subject of heart-rending: NHS disruption driving rise in heart deaths, charity says (BBC) – gosh, sounds serious: The British Heart Foundation (BHF) said ambulance delays, inaccessible care and waits for surgery are linked to 30,000 excess cardiac deaths in England

    And no other speculation as to possible cause? No wide spread new factors notable in the population? Such as some recent new untested and rushed to market drug roll out? No of course not, it’s all because we’re not putting enough tax payer cash into the NHS. Silly me.

    Returning to that far-off mountainous 60% muslim country, only invented in 1912, so as to settle a border squabble between its various Balkan neigbours and famous for King Zog – you really couldn’t make it up…

    Albania: give us visas to solve migrant crisis (Telegraph)

    UK migrant language fuelling xenophobia – Albanian PM (BBC)

    Albania’s prime minister has heavily criticised “rhetoric” blaming his citizens for the UK’s crime and border problems. Speaking to BBC Newsnight, Edi Rama said language used by some British politicians and media was “fuelling xenophobia” and singling out minorities. He added he was disgusted describing it as “totally un-British” (BBC) – amazingly enough Edi Rama, politician, painter, writer, former university lecturer, publicist and former basketball player, who has served as the 33rd and current Prime Minister of Albania since 2013 and chairman of the Socialist Party of Albania since 2005 – is remarkably well versed in the word for word self-same same line of arguments as our own globalist lefty liberal open borders politicians – uncanny.

    One in six of us born overseas – observes the Daily Mail

    How I transformed my love life – by stopping fake orgasms – might perhaps tend to draw our attention away from thinking over the implications of the previous headline somewhat.

    Yes, yes, Oh yes! Says our BBC: Don’t blame us for UK border problems, says Albanian PM

    And while we’re consulting foreigners on how to run the country: UN envoy warns UK not to unleash new austerity era (Telegraph)


    • Fedup2 says:

      I wonder which gang the PM of Albania has to be a member of ? Does any UK tax money go to Albania ?
      I thought Albanians went it Italy for their easy life ? What changed ?


      • MarkyMark says:


        Capability Programme supporting HMG to further enhance the UK’s response to conflict management and resolution.
        UK – Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

        The Programme will enable the FCDO’s Office for Conflict, Stabilisation and Mediation to access technical experts from outside of HMG to enhance the UK’s…

        Read more …
        Project identifier:

        Start Date:

        Activity Status:

        Total Budget:

        Good Governance Fund: Supporting Economic and Governance Reform in Bosnia and Hercegovina.
        UK – Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

        The Good Governance Fund seeks to tackle corruption, improve the business environment, make governments more responsive to citizens, enhance media and civil society freedoms…

        Read more …
        Project identifier:

        Start Date:

        Activity Status:

        Total Budget:


      • andyjsnape says:

        Hello Fedup

        Maybe if we increase foreign aid to Albania, lets throw loads of money at the problem – like we do with the French to assist with the boat people


        • Fedup2 says:

          Hello Andy

          Perhaps if the remaining 96% of Albanian males were all offered money to stay at home we would be in profit . …

          I’m sure the bribery threshold for Albanians and their politicians isn’t too high …


      • tomo says:

        It seems entirely likely that politics in Albania is controlled by mobsters – I had a several interesting chats with a Montenegran colleague a few months back and he laid out the political context in Albania’s neighbour – and their influence on surrounding states. One has to figure that the UK press are frit of delving into Albanian politics to provide context.

        The biggest wig in Montenegro is a colourful character


  43. Guest Who says:

    Two countries joined by common mentalists.

    A lunatic media created idiot giving Musk all the pr he could dream of.

    And leftists here seeing the U.K. media as right wing kapos shovelling them in ovens.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
      US Representative,NY-14 (BX & Queens). In a modern, moral, & wealthy society, no American should be too poor to live. 💯% People-Funded, no lobbyist💰. She/her.
      Bronx + Queens, NYCocasiocortez.comJoined April 2010
      3,899 Following


    • MarkyMark says:



  44. Fedup2 says:

    I suppose it was inevitable that the official outcome of the Brazilian election is being contested . Tucker Carlson reports on protests on the streets – suppression of internet material questioning the result .

    Who knows if it was fixed . But it’s a problem that arises once a country like the US has an election stolen – aided by the MSM. Afterwards everything is tainted .

    Carlson observes that the weird thing about the Biden speech last night was the content . It wasn’t the usual election stuff about why democrats are better than the GOP – instead it was about the voting itself ….. which Carlson points out is at least ‘strange ‘….
    It’s difficult to see where the suppression of truth and political corruption in the USA is going to go – particularly is the economy heads south …


    • tomo says:

      Starmer is being quiet about Brazil election – unlike his predecesssor


      • theisland says:

        Congrats all round though.

        31 Oct on twitter
        Starmer Congratulations to @LulaOficial on the great news of his election as President of Brazil. This win must also be the start of a new era of global cooperation and action in the fight against climate change.

        Lammy Congratulations to Inácio Lula Da Silva, on being elected President of #Brazil. This is a triumph for democracy the environment, the climate emergency and indigenous rights.

        Sunak Congratulations to @LulaOficial on his victory in Brazil’s election. I look forward to working together on the issues that matter to the UK and Brazil, from growing the global economy to protecting the planet’s natural resources and promoting democratic values.

        Cleverly Congratulations to President-elect Lula on his victory as incoming President of Brazil. The President-elect @LulaOficial and the people of 🇧🇷 can count on the UK. We look forward to working together as we continue to strengthen our historic partnership.


    • JohnC says:

      The one fact that they have responded to half the country thinking the election was rigged by simply trying to shut everybody down who mentioned it tells me all I need to know.

      If they had transparently investigated and disproved all the accusations, the problem would have been much, much less.

      I still don’t know how OFCOM can allow the BBC to write ‘falsely claim the election was rigged’ instead of ‘unproven allegations the election was rigged’. They cannot prove it wasn’t. It’s an outright lie.

      Our entire system is infested with Lefties and is utterly corrupted.


      • Fedup2 says:

        This was one of the issues Carlson raises – open discussion about the outcome of an election is essential to democracy – suppressing – cancelling – banning – really is an indication that things are not right …..
        The next stage is not to announce election results at all – and it seems some US states will not announce the outcome until some time – days – after voting has closed – what can be more suspicious than that …?


  45. taffman says:

    “Cold, hungry migrants left stranded in London”
    What about the cold and hungry pensioners in Great Britain ?
    All we get from the MS ‘Meeja’ is Mat Hancock and coconut Bounty .
    ‘Bread and Circuses’ .
    Tory Government – what Tory Government ?


  46. Fedup2 says:

    BBC less than impressed by the outcome of a democratic election . Israel. I like to play the ‘Far ‘ game ….

    This is where the BBC refer to their approved candidate as – perhaps – ‘centre left ‘.. but refer to the disapproved candidate as ‘ far right ‘ – without ever – ever – explaining what ‘far right ‘ means .
    In the context of Israel this is particularly ‘insensitive ‘….

    But the latest election has an ‘ultra far right ‘ party – I hadn’t heard the BBC add the ‘ultra ‘ to the ‘far ‘.

    Presumably the anti Jewish element ( Muslims ) infecting the BBC want to inject more poison . Give them hell bibi…

    PS – I think the IDF would know how to deal with an invasion ) ….


  47. Thatcherrevolutionary says:

    Brilliant assessment of the ‘migrant crisis’


    • G says:

      How far we’ve fallen/been defeated as a country, on our way to the bottom. WW2? Trafalgar and many more. Now we are defeated by a corrupt foreign court and Albanian criminals. Is and has the country been grossly mismanaged over the many decades? Pointless question.


  48. JohnC says:

    Man arrested after woman stabbed to death in Tanner’s Hill

    No other information at all from the BBC.

    Everyone else has named the victim as Keisha Christodoulou who was murdered by Leon Murray. But not the BBC as usual as it contradicts the enrichment agenda.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I used to work on 1 homicide in londonistan every 3 days – I reckon it’s now 1 every 2 days …. The riskiest ‘occupation ‘ must be rapper/drill ‘artist ‘…


  49. Fedup2 says:

    A bit of local colour

    Rasvinder Agalliu- a lady who has apparently been a met plod for 20 twenty years ..has been dismissed after her home was raided and a quantity of class a drugs and paraphernalia and cash and a police radio discovered…

    … for some undisclosed reason she was not charged but dismissed by a disciplinary board …
    —- I guess it’s cultural – no picture of said corrupt diverse plod either – that’s where box ticking gets them …


  50. theisland says:

    Leicester mayor Sir Peter Soulsby has established an independent inquiry into the violent disorder that rocked the east of the city for much of September. Last week, he appointed Dr Chris Allen to lead it. This has gone down like a lead balloon among many members of Leicester’s Hindu community.

    And no wonder. Allen, an associate professor of hate studies at the University of Leicester, is also an expert in Islamophobia. Given his expertise, he is clearly not without a certain bias. Indeed, in an earlier opinion piece on the unrest, Allen wrote that there is ‘no evidence’ that Islamic extremism played any role in the violence, adding that ‘a key trope of Islamophobia is the conflation of all things Islam with extremism’. Instead, he placed most of the blame for the trouble on Hindutva ideology (a form of Hindu nationalism).


    • Eddy Booth says:

      If you go past any of the 2 sides asian restaurants / takeaways they’re always staffed solely by males, and a shortage of “skilled ” workers is the major door of immigration.
      It makes you wonder what the male to female ratio is in their communities?
      I’m guessing a huge imbalance – hardly a recipe for a harmonious society.


    • MarkyMark says:

      1985 … Ahmadis suffer vicious persecution around the world. The main source of fuel for that persecution is in Pakistan, but what happens in Pakistan does not stay in Pakistan.

      I know that from my experience in the Yorkshire market town of Batley. In August 1985, when I was 11 years old, my parents organised an inter-faith meeting in the town hall. It was interrupted and disturbed when, according to West Yorkshire police, more than 1,000 extremists, led by Pakistani hate preachers funded by the Pakistani state, were bused in from around the country. The mob brutally attacked my English mother and my father, a dermatologist; my eldest brother and I; and a Welsh Ahmadi schoolteacher who was with us. My first cousin, a GP, was by chance driving through the market town that day. He saw the mob and saw his family and friends being attacked, so he stopped. He was recognised, pulled from his vehicle and savagely beaten up.