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  1. pugnazious says:

    Joe Biden’s great, great grandfather left Ireland for the US in 1851…and Biden is still Irish? And people want to know his roots?

    Guess your roots are still important….as the ‘Kenyan’ Obama would know.

    However…if you’re a black race-baiter apparently not….or rather it’s a great excuse to denounce someone as racist if they’re white and ask about your roots.

    Consider Ngozi Fulani and the racism of Lady Susan Hussey ….erm…apparently Ngozi Fulani is not her real name but one adopted by her to celebrate her African roots….that it’s so rude to ask about.

    What we have is a white woman slandered around the world as a racist by a black racist and liar…one who proclaims that it is racist to ask about her heritage whilst at the same time announcing that she is ‘proud of my African heritage [standing there looking like she’s just out of Africa!] as I always make clear’….hmmm…except when it is an opportunity to smear someone as a racist….and indeed not just someone but the whole Royal family….apparently this is now ‘institutional racism’.

    Interview on Today….basically just a chance for her to double down on her smears claiming that Hussey was trying to ‘get me to denounce [lol] my Britishness’.

    Was she? Wasn’t she in fact just making polite conversation and asking about her background questions any white person is also subject to?

    Fulani tries to suggest the use of ‘your people’ is also racist…..oh, hold on…Hussey said of her own background that ‘my people come from France’…..so applying the same term to herself and clearly Hussey would say she was British whilst her ancestors came from France…not difficult….why is it so hard for the black woman to understand?

    Interesting to note that Fulani claimed that ‘in our [black] culture we respect our elders’…..OK….so you have a culture that you separate from ‘Britishness’….the ‘British’ don’t respect their elders? Aren’t you ‘British’? What’s ‘our culture’? Oooops…that’s a racist question!

    Mishal Husain naturally didn’t put any questions to Fulani and just accepted the racist tripe that she uttered without challenge.

    And you might ask where is the voice of Lady Hussey in all of this…she is being smeared, libelled and vilified as a racist and the BBC doesn’t seem to want to put the other side….in fact they have decided she is guilty but not just her…the whole Royal institution and indeed every institution…Husain asking at the start ‘What can Royalty and other institutions learn from this?’

    One might suggest not taking the word of a black agitator, doing your job and investigating properly and not smearing someone merely because she is white and connected to Royalty and thus conforming to your BBC prejudices and stereotypes about white people and the Royals in particular in a way that suits your agenda.

    The BBC waste no time in creating a totally false narrative around this trying to drag in the whole Royal family.


    You have this lie to start with…

    ‘What turned the conversation into such a car crash was the apparent unwillingness to accept a black woman’s response that she was from Britain – with the questioning assuming she must really be from elsewhere.

    There seemed to be an underlying misconception that she could not “really” be from the UK.’

    No….Hussey did not think that…she was asking what she’d ask anyone.

    Then the BBC goes on…

    ‘And what makes it so toxic is that it once again raises difficult questions about the Royal Family and their ability to reflect a diverse modern Britain.

    It touches raw nerves about a sense of belonging and identity. It suggests Buckingham Palace as a starchy and unwelcoming place.’

    Really? No, that’s total bilge. Dangerous bilge that is more about reflecting the BBC’s hatred of the Royal family than the truth.

    The final smear….

    ‘The incident this week adds more urgency to the King’s efforts to modernise the institution he has taken over.’

    No…not at all….what this incident shows is the nastiness of black agitators, the foolishness of those who believe or force themselves to believe and the cynical opportunism and racism of institutions like the BBC which want to undermine Britain and to demonise all white people…and to erase them from not just from history but from the future….literally.

    Hussey has been thrown under the bus by the Royals and the bus has been reversed over her again and again by the likes of the BBC.

    Fulani is a complete fraud and a thoroughly nasty piece of work judging by her comments and reactions. One might suspect that there’s a reason she was a ‘victim’ of domestic abuse……as Bill Burr says you shouldn’t hit a woman but it doesn’t come from nowhere……


    • tomo says:

      One straight out of the Dr Shola mould.

      She wouldn’t get away with that shit in Nigeria.


    • MarkyMark says:


      President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

      Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

      You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

      Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

      ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


      Thank you again for contacting us,

      BBC Complaints Team


    • Fedup2 says:

      Very brave act – and surprised it’s allowed on the YouTube ..thanks

      ‘The champagne of victory ‘…


    • Up2snuff says:

      pug, “Guess your roots are still important….as the ‘Kenyan’ Obama would know.”

      One cannot be intrigued by one’s ancestors, however, it is something of a ‘rite of passage’ for US Presidents to claim to be from Ireland. If I recall correctly it was true for George Bush Jnr, GH Bush Snr, Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy. Where was Nixon from? There is, of course, a large Irish vote to be garnered.


  2. MarkyMark says:

    As Labour leads the charge against fee-paying schools, Guido’s attention was drawn to one particularly brash intervention. Labour’s candidate for Hartlepool, Jonathan Brash, claimed on Twitter that private education was not charitable, adding there is “no justification” for tax incentives which “should be abolished”. This intervention may come as a surprise to those who know Jonathan. For not only was he educated at £5,000 per term Yarm School, he now teaches there…



    I miss Diane Abbott … so here we go … “Abbott speaks out on school row: Diane Abbott has been critical of colleagues’ school choices. Labour MP Diane Abbott has said sending her son to a £10,000-a-year private school instead of a comprehensive is “indefensible”. {bbc.co.uk oct2003}”
    In her first detailed comments on the controversy, she told BBC One’s This Week programme: “Private schools prop up the class system in society.”
    “It is inconsistent, to put it mildly, for someone who believes in a fairer and more egalitarian society to send their child to a fee-paying school.”
    But, she added: “I (Diane Abbott) had to choose between my reputation as a politician and my son.”

    When Prime Minister Tony Blair sent his eldest son, Euan, to the London Oratory, a selective school, she criticised him, saying people voted Labour because they believed in equality.

    And when Solicitor General Harriet Harman sent her son to a selective grammar school in Orpington, Kent, Ms Abbott said: “She made the Labour Party look as if we do one thing and say another.”

    The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP, who became Britain’s first black woman member in 1987, told the programme her constituents would understand – “particularly black mothers who know the position I’m in”.

    – reputation or moral high ground when saying what other people should do?
    – how come we could not choose between having her as an MP or doing what she tells other people to do?
    – reference – found this on order-order.com by hohum
    – The People Love Her in 2017 – GE#17 // Labour(Hackney) // Diane Abbott // Votes 42,265 // share 75.1% // change+12.2



    • Fedup2 says:

      They’ll make a lot of noise about changing tax arrangements for private education but won’t do anything about it .

      But let’s face it – if it was changed – the ‘least wealthy ‘ would be the ones affected whilst the truly wealthy wouldn’t even notice ….


  3. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – much fussee over waits of ambulanceees …

    … the BBC are really missing Boris Johnson as PM although the BBC will not admit it because Boris actually arranged to get rid of NHS backlogs and sort out the Social Care problem in time. Now that NI increase is no more, we are still paying lots of tax for what? Credit where credit is due, JustRemainIn Webb did stand up to a wimmin, Dame Julia (sorry forgotten surname and organisation) probably a Socialist who claimed the problem went back to 2010 and ‘austerity’. Justin Webb quickly pointed out that the NHS has had increasing amounts of taxpayer money since then.

    Dame Julia corrected! Well done, Justin, but I think it was ‘water off a duck’s back’.

    Socialists believe several lies; that the Conservatives have been in power for twelve years (actually seven), that austerity deprived the NHS of money (it didn’t), that nurses did not get a pay rise at all during the years of wicked Tory austerity (they did) and so on. I could go on for some time.


  4. Guest Who says:

    Golly… BBC… who might have imagined.

    Interesting surname. I wonder what his origins are?


    • Guest Who says:

      Surprised she did not have Lily Allen and a crew there.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Luke Hanrahan
      RTS award winning investigative reporter
      . & docs for
      .📺🎥🎙📻🌎 Everton F.C.
      JournalistLondon, Englandlukehanrahan.comBorn September 20Joined July 2009
      1,940 Following


  5. Guest Who says:

    BBC people. In Cardiff.


    • Scroblene says:

      Tut tut!

      You really never find out if that curry house or noodle joint is serving up Winalot, but it makes sense if you’re so poor and can’t make a basic soup for a few pence, this must be luxury…

      Didn’t Neil Kinnock once complain that he was ‘kebabbed’ on some sort of issue? Bit of a takeaway that comment!

      ‘Cats-n-dogs-R-Us’ do a nice kosher burger for anyone, but don’t tell the BBC because they’re all vegan!


    • G says:

      Not to worry, it’ll be ‘eating pets soon’……………..


      • Terminal Moraine says:

        That’ll suit the supermarkets, can’t be long before you’re not allowed to ask where the meat is from for fear of losing your job.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      Still, at least a few of them got to wear rainbow hats in Qatar for a few minutes. That more than compensates.


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, a bar of Kit-Kat between 2 slices of bread and butter is quite nice actually.


    • Dickie says:

      Guest Who -Better than eating their pets I suppose


  6. tomo says:

    Anointed with a Stephanopoulos interview is a sure sign that FTX is/was a swamp operation.


  7. tomo says:



    • Up2snuff says:

      tomo, thanks for putting that up. It is good. A friend who used to be fond of the German theologians like Bonhoeffer, is now hooked on believing the Global Warmin/Climate Change/Climate-Emergency thing.


  8. BRISSLES says:

    iS IT ME ? much as I enjoy GB News, there seems to be a propensity to always have news from the North with reporter Anna Riley (her slow delivery voice drives me mad). Lots of stories and interviews on the street and in pubs, from Leeds, Harrogate, and elsewhere in that region.

    Don’t places like Southampton, Truro, Bristol, or even Cumbria matter ? or are they considered too wealthy compared to Yorkshire.


  9. Dickie says:

    Part of a press conference that took place during the NATO involvement in Kosovo and the bombing of Serbia. The hypocracy of the West vis-a-vis the bombing of Ukranian infracture by Russia:

    Question (Norwegian News Agency): I am sorry Jamie but if you say that the Army has a lot of back-up generators, why are you depriving 70% of the country of not only electricity, but also water supply, if he has so much back-up electricity that he can use because you say you are only targeting military targets?

    Jamie Shea : Yes, I’m afraid electricity also drives command and control systems. If President Milosevic really wants all of his population to have water and electricity all he has to do is accept NATO’s five conditions and we will stop this campaign. But as long as he doesn’t do so we will continue to attack those targets which provide the electricity for his armed forces. If that has civilian consequences, it’s for him to deal with but that water, that electricity is turned back on for the people of Serbia. Unfortunately it has been turned off for good or at least for a long, long time for all of those 1.6 million Kosovar Albanians who have been driven from their homes and who have suffered, not inconvenience, but suffered in many cases permanent damage to their lives. Now that may not be a distinction that everybody likes but for me that distinction is fundamental.


  10. Scroblene says:

    Just wondering why the BBC website spends just about all of its time showing foreign faces and claiming ‘diversity’, which is blatantly untrue as the real statistics of the indigenous British white peoples are way over the coloured versions, so why can’t they balance their output – dire as it is – with programmes for citizens who have lived here for generations and have families which were founded years before Windrush was even a drop in the ocean? They still say Nigel Farage is ‘wrong’, where he blatantly isn’t!

    Most adverts show mixed couples which are almost unheard on in the shire villages where we live, and as far as I know, it’s not far off the same everywhere else, but the banks, the insurance companies, the supermarkets and the usual dross which bang on about their stuff are always showing disproportionate numbers of other races against normal white British citizens!

    Naturally, I vote with my wallet when I see this imbalance, as I didn’t vote to have my heritage watered down to suit a leftie coup for getting open borders next to my house! No thank you!


    • Chevalnoir says:

      … it’s as wrong as forgetting slavery occurred long before Europeans began shipping Africans to N and S America. It’s as wrong as denying affluent Indians in the UK don’t retain ’employ’ ‘helpers’ in this country …


  11. markh says:

    England cricket team are 506-4 v. Pakistan at the end of day one, four centuries, the slowest being in 104 balls, the fastest a team has ever got to 500 in a Test match. Yet you’ll struggle to find anything about it on the BBC webshite, well buried in the sports section. England have done well so we’ll keep it quiet. Far more important are the usual victims bleating about the health service, fuel bills and of course white racism. By the way I hope that donations for that particular charity dry up as quickly as the pitches in Pakistan. The BBC are beneath contempt.


  12. andyjsnape says:

    Anyone heard the radio advert running for the British Army recruitment?

    Some women talking in different voices depending on the situation she encounters

    IE she talks e x t r e m e l y s l o w – when wants to calm people down

    Going up against the Chinese army for example this would be V E R Y scary for the Chinese lol


    • Zephir says:

      If they are anything like the police wimmin it would be very scary to see all those fat arses wobbling towards them sporting tattoos and purple hair


  13. tomo says:

    The folk in The Berlaymont are chucking their weight about again…


  14. Dickie says:

    Climate change zealots, not forgetting to mention the BBC morons who are up to their neck in in this destructive policy:



    • tomo says:

      I see that the freshly retired environment analyst Harrabin has started to style himself as “Dr” Harrabin.

      I wonder if the freshly minted “Analysis Editor” Ros Atkins has a PhD card to play?


  15. Docmarooned says:

    I see that fat repulsive shit Blackford is stepping down. Good riddance to the bastard. Words cannot express my utter hatred for this pile of lard.


    • Beltane says:

      Might I be allowed to add ‘deeply prejudiced self-obsessed Scotch arsehole’ to your excellent word-picture Doc?

      Many thanks.


    • Fred Stubber says:

      Don’t hold back old boy!


    • Fedup2 says:

      I disagree – I thought his Bernard manning act every Wednesday lunchtime was one one of the comedy highlights of the week ..
      ( but towards the end even this ex merchant banker couldn’t keep a straight face doing his ‘people of Scotland act )

      BTW – how is Scotland doing in the World Cup ?


  16. tomo says:

    imho – worth a few minutes of anybody who pays a leccy bill’s time.


  17. BRISSLES says:

    Heard reported this morning, that there were no witnesses to the conversation between the lady in fancy dress and the lady in waiting. So why is this ‘allegation’ treated as the truth ? all of a sudden at the mention of the words racial abuse, the wheels go into overdrive ! It seems that any black person, whether its a member of a cricket club, or the police force or a charity who decides to make a statement on Twitter, then its treated as the gospel truth ! what about hearing from the other side ? No, if there is any reply, – which I can’t remember there ever being a retaliation, its always in the form of an apology !


    • tomo says:

      I’ve seen claims that the lady from Hackney was wearing a recording device…

      Simon Webb is seemingly familiar with Ngozis via his college teaching work – not a bad take imho…


  18. vlad says:

    I see the BBC are still carrying he African Queen story at the top of all their platforms to cause maximum damage to the monarchy and Will and Kate’s US tour.

    The African Queen goes to the Palace looking like something out of Zulu then goes snivelling to the press when she’s asked where she’s from.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Ngozi Fulani: Lady Susan Hussey’s race comments were abuse, says charity boss





      The strip-search was sexual assault, say Ngozi Fulani and Djanomi Headley of domestic abuse charity Sistah Space



      World Cup 2022: What’s it like being a barber for footballers?


    • micknotmike says:

      Apparently she kept insisting that she was born in the uk and has lived here all her life. If that’s the case why is she dressed like a third world savage?
      I am most assuredly more racist now than I’ve ever been. I would have passed her in the street ten years ago and not glanced, at least not in the larger cities. Now I would find it difficult to not demonstrate my hatred to her and “her people”. Tha’t not my fault. Their behaviour has changed my opinion.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Cultural appropriation! Fire her!


      • vlad says:

        @micknotmike – Undoubtedly, the politicising and weaponising of race (and in the US the widespread imposition of malign Critical Race Theory) has massively poisoned race relations.

        Which is, of course, what the neo-Marxist agitators and the likes of BLM want. Oh, and the BBC.


        • maxincony says:


          Undoubtedly, the politicising and weaponising of race… has massively poisoned race relations. Which is, of course, what the neo-Marxist agitators and the likes of BLM want. Oh, and the BBC.

          Meanwhile, on BiasedBBC:

          Zelazek SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 AT 10:16 AM

          Sooner or later it is going to occur to even the wokest liberal that whites cannot live in the same society as blacks. Not if they want to maintain their traditional standards of decency, civility and law and order.


          • JohnC says:

            ‘Not if they want to maintain their traditional standards of decency, civility and law and order.’

            Go check the crime and murder rates in London and the predominantly black cities of the USA maxi then reflect on whether you consider yourself to be a stupendous, virtue-signalling hypocrite or simply too dumb to have any grasp of the real world.

            ‘Sooner or later’ means ‘later’ for people like yourself.

            I though you would still be too embarassed to post after you thought Chruchill wearing overalls for work was the same as Zelensky wearing military drab to greet world leaders. You must have VERY thick skin.


      • maxincony says:


        why is she dressed like a third world savage?

        Just one person here is dressed like a third world savage; see if you can spot him…


        • taffman says:

          Hi maxincony !
          Where are you from ?
          Have you paid your Telly tax yet?


        • Nibor says:

          Well go on Maxi , tell us .


        • Up2snuff says:

          Hey maxi, where is that apology that you still owe me? You know, the one about pogroms. And why do you turn up here, late at night maybe after leaving the pub, just to attack posters here personally. Why do you never post about the BBC’s racism? Or the other failings of the BBC?


      • maxincony says:


        Now I would find it difficult to not demonstrate my hatred to her and “her people”. Tha’t not my fault. Their behaviour has changed my opinion.” (34 likes)


        • JohnC says:

          You’ve gone too far there maxi.

          Hackney (where she is from) is quite far enough.



          Look: they are so upset at how racist white people are, only a TVs and jewelry from a pawn shop can ease the paint.


        • Nibor says:

          Crystal Night .

          Their behaviour changed people’s opinion .
          Eg; the USA withdrew their ambassador.

          So your point is Maxi ?
          What you’re trying to prove Micknotmikes reason ?


        • atlas_shrugged says:

          Hey Marxi

          Don’t forget your team kicked the whole thing off. Remember the sealed train at WW1 end, from Germany to Russia with all that money on-board? Then the commie coup in Munich and other cities? Oh and that treaty with your Mr Molotov and that German toff? You must have some photos of the 5000 Romanian civilians your team machined gunned to death in the forests as they fled your communist invasion of their Romanian country before WW2?

          Marxi but then your team specialize in setting one against the other? Don’t they?


      • JohnC says:

        She also said this which came up on my phon elast night – but the likes of the racist BBC and Guardian haven’t gone anywhere near:

        “Apparently she has been there for years, she’s an elder and in my culture we respect our elders.”

        What alternative culture might that be then ?. I thought you were British ?.


      • Chevalnoir says:

        … that’s offensive to 3rd world savages!


  19. andyjsnape says:

    Day 2 of the TV Soap Opera

    Ngozi Fulani: Lady Susan Hussey’s race comments were abuse, says charity boss

    Apparently it was Abuse and felt like violence!



  20. vlad says:

    How long before Whinge and Ginge of Monte Shitshow jump on the bandwagon and put the boot in with: ‘See, we told you they were all racists?’
    Or maybe they don’t need to: just let the BBC do it for them.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      How about George Monbiot teams up with the Fulani for a non-stifling and absolutely not boring but still very English BBC Xmas special?

      Live from a derelict church in Hackney.


  21. andyjsnape says:

    Brexit added £210 to household food bills, LSE says

    The anti-brexit bbc, found some “research”

    Any other opinions? or just the above Not fact checked


  22. digg says:

    Looking like the head honchos and wealthy in Canada are gradually turning into something very sinister.


    They are mumbling about the state murdering the mentally ill and the disabled in the name of progress.

    Just a warning from history Canada and in particular Trudeau, the last guy who went down this road ended up dead in a bunker in Berlin.

    Mr T probably already has the uniform ready, jackboots and all!


    • MarkyMark says:

      Canadian fashion company promotes assisted suicide’s ‘beauty’ in ad
      The video refers to a woman’s decision to end her own life as ‘the most beautiful exit’
      By Timothy H.J. Nerozzi | Fox News


    • Dickie says:

      Maxi had better not head over to Canada then


  23. MarkyMark says:

    Boris will fight for his Uxbridge and South Ruislip seat at the next election. Despite rumours suggesting he’d shift to a safer seat – like Nadine Dorries’ Mid Bedfordshire constituency – the former PM told a synagogue audience in Ruislip this week that it was “absolutely” his intention to stay put and fight for his existing seat.

    Jeremy Hunt: everyone will be paying more tax after autumn statement 2022

    Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

    Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

    Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

    Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

    Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States

    Chuka Umunna Advisory Board of The Progressive Centre UK think tank (also known as Global Progress)

    Jeremy Corbyn Labour party leader accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV

    Keir Starmer £18,450 from Harper Collins as an advance payment for a book.

    Boris Johnson Accommodation for a private holiday for my partner and me, value £15,000 Destination of visit: St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Jeremy Hunt £10,000 from Citigroup Centre for speaking at an event on 9 March 2021. Hours: 4 hrs. Fee paid direct to charity. (Charity not mentioned)

    Nadhim Zahawi MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables

    MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year

    Philip Hammond accepts £2,000 watch from Saudi sheikh, despite ban on donating expensive gifts


    What do MPs do?
    The UK public elects Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent their interests and concerns in the House of Commons. MPs consider and can propose new laws as well as raising issues that matter to you in the House. This includes asking government ministers questions about current issues including those which affect local constituents.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Knowing my enthusiasm for BBC value for money, a friend locally sent me this. Hope it opens ok.


    A local democracy rag promoting the Xmas specials.



  25. pugnazious says:

    Why is this non-story the top story on the BBC? Seriously? A Black makes up and exaggerates a claim of racism and the BBC swallows it whole and thinks it is the most important story in the world today?!

    Astonishing that the Black, one who seemingly has a rather loose grasp of English, has such a good memory that she can recall every word and nuance of a conversation….as the BBC believes….


    ‘Here is the full conversation, as recounted by Ms Fulani:

    Lady SH: Where are you from?

    Me: Sistah Space.

    SH: No, where do you come from?

    Me: We’re based in Hackney.

    SH: No, what part of Africa are you from?

    Me: I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records.

    SH: Well, you must know where you’re from, I spent time in France. Where are you from?

    Me: Here, the UK.

    SH: No, but what nationality are you?

    Me: I am born here and am British.

    SH: No, but where do you really come from, where do your people come from?

    Me: ‘My people’, lady, what is this?

    SH: Oh I can see I am going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from. When did you first come here?

    Me: Lady! I am a British national, my parents came here in the 50s when…

    SH: Oh, I knew we’d get there in the end, you’re Caribbean!

    Me: No lady, I am of African heritage, Caribbean descent and British nationality.

    SH: Oh so you’re from…’

    Hmmmm….so there’s this…

    ‘SH: Well, you must know where you’re from, I spent time in France. Where are you from?’

    How then did the Black tell us on Today that Hussey actually said…

    ‘My people come from France…’

    ….which puts it all in a completely different light….and suggests the Black isn’t telling us the truth about what was really said, the tone of voice and intended meaning….ad as for not knowing which part of Africa…..she has told us in previous articles before this blew up that her family are linked to Nigeria….so another little lie by her.

    She invents a claim of racism and feigns outrage and trauma, and so many people are ready to get on-board with her lies…..be afraid, be very afraid for when they get the whip-hand.


    • Beltane says:

      One reason for BBC predictable enthusiasm in prolonging Lady Susan’s pain is that she’s the widow of Marmaduke Hussey, Chairman of the BBC at the time when John Birt was making his first moves to create the brave new world we now suffer.

      Baron Hussey did his patriotic best but, as we can now appreciate, it didn’t stop Birtie.


    • maxincony says:


      A Black makes up and exaggerates a claim of racism…

      Do you think a White making c**n jokes and saying black people look like monkeys is racist, Alan?


      • JohnC says:

        Jesus H Christ maxi. You have completely lost the plot.

        Go to bed, sleep off whatever you have been taking and stop making a complete dick of yourself.


  26. andyjsnape says:

    The Unbiased bbc, has updated the link

    Ngozi Fulani: Lady Susan Hussey’s race comments were abuse, says charity boss

    “A black British charity boss”

    Imagine “A white British charity boss” – that would be racist

    Also imagine the likes of the bBC ever doing a report on some blacks are racists for a change

    PS good and bad in every colour, try doing some balanced reporting


    Guess the charity is looking for publicity!


    • Up2snuff says:

      ajs, TWatO revisited the Hussey fussy and replayed a clip of Ngozi Fulani from TOADY plus some new additional comments from her. Funny but I thought I could hear a compo claim coming ….. bit like a train …


    • G.W.F. says:

      I wonder how much salary is paid to this Sistah charity boss


  27. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #3 – back to the ambulance and hospital fusseee …..

    … down here in Kent, if I recall correctly, we have four major hospitals for over one million 500 hundred thosand people. Why are ambulances having to wait so long before transfering sick people into hospital? Could it be that Civil Servants at the Department for Health are busy closing hospitals around the UK? In Kent they wanted to close one of the four major hospitals but a public campaign defeated the Whitehall mandarins for the time being. But for how long will the people prevail?

    New houses are being built across the county at a furious pace. There was a large housing development due to be built on the old Folkestone racecourse for horses. Was there a plan for a GP surgery? No. Was there a plan for a small ‘satellite’ hospital? No. What does the general public know about housebuilding that planners in the Local Authority and Civil Servants at Dept for the Environment and Dept for Health apparently do not know?

    House building, along with farming, is one of the most dangerous occupations for industrial injuries. No GP, no small hospital? Doh! Well, it is OK for the Whitehall mandarins: if I recall correctly they have their own private health scheme through the CSA. If they get an infected paper cut handling documents or have a bad stapler injury, or fall down a staircase in Whitehall, no queues or long waits for them!


    • BRISSLES says:

      Up2 its the same all over. When I migrated to this large village 25 years ago we had a Surgery like the one in BBCs Doctors. Walk in appointments, or sit and wait your turn. It was a practice of 6 doctors – as replicated all over the country. Fast forward to now, and in the last 10 years there have been SIX large and sprawling housing developments on surrounding land, I can’t even calculate the explosion of population its so big. The Surgery has lost GPs to retirement, and we have a couple of partners and a rapid turnover of 2 locums. FOUR doctors for tens of thousands. I have yet to see any of them and dread the time I am so ill when I’m in need of help.


      • Scroblene says:

        Uppers and Brissles, I’ve heard via a doctor chum that the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are now integrated into yet another larger group, called Integrated Care Systems ICSs), and that the former still have the whip hand in telling doctors where they can or cannot practice, and also if it’s necessary!

        The housebuilders are a damned sight cleverer than the sort of people in these two huge ‘groups’, and can use the requirement for new practices as a planning bargaining tool, when they want to plonk another thousand houses on a greenfield site against the locals’ wishes of course! Of course, the councils will roll over, the houses built against everyone’s wishes and the result is that the schools will be next, then the drainage companies, then the roads, then the electricity companies etc etc.

        I used to be a per diem consultant to a huge planning firm, and their idea of completely new settlements was their dream, especially as they would take land which was useless for anything else, and make a new community – including a school, decent services and yes – a proper doctor’s surgery!

        There was a perfect site a few miles from here, near Tunbridge Wells, where the A21 was diverted and dualled, (after about thirty years of prevarication), and the site would have been perfect for such a development!

        But no, the decision was taken to shoe-horn thousands of new homes into small villages, hence the problem with getting a doctor’s appointment! (But I seem to recall that you know that much better than me, Brissles) ;0)


  28. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 – rattling the collecting tin for the UN is a bit much right now but that won’t stop Sarah

    As the BBC have been constantly telling us we have a-cost-of-living-crisis here in the UK and, although the BBC are a bit quiet on the subject, also an-illegal-migrant-crisis and taxes-are-at-their-highest-crisis since the Napoleonic Wars or WW2. They are not actually at that level but the BBC occasionally like to claim that. We also have an-ambulance-waiting-at-hospitals-crisis and a-not-enough-doctors-and-nurses-in-the-NHS-crisis.*

    The UN are after a lot more money than last year and want to give it to Somalia and Pakistan for drought relief and flooding relief, respectively. Well, we have had a drought in the UK and we may be getting floods soon because the ground is sodden where I live and it has rained for over a month, almost continually.

    How about some UN money for the UK, then?

    *If you want to make a list of BBC crises, you could lengthen it with the-bird-flu-crisis.


  29. Beltane says:

    It’s all too easy to become paranoid in today’s world but is it really a coincidence that the faultlessly orchestrated ‘Palace racist slur’ incident comes just as Ginge and Whinge are due to get their award from the Irish mafia for their heroic stand against racism?

    And William and Kate are just starting a US tour. And a senior Met officer adds a pinch of spice with ‘real credulity to right-wing threats to Megan’s safety’.

    And all at the same time….


  30. Foscari says:

    BBC IMAGE WATCH !!- Just take a look once again at
    the BBC’S Internet leader page. You would think it
    came from a Caribbean website . And not from a
    North West European country where 3% of the population
    was black. BUT this goes on day after day after day.
    It is in my opinion inverted racism


  31. Thoughtful says:


    Ok this is a complicated issue, so I’ll write it in a simpified form missing out lots of details for obvious reasons, however both parties send the political representatives to oversee the Securities & Exchange Commission which is a US oversight body for financials including crypto and in this case FTX.

    8 of the members of this commision have written a letter trying to prevent investigation into the failure of the Bankman Fried FTX company, 5 of these had directly received payments from Bankman Fried / FTX ” Five of the eight members received campaign donations from FTX employees, ranging from $2,900 to $11,600″

    Bernie Madoff was imprisoned 2 days after the fraud came to light, so far as I know he never paid the monies iinto the Democrat coffers in the way SB-F has done, and there has to be a huge amount of suspicion that making these donation is akin to paying protection money to a crime syndicate.

    Not seen any of this in the UK media at all, and I’m still waiting to see if the Wall Street Journal prints any of the allegations of false accounting at Disney corp which has been rumoured to have been going on.


  32. Fedup2 says:

    Amazingly the Hussey story is on the front of the londonistan evening standard – at least it takes attention away from important stuff like footy …


  33. Jeff says:

    Try as I might, I can’t get away from this story about the poor black woman who was so grievously traumatised by someone asking, “Where are you from?” This is like nectar from the gods to the BBC; they’re lapping it up…

    Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s arse where she’s from.

    I just wish she’d piss off somewhere else…


    • Guest Who says:

      Me either.

      Perhaps because the entire media estate has taken a prostate tour of each others’ fundaments.

      I see some in the BBC follow this cove, perhaps on the nod from Amol the Merrier, noted journalist of integrity.

      His efforts at conflation in the face of curiously generic evidence and wild generalisations is also noted.


      • Northern Voter says:

        Note to Meghan, don’t stand under trees wearing a black dress.


      • JohnC says:

        Is Andrew aware of the evidence that Meghan was NOT telling the truth ?.

        Ahh – he’s the US ‘chief correspondent for The Independent’. That explains all.


  34. Tabs says:

    A few minutes ago on BBC News channel black presenter Clive Myrie was interviewing some other chip on the shoulder black man about the Palace ‘racist’ conversation. Impartiality was no where to be seen.

    The other guy was coming out with some proper urine boiling comments like, “once she said she is from Britain that is the end of the conversation”, “just asking which bit of the world you are from is 1600’s racism”.

    Even Myrie was quoting Lenny Henry from 20 years ago when someone told him to go back where you came from and Henry replied “you mean Dudley?”. Myrie then said “that was 20 years ago and nothing has changed”.

    Yes he is correct. People still ask where you come from. it is quite normal.

    As for Lenny Henry lecturing others on racism – I’ll just leave this here.


  35. Zephir says:

    I am hoping that Nutmeg and Ginges’ continual provocation will eventually lead to a release of the results of the reports by staff who were genuinely violated by Nutmeg through her continual bullying.

    Then the world can see what a vicious nasty piece of work she really is.


  36. Eddy Booth says:

    She’s was on the front page of that free Metro rag this morning too, on the London tube train.
    In fact I ended up sat right on her via a discarded copy.
    I’m now worried about CCTV ..
    I guess she’s the replacement they ordered when that other faux African charity, “kids club”? or whatever, went bust.


  37. Sluff says:

    On the BBC 6 pm news.
    The story from yesterday or (was it Wednesday) about a black woman woman complaining of racism by a whites woman who had served the Crown for 60 years…………was still placed high up the news agenda.
    So much so that a man found guilty of a double murder was relegated to ‘other news’.

    Yes, in BBCWokeworld, perceived racism is more serious than murder.
    Insane to the rest of us, true for the BBC.


  38. pugnazious says:

    A woman dresses in pseudo African attire [lol….blackface?], changes her name [Marlene Headley] to an African one and declares her pride in her African heritage…but accuses someone who asks her where her heritage lies of trying to ‘denounce her Britishness’……seems she does that herself as she pretends to be an African….Fulani’s charity only supports West Indian and African women…..er….does she have to ask them about their heritage before giving them help? Must do.

    supporting AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN


    And what of the BBC’s Asian Network? Is that suggestive that Asians born and bred here are not British and are in fact ‘Asian’? The Asian Network is the most racist of creations no?


  39. vlad says:

    The BBC is delighted to announce that the bullies at the EUSSR are threatening Musk with bans and fines for daring to allow free speech, instead of pumping out the same woke, leftist, globalist, marxist propaganda as every single other Big Tech firm, and of course, the BBC itself.

    What? Free speech? Exterminate! Exterminate!

    “EU warning of possible Twitter ban under new rules”



  40. vlad says:

    Whaddya mean, where am I from?

    I’m from the East End – isn’t it obvious?



  41. Terminal Moraine says:

    The plot thickens… seems she was at a Buck House garden party earlier this year. Managed to get away unscathed, no doubt a testament to her British fortitude and resilience.

    Fedup I think it’s time you renamed this site the ‘Ngozi Fulani Chatroom’ in her honour.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ice see what you’re doing there – maybe I should put up a ‘hussey ‘ thread – ironic that she is the widow of a former BBC chairman …..
      Never have so many words / actions been caused by nonsense .. wonder how that royal tour of Boston is going ?
      Has the IRA angle come up yet ?


  42. digg says:

    The fetid, stinking BBC have been running with this headline ALL DAY…

    Ngozi Fulani: Lady Susan Hussey’s race comments were abuse, says charity boss


    Pity they are not so vigilant and dedicated when it comes to reporting on masses of children sexually abused by our “vibrant new arrivals”…

    The truth is that they will stop at nothing to rub British noses into the excrement if they can bend a story to fit their agenda.

    Anyone with half a brain cell can see the bitter twisted bile that this “ambassador’ has for this Country that has given her a life rather than she should be a nobody in her ancestors home Country.

    The ungrateful bitch should be begging for forgiveness not the other way round!


  43. TrickCyclist says:

    On ITV’s coverage of the Japan-Spain match, whoever the commentator is who sits next to Ally McCoist has just described a Spanish cross as being “nipped away” by the Japanese.
    In the spirit of the times, I cry:


  44. Zephir says:

    And Germany OUT because of that “Hah Soh”


  45. Fedup2 says:

    More ‘sad news ‘ 🤪 Ian blackford has been forced to ‘step down ‘ as leader of the SNP in the corrupt House of Commons .apparently there was a ‘coup’ by the MPs who didn’t like him .
    He had rare entertainment value – back to the investment bank/Croft …
    A moment of sadness for the Krauts LoL…


  46. Zephir says:

    “And vat is your name ? ”

    “Don’t tell him Tanaka..”


  47. Foscari says:

    Maybe Mary Headley can be somebody else the English
    footballers can subjugate themselves for. Or should I say Ngozi Fulani. Didn’t she play for Manchester United without the fancy dress costume? The hair looks similar.


  48. Thoughtful says:

    Here’s a story of astonishing import made even more astonishing because hardly anyone even knows about it.

    Last week one of the biggest banks in the world Credit Suisse collapsed following a run on the bank in which £88 billion was withdrawn. It was propped up by the Swiss government and the US Fedral reserve – just stop and take the enormity of that in for a moment. A major world bank collapses, and a foreign government has to come to its rescue, and you don’t even know about it.

    In fact the Wests entire banking system is once again on the edge of failing and the Fed didn’t want the domino effect of one major banks taking the rest down with it.
    It’s just kicking the can down the road of course because further failures are inevitable (and China is in pretty much the same situation.) My advice is that you don’t keep any money in a bank save what you need for transactional purposes, put anything else in a mutual society such as a building society (not one owned by a bank of course), or precious metals.

    Here’s a video discussion with a retired bank director who should know a little of the issues involved, and the future isn’t looking all that rosey for the Euro either.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks for the advice – Definately a case of ‘spreading risk’ and buying more tinned food … / keeping juice in the vehicle ..


  49. TrickCyclist says:

    Sorry I keep commenting on ITV instead of the BBC.
    ITV News just doing a bit about Rishi’s response to the Just Stop Oil idiots, it struck me, does anybody have an ordinary name these days? (See Ngozi). Along with the ridiculously named Indigo Rumbelow for JSO, the chief excuse-maker wheeled out by the police was one Chief Constable BJ Harrington.
    BJ? I wonder what his nickname would have been with the rank and file once upon a time?


  50. BRISSLES says: