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  1. tomo says:

    They are among us …

    imagine living next door to this f-ing nutter?


  2. tomo says:

    Strange days when I agree with something Alistair Campbell typed…


  3. popeye says:

    “Racism makes it harder for me to find a place to rent”

    My (considerable) experience in the rented sector is that the majority of landlords are South Asian and know who the problem tenants are. Maybe the BBC needs to look at them.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Hey what about that – coloured girl sends picture of someone else and tries to deceive the prospective landlord … and didn’t get the flat …
      Arnt landlords terrible ?


      • JohnC says:

        Just reading that myself and the article is desperate in it’s effort to blame it all on racist whitey.

        But statements like:
        “It’s common, speaking to landlords and ‘oh, we’ve had issues with black people’ are not based on racism, they are statements of fact.

        If the BBC hypocrites think this is racism, they should take a look in the mirror and realise they are guilty of similar racism on a much bigger scale with their constant choice of pictures of black people from Getty to accompany article.

        This woman would a landlords worst nightmare. The one who refused her obviously has experience of certain types of people who would a problem.

        What a shame the author didn’t also do a survey as to WHY some landlords don’t want certain people in their properties. I’ll guarantee they have much better reasons than the colour of their skin.

        Here is said author. It’s no surprise to me that all she is good for in life is writing ridiculous woke articles like this. Before the BBC, people like her were unemployable.


        • BRISSLES says:

          Er, my brother rented his house out to a “professional” couple of colour of African descent. Three months in and no rent was paid, – she professed to be a teacher and he was in the ‘health service’. Terrible trouble getting them out, letters went unanswered, threats of the bailiff, but “they knew their rights”. So, my brother turned the water off. Job done. Turned out she was a prostitute and he was her pimp !!!!


          • Zephir says:

            You should contact the bbc I am sure they will be more than happy to feature this story to provide a little balance ?


          • JohnC says:

            I was talking to someone the other day about the trouble collecting rent.

            His friend rents something out to Poles and they don’t pay the rent either. When he confronted them about it, they got very aggressive while threatening him and told him they know where he lives and also where other members of his family live.

            He said luckily for his friend, he knows some bad people as well who he will get to deal with it.

            All to be expected living in multicultural Britain.


            • MarkyMark says:

              1985 … 1985 …. Ahmadis suffer vicious persecution around the world. The main source of fuel for that persecution is in Pakistan, but what happens in Pakistan does not stay in Pakistan.

              I know that from my experience in the Yorkshire market town of Batley. In August 1985, when I was 11 years old, my parents organised an inter-faith meeting in the town hall. It was interrupted and disturbed when, according to West Yorkshire police,

              more than 1,000 extremists, led by Pakistani hate preachers funded by the Pakistani state, were bused in from around the country.

              The mob brutally attacked my English mother and my father, a dermatologist; my eldest brother and I; and a Welsh Ahmadi schoolteacher who was with us. My first cousin, a GP, was by chance driving through the market town that day. He saw the mob and saw his family and friends being attacked, so he stopped. He was recognised, pulled from his vehicle and savagely beaten up.



  4. theisland says:

    “Detected” = handed over closer to the French coast than our coast and ferried back here.


    • G says:

      Its time for a public volunteer group to take control of Border Force vessels and deal with the debacle.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Dover MP Natalie Elphicke told the Commons that the BBC’s “shocking report” contained the “breath-taking” disclosure of free French public bus services being used to ferry migrants from camps to Dunkirk beaches.



      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?



  5. StewGreen says:

    Meanwhile in Sheffield a former LABOUR MP and 2 staff are actually on trial for FRAUD

    £30K to feed his cocaine habit


  6. Jeff says:

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

    There’s an advert I saw today that really depressed me. A tubby old fellow is seen waddling across a lawn accompanied by an attractive, somewhat younger woman. He’s complaining that his feet are aching. Poor old sod, I thought. I had to look twice before I realised the old boy is Ian Botham. Sheesh!

    Once the terror of the Australian opening attack. A flamboyant batsman who liked a drink and a cigar, enjoyed a party and on one occasion, during some extra curricula activity with a young wench, broke the hotel bed. What a lad!

    Now, here he is, portly, aged and with dodgy feet. The young woman wouldn’t have stood a chance against the young “Beefy”, but she’s smiling benignly at this harmless elderly man. He just wants to get home to his sofa, put his feet up and enjoy a mug of cocoa.

    And the worse this is…

    He’s younger than I am!


  7. Zephir says:

    Meanwhile back at the ranch, also known as the democrat / corrupt false president’s Nut Farm :

    “Democrats push to eliminate the debt ceiling, allow unlimited government borrowing
    Democrats say it’s ‘dangerous’ for Republicans to demand spending cuts as a condition of raising the borrowing limit”

    “The federal government hit the $31.381 trillion debt ceiling last week”



  8. R P McMurphy says:

    Local BBC Look North. An amazing story about how the MP for Batley and Spen organizes on an annual basis a gathering of all faiths and communities who come together singing Kumbaya and to celebrate all the things we have in common and not what separates us. Claiming this event is celebrated throughout the UK in memory of her sister.
    What she didn’t mention was the Batley teacher and his family, her constituents, in hiding for fear of their lives. And the people doing the threats were all there leading the get together.


    • Guest Who says:

      The communities into which these poor mites are absorbed… would be overseen by whom…..?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Liverpool council finds 24 adult asylum seekers who are posing as children as it launches legal fight to stop almost £1million in taxpayers cash being spent on their care
        Liverpool council say 39 refugees with age in doubt have arrived in the city
        Following assessments 24 were found to be adults, while only 15 were under 18
        Support for under-18s is much better than for adults, so some lie about their age

        PUBLISHED: 00:03, 8 December 2018 | UPDATED: 00:19, 8 December 2018


  9. Sluff says:

    Not everyone on here is a fan of DrJohn Campbell, who runs regular YouTube videos.
    His current beef is the number of excess deaths in 2022 over the pre-pandemic baseline.
    The data is available Europe wide, and for all age groups.

    Not unreasonably in my opinion, he ponders why the excess death rate is so high, in some cases higher even than in 2021 when there were pandemic effects.

    But he also ponders why the ONS has stopped reporting in certain measures and why neither the Politicians, the chief medical officers, nor the main stream media is asking questions. 26,000 excess deaths in the 20-44 age group in the second half of 2022?

    It is surely worth as much reportage as seatbeltgate.
    So why is it not happening, BBC?



  10. Guest Who says:

    Might need a fact check.

    Not by the bbc.


    • StewGreen says:

      Easton the BBC’s Home Affairs editor “whoops” he mocks the government
      People pointed out he himself had made a “whoops”
      So 3 hours later he posted this correction
      “It’s been pointed out to me that the government claim related to GDP growth rather than productivity growth,
      although this revision does rather undermine the assertion that the UK emerged from lockdown stronger than others.

      Doesn’t the real world count for anything
      Why did people take his tweet at face value ?
      Sure the productivity figures are not good
      but his tweet was erroneous
      Yet as I look at the quote tweets it full of blue ticks using it to push their anti Tory message
      Alastair Campbell, Chris Bryant etc.

      I search through dozens and fins a better journo pointing out the error


    • StewGreen says:

      @jonsopel also retweeted as if the tweet was correct
      Adding his mocking “Well knock me down with a feather”

      LBC’s @ShelaghFogarty quoted tweeted ..mocking the Tories with an exploding head

      How cam these people mock the Tories/govt for being clumsy
      and then in the process show themselves to be clumsy ??


  11. Guest Who says:

    Nelson Touch.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Reminds me of those taken prisoner by the Iranians and complained about their iPods being seized . The Koran bans iPods …


    • BRISSLES says:

      Dear God – a turban on a warship.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      How did the white man slip in?

      Seriously, the advent of women on HM Ships was a bad idea we are stuck with.

      In peacetime all that happens is that the boys and girls shag each other and break up marriages. But you don’t want to think about wartime. Look at what happened in the Falklands. Men were killed and horribly injured when their ships were hit by bombs and missiles. I hate the idea of girls losing arms and legs, getting horribly burnt or blown to pieces. That is what happens to sailors. They are all in the front line and there is no hiding place. It’s a horrible prospect, and it will happen one day.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Isn’t she married to another Beeboid who bailed to snark constantly like BS, Sopes and Larry?


    • StewGreen says:

      Ms Coyle is married to Rory Cellan-Jones, until August 2021 he was the BBC’s Technology Correspondent then he quit the BBC
      after 40 years !


    • G says:

      “…..the BBC is an independent broadcaster, not a state broadcaster”

      Its neither – its a rogue Marxist broadcaster


  13. Fedup2 says:

    The energy monitor app – gridwatch – looks pretty busy with wind at 5% …. Im not in Blighty until Tuesday – so did the lights go out ? ….


  14. Fedup2 says:

    I think – as ‘smart meters ‘ grow in number the power companies will fix tariffs based on time . Personally I find this horrible – I’ve lived in a place of 3 tarrifs through the day – with the lowest after midnight and at weekends …. ..

    ,.. people set alarms on Alexa / phone when tarrifs change and more stuff gets done at the weekend …


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      I am hearing reports of bailiffs smashing down doors and prepayment meters being installed. Anyone else come across this?


      • Fedup2 says:

        Atlas – there was something at the weekend that power companies were 99% successful in applications to the magistrates’ courts for power to enter … were successful …
        … but numbers .. unknown …


        • atlas_shrugged says:

          Makes me think of the film Brazil:

          The council plumbers get a bit of a shock!


  15. atlas_shrugged says:

    Daylight shooting Cowley Rd, Oxford:


    Article provokes more questions than answers.


  16. Flotsam says:

    The smart meter energy discount nonsense is ano get her indication the Country is following a doomed path.
    A discount if you turn off heating and appliances in the late afternoon.

    Firstly only smart meter users are eligible, normal meter users don’t qualify. Are we short of energy at this time or is this a way of forcing smart meters onto the non compliant?

    Secondly. By playing along with this nonsense we are playing into the hands of the Green fanatics. It’s basically practical propaganda with the MMGW green crap. I suggest everyone turns on every energy using appliance in the house for a couple of hours


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Dan neidle – the tax lawyer who unravelled the zadawi tax affairs has been asked whether he is looking at the tax affairs of other MPs . His reply is ‘yes’.

    One might hope that those MPs of any complexion will be checking to make sure they are ‘clean’ and that those who have not had clean hands as far as tax law is concerned start looking for other jobs ….


    • Flotsam says:

      Tax Lawyer investigating MP’s tax affairs One wonders what his motivation is.


      • Fedup2 says:

        In the article he wrote he says a small piece in the Independent caught his eye and it went from there .

        Will the parliamentary standards people white wash him ? – I reckon so ….. meanwhile a labour Mp admits fiddling expenses to feed the white powder addiction … it’s an illness apparently ….
        Maybe there should be random drugs tests for elected officials ….


  18. theisland says:



  19. Sluff says:

    Just watching Silent Witness for the first time in years.
    They used to have a wheelchair user on the team. Tick.

    Now. They have a deaf person. Cue lots of sign language.

    But dramatically it is dead. It just gets in the way of the action.
    It’s not Strictly Come Dancing.

    Then there is the new very well spoken Black professor.

    A triumph of woke quotas over the ordinary world in which the rest of us live.

    Drama by numbers. An inept joke for £4 bn a year.


    • Sluff says:

      I posted too early.
      There’s also a couple of gay men in a protest group !!!!!!!
      You just cannot make it up.


      • BRISSLES says:

        To be honest, it should be called the Nikki Alexander show – its all about her getting attacked, buried alive, threatened, assaulted – which is unsurprising since she’s always bloody right and argumentative !!


    • markh says:

      Spot on Sluff. Why is the deaf girl there? The scenes with her and the new Jewish guy are just painful and add nothing to the story. And he has to be the worst actor I have ever seen. Come back Leo and Harry, all is forgiven.


      • davylars says:

        From what I gather, in the story the Jewish guy has left his religion and has been shunned by his family.
        A bit of antisemitism perhaps,
        I doubt they would put an ex Muslim in the storyline..


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      I have never watched it. The reason is that I had some experience of “forensic science”, and the reality is nothing like the drama.

      Once you know how inept and shabby things are in the real world, I simply could not suspend disbelief enough to watch it.


  20. BRISSLES says:

    Sluff, I’m working my way through it, and am on series 12 – 2008, just the odd BAME, mainly police officers, unless central to the story. Also the credits are worth looking at too – back then, all the crew had British names —- as we used to recognise. I suppose fast forward 15 years and the BAMEs that were at drama school back then are now in the acting work place. A friend told me that her 14 year old son used to get ‘call backs’ at auditions for small parts in dramas, now he’s realised he’s the wrong colour.


  21. Sluff says:

    It’s selective reporting time at the BBC.

    There are features about people being paid to use less electricity at peak times.

    But not mentioned of course is the fact that the wind isn’t blowing at the coldest time of year.

    Go green. Get cold. And dark.

    A magnificent 12% of the total is thus wind power.


  22. Guest Who says:

    Interesting thread.

    The lunatics are currently on the loose.


    • tomo says:

      Kemi should’ve turned up and laid into them – lawd knows they deserve to collide with reality at some stage.


    • MarkyMark says:

      This problem was pre-empted by many. Neither Rishi Sunak nor his chancellor Jeremy Hunt will be attending this year’s conference (trade secretary Kemi Badenoch and business secretary Grant Shapps will be representing the government instead). In fact, only one G7 leader is expected to show up at Davos: German chancellor Olaf Scholz. Meanwhile, the lavish parties and extravagant features that have become synonymous with the conference are expected to be scaled back. The hope is that those attending the conference won’t appear ignorant to the current plight of the average onlooker. Oxfam is already out of the gates with its annual report on inequality, focusing this year on wealth gains since the pandemic and the cost-of-living crunch.


      trade secretary Kemi Badenoch and business secretary Grant Shapps will be representing the government instead AT DAVOS


  23. tomo says:

    I hope Mr Musk ups the ante and seriously provokes the UN goons – i really do
    – their conceit + hubris is simply off the scale and they need taking down …


  24. tomo says:

    Joe’s replacement continues to show why she’s uniquely qualified for the top job.


    • Fedup2 says:

      26 seconds of wise words – delivered from an American Airlines First Class seat …. She is gonna make a fine president …..


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Everyone should end up in the same place.” – the grave?


      • Fedup2 says:

        ( don’t forget the ‘profound ‘ pause and nod ) – after every sentence ( I pause then nod ) …


  25. vlad says:

    Paul Joseph Watson destroys an article on Japan which the BBC simultaneously admits is a peaceful, prosperous country with the longest life expectancy in the world, the lowest murder rate, little political conflict, and affordable housing… while lamenting the country’s strong borders, strict immigration policies and homogeneous population.
    Homogeneity is their strength.


  26. tomo says:

    Unleash the whackos….


  27. Zephir says:

    This says it all about the left and their dictatorship plans:

    “We, the British people, have lost control of our state, says ALEX STORY
    It is a rare thing indeed when a politician reveals his core belief in one or two sentences.

    Emily Maitlis, during the interview, asked Keir Starmer: “you have to choose now between Davos or Westminster”.

    Without hesitation, the leader of his Majesty’s opposition, replied: “Davos”.

    “Why?”, Emily Maitlis, queried.

    “Because Westminster is too constrained. It’s closed and we’re not having meaning….”, he replied. He interrupted himself from finishing the sentence. What he seemed about to say was that in Westminster “we’re not having meaningful conversations”.

    He carried on: “Once you get out of Westminster, whether it is Davos or anywhere else, you actually engage with people that you can see working with in the future.”

    On the topic he ends with “Westminster is just a tribal shouting place”.

    Such views should inform the broad voting public that he really should not be our Prime Minister.”



  28. Zephir says:

    And, further:

    “The House of Commons is constrained by the limitations of the aggregate spending power of the British population.

    It is tribal because the House of Commons is the body in which the interests of our peoples in our Islands should be heeded and protected. They should be the first, last and only consideration of our politicians of any party.

    Reforms should be brought about with the consent and approval of the British electorate not imposed from outside with the approbation of powerful lobby groups, whose interests are detached and not aligned with ours.

    The meaningfulness of the conversations had in parliament should not be defined by the international corporate sector or powerful, but totally rootless organisations such as those that tend to attend Davos at the behest of the World Economic Forum.

    The House of Commons, for better or worse, should be seen as the first and last line of defence against the many facile ideologies that float around at any time.

    The fact that the leader of the opposition belittles the organisation tells us what type of Prime Minister he will be.

    We have already seen the alacrity with which Keir Starmer has genuflected to all the modern, destructive passing movements since he became leader of the opposition.

    He still cannot tell us what a woman is, although he has recently stood up to Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP’s gender reform legislation. He knelt for Black Lives Matter, and he now tells us that he would rather work with the Davos crowd than spend the time unravelling the Gordian Knot that is the United Kingdom’s very expensive and rather ineffective bureaucracy.

    He will talk a great deal about the need to heed the “international Community’s” wishes.

    The wishes of us, as British people, will come second.

    In many ways, and over the course of a few decades, we are already in this position.

    We, the British People, have lost control of the state. Too much is happening against our wishes for us to believe that the state, for which we all pay, is acting in our best interest.”


  29. Zephir says:

    If Keir Starmer wins, something that looks increasingly likely, the United Kingdom will led by New Puritans

    We can look forward to destructive policies such as gender, the withdrawal of our freedom to express ourselves freely, and I suspect an intensification of racial policies as advertised by Labour MP Anneliese Dodds, whose zeal in wanting to fight “structural racism” in the UK will surely bring in race based laws to our shores for the first time in our history (while the poorest and most disenfranchised, as is widely known and reported, are poor white boys and girls),


    • Fedup2 says:

      I do love irony – so starmer admits Westminster isn’t democratic … and the solution is to turn to a non democratic international monster -WEF …
      He is right about Westminster not working but that’s a structural reason – his solution seems to be to increase the number of politicians in regions which are meant to ‘represent ‘ the population- if you need an example of this not working – see the emir of londonistan …who as I write is closing another road and sticking a another effing cycle lane …


  30. JohnC says:

    Half Moon Bay: Seven dead in second California shooting in days

    Entirely as expected, the first shooting has suddenly disappeared completely from the front page and this second one – again by a BAME – is just a side story. It too will be dropped.

    No mention of the word ‘terrorism’ from the fake President or the BBC for either.

    Instead the TOP story is:
    Zara Aleena murder: Probation Service mistakes outlined in report

    Which – entirely by conincidence – is one of the few done by a whitey and the BBC drag up all the details of the murder again in a lengthy article even though they have nothing to do with the title.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry : the BBC are now so ricidulous with their agenda-based bias, I think they have become institutionally-conditioned and don’t even realise they are doing it.

    Just look at the ‘London Violence’ to see a taste of what they have kept away from the front-page so you don’t know about it.


  31. andyjsnape says:

    This week’s cold snap is expected to lead to high power demand, while wind power is forecast to be lower than usual

    “This week’s cold snap is expected to lead to high power demand, while wind power is forecast to be lower than usual”

    Summary green energy is rubbish, little wind – little power maybe the bBC would do a Panorama on it!?


  32. andyjsnape says:

    TV adverts recently have gone from 80% black to majority black – whats that all about

    Racist tv adverts?


    • Fedup2 says:

      An excellent example of ‘buck passing ‘ by some comrade from the probation union and meesh …regarding the failure of the system to keep a really bad man locked up .

      So they let him out and a few days later he pounced on a lady in ilford at night walking home – Rape – murder – the usual .

      Apparently ‘the client ‘ had already done 9 prison stretches ..but still got let out .

      Everyone was responsible – but the government -‘ the privately owned ‘ probation company … the lot .

      Now listening to the comrade deliver the agenda largely without challenge really got me angry despite myself . I think it stems from my belief in the death penalty – which ‘the client ‘- as he was described by the comrade – should have been the client of …long ago .

      Instead he is off to prison again – existing on the taxpayers’ dime – when he shouldn’t exist at all .. will never happen of course …


      • JohnC says:

        .. and yet if the male in question is BAME, he is suddenly portrayed as a victim who has been persecuted by Whitey.

        I remember a story on the BBC a while back about an ex-terrorist somewhere (maybe Afghanistan) who had suddenly turned good was struggling with his shop to sell sweets or something to support his wife and daughter. It was written such that it nearly brought a tear to my eye.


        • Fedup2 says:

          JohnC – quite – the other madness is the ‘virtue signal game ‘. The murder of the lady in south london got the full treatment – and even more so when plod turned out to be the killer .

          So this case must get equal treatment . It’s a sick msm game where certain killings get the treatment – lots of yapping – but other lives pass by without much of a murmur…


          • JohnC says:

            What I find particularly dishonest about the BBC and other Leftist hypocrites is that black lives don’t matter one bit when it’s other blacks who kill them. In fact they are hidden from us because it shows us the truth they don’t want us to know.


    • JohnC says:

      Use each one to remind you what completely shameless virtue-signalling hypocrites the Left actually are.

      They’ve forced it everywhere now. I am reading a book by Mark Lawrence which is a sequel to an earlier one. The main character is a young male genius. Three quarters in, a new character appeared : his 14 year old daughter from the future who is a super-genius who has suddenly taken complete charge of the plot and while she isn’t there, we get reminders of just how brilliant she is.

      The trouble is, the author is concentrating so much on pushing the female-lead and she is so ridiculously perfect, the entire story is no longer ‘believable in it’s context’.

      The Left destroy everything they hijack for their agenda.


    • MarkyMark says:


    • G says:


      My Aldi alert email arrived today showing a black and white woman all snuggled up cosily on a sofa under the sub-heading: “Shop all Valentines Gifts”. And, “Share the Love”.

      More racial discrimination.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    BBC News

    Clear hold build CHB – the New Thing not to work against ‘gangs’. Notice these ‘gangs’ don’t get described …. Now why could that be …?


  34. taffman says:

    “Energy bill help pushes UK borrowing to new record”

    Net Zero is taking us back to the Dark Ages,


  35. andyjsnape says:

    ‘Racism makes it harder for me to find a place to rent’

    I’ve seen adverts for places to rent, and must be Asian, must be etc etc – surely this is against the law? Reminds me of the 60s when people renting rooms would put signs in the window says must be white or no blacks


    • Fedup2 says:

      Or …. No blacks no dogs no Irish …. Sounds like the list is getting longer – the more rights and equality acts they pass in their parliament the more discerning and crafty the landlord ‘ victim need s to be –
      One of the many reasons I choose not to be one …


  36. Guest Who says:

    Time for a shake up of the front bench, Surkeer?

    Your lot are only good at scavenging roadkill before mangling the language on the BBC.


  37. Guest Who says:

    Jake ever pursued a BBC complaint, I wonder?


  38. Guest Who says:

    Toenails still getting his running order from The Critic Magazine?


    • JohnC says:

      Starmer clearly didn’t hear Rayner calling the Tories scum then.

      Or he did and he’s a liar and a hypocrite. Or his definition of ‘respect and tolerance’ mean something completely different to mine.


  39. AsISeeIt says:

    Butt plugs and Liz Truss dolls in today’s dodgy down-market press review edition

    Our BBC, in that inefably hands-off way of their’s – a tone assumed to the max when they know they’ve got a Tory wrong ‘um bang to rights – tentatively asks: Key questions about Nadhim Zahawi’s tax affairs – just asking…

    A sentiment echoed, natch, by the Gruan headline (great minds, eh?): PM admits ‘questions need answering’ on Zahawi tax (Guardian)

    The forthright tabloid Daily Star headline cuts to the chase with reference to their own long-running in-joke: You don’t need a Daily Star lettuce to see how this one ends… WE were just off to Tesco to buy another 60p lettuce to pit against forgetful taxpayer and ex-chancellor Nadhim Zahawi when we thought why bother.. he’s already toast

    For those unfortunates hereabouts who aren’t Daily Star cognoscenti that lettuce gag goes like this: Liz the Lettuce and airport butt plugs – Daily Star News Team’s 2022 Year in Review… 2022 has been a funny old year hasn’t it? Prime Ministers are like buses: you wait ages for one that isn’t Boris Johnson and then two show up at once! The brainchild of Daily Star deputy editor Denis Mann (by way of The Economist), editor-in-chief Jon Clark, social video editor Ed Keeble and deputy editor-in-chief Jon Livesey, the lettuce took the world by storm as it poked fun at a government run by idiots who seemed to have made it their mission to crash the UK economy… a 60p Tesco lettuce with googly eyes slowly rotting on a live stream – next to a not-entirely-flattering portrait of Liz Truss MP. The stream was viewed more than 5.2millon times across both YouTube and Twitter, so clearly it struck a chord with the fed-up British public.

    With top notch media assistance like that why does the Labour Party bother to pay for PR?

    The Labour-supporting Daily Mirror – promoted to numero uno in the BBC press line up this morn – attempts to connect with the zeitgeist but as usual their punch line is about a decade out of step: The only way is ethics – punning of course on The Only Way Is Essex (often abbreviated as TOWIE) part reality show and part soap opera, it showcased the lives of a glamorous group of young people and put the home county of Essex on the map. Originally broadcast on ITV2 from 2010 – they’re all into Love Island now.

    Oh, did I leave something unanswered in this Idiot’s Guide (no offence intended) to trash culture? Just to satisfy curiosity hereabouts…

    Woman stopped at airport security wearing butt plug containing boyfriend’s ashes… It appeared that Sarah Button, 23, was lugging about the ashes of her recently deceased partner inside a sex toy as it was “his favourite place” (Daily Star) – moving very quickly on… with a bit of a suspicious waddle through customs?

    Speaking of great minds…

    Lammy vows to restore UK’s international status (FT) – that’ll be David “Mastermind” Lammy: MP David Lammy’s “comedy gold” Mastermind debut… He was asked: “Who acceded to the English throne . . . after the death of his father Henry VIII in 1547?”, to which David replied: “Henry VII”… Another question posed to David was: “Q: What blue cheese traditionally goes with stilton?”, to which he answered: “A: Red Leicester.” (Reality Titbit.com)

    “The debacle of Boris Johnson, Liz Truss and Kwazi Kwarteng has hugely undermind our reputation and, in some circles, made us a laughing stock” (Lammy quoted in the straight-faced FT)

    As Beatle and working class hero John Lennon, figurehead of that generation that decided to end all deference to authority – particularly our politicians – observed: They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool

    Rishi Sunak’s ‘big idea’ of compulsory maths to the age of 18 is mocked as a ‘distraction’ from NHS crisis and winter of discontent (Daily Mail)

    So what narcisistic dross of a human would ever put themselves forward as a politician these days? They’ve got to be on the make, right?

    Something for the ladies…?

    Why men are more likely to evade tax – the left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper rarely disappoints female readership with a bit of a bitch about the chaps: ‘Sexist ministers’ failing to support women in menopause

    On the other hand: Menopause laws ‘discrimante against men’ (Telegraph)

    I hear Boris has been in Ukraine again – apparently he has friends there – well, his popularity is ‘tanking’ back at home.

    Tank tactic. Poland move presses Berlin (FT) – am I reading the news from 1939?

    Ukraine needs Leopards! – are the placards held aloft frontpage of the conformist war-mongering globalist FT

    Let’s hear from the hard-left: Children in the north most vulnerable to cost of living crisis, MPs find (Morning Star – advising me that I can read 5 more articles for free – I’ll leave it, thanks all the same, comrades) HUNDREDS of thousands of children in the north of England are living in “unprecedented” poverty, with insufficient food and warmth, a committee of northern MPs has warned.

    Think of the children… but if that’s not your thing…

    Greg James. Bella and I don’t know if we want children – so please stop asking (‘i’)

    Puppies dumped in costs crisis (Daily Star)

    Forget Fido: man’s best friend could be a very intelligent hog (Times)

    Why does my mind go to the piggy-eyed Keir Starmer?

    Relegated to lowly spots in the BBC online press line up – just above The Sun that goes with the throw away celeb story: Noel’s ex hires Harry lawyer (Gallagher, not Edmonds) – are those titles headlining: Asylum cheat sneaked into UK to kill for third time (Daily Express); Afghan who stabbed aspiring Marine shot two men in Serbia before crossing Channel (Telegraph)

    Now we don’t want to hear about all that.

    Much more to BBC taste is the report: ‘No deterent’ officials have ‘blood on their hands’ say family of murdered Zara Aleena (Guardian)

    The BBC, however, reminds the excitable Gruan it’s all about managerial process: Zara Aleena murder: Probation Service mistakes outlined in report (BBC)

    Woke private schools? No, it’s all about exam results. A parent writes – the liberal-minded Times feeling the need to tackle this at one remove

    Cartoonist Matt is on top form again in the Telegraph – a couple of old gents are pictured reading the papers by the fireside at their club: “I’m shocked by the news about Nadhim Zahawi. I had no idea there were Tory ministers in favour of paying less tax”

    The Star’s thought for the day trumps the broadsheets for insight as it asks: Do they go into politics to change the world AND not pay their tax?

    And for a final smile, for nostalgia’s sake: Man left with 500 Liz Truss dolls he failed to sell after PM lost to Daily Star lettuce… David Farquharson’s foresight proved poor when the 30-year-old ordered up 500 Liz Truss dolls, hoping to hit the next big thing, although by the time the dolls arrived Truss was out of a job


    • Fedup2 says:

      Asiseeit – the Sarah button story seems to have a spellcheck problem involving the word bathplug….is there a … er … picture …


  40. markh says:

    Came across a BBC article yesterday purporting to be about the ‘Levelling Up’ payments to be made by the taxpayer, sorry Government, to various regions of the UK. I thought it might be informative, but I gave up after trawling through pages of the usual self-pitying leftist dogma so beloved by the BBC. I couldn’t find a simple list of all of the projects so I stopped looking. Can’t the BBC give a straight report on anything anymore? Silly question!


  41. theisland says:

    ‘Political has-been’ Blair torn to shreds as ‘economic failure’ touted as new Mr Davos
    Nigel Farage joked that Mr Blair would be “perfect” for the role, explaining: “He’d be absolutely ideal. He would join an organisation whose credibility has diminished quite significantly.”
    He continued: “He’d be among his friends – the giant multinationals.
    “With not a hint of democracy, lots of hypocrisy. I think he’s the right man.


  42. digg says:

    What do the BBC have for us this morning?

    Ladies of a certain age need to be paid to stay at home.

    All employees should now have a four day week, forget the financial crisis, that’s not for the likes of the Union bosses.

    We have to stop calling fat people fat. Even though they are indeed larger than they should be. I suspect a new group word for this is coming down the track. We are all being Dimenshionist maybe?

    One ray of light however. Chris “I know better than you lot” Packam is to stay away from our screens. A ray of hope in a dark World!

    Oh and meanwhile as Lord Sugar would say, the hunt for the next Tory scalp goes on….


    • Fedup2 says:

      You left out the one about 50% of the population being takers not givers ….( of public money )..


  43. andyjsnape says:

    Heat pumps: The ‘geeks’ obsessing over their new heating systems

    bBC promotion for heat pumps, very few of us in the UK fit them – maybe a reason, cost for example, we all dont have bBC salaries


    • MarkyMark says:

      He’s got heat meters fixed to the pipework. Room temperature monitors. And gadgets tracking how much electricity his solar panels are generating.

      The jewel in the crown of this system, though, is a recently installed heat pump.

      “It’s like a geek’s paradise, really,” says Mick Wall of his 1930s semi-detached house in Sheffield.

      Mr Wall, who works in IT, has made a hobby out of monitoring his household energy consumption and honing his heat pump’s performance in a dogged pursuit of maximum efficiency.

      The UK government has set a target of 600,000 heat pump installations per year by 2028.

      There are caveats, though. Mr Wall did have to spend thousands on upgrading radiators and pipework in his house, among other adjustments, before he decided it was heat pump-ready.


  44. Guest Who says:

    Revolving Doors

    “Sky News has appointed Serena Kutchinsky as assistant editor for premium content, working on the digital and mobile team. Serena was previously director of editorial at JOE Media and has also worked at BBC News, Prospect, Newsweek and The Sunday Times.”

    JOE and BBC too? Quelle surprise.


  45. Foscari says:

    IMAGE WATCH !!- John C You are 100 times more computer
    literate than me, Please download todays latest GETTY’S
    IMAGING for the BBC ” Energy Saving Scheme”
    Day after day, after day, after day, after day, after day. The
    BBC are like BIG BROTHER from 1984 are attempting to
    “educate” the 85% of the population of the UK with there
    inverted “inclusiveness”. Mind you there was a white lady
    featured earlier. But I suppose even the woke brigade must
    allow 1 in a hundred of Getty’s imaging to include a white


    • JohnC says:



      • BRISSLES says:

        We’re all getting heartily sick of this. So what can we do ??? Who do we write to to express our displeasure at the erasure of 87% of the population ? My dog has never seen a person of colour on our walks, and only sees them on the tele.


        • Foscari says:

          Brissles-I have written,but of course they don’t reply. I
          have asked them just on a rare occasion show us an
          image on public interest features such as utility bills etc
          of a someone of Indian sub continent heritage or of
          south East Asian heritage. I have asked them if Getty’s only
          work with black advertising models. BUT they must have one.
          Because a white ladies face was used today,. It’s the first I
          have seen for a long time. So maybe someone is taking
          notice of my enquiry. BUT pale stale males are for sure
          persona non grata , so far as this type of imaging is concerned.
          You have more chance of winning the lottery than seeing
          a white male face on a Getty’s image on the BBC. Maybe
          the BBC insist to Getty’s that they don’t want any imaging
          of white males shown prominently . A few days ago there
          was an image of a white male on a factory floor walking
          several yards behind a group of “usual suspects.” But that
          is about as near as it gets.


        • G says:

          Black faces everywhere is only part of the jigsaw. History Debunked regularly exposes black lies over Britain’s history.

          He’s the only bloke highlighting the propaganda.


          • BRISSLES says:

            How did those living in the Caribbean during WW2 serve the Crown ? I don’t remember any air-raids from Germany getting that far across the Atlantic. Did any WI (that’s West Indies not Womens Institute) ladies sit rolling up bandages or knitting scarves for the lads ? Perhaps there was a lot of Admin work that was farmed out from Government offices via supply boats. Perhaps there was a convoy of ferries going back and forth to bring the blokes across, in which case if they were here already why were anymore brought across with their famillies ?


    • G says:

      Question is, how long would the BBC last if it only had black viewers/license fee payers……………


  46. Dickie says:

    Don’t suppose that fat warmongering slob Johnson and our MPs would be willing to volunteer fighting the Russians, after all according to the BBC and the msm they are losing the war – aren’t they?



  47. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC

    You know when you read a story and you instantly think “ surely not “

    Well that was me now that it has been disclosed that the met has been recruiting plod withour interviewing them .

    I would love the reasoning behind that – and how much the idiot who made the decision was paid .,,


    • G says:


      With the increasing barrage of new criminal laws being introduced week after week, how can plod even begin to understand it all much less enforce it. Coupled with the inability of ethnics to speak any English properly, it is a recipe for black / foreign coppers making it up as you go along. Inevitable.


  48. andyjsnape says:

    Richard Sharp: BBC chairman says he will not quit over Boris Johnson loan row

    “the face of BBC impartiality”

    #live in a different world


  49. theisland says:

    More on HR.


    Comment by ‘Intriguing’
    I don’t think people realise even what small organisation’s HR departments have to roll out for CPD function.

    It’s in the certification structures of the courses they select from, so for it to be official CPD (which is contractually obligated) you end up with this stuff. It’s not like someone from CCHQ will have gone out of their way to pick this, you will have a generic HR CPD you sign up to and they will put you a gateway with your corp branding on but everything else is what everyone else gets everywhere.

    This is a case of politicians running up against the reality of the situation, and being utterly powerless to do anything. They have been out manoeuvered. The time they could have been successful was about 20 years ago, but this was when NLabour were busy bedding in CPD regulations and poisoning the well with Common Purpose.

    If you guys only knew how bad things really are.


  50. andyjsnape says:

    FIA accused of ‘suppressing drivers’ freedom of speech’

    Could just drive, thats what your paid to do

    A bit like footballers – play football, thats what your paid to do