Weekend 11 February 2023

BBC on a war footing – ready to launch waves of biased reporting in Ukraine following the adoration of their President . Victory is certain . Meanwhile the British Army monitors the citizenry searching for the ‘unapproved ‘ .

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  1. atlas_shrugged says:

    The bBC IS the virus, and when are the Germans going to stop exploding bombs in our country?


  2. JohnC says:

    Two Southampton nurses killed in crash near Grand Canyon

    Two NHS nurses have died in a car crash while on holiday together in the US.

    Portuguese nationals Tatiana Brandão, 30, and Raquel Moreira, 28, worked at University Hospital Southampton.

    What are the odds of this totally ‘regular news’ road traffic accident making headline news if it was 2 white pale-and-stales ? – or even 2 regular English women with no link to any current agenda topic?.

    How many of the many, many UK car crashes make the news at the BBC ?.

    The BBC is institutionally racist and sexist.

    And of course no recent BBC article is complete without some kind of empathic statement:

    “The friends were well-known for their kindness, empathy and enthusiasm,” said Ms Byrne


    • Deborah says:

      I thought NHS nurses are paid so badly they need to use food banks. Whilst I am sorry to hear of their deaths, holidays to the Grand Canyon are not cheap.

      This is not a criticism of the nurses or their choice of holiday destination, but the BBC’s usual reporting of how badly our government pays nurses.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Did I read that the BBC are now “doing” world news and not just the home ‘stuff’, so prepare to hear about a traveller from South Dakota getting a snake bite in Mozambique, or a fire breaking out in a care home in Jaipur.


        • Zephir says:

          Here’s some world news for the bbc :

          “The 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Follow Jesus in 2023
          Latest report on Christian persecution finds Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa the epicenter of jihadist violence, while China leads effort to redefine religious rights.

          More than 5,600 Christians were killed for their faith last year. More than 2,100 churches were attacked or closed.

          More than 124,000 Christians were forcibly displaced from their homes because of their faith, and almost 15,000 became refugees.

          Sub-Saharan Africa—the epicenter of global Christianity—is now also the epicenter of violence against Christians, as Islamist extremism has spread well beyond Nigeria.

          And North Korea is back at No. 1, according to the 2023 World Watch List (WWL), the latest annual accounting from Open Doors of the top 50 countries where it is most dangerous and difficult to be a Christian.

          The concerning tallies of martyrdoms and church attacks are actually lower than in last year’s report. But Open Doors emphasizes they are “an absolute minimum figure,” and is quick to note the data decline does not suggest real improvements in religious freedom.

          For example, the reduction in church closures was “due in large part” to Chinese officials having closed almost 7,000 churches over the prior two years. And the drop of Afghanistan from No. 1 last year to No. 9 this year “offers little cheer” because it’s driven by how most Afghan Christians “went deep into hiding or fled overseas” after the Taliban’s takeover.”



          • Up2snuff says:

            Zephir, “Sub-Saharan Africa—the epicenter of global Christianity—is now also the epicenter of violence against Christians, as Islamist extremism has spread well beyond Nigeria.”

            Funny, very strange, I thought it was Israel a.k.a. at the time: Palestine


  3. digg says:

    AirBNB ads? Forget it if you ain’t black mate!
    Would love to know that real stats of their customers ethinicity though!

    My guess is 99% white.

    There is only one way to stop this lying manipulation, stop using their services,. That way they will end up only representing the profile of people they actually make profits from. Which is all right and proper.


  4. Nibor says:

    That Chris Mason was waffling on about Productivity before the PM programme , as though the BBC knows anything about economics .

    There are about 34 different ways that Productivity can be defined , depending on the learned economist . Which makes it sound as though its important , until you realise water can be defined as water or H2o but unless you`re being facetious (DiHydromonoxide ) nothing else .

    The usual way to describe increased productivity is a worker ( does the BBC know one ?) increasing the value of goods made in the time he uses to make those goods .

    So , BBC , how would Faberge increase the value of those seven eggs he made ? make 700000 of them ?
    Rembrandt ? Why only one Sistine Chapel ? Eifel Tower ?

    We can see that theres more to this Productivity Will Save Us than meets the eye .

    How can a Rolls Royce worker make more value out of his product ? By increasing the sales to that of Fiat so everyone can afford one ? How does a Fiat worker add value to his product ? By charging more , as in the same price as a Rolls Royce ?

    I`m in road haulage . How do I increase Productivity ? By speeding , working over 15 hours or overloading – all illegal ?

    How does a teacher increase Productivity ? By increased class sizes ? 40 or 50 pupils , or keep them in school longer ?

    How can the Houses of Parliament increase Productivity ? By more legislation ?

    And how can you , BBC , increase Productivity ? You`ve got to add value to your “product ” . You seem to want to give as much air time to the rest of the world for FREE , but charge British licence payers . You exact payment from them but the value of your output goes down year on year .

    Productivity is a shibboleth that the likes of the BBC fall for .


  5. Richard Pinder says:



  6. taffman says:

    “Knowsley: Three arrested after protest at Merseyside asylum seeker hotel”
    Make what you want of this ?
    It was inevitable that this would happen as more asylum seekers are shipped in !


    • Thoughtful says:

      And still the Left are misdecscribing the people there as ‘refugees’ when they are bogus asylum seekers.

      A refugee is someone who has been given official status and is not housed in a hotel.
      They are also lying that the people there are escaping from war (So far as I know there is no war in France or Albania) and of course the war zone is never qualified so no one actually knows.

      The media is careful to report these lies as a quote, but never questions the truth to preserve the lies effectiveness.


  7. Zephir says:

    So we have blacks in paramilitary uniforms protesting outside a school where a black girl was in a school fight OUTSIDE of the school and threatening teachers.

    Now, remind me what happened to the whites protesting about numerous white children getting GANG RAPED, WHIPPED AND RACIALLY ABUSED by gangs of adult muzzies ?


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Did the Travellers who were involved in this have to pay their congestion charge?


  8. taffman says:

    Watch out, watch out maxincony is out and about ! He has been on his long holiday?


  9. Zephir says:

    “Overall, and same as last year, 360 million Christians live in nations with high levels of persecution or discrimination. That’s 1 in 7 Christians worldwide, including 1 in 5 believers in Africa, 2 in 5 in Asia, and 1 in 15 in Latin America.

    More than 5,600 Christians were killed for their faith last year. More than 2,100 churches were attacked or closed.

    More than 124,000 Christians were forcibly displaced from their homes because of their faith, and almost 15,000 became refugees.

    Sub-Saharan Africa—the epicenter of global Christianity—is now also the epicenter of violence against Christians, as Islamist extremism has spread well beyond Nigeria.

    Islamic extremism continues to cause the most persecution (31 nations), especially in sub-Saharan Africa where Open Doors fears Nigeria will soon trigger “a vast humanitarian catastrophe” across the continent. Researchers also noted how China has increased digital restrictions and surveillance and is “forging a network of nations seeking to redefine human rights—away from universal standards and religious freedoms.” And a fourth Latin American country, Nicaragua, entered the list as authoritarian governments increasingly view Christians as voices of opposition.”



  10. Richard Pinder says:

    First half of Laurence Fox at 7pm on GB News. Talked to Neil Oliver about Mark Steyn and OFCOM. Laurence Fox will be fined if he uses a robotic voice to read out OFCOM propaganda. What scientific papers and statistics say is that the mRNA jab produced zero immunity from the virus, but degraded the immune system to the point that like children, the degraded and immature immune system protected people from the allergic reaction to the spike proteins. So the science shows us that the mRNA jabs were dangerous and ineffective. But OFCOM insists GB News presenters say that the mRNA jabs are safe & effective, but without saying it with a robotic voice. For puritanical reasons, Mark Steyn was not prepared to lie. While for pragmatic reasons both Neil Oliver and Laurence Fox are prepared to show uncensored scientific & statistical truth, followed by OFCOM compelled speech lies.

    The Revolutionary Act of telling the truth on GB News is only possible for those who are prepared to follow it by the compelled speech of Universal Deceit, to prevent OFCOM fines.


    • theisland says:

      Here is the whole show on YouTube.
      Laurence Fox | Friday 10th February

      The trouble is, as Neil Oliver says, Ofcom is a ‘stacked deck’ and it’s a ‘rigged game’.
      On that basis, is it right to play along with it in order to get some points across?
      One suspects Oliver and Fox will get eaten anyway.
      Appeasement is not the answer.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Island – I was lucky – as a kid to be told to read animal farm and 1984 – I’ve read both a few times across the years .
        But I remember viewing 1984 as just a ‘ never happen here ‘ exercise . But I was wrong . It’s happened . Freedom has gone ( some will say there never was ‘freedom ‘) but now restrictions touch us directly .

        The courts might have been a protection – but now they are just ‘political ‘ and stamping down on the ‘unapproved ‘ – and getting worse quickly ….

        The killing off of Steyn should have received some condemnation across the ‘profession ‘ of journalism . But the silence is deafening .


  11. Zephir says:

    The bloody death of a liberal dream: After throwing open its borders to 2million migrants, DAVID JONES investigates how Sweden has been left with an underclass of alienated teenagers, a murderous gang culture and gun crime that’s spiralling out of control



  12. StewGreen says:

    5:50am Switch on R4 and straight away I am getting a socialist lecture
    “The NHS is on its knees”
    such talk is hyperbole. The NHS is huge so there is both good and bad,
    #1 a lot of people have recently said they got surprisingly good service eg both cataracts being done in a month
    #2 Yet many complain of ambulance delays
    You really do need a pre prepared plan of knowing which neighbour can drive you to hospital cos often that will usually be miles quicker than waiting for an ambulance

    That R4 speaker is a Guardian writer of course
    BBC gave her a 15 min prog
    This is her

    I remember Labour
    and all those homeless that used to live in places like under Waterloo Bridge.
    And these days Welsh NHS stats under Labour
    are worse than England’s


  13. Zephir says:

    Here’s one for you bbc in your desperate bid to find earthquake stories :

    (of course, we know now, only when it is certain victims):

    “Looters are rounded up and beaten in Turkey after raiding properties hit by earthquake.
    Several clips circulating on social media showed a string of suspected looters, many of whom were far too well groomed and crisply dressed to have been caught up in the quake, being arrested by police. ”



  14. Zephir says:

    “MAUREEN CALLAHAN: A girl bullied to death – and her grieving dad smeared by HER school! From suicide, to rape, to gender madness… America’s kids are in crisis – betrayed by woke adults

    To watch the video of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch being brutally assaulted in the hallway of her own high school — to see her crouching in the fetal position as she’s swarmed and dragged and pummeled by three other students while another student off-camera yells, ‘F**k her up! F**k that b*tch up!’ — is to see the confidence of bullies in present-day America.

    Once upon a time, kids like this would attack off-campus, in secret, no witnesses. Now they attack openly in cafeterias and classrooms, school buses and social media, secure in the knowledge that administrators won’t do a thing”



  15. tomo says:

    A Jeremy Vine fan?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Tomo – I reckon if you posted every report of a criminal plod like these you’d be very busy .

      Every so often the is a call for a ‘Royal commission ‘into plod – which some might view as just a waste of taxpayers ‘ money .

      I think plod is beyond redemption now – not much can be done. The ‘unvetted ‘ ones will be promoting each other and the whole thing will just be a sex / money obsessed criminal enterprise ….


      • tomo says:

        What irks is the procession of PR article that plod PRasNews into local rags about awards given to officers for an assortment of things that many people would regard as a mundane part of their job.

        Local councillors and senior officers gurning into the local rag’s photographer’s camera.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Two cheeks.


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Poor our Justin – sounding bored – had to do an interview with one of the communists in charge of the RMT .I can’t remember the name – might have been mickey Lynch – whatever – they all sound the same and start talking about ‘tables ‘ and ‘members ‘..
    Well mickey sang the union song – you know the words – they’re rejecting something – the government ..blah blah … but then our Justin tried to quote something from the daily telegraph .
    Wow – up popped mickey – quoting the DT – right wing government lackey – capitalist mouthpiece. Justin just went ‘oh god ‘ and I think ended it .

    All I want to know is when the next strikes are – and have you seen the cost of a ticket ?

    Today 2
    I thought they’d be bored with Turkey by now – but leeese has turned up doing the mournful act .
    No one is talking about the corruption / stupidity of building tower blocks in earth quake areas . I suppose they are still in ‘emotion mode ‘ to get the charity cash … £30 million so far in the UK but a good opportunity for a bit of fraud ….

    Thoughtless for the day – woman vicar – sex – godless C of E – make the bible less ‘male ‘. In fact – why have God at all in the bible – some might be offended …

    Off switch


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Welcome back to the nocturnal troll – who I think might be a self proclaimed ‘ fact checker ‘- solely picking on bbc related fights with posters . Every gotta have a hobby – especially in the middle of night .


  19. AsISeeIt says:

    Tories plot, but Labour signals transformational offer edition

    Our BBC brings us a couple of news headlines highly indicative of the general tone of media these days…

    Crisis upon crisis: Why it’s hard to get help to Syria after earthquake – crisis upon crisis, indeed.

    I’m oddly drawn toward misquoting Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of the Ancient Mariner… (his spelling)

    Crisis, crisis everywhere, and not a jot to see (?)

    What with global warming, pandemic, war in Ukraine, inflation… what’s up next?: Save our rivers: Only 6% will be healthy – as UK’s water firms pump more raw sewage (‘i’) – pardon the scatalogical reference at this early hour but I think we’ll find it’s our increasing population that’s pumping all the sewage and our infrastucture is trying to cope

    The media regulation template coverage of these things goes: day one shock and horror; day two death toll rises; day three miraculous rescue of lovable individual; day three western relief efforts organised, day four find a native of the region living in Barnet and working as an Uber driver, or some such) worried about his relatives back home; day five on a slow news day we get the science bit and a bit of keepy uppy of the story bringing in the experts on speed dial with their maps, charts and stats – now we’re all experts on the subject; day six (this is a representative timescale mind you, not strictly literal) at last gasp comes the blame and accusation stage.

    Turkey earthquake failures leave Erdogan looking vulnerable (BBC) – Mr AsI is not so sure that’s true.

    I’m doubtful, despite BBC accusation, that the Turkish premier will suffer too badly politically over this natural disaster.

    Turkey’s most devastating earthquake since 1939 has raised big questions about whether such a large-scale tragedy could have been avoided and whether President Erdogan’s government could have done more to save lives (BBC) – big questions, no less.

    One doubts Turkey has the same form of media-political-legal blame infastructure that we ‘enjoy’ in the west – just itching to apportion guilt and to prosecute to the nth degree every natural occurance, accident, human failing and carelessness.

    To begin with let’s remind ourselves that despite contiguity with Europe, half-hearted membership of Nato of late and its rather awkward adjacency (let’s say) to EU membership, Turkey is in fact diminishingly western in outlook and temperament. One would hazard a guess the average earthquake survivor, situated far to the east of vaguely westernised Istambul, when faced with a natural disaster – would be more inclined to put their faith in Allah.

    I’ll wager Erdogan’s peasant electorate (of the faithful?) more or less agree with their leader, despite our BBC’s materialist liberal carping: Recep Tayyip Erdogan has admitted shortcomings in the response, but he appeared to blame fate on a visit to one disaster zone: “Such things have always happened. It’s part of destiny’s plan.” (BBC)

    Another BBC headline to put in the pot marked: how very media: ‘Someone knows something’ – this is the BBC top pick reviewing today’s newspaper frontpages and the line comes from the tabloid (Mirror, Mail and Sun) story concerning that Nicola most of the British public wish hadn’t disappeared into thin air (or water?)

    With Bel Mooney of the Mail’s stinging accusation still ringing in our ears: It’s appalling that nightmare of Nicola Bulley’s family is being turned into a ghoulish carnival of cynics, gossips, know-alls and armchair sleuths – the Mail unapologetically speculates, care of the missing woman’s husband: I’m convinced my Nicola’s NOT in the river… Partner Paul says ‘someone in the village knows what happened’

    Not since Midsomer Murders of yore have such a nice middle class white couple from a quiet village been so intriguingly involved in a mystery.

    Mirror and Sun join the ghoulish carnival with a bit of armchair sleuthing: I’m certain Nicola didn’t fall in; Someone local knows something

    The Telegraph is not immune to a bit of armchair specuation – their frontpage photo is the hubby sitting on a sofa.

    We do, of course, wish the poor woman to be found safe and well.

    The formerly patriotic Times lives up to MrAsI’s characterisation of its modern outlook as it asserts: Why Paris is cooler than London

    And the Guardian hates public spending on social provision – when and only when it’s dished out by the wrong political party: Tories plot childcare giveaway in the budget… after Labour signals transformational offer for parents


    • Fedup2 says:

      One of the papers describes the aftermath of the druggie labour MP being banged up . Apparently the Corbyn types who selected him in the constituency have all resigned and candidates are being ‘vetted ‘ by red Labour central . Our Rachel screechy reeves sez he couldn’t be a candidate now .

      So much attention is chucked at dodgy blue labour chairmen and PMs and mostly non bullying ministers – that we forget the slime that is the incoming party of government …


  20. Sluff says:

    Anyone else getting heartily sick of the relentless BBC grief porn broadcasts about the Turkish earthquake. Which to be fair is true of many other ‘news’ outlets.

    No questioning the seriousness of the situation and the effects on tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of people.

    But does reportage such as ‘how do you feel knowing that your family is trapped in the rubble of the demolished ten storey block of flats’ really add to our understanding?

    It’s the natural end product of years of sentimentalisation of news. The same strand as the regular ‘eat or heat’ dilemmas or the nurses using food banks as opposed to enjoying fly drive holidays in the USA.

    Putting on my humanitarian hat I’d like to know why it took DEC four days to get their campaign running, and why it has taken four days to send specialist teams over. That would represent proper reporting. But daily coverage of wailing people trying to find their loved ones does not add to understanding.
    What are the BBC actually trying to achieve?
    Inform? No. Educate? No. Entertain? I hope not.


  21. StewGreen says:

    BBC local Radio news gave space to local council grant give away scheme cos it labelled it as green

    “And, or course, *we* are all working towards a greener, cleaner future so we’ve created another cash pot that businesses can tap into to make the transition that little bit easier.

    “Simple things for some small businesses can make a big difference, just replacing light bulbs with LEDs or buying the newest appliances can *slash energy bills* and reduce carbon emissions.”

    slash ?
    Slash and burning the forests to make stuff
    Shop yourself green is a fallacy


    • StewGreen says:

      R 4 FooC .. the expected favourite places

      Ukraine, Myanmar, Turkey earthquakes BBC woman has flown to
      Anthony Zurcher following Biden
      Italy ..about mafia


  22. Peter Sausages says:

    Why does every ad on the BBC feature a Black Family ?? Seems very biased


  23. Zephir says:

    RE Mr Sausage….

    It seems when a bbc droid mentions disinformation, it is dispriritingly, yet ever more likely one of their vibrant, illiterate mob talking about ” information”


  24. theisland says:

    Knowsley: Three arrested after protest at Merseyside asylum seeker hotel
    The nasty far right. Care4Calais say so.

    No provocation at all.


    • MarkyMark says:

      ‘Child migrants Britain let in were BALDING and BEARDED’ – fresh claim
      DOZENS of adult migrants posed as children to get into Britain, a former Border Force chief admitted last night.
      00:01, Thu, Dec 14, 2017 | UPDATED: 22:55, Thu, Dec 14, 2017


      Today the BBC journalists Michael Keohan and Colin Campbell released a shocking report on the channel crossings. It showed people smugglers selling their wares brazenly in the migrant camps and many children living in unsafe and dangerous conditions, as well as—this is breathtaking—a free French public bus service that migrants can use to travel directly from the camps to the Dunkirk departure beaches. Will my right hon. Friend allow a statement on the issue of tackling the small boat crossings and the Government’s response in their work with France?




  25. G says:

    The migrants ‘Handbook’. Choose your country by facilities like free housing etc before you decide to leave your country of origin. Note I didn’t say, ‘forced out by either war or pestilence’.

    Click to access Main-Indicators-of-Immigrant-Integration.pdf


    • MarkyMark says:

      OECD-wide, 68 million immigrants have a job, making around two-thirds of the working age
      population. They are as likely as their native peers to be employed.
      • In the EU, however, immigrants are less likely to be employed than the native-born, which is due
      to the wide employment gap between the native-born and non-EU migrants.
      • In almost half of OECD and EU countries, low-educated immigrants have higher employment
      rates than their native-born peers – particularly in Southern and Central Europe, Chile and
      the United States. By contrast, highly educated immigrants are less likely to be employed than
      their native peers in virtually all countries.
      • OECD-wide, the employment rate is now just slightly lower than it was 10 years ago among
      both the foreign- and native-born. In the EU, the employment rate of non-EU immigrants
      has dropped by 3 percentage points over the past decade, while rising by 3 points for both
      natives and EU-born migrants.
      • In all OECD and EU countries, immigrants (particularly non-EU migrants in the EU) have higher
      unemployment rates than the native-born.
      • Over the last decade, differences in unemployment rates of immigrants and native-born have
      widened in OECD and EU countries, most notably in Southern Europe due to the difficult
      economic situation.
      • When unemployed, immigrants are generally less likely to receive unemployment benefits than
      the native-born in the EU.
      • Across the EU, almost one in four economically inactive immigrants wishes to work, compared
      to one in six among the native-born.
      • Immigrant women are more like to be economically inactive than native-born women and this
      is more often due to “involuntary inactivity”. Differences between foreign- and native-born
      women are especially wide in the Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries (except Sweden),
      Poland and Southern European countries (except Spain).

      Click to access Main-Indicators-of-Immigrant-Integration.pdf


    • MarkyMark says:

      No crime stats.

      Migrants sent US$605 billion home in 2021, more by mobiles, UN finds


    • Sluff says:

      Excellent source, well done G for finding.
      Just looked at the OECD page and cannot find this publication but noted others only go,up to 2017.

      Have they stopped publishing? Are we into ‘inconvenient truth’ territory?
      No stats on years with large amounts of rubberised cross channel ferry traffic.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    A BBC group thinker called Laura Trevelyn – who must be of good breeding – has penned an article in the DT entitled “It will be interesting to see what the king does about slavery “.

    You’ll recall her family has decided to throw ‘reparation ‘ money at some third world crap hole to assuage their collective guilt over her ancestors making money from the slave trade …

    Families climb and fall I supposed.

    I won’t be reading the article so I won’t know whether ms trevelyn will be donating the ‘fee’ (£5000? ) to said slavery charity or making a couple of bob on the moral high ground ….

    I’d like some reparations as well please …


    • G says:

      If the British element of the population had a real focal voice, it would be easy to collectively state to the Government that they are on notice that if reparations is being considered and other similar insidious drains on the public purse, they can kiss goodbye to input tax. That includes Council Tax for those authorities pushing the ’15 min Cities’ scam.

      The Government can pay for all they elect to do from their own deep pockets. I keep harping on about this ‘stopping tax’ flow inward point because, if it comes about, you can virtually guarantee it will stop reckless financial behaviour pretty damn quickly.

      We have to re-exercise control.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Jeremy Hunt: everyone will be paying more tax after autumn statement 2022

        Everyone. Everyone. Everyone.

        Theresa May, Former UK PM earned £1.86 million in her 2 years since leaving Downing Street, figures show

        Barry Gardiner defends donations worth £500,000 from Chinese agent

        Matt Hancock, who lost the Tory whip after it was announced he would be appearing on the ITV programme, is still being paid as an independent MP and is rumoured to have been paid £400,000 to appear on the I’m a celebrity.

        Boris Johnson earns £315,000 for 30 minute speech and ‘fireside chat’ in United States

        Chuka Umunna Advisory Board of The Progressive Centre UK think tank (also known as Global Progress)

        Jeremy Corbyn Labour party leader accepted up to £20,000 (about $27,000) for appearances on the Iranian state broadcast network Press TV

        Keir Starmer £18,450 from Harper Collins as an advance payment for a book.

        Boris Johnson Accommodation for a private holiday for my partner and me, value £15,000 Destination of visit: St Vincent and the Grenadines

        Jeremy Hunt £10,000 from Citigroup Centre for speaking at an event on 9 March 2021. Hours: 4 hrs. Fee paid direct to charity. (Charity not mentioned)

        Nadhim Zahawi MP promises to repay the part of £5,822.27 expenses claim for second home energy bills that relates to electricity for stables

        MPs to get £2,200 pay rise from April for ‘dramatically increased’ duties last year

        Philip Hammond accepts £2,000 watch from Saudi sheikh, despite ban on donating expensive gifts


      • MarkyMark says:

        Laurence Fox claims new political party has already received £5 million in donations
        author image
        Zara Woodcock
        Monday 28 Sep 2020 12:34 pm


        Laurence Fox has claimed his new political party has already raised £5 million in donations.

        The Lewis actor only just set up the party, provisionally titled Reclaim, with the aims of reforming publicly-funded institutions, which may include the BBC, to ‘promote an open space’ for freedom of speech.

        It also aims to ‘celebrate our shared national history, cultural inheritance and global contribution.’


  27. MarkyMark says:

    Brit Awards 2023: Could Harry Styles sweep the board?

    “But we have learnt somethings in the last 10 years. We have learnt that most of the press in free western countries are cowards. We’ve learnt that most of our artistic establishment are cowards. Most of our politicians are cowards. We’ve learnt that industries that spend much of their year in award ceremonies patting themselves on the back for their bravery, stop when bravery is required.” – Douglas Murray @5:00

    ‘”If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”. I’m proud those words now adorn BBC HQ’



    • JohnC says:

      In light of how the BBC operate, it should say:

      ‘If journalistic ethics mean anything at all they mean you must tell people what you do not want them to hear.’

      Meaning don’t lie by omission.


  28. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Harry and his Missus may be coming to the coronation.

    Here’s a tip for any of the great and famous royal hangers on who will be attending.
    Be EXTREMELY careful what you say at all times.
    Anything them two hear may well be twisted around and end up in another of their autobiographies.
    To be on the safe side, keep away from them.

    I would guess that all the bowers and scrapers will avoid the toxic twosome and especially not mention any gossip or rumour which they can then use against Charlie and the rest of them, just like the “I wonder what colour the baby will be” line they said someone said.


  29. MarkyMark says:

    Douglas Murray speaks at “The Danish Muhammad cartoon crisis in retrospect” conference

    “WOuldn’t it be best if the Canadian Judiciary could ensure no reporting of attacks took place…”


  30. MarkyMark says:

    “Liberal democracts make up 8% of this paraliament and yet seem to be influencing our free school policy,health, immigration …” @0:10

    11 years ago.


  31. Guest Who says:

    Where rabble go to rouse.

    She’s no JO’bsworth mind.


    • G says:


      Under new legislation meant to deal with Extinction Rebellion (et al) antics, this particular gathering would be illegal…………
      And, at the police’ leisure, studying the camera footage post event to identify culprits, they will eventually, but inevitably, ‘mop up’.

      Chinese style control, not long away now.


      • MarkyMark says:

        China’s facial-recognition surveillance system publicly shames jaywalkers by putting their pictures on big screens to the shock of pedestrians
        Residents who run the red light will have their faces beamed to big screens
        The digital boards will also show their names and ID numbers at junctions
        Recent footage shows how the AI-powered system works in Xiangyang city
        Beijing’s ‘Big Brother’ surveillance network is the most powerful in the world
        626 million street cameras will be installed in the nation as early as next year

        PUBLISHED: 14:21, 8 November 2019



    • MarkyMark says:

      India has a huge population encompassing many obvious physical variations, from light skins to some of the darkest in the world and a wide variety of hair textures and facial features. Such variations there, as elsewhere, are a product of natural selection in tropical and semitropical environments, of genetic drift among small populations, and of historical migrations and contact between peoples.

      The Hindu sociocultural system was traditionally divided into castes that were exclusive, hereditary, and endogamous. They were also ranked and unequal and thus appeared to have many of the characteristics of “race.”



  32. Foscari says:

    I am just watching the West-Ham- Chelsea match on BT sports.
    It’s half time. Before the adverts ,there was a ” No room for
    racism “notice. This was followed by six adverts , just with
    black advertising models. Then back to the studio for two minutes of punditry.
    Again a “No room for racism ” notice. Followed by another half a dozen adverts. This time it included the one with the white
    fat bellied opera singer with the moustache, acting like a prat.
    I say to BT Sports and the advertising agencies. STOP your
    inverted racism against 85% of the population of the UK.


  33. theisland says:

    Mark Steyn’s weekly Q&A audio from last night HERE.
    Well worth a listen as always.
    He says he will be doing two Mark Steyn Shows next week (not sure when).


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Laurence Fox said on GB News earlier this evening:

      I think that presenting an ultimatum to a man who had recently suffered two heart attacks and is in recovery was considerably bad taste, empathy and brotherhood and compassion to say the absolute least.

      That’s true, but I think I’d go further. I ask very little from life these days, but I do divide the world into:

      a) those who actively want me dead;


      b) those who’d prefer me to live, or are indifferent on the question, or want me dead but can’t be arsed to do anything to bring it about.

      After last month’s motions at the DC Superior Court, I and my cardiologists on both sides of the Atlantic concluded that vanity plaintiff Michael E Mann and his counsel John Williams were actively trying to bring about my death – and that the “fourth trial judge”, Irving by name, was (in one of the most crappily argued judicial orders I’ve ever seen) willing to go along with it.”


    • MarkyMark says:

      Worth listening to with regards to passports and photoshop vaccine passports!


  34. MarkyMark says:

    In the lecture, Rand admonishes American businessmen for apologizing for capitalism and for, in some cases, directly funding detractors of the free market. Notably, she says that “It is a moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.” She also answers audience questions after the lecture.


    According to official UK bilateral aid statistics, the UK spent £68.4 million on aid to China in 2019, up from £44.7 million in 2015. Table 1 presents the breakdown of this aid by department or fund over the period from 2015 to 2019.


  35. tomo says:

    That’ll teach Musk to resist being dicked around by Biden’s crew – huh?


  36. Thoughtful says:

    Just a thought about the aftermath of the Earthquake in Turkey.

    This is not a natural disaster, it is a man made one. The Eastern end of the medditeranean is a long known Earthquake zone, and there are strict laws governing the construction of buildings so they can withstand the stresses should a quake inevitably hit.

    It is quite clear from the video footage that modern building simply collapsed in a manner they should not have had construction codes been adhered to, and we have to ask the question as to why these buildings were allowed to be completed in an unsafe condition.

    Bribery and corruption comes to mind.


    • tomo says:

      The big’un across the top of the Bosphorus is overdue iirc.

      I wonder if it’ll turn the Black Sea into a lake again.

      That said – the geology north of where this last one hit is notorious – I’ve seen survey markers that have moved several metres over 40 years.

      They aren’t Japanese …


    • Guest Who says:


      So the next wave of Civil Engineers and City Planners RIBing over to start a hairdressing salon….


      • Sluff says:

        Good point.
        The BBC has interviewed various members of the ‘Turkish community’ in the UK whose families back in Turkey are affected by the earthquake.

        But Turkey is a reasonable if not perfect country – many Brits happily go on hols there – so…….why are there so many Turks living in the UK?

        Why have so many Turkish doctors and engineers given up their professions to run restaurants and hairdressers? Don’t they know the NHS has severe manpower shortages?

        One for the BBC’s finest impartial investigative journalists.


  37. G.W.F. says:

    The far far far far right in Liverpool riot in protest over asylum seekers in a hotel.
    BBC News tells us that these asylum seekers have skills.

    ”Ahmed, who did not want to give his second name, said he saw the protest from a window in the hotel, where he has been staying for a month as a political asylum seeker.

    The 34-year-old said he had been a teacher in Egypt and others staying in the hotel included doctors and engineers, adding: “People are afraid.”



  38. Foscari says:

    The BBC has mentioned that a six year old kid was killed
    by Palestinian terrorists yesterday . His 8 year old brother died today. I don’t expect the BBC to announce that the Israeli
    disaster unit. has just pulled out of the rubble a 9 year
    old boy , their 19th survivor from the Turkish earthquake.


  39. Thoughtful says:

    I thought this was worth posting just as an alternative take on the fake conservatives:


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thoughtful – I think this character misses fundamentals – that the current government is not the Conservative Party the electorate voted for – nut nut ( truss / green card coup ) .

      The NHS is a red herring – it’s in perpetual crisis due to the population demand and poor management .

      Also – the blue labour mob do not challenge the red Labour narrative . The only reason to vote blue and not red is that red will be even worse ….

      As for whether blue labour want to be re elected or not – I think a lot know their time is gone and they’ll be preparing for the next job – leaving maybe 150 blue labour MPs to bury their blue Labour Party – 150 is a generous number ….. 400 red labour and yellow labour ones..


      • Thoughtful says:

        I think the four issues he posts are the ones Sunak is currently concentrating on, of course coming up to an election a professional who knows what they’re doing will be hired and change all that nonsense.

        But I think he has a point. Sunak cannot win the election over the boat people, but he can lose it. 12 years of Tory misrule, and it should have been sorted long ago, it’s not an election winner because people rightly see it as gross mis governance if they get it sorted they will only be back to where they should have been if they don’t allow the others a chance.

        Again with the economy inflation became out of control because of them, returning it back is expected of a party which concerns itself with economic probity, it’s a vote loser if they don’t not a vote winner if they do.

        economic growth? most voters don’t even know what that is, it’s not anything they are going to change their minds over.

        To my mind now it’s too late, they can only mitigate 12 years of socialist failure.

        Try to improve law & order, deport foreign criminals stop the boat people, leave the asylum treaty which has become so debased it’s no longer viable anyway, and make sure people know we will continue to offer those who need it safe haven (we are not barbarians)

        Cut the far Left bulls**t actively prevent anyone in receipt of government funding from engaging in politics, and force them to either sign binding contracts with the forfeit of all their assets or resign, and if they refuse withold the funding, people will soon get pissed when they realise they can’t access services because some Commie is holding out for political reasons and they won’t be voting Labour!

        Stop trying to promise to do things which haven’t been delivered over the 12 years, admit your going to carry on with mass migration and an open borders policy because you’ve lied time and again you aren’t when you were.

        Get the civil service under control and if you can’t then admit it and say they are working against you. I believe there is historical precident for this and it is a legal term although a cursory search doesn’t bring a link.

        Get party unity and if certain individuals won’t then deselect them ! Grow a pair !

        Stop pandering to the left they are never going to vote for you so don’t even try and laugh at them when they throw tantrums and demos.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Thoughtful I disagree – it’s not ‘too late ‘ – it is far too late . None of the areas you describe can be fixed before the next election . At ‘best ‘ for what it’s worth the next parliament will be hung .

          The swamp can then eat itself and hopefully not make laws .

          Sunak will claim his 5 aims are achieved – there will be s cat fight over whether any are fixed . The truth will be none will be fixed .

          But maybe someone can kill putin / flatten Russia and we can get cheap stuff again ….


        • Guest Who says:

          Assuming they manage to park in time, presumably?*

          *Now I realise this kind of humour dates back to a terrible past. And these young ladies can fly a jet better than most. However… I really hope they would be first to be unimpressed that a BBC TMI partner feels that what they are doing counts as ‘historic’ beyond a ann idiotic woke military/media #prasnews effort.


  40. Thoughtful says:

    And in other news, far far right protestors strike in London this time over the Lefts perverted paedo policy of exposing kids to drag queens:


    Some time ago I posted the on line reaction to Reuters ridiculous claim that Sam Bankrupt Fraud’s mousey girl friend was a “far right extremist” because they didn’t want far Left sympathiser and money bag for the Democrats to be associated with crime. It appears that everyone the media sees as failing to adhere to the Communist vision will be described as ‘Far right’.


    • harry142857 says:

      Some illegal immigrant staying in the local 4 star Hotel asked a 15 year old in school uniform for her phone number. She asked him his age and he replied ’25’. Her answer, ‘You don’t do that over here, you will go to jail.’ Kudos to the scousers, they don’t put up with 5hit like this.

      These savages are from the 13th century.


    • theisland says:


    • Sluff says:

      If I had ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, then I would want to protest strongly about my condition being exploited and ridiculed by it being appropriated by a drag queen on a mission.


  41. digg says:

    A dodgy Labour MP crack-head gets banged up for fraud and would you believe it a sudden push by no doubt shadowy lefties in the ministry push the police to reopen the partygate investigation due to new evidence….

    That smokescreen should take the nasty smell away from the Labour Party methinks!

    Do we really ever want such squirmy reptiles take over the reins of power in the UK?


  42. Guest Who says:

    A Tale of Two Corbyns


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC protected.


  44. Guest Who says:

    Name a famous Austrian.

    Maybe they were setting up cut price barbers?


  45. Sluff says:

    BBC becomes SBC.
    Scottish Broadcasting Corporation.

    Impartial ( not) Scottish commentator Andrew Cotter gives it large when Scotland approach the try line.

    And his Scottish summariser is equally impartial. Not.
    Poor old Sam Warburton (Wales summariser) has no chance.


  46. Fedup2 says:

    Isn’t that great ? All the footy millionaires are knee taking – some of them are doing a minute silence / clapping for earthquake victims – and at West Ham there was something for a coloured footballer – which means 3 minutes ‘added time ‘ ….


  47. Zephir says:

    Mail online:

    Revealed – Video that sparked migrant hotel riot: Clip of schoolgirl, 15, being ‘hassled for her phone number by man, 25,’ is behind night of violence after it was shared on social media by activists


  48. tomo says:

    The usual infinitely renewable MO…

    Mendacity on a stick


    see more: