Midweek 22 March 2023

A couple of easy bias targets for the Far Left BBC – Tuesday gives the unchallenged report of Dame Casey – Wednesday provides the Parliamentary kangaroo court on the conduct of a former PM . But is gives us more evidence of their institutional bias . They like ‘institutional ‘….

Start the Week 13 March 2023

It seems strange that bias within the BBC should make headlines via the words of a football presenter . Yet we are witnessing a civil war in the BBC – with taxpayers ( licence buyers ) as casualties . Let’s hope it causes long term damage . Who is still going to be in post by the end of the week ?the DG?The Chairman ?The Footy pundit and his disciples ? Enjoy …..

Weekend 11 March 2023

On Saturday night the BBC will not be paying a sports presenter for a Football show after the Director General has had a chat about his public pronouncements -there maybe cheaper presenters and pundits .To add to this David Attenborough nature show has been withdrawn because of apparent propaganda / bias .

So it’s been a good week for those of us wanting to end the BBC .

If you still pay your TV Licence just stop .