Start the Week 16th October 2023

How will the BBC react to the Israeli Army taking on Hamas ‘fighters ‘ in their territory ? This may be an episode that exposes the BBC as an alien organisation in the country that is forced to fund it – with politicians continuing to refuse to control it .

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  1. JohnC says:

    Look at me !

    Anyway, enough gloating.

    Poland’s ruling party set to lose power – exit poll

    The article has a jubilant mood and I wondered why:

    ‘The right-wing populist Law and Justice party is on course to win most seats in Poland’s general election, an exit poll suggests, but may struggle to secure a third term in office.’

    ‘Known as PiS, it is set to win 36.8% of the vote, with the centrist opposition on 31.6%, says the Ipsos poll.’

    So PiS got the most votes then.

    But then:
    Donald Tusk’s Civic Coalition is aiming to bring an end to eight years of PiS rule under leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski.

    ‘And if the exit poll proves correct he may have a greater chance of victory.

    “Poland won, democracy has won. This is the end of the bad times, this is the end of the ruling party, PiS,” he told a large crowd of jubilant supporters in Warsaw.’

    And it seems that even though they got the most votes, they won’t be able to form a coalition to take government. But the various other parties can.

    And that’s ‘Democracy has won’ ?.

    Whatever is going on, the BBC are clearly very happy about it !.


  2. tomo says:


    something to do with 1991 and the Gulf War if memory serves – the Palestinians aligned themselves enthusiastically with Saddam Hussein

    and why are the MSM so quiet about Argentina?


    • StewGreen says:

      presidential election is soon : first-round October 22
      Current President is Alberto Fernandez, who took office on 10 December 2019.
      (under heavy influence of Vice President and former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner)

      Kirchnerists are Centre-left to left-wing other parties are more right wing


      • StewGreen says:

        the 2019 BBC election story was all about how the left could cure the inflation of the pre 2019 government

        The above graph shows they gave it some stability from when they took office in 2020 for 2 years then it went wrong .


    • pugnazious says:

      Last time the Argies were in trouble they invaded the Falklands to distract the punters from the Juntas.


  3. StewGreen says:

    Andrew Doyle’s GBNews show tonight making some good points
    #1 Australia’s voice referendum was about not allowing majority democratic votes to make big changes
    instead their should be special RESPECT to the indigenous MINORITY
    so there should be a second stage where the decision is run by them

    One guest said “we could do that in the UK
    Doyle ” but it’s different cos white people are a MAJORITY in the UK”
    Guest “Not in London”
    So that is an interesting idea that to respect traditional British culture, the panel of indigenous British should be able to veto the mayor.


    #2 Sadiq Khan is actually the London establishment’s man
    His job is to approve things they want
    eg like more and more construction
    super tall buildings etc.

    Yes I think that’s true
    He shouts ULEZ is stopping this little street
    Yet OK’s huge project which must have #1 an air pollution impact
    #2 a CO2 impact .. #3 a natural resources impact
    The Shard is 72 stories of office space

    when in fact the UK has a surplus of office space

    I checked who gave planning permission
    “Despite this, in 2003, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott announced that planning permission had been granted”

    “Disused office space in the English capital is up from 16.9 million square feet in 2020 to 20.2 million square feet at the end of 2021 “


    • tomo says:

      If the tiny sample of Aussies I know is anything to go by, the simple prospect of yet another government body to “look after” the indigenous peoples was a step too far….

      UK office space ? In my neck of the provincial woods, edge of town offices on “nice” industrial estates are being converted into accommodation – locals wryly observe that the occupants will likely be on benefits as there’s few jobs – ditto for the acres of high density housing being thrown up on green field sites.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        I think I recall you’re from my ‘neck of the provincial woods’, here in the Wilts/Somerset/Dorset region Tomo?

        If so, all I’ve seen in recent years are the locals being swamped under a tide of incomers from London, who have far more cash to spend, and the greenfields being concreted over with overpriced and crappy ‘executive housing’ at an alarming rate to house them all. Very few of the green spaces I knew as a kid, growing up around here, are anything other than housing estates now, and there is no sign they’re going to stop building row after row of those ridiculous, identical, and characterless rabbit hutches, or the estate agents aren’t going to keep selling them up in London for £££££ before they’re even built.

        No work – exactly, unless you want the long commute to London on the overpriced, and unreliable trains.


        • BRISSLES says:

          And just take a close look at these generic hutches on housing estates. Have you SEEN the size of the windows? Little more than arrow slits in the walls. Compare them to the big picture windows of the 60s and 70s which let daylight flood in, and little wonder there is an increase in mental health issues when folk are literally living in the dark !

          Windows are another means of escape in an emergency, but God help anyone who is well endowed with a bum, boobs and belly, they wouldn’t have a cat in hells chance of squeezing through these dolls house windows.

          Anyone who can afford to buy a new property on an estate could surely afford to buy something a bit older with decent size windows, but it’s something to seriously consider.


          • Scroblene says:

            That’s a good point Brissles.

            The green brigade are after smaller windows to ‘conserve energy’, and want all those expensive bolt-ons like heat pumps chucked in to appease the LAs.

            One issue I’m strongly against, is that in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, (AONBs), the LAs are still letting housebuilders run riot, demolishing everything that has been exemplifying the values of such a pleasant place, so eventually, there’ll be nothing left as ‘beautiful’, so the definition will become redundant!

            Tunbridge Wells is pretty good at destroying what’s left of some lovely villages, and also areas closer to the town, but I guess that every council is doing the same in some way or other…


        • tomo says:


          yep – not far from that epicentre of “urban flight” Frome!


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            Me too, Tomo… I read somewhere – the Guardian? – a rather optimistic article by some young London ‘artist/refugee’, who unable to afford one of those des-res old weavers’ cottages on Catherine Hill, had bought in Trowbridge instead, and was insisting it was destined to be the ‘next Frome’.

            Bradford (upon Avon) is full of ‘white flight’ victims too, those too ‘impoverished’ to afford Bath prices. I recall visiting the annual fair there a few years back and being amazed not to hear a single worzel accent, plenty of lower middle class home counties drawl, and cockney cobblers though! The prices they wanted for the tatt on the stands was appalling… that reminds me got to get some of the crap out of the shed for the Frome ‘Christmas Fayre’… “That old leaky metal watering can? It was my grandfather’s, I think, yours for £50… yes, cheap at twice the price, thank you sir!”

            Little chance of my kids ever buying a place of their own in the region.


  4. Deborah says:

    I’ve been thinking about that quote by Niemoller, “First they came for the Socialists”. I am not sure quite where we are. But first they came for the young girls of Bradford, Oxford, Rotherham etc and the police did nothing and we didn’t speak loud enough (except for Mark Steyn, Maggie Oliver and the exceptional young woman on Mark’s programme).
    Now the same people are arrogant in their hatred for the Jews in the UK. And the BBC won’t acknowledge it, the CEO of Westminster Council won’t allow the Israeli flag to fly in case it triggers his staff, and Gary Linekar and Emma Thompson are nowhere to be seen. So who will those supporters of Palestine come for next? Perhaps Queers for Palestine or the Corbynites? Their time will come.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Spot on Deborah.
      It is one of the world’s mysteries to me why gay folk and feminists , plus many who have strong Christian faith and of course some of the Jewish faith , but surely very few now, support Muslim causes. Surely they can see that adherents of Islam regard them all as enemies and will not tolerate them whenever and wherever they have power.
      Is it that these groups just don’t know what would/ will happen to them as Islam takes over or do they practise some form of very powerful cognitive dissonance which prevents them from thinking about what they know to be true? Perhaps ordinary Brits think that Muslims take their religion as lightly as they do, it’s just something for weddings , funerals and a couple of holy days a year. They don’t understand that Islam dictates everything that a Muslim does and even thinks. They are in for a very nasty shock.
      But as Islam takes ever greater hold in the UK there will come a point when the Muslims don’t require the support of these groups and they will be hunted down. They should be very frightened.


      • BRISSLES says:

        Very true Double. Next time we have a terrorist atrocity committed on these shores by an Islamist, will the pro-palestinians be out in force then ? Quick re-wind, perhaps they will if they are made up of others of the Islamic religion. Stop the boats NOW !


        • Doublethinker says:

          Just watched Neil Oliver show with Darren Grimes in the chair , on catch up. Some woman , an ex Labour advisor ,, saying 98% of Muslim in UK abhor what Hamas did! All the polling after past Islamic terror attacks show overt support at over 30% , with even more tacit support amongst UK Muslims. We all know that she is either deluded or lying.
          Memo to Brits do something very soon or go buy a prayer Matt and a copy of their foul book.


  5. Nibor says:

    How about ;

    Europe takes all the Israelis/ Jews living in Israel/Palestine
    All Palestinians / Muslims go and live in Palestine/Israel .?


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      As far as I can see, Israel is pretty much part of ‘Europe’ – they seem to have some nice housing, good roads, a working sewage system, proper, dependable power supply, well tended and productive farms, nature reserves, preserved history, generally peaceful and educated citizens, modern technology…

      Palestine, on the other hand…


    • Deborah says:

      Nibor, when Israel last had control in Gaza (2005) there were large glasshouses left behind. It was hoped the Palestinians would use them to produce food. They didn’t, they just smashed them up as soon as the Israelis withdrew. If the Israelis withdrew from their land, there would just be one large wrecking ball and nothing would be rebuilt.


      • Nibor says:

        Deborah and BigBC

        I was a bit tongue in cheek . I wondered how many would want to go and live in a Hamas state .
        Has the BBC asked them ?


        • Deborah says:

          Nibor, I did realise but I will take an opportunity to highlight the charms of Hamas.


      • tomo says:

        I recall some quite incredible tales of corruption in the Palestinian government too – essentially operating protection rackets – the one I heard people often talk about was the cement business and other construction related stuff. Gaza has sucked in an awful lot of foreign aid with it seems – bugger-all to show for it?


    • Beebophobic says:

      Sounds like a good plan to me. I would happily see all the radical Muslims in Europe go to live in other Muslim countries, there are plenty of delightful places to choose from: Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekhistan, Libya, etc. No shortage of places for them to go.


  6. tomo says:


  7. BigBrotherCorporation says:

    ‘Intelligentsia’ implies some degree of intellect, which clearly isn’t present, and doesn’t go with ‘unthinking’ and ‘ignorant’, which seem more appropriate.

    It’s a bit like the term ‘elite’ – as defined by whom, themselves?

    I’d place our smug left, anti-Semites below the Islamic anti-Israelites. I don’t agree with their methods, but at least there is some rationale to those followers of Islam who despise Israel, our smug lefties are just useful idiots, if they think the Islamic Fundamentalists are their friends, they’ve got a hard lesson coming some day.


  8. tomo says:

    Far be it from me to put words into Mr Durkin’s mouth – I suspect Martin is aiming at liberal lefty academia and the Guardian reading chattering classes – hence “left-intelligensia” – who like to think of themselves as smarter than everybody else… Of course the Venn diagram includes most of the BBC.

    As far as unthinking is concerned – if anything, the control freaks in some modern Moslem groups overthink a lot (obsessively) and want to interpose themselves into every corner of believer’s (and unbeliever’s) lives.


  9. tomo says:


    • pugnazious says:

      The BBC was more concerned about the lack of female headliners at Music festivals than Jews being massacred at one.


    • Fedup2 says:

      $7 a gallon for gas,….. wow …. As for those US politicians – fruit cakes ….at least Tucker can sound grown up all of this …


  10. tomo says:


  11. Thoughtful says:

    If I understand things correctly regarding Palestinian ‘refugees’. When the state of Israel was created the Arab states refused to take the Palestinian people because they believed it legitimised Israel, and from that time to today they remain a refugee people.

    If today they offered asylum they would not only be going against the forebears of the 1940s but also every other Arab state and so they cannot agree to take the Palestinians unless all of them do.

    This is an example of countries being bound by decisions made decades ago, none of them able to lose face with their neighbours.

    If I have misinterpreted this in my Sunday evening haze perhaps someone would correct me ?


    • tomo says:

      There is considerable prejudice in tha Arab world towards the Palestinians from 1991 and the Palestinian pollies siding with Saddam Hussein.

      I was out there through a lot of that and iirc the Gulf states unceremoniously ejected most all peeps with Palestinian travel credentials – never heard how the Iranians reacted but guess the mullahs were unimpressed.


    • pugnazious says:

      Ironically it was the Arab states that told Palestinians to leave their homes so that there would be a free-fire zone in which the Jews could be slaughtered without any ‘collateral damage’….and then they could return home. Obviously best laid plans and all that meant they didn’t return and are permanent refugees….which is why Egypt is reluctant to accept any Gazans as they will likely stay in Egypt for years.

      Of course it’s odd that all those people who want to free ‘Palestine’ never mention Jordan which was ‘carved out of’ Palestinian land just as Israel was…..or that Jordan killed up to 10,000 Palestinians when they turned on the State. Guess Muslims killing Muslims ain’t news…but Jews killing Muslims is.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      But now that the Palestinians can fly like the birds, is it not just the case of taking them near to a suitable border and then deploying the para-glider?

      This would make everyone happy because they are the same religion. Many of the surrounding countries have loads of money to look after the refugees since they spend so much on rockets.


  12. tomo says:

    Looks like a kettling thing – I do sincerely hope that whoever has to do it does a humane and magnanimous job dealing with winnowing out the nasties from innocent poor sods who’ve endured Fateh, civil war and then Hamas.


  13. StewGreen says:

    The Union Jack carrying man charged with racism at anti-Israel march.
    The Met Police tweet says they had no problem with the flag, it was something else.
    Anyone know what he said ?


  14. pugnazious says:

    Haven’t heard BBC news but the website isn’t reporting this….that Israel denies targeting the convoy and blames Hamas.
    The speaker says the BBC has its doubts about who carried out the attack but those doubts are not expressed at all in this BBC Verify report which concentrates almost solely on the verifying the location of the attack….and this is the only obvious report on the subject.

    The BBC put the attack in the headlines and made it a major story but the denial is nowhere to be seen. Israel is once again portrayed across the world as civilian murderers with absolutely no proof it was them. Any wonder anti-Semitism is rife in so many places? Bowen & Co must be very proud of a hit-job so well done.

    A likely weapon for such an accurate strike would be a 500lb JDAM bomb…..the damage would be massive, far larger than in the attack in Gaza…large crater, many more casualties at greater distances and more damage in general….the other likely weapon would be a bomb placed by Hamas in a vehicle…..


    • tomo says:

      While fog of war ‘n all … the Israelis do have much smaller precision guided munitions – the only scenario where these might be used would be to kill a high value target like a Hamas commander and they seem reasonably careful to do that – collateral propaganda damage being something that they’ll obviously swerve if possible and if the target is eliminated they’ll usually take the credit.

      Last Saturday after BBC Any Questions – the news update claiming “airstrike” that was ham-fistedly removed from BBC Sounds tells it’s own story ?


  15. StewGreen says:

    youBet you are surprised that 7 BBC Arabic workers would endorse pro Hamas tweets ?
    “Six reporters and a freelancer – including a senior broadcast journalist – have been accused of anti-Israel bias with the taxpayer-funded corporation already confirming one would no longer work for the BBC

    some of its journalists working for its Arabic service after they appeared to back Hamas and called the attacks on Israel ‘a morning of hope”

    BBC are so dumb they didn’t anticipate the pro Israel org would check BBC staff tweets.
    Copied from Saturday night’s


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Wanna play a game ? Well listen to bbc journos talking about the ‘hate England party ‘ conference taking place today – sorry – i mean the SNP and tick off every time that Nicola surgeon and corruption is mentioned .

    They did one gig early in the show and neither got a mention – will the big interview with someone called brown – who maybe white – and is the deputy leader of the Hate the English Party is interviewed at 08 10…

    I guess the reason the leader isn’t popping up is that he might shout ‘ victory to Islamic Hamas ‘…..


  17. JohnC says:

    Russell T Davies: I want to write a darker LGBTQ+ drama

    Of course he does. He’s gay and doesn’t understand anything else.

    Stuff your staff with minority groups and all they want to write about is their own interests.

    Eventually you end up with an outfit that churns out masses of rubbish the vast majority are not interested in.

    Force that majority to fund it all and you get the BBC. This cancer has now infested every corner of the organisation. They do not represent (or care about) the vast majority of the British population any more.


    • tomo says:

      JohnC – there’s nothing stopping Russell is there? – is he saying he wants commissioning to write it? (as in paying extra)

      After so long on the payroll he can likely do what he likes – like feeding his credulous colleagues idiotic puff pieces like that to rally the flag wavers and victimhood foot soldiers?

      Is Russel throwing a creative hissy fit that he hasn’t had a script commissioned?


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Toady 2
    Meesh hasn’t got to the Gaza border yet – and sounds pretty peed off that Israel as shown restraint in not going into Gaza yet – the 24 hour ultimatum has now passed 48 – and ‘some might say ‘ that if they Gaza / Hamas supporters haven’t gone by now they never will .
    I really wonder if the ultimate show down between Iran – the source of evil – and Israel will take place this time …..

    … meanwhile in Ukraine ? Who cares ….


  19. JohnC says:

    Hamas attack: ‘80% of bodies’ found including children were tortured

    What these terrorists did is shocking : they tied groups of children together then burned them alive.

    Meanwhile the BBC are simply not interested in proper journalism like that. They want to show you pictures like this instead:


    And tell you stories like this in which one paragraph of ‘news’ is loaded with as much empathy as possible into a lengthy piece.

    ‘Khan Younis: A Gaza city on its knees, now with a million mouths to feed’

    I really don’t have the words to described how much the BBC disgust me these days.


  20. tomo says:


    I’ve worked with literally dozens of people whose families were part of this and have family members affected by it.

    Germany was remodeled…. as were other parts of Eastern Europe – something that garners little attention at the BBC and Guardian.

    Turks expelling Greeks who had been living in Asia Minor for thousands of years and on and on…


  21. Fedup2 says:

    Toady 3

    Ok – I will put my objective hat on – amol doing a demolishing job on the hapless deputy leader of the ‘hate the English ‘ party ….
    Sturgeon didn’t get a mention – nothing about dodgy ferries … but when asked why life expectancy in Scotland was falling more than anywhere else – in UK ? Europe ? The deputy SNP leader blamed ‘Westminster ‘ ( they cannot say England or UK )
    I think he might go off to a darkened room for his daily showing of Braveheart …. Or worship his statue of Sean Connery …


    • Fedup2 says:

      Toady 4

      Meesh interviews the Israeli ambo to Blighty . She cited the RAF bombing of German cities as justification for what Israel will be doing to Gaza in a while . I’m not so sure that’s a good parallel . But I might be wrong ….


  22. Guest Who says:

    Faking images for empathy? The very idea.
    The BBC monitors its competitors for verity, and yet…
    Hamza Yassin admits wildlife scenes are faked to gain viewer sympathy

    JezBo briefing the lads in Gaza on making sure the shrouds don’t twitch.


    • JohnC says:

      The BBC have absolutely no problem using fake images.

      Most of the Getty stuff they use is totally staged to fit the agenda. The BBC would argue it’s acceptable because ‘they capture the sentiment’.

      But of course they also carefully capture the message as well.

      I think my favourite deliberate attempt to mislead was the schoolchildren fleeing down a corridor in a recent story about the concrete problem. Obviously meant to make us think the buildings were actually falling down around them.


  23. Guest Who says:

    This is what they are reduced to.
    Climate crisis: Coca-Cola trial to make bottle tops from carbon emissions

    Pure #prasnews preceded by propaganda.


  24. Guest Who says:

    Shazam hard at work.

    Be interesting who for mostly.


  25. AsISeeIt says:

    No firm conclusions, but remarkably quick out of the traps denials and yet more fun with flags

    Our BBC are excited to turn the spotlight they like to term: BBC Verify on to the: Strike on civilian convoy fleeing Gaza

    In our present times of much fog-of-propaganda-war – resulting from false-flag plausible deniability (see Shelton Cooper’s Fun With Flags presentations) and blue-on-blue friendly fire incidents, such: What we know from verified video BBC reports – might be somewhat of a boon.

    Yet plough all the way through the BBC’s report and you may be disappoined to find that for all the efforts of legion BBC boys and girls beavering away (or should that be googling away: Using freely available satellite imagery… reverse-image search on certain keyframes… Finally, we used online tools that identify the angle of sunlight and length of shadows) at their computer screens there are at last no hoped for concrete conclusions under: Concluding thoughts – which turn out to be about as reliably concrete as: What is RAAC concrete and why is it a safety risk? (BBC)

    BBC Verify will continue to monitor the situation and report any updates. – well at least our BBC will be doing its bit to keep the media graduate unemployment figures down.

    One thing is for sure about the present media fog of propaganda war – it’s obscuring reports of this: Ukraine war: Russia attacks Avdiivka stronghold in eastern Ukraine (BBC)

    Perhaps BBC Verify will get around to turning their: What does the footage show? efforts in the direction of: Up to 1,500 cars in Luton airport fire ‘unlikely to be salvageable’… Airport says it is working with insurers to see if any personal items can be saved from destroyed vehicles (Guardian); Range Rover fire which sparked Luton airport car park collapse comes six years after Land Rover destroyed Liverpool’s Echo Arena car park – and six months after 4×4 recalls (Daily Mail); Video shows burning car that may have sparked Luton Airport inferno (Telegraph)

    For whatever reason – remarkably quick out of the traps: Investigators believe the blaze was started when a diesel Range Rover suffered an electrical fault or leaking fuel line. (Daily Mail); Luton fire not caused by electric car, emergency services say (AFP Fact Check)

    Our granny bought herself an electric lithium ion battery runabout. We knew she was wary of spontaneous combustion as she started writing her shopping lists on tin foil.

    Diesel hybrid or simply dodgy diesel as the cause of the Luton conflagration we note the anxious media denials as significant.

    And speaking of quick out of the traps denials and fun with flags: Man charged over racist comments at pro-Palestine rally… The Met said on X, formerly Twitter: “The man was in possession of a UK flag. This was in no way the reason for his arrest and forms no part of the charges against him.” (BBC)


    • digg says:

      So emergency services suspecting a diesel leak or electrical fault. Well as far as I know, diesel fuel is nothing like as likely to self combust as petrol due to a leak.

      I personally suspect big EV players and a cover up are deep into squirrels on this one. Quite possible that the green Globalists have moved in to shut the story down.

      The blaze was both horrific and massive yet the media have lost interest much too quickly to be a coincidence so possibly someone big has had a word.

      After all if it transpired that it was due to a faulty EV battery vehicle how many people would start to think twice before buying one? Especially if they live in a house with a car port under the bedrooms etc. Many huge blocks of tower flats now have ground floor covered car parking right under the flats!

      Seems like until one of these are involved with major loss of life it will be untermench!


  26. andyjsnape says:

    its going the bbc’s way

    Polish election: Right-wing ruling party to lose majority – exit poll


  27. Guest Who says:
    It’s strange how the BBC refuses to use the term ‘terrorists’, yet regularly smears as ‘far-right’ anyone who (for instance) opposes mass immigration and lockdowns, mask mandates and dangerous experimental ‘vaccines’.

    It’s almost as if the BBC is a far-left propaganda outfit. 🤔n And their chums.


  28. andyjsnape says:

    bbc reports, its those muslims again

    Ugandan police foil plot to bomb churches – Museveni
    Ugandan police foiled a bomb attack on churches by a notorious Islamist militant group, President Yoweri Museveni has said.

    Not looking good in the future for Christian society


  29. tomo says:


  30. StewGreen says:

    8am Radio Lincolnshire news opened with a crafted montages
    Woman “Furst water I have had for 3 days”
    Newsreader “Israel is blockading food and medicine”
    They omitted the. context that water is back on in the south.

    newsreader “Israeli RETALIATION airstrikes” have already killed twice the number Hamas attacks kilked’
    Why characterise all them as RETALIATION ?

    Taking out a commander may seem like that
    but surely many airstrikes are STRATEGIC and defence, like taking out missile sites and explosive storage buildings.


  31. Nico says:

    Counter terror police investigate..
    News from Hartlepool- one stabbed to death, another stabbed, large bloodied knife pictured at scene.

    You would think the purpose of a news report would be to report the available information. Omitting available information reduces the size of the report, gives the reader little to go on, and helps the incident disappear from collective consciousness with rapidity.

    Here is the BBC version..

    No mention of a knife, “assaulted” rather than stabbed, a vague death..

    Other versions..

    Mail story updated to state that the incident started at a migrant hostel, before expanding to the street..


  32. tomo says:

    I’m hoping this is a fake?



  33. Fedup2 says:

    Monday morning ? Wanna be depressed ? Then go to YouTube and watch the first 30 minutes of ‘the maverick of Wall Street ‘ who does a pretty comprehensive global roundup of the current state of the Israel / Hamas situation …. Briefly fill up the tank, buy bottled water …..

    He reasons that the US is sending a message by moving 2 carrier ‘battle groups ‘( lots of big boats) into the Med …ugh


  34. Nibor says:

    Polish referendum .

    According to Wiki

    99% (98.6) voted to not allow illegal immigrants into the country .

    Are they all far right , BBC ?


  35. pugnazious says:

    Oh right….

    ‘More than one million people have fled their homes in the Gaza strip ahead of an expected Israeli ground invasion of the enclave to eradicate Hamas’

    Confirmed by the UN spokesman, Martin Griffiths, on Today this morning.

    How unexpected….the BBC has spent last couple of days ranting at the Israelis that such a thing was impossible and cruel.

    Bowen is shamefully still pushing a lie coming from the Palestinian side that the Israelis wanting civilians to evacuate a war zone was a second ‘nakba’ like the one supposedly occurring in 1948….blamed on the Israelis but actually at the request of Arab states who wanted a free-fire zone to wipe out the Israelis.

    Bowen tells us that ‘The Israelis, some say, are engineering a second Nakba’. A highy emotive and dangerous lie that he pushes in just about every bulletin…he won’t call terrorists terrorists [still calling them ‘gunmen’] but he will call Israelis war criminals and engineers of a second Nakba!

    I had to laugh though when I heard Griffiths suggest, when asked by Rajan, lol, if the Israelis were war criminals, that it was for tribunals and lawyers to judge that….but surely you could just ask Bowen. No? But he’s already decided and broadcast it worldwide.

    Notable how aggressive Mishal Husain was with the Israeli ambassador as she was with Grant Shapps…is it coz she’s Muslim? In contrast Griffiths got a very easy ride from Rajan as he made all sorts of claims that were highly questionable.

    Griffiths of the UN stated that civilians must not be forced to move but must go voluntarily and that they must have safe routes…which is not the case as we know the Israelis have bombed the convoy.

    Er….no…absolutely no proof of that and a neutral observer would suggest the evidence and likelihood is that Hamas carried out the attack on the convoy itself….but Amol Rajan remained entirely silent, not a peep of dissent or questioning of that very dodgy claim.

    As for moving voluntarily….well they did, they were given the choice….told the Israelis were coming in…warned it might be best to go but it was their choice.

    What does the UN expect Israel to do? Clearly nothing…just allow Hamas to come over the border and slaughter whoever they like and allow them to disappear again…and again…and again.

    Then on 5 Live…the usual quality stuff from Rachel Burden…..when the Israeli spokesman related how people had died in the Hamas terror attack Burden replied that there was ‘not independent verification’ of such claims. Really? Is she really suggesting the Israelis are lying about the deaths? Seems like it. And there’s a massive amount of evidence of what happened….Burden must be deaf, dumb and blind or bigoted and biased….I’m going for bigoted and biased.

    She went on aggregiously to say that ‘The same horror is being inflicted on the innocent in Gaza.’

    No, no it’s not….the civilians are not being deliberately targeted, they’re not being mutilated and tortured,, they’re not being raped and abused, babies are not being beheaded, they’re not being held hostage and threatened with murder. No, not the same horrors at all.

    The BBC is an Hamas front now pumping out a shameless and shameful stream of propaganda on behalf of a terrorist organisation.

    But then what’s new….this has always been the BBC’s way.

    If waving a Hamas flag could get you a criminal prosecution what do you get for being the broadcast arm of a proscribed terrorist organisation? Lock ’em up!


    • Nibor says:

      Britain had evacuations in WW2 . It`s war .


      • pugnazious says:

        Funny the UN has nothing to say about the forced evacuations of people living on the route of HS2….that surely was a ‘nakba’ for them…no right of return either….I imagine if they went on the rampage and killed and raped and captured and held hostage those they felt guilty for causing their oppression and suffering the BBC would be very supportive.


  36. pugnazious says:

    BBC frontpage news….from the US…

    ‘A man has been charged with murder and hate crimes after allegedly stabbing two people because they were Muslim.

    Joseph Czuba, 71, is accused of killing a six-year-old boy and injuring a woman, 32, in Plainfield, Illinois.

    They were targeted because of the current conflict between Hamas and Israel, the Will County Sheriff’s Office said.’

    Full explanation and motivation.

    However an attack and killing in the UK is not on the frontpage, is very short and lacks relevant information….

    ‘Counter-terrorism police are helping investigate the death of a man in Hartlepool and the assault of another man.

    Emergency services cordoned off areas and searched a property around Tees Street early on Sunday morning.

    A 44-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.’

    Why do they miss out the fact that it is a migrant hostel where the attack took place and that it was a completely innocent member of the public who was killed?

    ‘A double stabbing in Hartlepool took place at a hostel for migrants before spilling out on to the street, it was revealed today.

    Counter-terror officers are probing the attacks that left one man dead and another seriously injured.

    A 44-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted murder after the incident in Hartlepool just before 6am yesterday morning.

    The attack began inside the migrant accommodation, where one person was knifed before the alleged killer left the hostel and stabbed a second man, a member of the public, to death in the street, according to the Telegraph.’


    • JohnC says:

      Quite pugnazious : a very lengthy article and even a statement from the President himself. What a shame he doesn’t care one bit about the thousands and thousands of BAME murdered by other BAME.

      And it makes the BBC front page too !. Even though it’s in a completely different country.

      And amazingly enough we get a picture of the man who did it. A very rare event. Oh – and he’s white (and possibly insane looking at him – but they won’t go near that):


      Meanwhile in the UK, this got buried straight to regions:
      Murder inquiry begins after man stabbed to death in Hounslow

      Another very short, basic facts only article. I will bet my hat the guy who did it is black and they know it.


  37. JohnC says:

    Strike on civilian convoy fleeing Gaza: What we know from verified video

    Been looking at this a bit and I have to say it is the most shameful article I have read on the BBC for some time.

    Throughout the article, ‘BBC Verify’ do not go near the most significant and obvious thing. It was a bomb on the truck. There was no missile and no aircraft. The explosion was from right in the middle of it.

    It’s perfectly obvious that there is no way Israel could have planted it so deep in Gaza. And why would they bother to take all that risk to put it on one old truck ?. The only credible explanation is that the bomb was by Hamas or someone who was safe in that area.

    And what motive would Israel have ?. None that I can see – whereas Hamas most definitely don’t want civilians moving out and leaving them in a kill zone.

    So the 60 strong ‘BBC verify’ team do not even consider any of those blatant facts. That in itself is evidence they know it could not have been Israel.

    And how do they conclude their article ?.

    ‘The Palestinian Health Ministry says 70 people were killed at the scene, and blame Israel for the attack.
    The IDF says it is investigating – but says its enemies are trying to prevent civilians leaving the north.’

    If ever a ‘without providing any evidence’ was warranted for such a heinous act, it was in first accusation.

    This is the BBC at it’s most dirty. Pushing their agenda in the midst of such evil acts.


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – whatever the weather

    The Met Office and the BBC have a new useless male weather forecaster. Can’t remember his name now, busy morning, but he spent the first part of his forecast telling us what the weather is now. We know! It is jolly cold. My GCH fired up on a setting of 8°C this morning.

    Then, in addition, iirc and my ears do not deceive me this lad missed out a forecast for London and the South-east where the bulk of the population live and work. Completely useless, just like the BBC who gave him airtime.


    • digg says:

      Hi Up2

      As far as I am aware, the BBC gave the Met Office the boot in 2015. After “competitive tendering”. It was met with huge negativity at the time.

      They now use the services of a private but EU based outfit called Meteo.

      I noticed the drop in the quality of weather forecasting by the BBC at that time. We also began to notice a change in the temperature colour coding on the maps so that what were say “green” areas from the Met Office became yellow or orange tinted for the same temperatures. I remember posting on this at the time.

      One has to suspect a plan was put in place to bolster the doomsday output from the EU masters such as WHO, UN and Davos re the upcoming push for climate change alarmism that we now see only too clearly.


      • Up2snuff says:

        digg, I think that is correct but I originally thought it was for on-line only. Apparently, some of the weather forecasters are also not ‘scientists’ at all e.g. Louise Lear and Owain Wyn-Evans. Tomasz Shafernaker is a proper, qualified, Meteorologist and is ex-Met Office with a degree in the subject. Despite that he still sounds like he’s making it up as he goes along.

        Apparently the Met Office only provide the Shipping Forecast now to the BBC and that is read by Neil Nunes or Viji Alles or AN Other.

        “One has to suspect a plan was put in place to bolster the doomsday output from the EU masters such as WHO, UN and Davos re the upcoming push for climate change alarmism that we now see only too clearly.”

        And also hear only too clearly. The Met Office are now totally signed up to AGW and CC/CE since the death of Philip Eden who was their only dissenting voice.


  39. digg says:

    Pondering why the BBC is so keen to winkle out what they call disinformation, Even creating special teams and figureheads to push their BBC verify.

    Crusading for the truth?

    Methinks it is more likely that their push to censor their news to fit their mantra has in fact created a lot of space for people or organisations who want to simply report what the BBC try to hide or suppress.

    Thus the BBC begins to lose its moral authority and they will fight tooth and nail to protect their edifice.

    Disinformation then becomes any report that the BBC for whatever reason don’t want broadcast for their own ends explaining their zeal to try to cancel it.

    Orwell’s writings become more percipient by the day.


  40. MarkyMark says:

    Freedom of speech ….. “Ofcom’s Director of Online Safety Supervision has been posting anti-Israel content on her private Instagram this week. Fadzai Madzingira, who was hired by Ofcom in May, describes herself as “a Zimbabwean, a Black Feminist, a student of decolonization” and was previously Director of Ethical and Humane Use of Technology at Salesforce. BLM posts liked by Madzingira argue that the government’s support for Israel is a “vile colonial alliance” and that navy ships in the Middle East are participating in “ethnic cleansing and genocide of Palestinians“.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      If that is all true no wonder the BBC feel fireproof when it comes to OFCOM – I suppose if she has to ‘leave ‘ OFCOM there’s always a warm welcome in BBC Rhodesia …


      • Up2snuff says:

        Not BBC, MM and Fed, but on my way to a Memorial Service today – for a Christian Jew(!) – I came across a whole bunch of police Patrol Cars that I guess were pulling up motorists for vehicle inspections. Assume that is far easier than arresting anti-Israel/pro Palestinian demonstrators. Harrrumphh!


  41. Dickie says:


  42. Eddy Booth says:

    What’s your opinion of the video Dickie?


  43. JohnC says:

    Just been spot-checking a few of the reporters from Gaza serving up large helpings of ’empathy’ with small pieces of news and it strikes me that they seem to ALL be actually from Gaza.

    In what world are we supposed to believe that what they write will be in any way ‘impartial and unbiased’ ?. These are their family and friends who are suffering because of the actions of Hamas – though I’m sure they ALL blame Israel.

    No wonder the BBC is coming under so much fire for being biased.

    I wonder if the reason is that anyone NOT from Gaza is not safe in the country. Even their No.1 fan at the BBC – Jeremy Bowen – seems to be reluctant to go there to do his job at the moment.

    Which is a news story about Gaza all of it’s own. But like so many things at the BBC these days, they won’t go there.


  44. Doobster78 says:


    Peter Bone: Tory MP facing suspension after bullying probe

    Now of course, if was a Labour MP you would have to read all the way to the bottom of the article to find mention of the political party. They really are something else.


  45. tomo says:

    I wondered….

    So I tried a search and found

    Now if 10 BBC/Sky/ITV peeps were abducted ?



    • MarkyMark says:

      Send in the SAS – or are they all in prison for hate speech?

      “An SAS unit stopped a potentially deadly ISIS truck bombing by weeing into the fuel tank to disable the vehicle and bring their targets out to kill. By BELINDA ROBINSON
      12:33, Sun, Feb 19, 2017 | UPDATED: 14:08, Sun, Feb 19, 2017”