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  1. Guest Who says:

    BBC coverage from Gaza in these weeks has been possible through the work of journalists like Majdi Fathi – credited in this @yogital piece on tonight’s #bbcnewsten

    Self serving emotive bs passed off as news is not working out for ‘not enough dead Jews’, especially still clinging to stringers citing the body that has Iran as chair of human rights.


  2. Guest Who says:

    As ever ‘two sides’ fails to agrees anything.

    One can only feel for this guy, not just for the choice of useful idiot.

    This is Karen. I found her today in a protest in Bath holding a placard with the names and ages of my 21 family members killed by Israel last month.
    The amount of love, sympathy and care I receive from the British people here is magnificent.
    God bless you.

    But Ahmed might look closer to home for those responsible.

    I wonder if you complained to the #HamasNazis who were voted into office in 2006.
    “We must sacrifice our women, children and elderly to manipulate the media and the world to get them on our side”. [Ismail Haniyeh] #HamasNazis

    As ever, who knows who is telling the truth?

    But certainly the BBC’s dire attempts to pretend they do make them more untrustworthy by the hour.


  3. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    I’ve noticed on a couple of Talk TV programs (Kevin O Sullivan’s What just happened and That was the woke that was) that there’s a huge amount of loud laughing by the guests.
    First of all you miss half of what’s being said and secondly it gets on your nerves happening all the time.

    Is it a new thing that some people on shows laugh loudly at every little thing because they think that viewers will think they are a fun person?

    I just turn over when it becomes apparent that all the guests just want to ‘outlaugh’ each other.
    It’s as bad as the cacophony when two or more guests keep talking over each other.

    On a similar vein, when watching the now extremely woke University Challenge, do any of you miss the beginnings of questions because the audience clap after every answer?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I only watched Neil Oliver talking about censorship and the hypnotised morons who care more about horrid words than deaths and murder.

      Tomorrow I will be watching Free Speech Nation and the Dinosaur Hour on GB News from 7pm to 10pm. Then from 10pm to midnight I will be watching channel 38. Seven doctors who treated President Kennedy in Hospital in 1963 confirm other evidence that he was killed by the CIA.

      So to prevent Biden losing the election, will the CIA lock up Trump in Guantanamo Bay and assassinate Kennedy again?


  4. Zephir says:

    BBc shits in a nutshell:

    “BBC Africa Editor hired by rapist Yaqub Ahmed’s lawyers to give evidence in his appeal to block deportation to Somalia

    Mary Harper appeared at first tier immigration tribunal as an expert witness.

    Answering questions before three immigration judges, Ms Harper warned Ahmed could be targeted by terror group Al Shabaab because it would want to ‘punish’ him for raping a 16-year-old girl in London.

    She claimed he could be harassed by Somali security forces and wrongly labelled a British spy. He would also, she feared, struggle to find a job in Mogadishu’s booming construction industry as he lacked the right skills.

    Astonishingly, this was not the first time Ms Harper had given evidence in a case involving a foreign sex attacker attempting to dodge deportation.

    Indeed, a Mail on Sunday investigation can reveal that Ms Harper has given expert evidence in at least eight contentious immigration cases since 2013, including in support of a Somali who committed a horrific sexual assault on a profoundly deaf teenage girl.”


    After enduring five years of unbearable torment, they were the words Hannah feared she would never hear: ‘He’s gone’. As she sat nervously on the edge of her bed and peered into her mobile phone, a senior Home Office official gently informed her, via a video call three months ago, that Yaqub Ahmed, one of a gang of men who viciously raped her when she was 16, had finally been kicked out of Britain.

    For Hannah (not her real name), the news that her brutal attacker’s audacious campaign to use human rights laws to avoid deportation had finally been defeated was overwhelming.

    To Hannah’s fury, the three-and-a-half minute clip showed the passengers erupting into applause as he was hauled off the Turkish Airlines flight at Heathrow, with one declaring: ‘You’re free, man!’ Years later those images continue to haunt her.

    In a direct message to those ‘bleeding heart’ passengers who intervened she now says: ‘If you were that courageous to stand up for him then, why not now be courageous and apologise for what you did? You are the reason that he was still here. You thought you were being such heroes but all you did was keep the predator here and torture me for years.’

    Hannah’s life changed forever in August 2007 following a night out at the Zoo Bar in London’s Leicester Square. After becoming separated from her friend, she was approached by a group of men who persuaded her to go to a flat in Crouch End, North London, on the false pretext that her friend was waiting for her.

    It was only when she arrived at the dingy flat that she realised she had been lured into a terrifying trap. The men took it in turns to rape her and one of them even attempted to take photographs during the horrifying attack. She was punched in the face as she desperately attempted to escape.

    Her piercing screams could be heard by the 999 operator who answered an emergency call from concerned neighbours.

    Police officers rushed to the scene and found Ahmed and his associates hiding in the flat.

    Ahmed, then 19, and living in Clerkenwell, North London; Adnan Mohamud, 19; and Adnan Barud, 21, from Holloway, North London, were each jailed for nine years for planning and carrying out the rape. A fourth man, Ondogo Ahmed, 19, also of Holloway, received eight years for conspiracy to rape.”



  5. StewGreen says:

    The Metropolitan Police tweet always get ratioed


  6. BRISSLES says:

    I see Amy Nickell who classes herself as writer and broadcaster, and one of GBNs go to lefties, is now reviewing the papers on Sky. She’d be out of her depth against Goldilocks, but it’s oh so sweet to see her up against Benedict Spence who knows his stuff. She should stick to magazine articles on the menopause.


    • Charlie Farley says:

      BRISSLES ,
      She’s another one of those ignorant spiteful lefty idiots…..and to think they pay her for the Rubbish she spouts ! . Wonder if it came from the Parents , School or University ?


      • Docmarooned says:

        I resort to the off switch now whenever I see her sneering visage. She never says anything useful and intelligent – just the usual lefty tripe. How much do they pay these idiots?


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      She’s attractive but there’s nothing going on between the ears.


      • StewGreen says:

        Amy Nickell-Turner may be attractive to some, maybe the dresses slit to the thigh etc.
        After Leeds uni she became a celebrity reporter
        She’s formerly an unmarried Mum (her kid is 8)
        and recently married someone 10 years older Jonathan Turner (Oxford Uni law dept guy ?)

        It’s quite possible she’s a raving righty, who acts the part of a super crazy lefty.


  7. kingkp says:

    All part of the build back better plan as you are distracted by the Israel-Hamas BS.


  8. Zephir says:

    The far left’s attacks on Twitter / X :


  9. Guest Who says:

    This lady was once a go-to bbc panellist.

    The Hannibal directive again. Israel kills its own citizens, blames Palestinians, and uses it as the pretext to massacre them
    And every single time, the western media claims any question of Israeli propaganda is antisemitism

    She is quoting an ‘investigation’ quoted by a WaPo journalist, hence TNI endorsed.

    Seems worth clarifying one way or other.


  10. JohnC says:

    Look at this:

    ‘Time: Short prison sentence ‘derailed’ woman’s life’

    ‘The impact of short prison sentences on women and their families is a central theme of the latest BBC One prison drama Time.’

    The BBC at it’s finest. And when I say ‘finest’, I mean using every dirty trick without conscience to push their own feminist/misandrist activist agenda.

    This article is about poor ‘Martha’ whose life was ruined because she spent 4 months in jail. They are falling over themselves to present her as the innocent victim who did not deserve it.

    Lets see what else we can glean:

    Martha was jailed in 2016 after committing “petty and pathetic crimes”. Note the quotes – which is a BBC trick to say anything at all which does not need to be true. It doesn’t say whose words they are of course – but from the context I think they are Marthas own !!.

    Then we can pick out cluse to the truth we aren’t being told.

    It seems these ‘petty and pathetic crimes’ were ‘to fund her heroin use – stealing a car jack from a garage, some artificial flowers from a front garden and a purse containing £3’

    So she is a heroin addict. And steals to fund it. Are we really supposed to believe that she just stole £3 ?. The point of that purse is that she didn’t know how much was in it when she stole it.

    ‘”It was awful to walk into someone’s house like that, I don’t want to take away from the severity of doing that,” she says.’

    So she is a smack-head who actually went into people houses and stole what she could find ?.

    Damn right she should be sent to prison. These people are the lowest form of scum who will do ANYTHING to get a fix. Including steal from their own family.

    After prison we learn:

    “I ended up in another toxic, damaging relationship, lost hope of gainful employment and life got exponentially worse,” she says. “Prison left me feeling really awful about myself. I told myself I was just a scummy junkie who didn’t deserve good things.”

    So ALL of this is because she went to prison is it BBC ?. None of it is her own fault ?. What is the point of this – to get a rule that smack-head women don’t go to prison when they go stealing ?. But of course the men still will won’t they ?.

    The more I read this article, the more the BBC agenda in it disgusted me.

    I remember the original series and it was very good. Now they have hijacked a name AGAIN to load it up with agenda. And Jodie Whittaker is doing the honours of ruining something else made popular by men again.

    Lets see what BBC clone wrote this:


    It’s just pathetic. Please somebody put the BBC out of our misery.


    • StewGreen says:

      Always ask of news items
      “Is this news or is it PR ?”
      Is the item really about Martha ?
      It starts
      “The impact of short prison sentences on women and their families is a central theme of the latest BBC One prison drama Time”
      So it’s PR for a new BBC prog

      Is it cutNpaste for an org ?
      Yes it massively quotes The Prison Reform Trust.
      So it’s also PR for that org

      What is crime about ? It’s about VICTIMS
      eg you have a panic attack cos you got to work and realise you forgot to lock your back door. or your car. That shouldn’t matter except for smackheads who take advantage .
      You spend part of your earnings on security measures like CCTV and locks
      .. they are a cost of a society with smackheads.


      • JohnC says:

        Well, we all know now that the BBC don’t care one bit about victims if they don’t fit the agenda. Just imagine the empathy they could lay on the victims of this smackhead if it suited them. The poor old woman who lives on her own and is scared to go out walks into her kitchen to find a smackhead stranger going through her drawers for example.

        It’s a new BBC drama which is pushing what BBC activists want to change in the real world, but under the heading ‘drama’ they have no responsibility to represent the truth at all. They will mix agenda lies with the truth and nobody will know the difference.

        No doubt we will get regular front-page articles as lopsided as this one discussing the issues raised in ‘tonights show’ when it airs.

        IMHO it represents a new low in the desperation of the BBC for their feminist/misandrist social engineering in the face of a dwindling audience.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      +80,000 men in prison

      ~3,500 wimin in prison (with their cervix)

      So the effing bBC honk on and on like a stuck car horn about poor wee wimin. Some might say they were a little bit biased. OfCnut to the rescue?


  11. Guest Who says:

    I knew BBC was going to be a problem when they fell in love with Hasan, who reinvented himself as a radical in a suit.

    “At time of writing, the #freepalestine tag has 25.5 billion views, and #standwithisrael has 440.4 million views.”

    Trouble for them was, you can take the hate preacher out of the dish dash, but he still is a Kuffar screamer inside. So he was quietly shipped to the USA, ending up like Nish until picked up by MSNBC.

    Like Champion, I did not think he was stupid, but too often corrupted by faith based conviction.

    However, here he sums up just how the media view the totality of the world.

    No wonder they want to dispose of secret ballot voting in favour of a new form of mob rule.


  12. Guest Who says:

    Oh my.

    More ‘Goodness Gracious Me’?


  13. Sluff says:

    In The Times on Saturday.
    Lord Rothermere, owner of the Daily Mail et al is interviewed.

    Here are some quotes
    ‘OFCOM research shows that the BBC has media market share of 29%….ITV is 6%……..the Daily Mail group businesses combined have only 4%……….The BBC is by far the biggest media organisation in the UK…..it’s almost like competition law applies to everyone but the BBC. The BBC can rampage where it want an and do what it wants……….’

    And we all know what it wants. A Labour government.


  14. taffman says:

    “Stop the boats” Rishi, stop the bleeding boats !


  15. Sluff says:

    Meanwhile. Here’s the Christian content from Toady on Sunday today.

    That’s it.


    • Sluff says:

      But we did have

      An LGBT activist disowning the church.
      Another LGBT story about gay sexuality teaching in Catholic Schools.
      A Palestinian in Israel feeling vulnerable.
      Muslim MPs voting against SirKeer.

      There was one small bright moment.
      An admission that Muslims vote Labour. We knew this already but crucially it was stated as fact via a polling company research.

      So if Muslims vote Labour and the cross channel rubber ferries are mainly populated by young male Muslims we can see that over time the Tories are digging their own graves and Labour will do nothing other than encourage them as an exercise in vast scale gerrymandering.

      I do wish some of my fellow Britons would wake up.


  16. StewGreen says:

    Don’t take organisations names at face value, they are often front groups. or hijacked from within.
    ie ambush naming
    eg Labour mates run “anti hate groups” whose job is to stir up HATE against those who challenge the Labour Party
    eg HnH and CCDH (when it was founded its people were on the Labour Party payroll)

    “Matt Taibbi on Rising: New ‘UK Files’ EXPOSE Labour Party’s VAST Online Censorship Efforts”


    • Sluff says:

      Although SirKeer has taken a stand, as a general rule I think that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Stop the War coalition can be added to your list.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    One orgasmic headline crescendo edition

    It’s one of those days when our headlines require little in the way of additional critical or indeed satirical commentary – but nonetheless, here goes…

    By the way – this edition: Includes crony contracts, duff deals & failed legal cases – strapline borrowed from the Sunday Mirror – you’d think having spotted all this graft and wastage the left would be more wary of government – nope, they see the problems with the state running things but the solution is that they just want more of the state

    In sports news

    Exclusive Wed Prem ace beds model (Daily Star Sunday) – not news.

    News from the capital

    Khan misled the public over Ulez benefits (Telegraph) – as they used to say oop north “well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs”

    Asylum farce that beggars belief (Mail on Sunday) – no change there then.

    ‘Terror cell’ sneaks in on small boats (Sunday Express) – Cockleshell ISIS?

    The Cockleshell Heroes was a 1955 British war film with Trevor Howard, Anthony Newley, Christopher Lee etc… The film depicts a heavily fictionalised version of Operation Frankton, the December 1942 raid… by British Royal Marines Commandos, who infiltrated Bordeaux Harbour using folding kayaks. (Thank you Wiki) – oh how the tables have been turned on us.

    Bye Bye boring admin – runs the advertising copy from sofware and outsourcing company MHR, care of the frontpage of the Sunday Times.

    We do enjoy an amusing juxtaposition of features – so we’ll pair that slogan: Bye Bye boring admin with this report from the Sunday Telegraph: Remote civil servants can ‘work from beach’… The senior civil servants’ FDA union has repeatedly argued that many of its members have connections outside the UK and should be eligible for ‘international remote working’ (Telegraph) – which tends to segueway us neatly to the headline Telegraph story: PM deploys Whitehall officials to Rwanda as revolt grows

    ‘Revolt grows’…? Was there some coup in the central African statelet this week about which we haven’t heard due to the heavy focus on Palestine?

    There’s me imagining jeep-loads of AK47-clutching black soldiers in multi-coloured berets worn at jaunty angles heading off to secure the radio station and the water works…

    However, closer to home…

    …revolt grows… More Tory MPs speak out against Sunak as he scrambles to save deportation scheme (Telegraph)

    Taxpayer cash squandered – complains the Sunday Mirror, somewhat out of its default high-spending preference socialist character – but then we remind ourselves that pointing to government wastage is fair game – at least while Starmer’s seat-warmer wet Tories are still in power: Staggering £100bn of Tory waste… £1,500 blown for every person in UK since election – despite Lockdown?

    That report pairs rather neatly with: Families near new pylons to get £1k off bills (Telegraph)

    I’m reminded of how Labour introduced the NHS by stuffing the doctors’ mouths with gold…

    Reports from the UN about hospitals in Gaza are not simply grist to the BBC’s mill – they are like every NHS winter crisis alarm, supranational body criticism of Britain and then Ramadan, all come together in one orgasmic headline crescendo: WHO says Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital a death zone, as hundreds leave

    Well, that BBC headline is pretty climactic – until tomorrow’s one comes along of course.


    • Zephir says:

      Hospital “death zone”

      judging by some stories over the last couple of years, that could apply to some of our NHS institutions…

      anyone with chest pains arriving at A and E later today, good luck, it will be full of gutbucket Sunday footballers in size XXXXL football shirts with twisted ankles.


  18. Guest Who says:

    When the state pre-approves your message, it isn’t really a protest.
    Zionist fascism in action.

    Dan is the man. Deffo a QT panel shortlister with Novara’s Ed team.

    Nothing wrong with this. Signs supporting terrorists would be illegal in Israel, UK and many other countries.

    Only in the U.K…. 😳


    • StewGreen says:

      Mr Cohen, fans bringing signs to British football grounds are also checked for legality.
      That is not fascist.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if Labour party meeting check people’s signs to.

      The police guy in the video is the opposite of fascist


  19. pugnazious says:

    The BBC won’t use the word ‘terrorist’ to describe those who attacked Israel on Oct 7 but will repeatedly allow on Palestinians who tell us that Israel is conducting a ‘genocide’ in Gaza in ‘a flood of hatred’….and of course no challenge to that.

    Then again hypocrisy is what the BBC is about these days as it flies a journalist around the world to report on the sins of those who fly around the world….and this is after Justin Rowlatt’s climate genocide scandal.

    And the other week Campbell was talking about the homeless and a caller wondered why we spent so much on animal rescue but not so much on humans. This is a standard lefty question but Campbell jumped in and said he can’t allow the caller to compare the homeless to animals…never mind the caller was on their side. The caller was then attacked by other callers for being so cruel.

    Then yesterday on The Now Show we had that very comparison and question even pointing out that the RSPCA was founded years before the RSPCC….thus we care more about animals than children! What a bunch of cruel fascists for pointing that out….but it’s OK…it was the pious lefty BBC comedians saying it….so it must be the right and moral thing to say.

    Love the BBC.


  20. Right Angle says:

    Ah, I see that Jeremy Bowen has been bowing to terrorists again – as the GB News link still seems to be up for grabs, let me join in (although I would hardly use the word “unambiguous” to describe their headline “BBC outrage at ‘Hamas apologism’ in latest Israel report”):


    “Daniel Sugarman, Director of Public Affairs for the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has condemned the BBC’s reporting.
    “Writing on social media, he said: “Ah, I see the BBC has reached the ‘maybe the pile of Kalashnikovs in the Gazan hospital actually belonged to the hospital security team’ stage of their Israel reporting.””

    Sky News is equally sickening – when President Isaac Herzog of Israel made a statement, they very quickly added something like, “Sky News could not independently verify the claim”. That is a terrible slur on his integrity. Would Sky News add the same caveat to an Arab leader? And of course they apply it to practically everything the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) says. Despicable!

    Shame on Sky and the BBC!


  21. atlas_shrugged says:

    How long will it be before airlines demand that at least one pilot flying an aircraft is unvaccinated from the experimental covid gene therapy.



    • StewGreen says:

      “Owen Jones has announced he’s making plans to leave the UK to start his new career in Gaza.

      Homos Under The Hamas will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer, January 15.”

      tweets that end ?s=20
      never embed in my browser. Do they embed in anyone else’s ?


      • tomo says:

        It’d be useful to find out the “why” on the Tweet non-embeds here… is it the site code or Twitter?

        I’ve tried stripping any suffixes after the post number to no discernable effect….


        • Fedup2 says:

          Er – what’s an ‘embed ‘? Is it inbred ? Or maybe in bed ? Asking cos I can’t be bothered to go look it up – and I’m busy washing my cache ( whatever that is ) ……
          I heard on the BBC wireless that ‘questions are being asked ‘ about my lord Cameron of Clarkson farm and his £ business connections £ particularly with the Chinese .

          £Barry Gardiner £ maybe asked to lead a fully independent £inquiry £ for a fee …..


    • atlas_shrugged says:


      This is a fantastic idea with our Owen. Get them all out there on a

      Make Gaza Great Again ticket.


  22. pugnazious says:

    Jon Donnison….a man eager to please…Hamas apparently.

    The Jewish Chronicle notes this….


    ‘BBC reporter who incorrectly reported Gaza hospital blast had got facts wrong before’
    ‘A BBC journalist who wrongly suggested Israel was behind last week’s Gaza hospital blast had previously caused outrage by presenting a picture of an injured Syrian girl as a “heartbreaking” image of a Palestinian child hurt in an Israeli attack.

    The BBC is being urged to take further action against Jon Donnison, who has worked for the corporation for 15 years. In November 2012, he shared a picture of a young girl lying on a hospital bed with bloodied clothes, whichhad been taken in Syria.

    Posting on X/Twitter, he captioned the image with the words: “Heartbreaking. Pain in #Gaza’.” The original photograph was posted by Palestinian journalist Hazem Balousha. ‘

    However they obviously haven’t seen this other example of Donnison jumping to conclusions that Israel was bombing children….note how he changes the name ‘Jihad’ to ‘Jehad’…presumably to try and make it seem that the name was not one celebrating religious war.

    Donnison’s claim that this was an Israeli airstrike was disputed by the UN, of all organisations, which said it appeared to be a Palestinian rocket falling short….but that’s not in this report which hasn’t been corrected…only a link to the UN statement provided at the bottom….Donnison quite clearly dismissing a possible Hamas rocket and making the case for an Israeli strike….


    ‘Gaza baby ‘only knew how to smile’
    The death of civilians on either side in the Israel-Gaza conflict is tragic – especially when children are among the casualties. The BBC correspondent in Gaza, Jon Donnison, witnessed just such a tragedy at close quarters.

    On the Wednesday before last – only an hour or so after Gaza’s latest war erupted with Israel’s killing of Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari – Jehad burst out of the editing suite screaming.

    He sprinted down the stairs, his head in his hands, his face ripped with anguish.

    He had just had a call from a friend to tell him the Israeli military had bombed his house and that his 11-month-old baby boy Omar was dead.

    Most fathers will tell you their children are beautiful.

    Despite the evidence pointing towards an Israeli air strike, some bloggers have suggested it might have been a misfired Hamas rocket.

    But at that time, so soon after the launch of Israel’s operation, the Israeli military says mortars had been launched from Gaza but very few rockets.

    Mortar fire would not cause the fireball that appears to have engulfed Jehad’s house.

    Other bloggers have said that the damage to Jehad’s home was not consistent with powerful Israeli attacks but the BBC visited other bombsites this week with very similar fire damage, where Israel acknowledged carrying out what it called “surgical strikes”.’

    That report hasn’t been rewritten to reflect the truth, just a link to this at the bottom…..


    ‘The son of a BBC journalist and two relatives killed in November’s conflict in Gaza may have been hit by a misfired Palestinian rocket, a UN agency says.

    The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said its conclusions were based on a visit to the site a month after the attack.

    At the time, human rights groups blamed the deaths on an Israeli air strike. ‘

    No…it was Hamas and the BBC which claimed it was an Israeli rocket…

    ‘He had just had a call from a friend to tell him the Israeli military had bombed his house and that his 11-month-old baby boy Omar was dead.’


    • StewGreen says:

      he changes the name ‘Jihad’ to ‘Jehad

      I doubt he did
      Many people have that spelling
      It’s the same word just like Stuart and Stewart are.
      Arabic spelling basically focuses on the consonants
      Thus when Arabic words get written in roman alphabet, they can be spelled in different ways.


  23. JohnC says:

    The latest BBC attempts to discredit Israel:

    ‘Israel’s military has raided the hospital in recent days, as part of what it describes as a “targeted operation against Hamas”, but is yet to provide substantial evidence to back up its claim that the group conducted a major operation in tunnels underneath the medical complex.’

    So the BBC are now the arbiters of what is enough evidence. Pictures of weapons + tunnel entrances and confirmation by USA intelligence is not enough.

    Bowen has turned into a spiteful schoolboy.

    Odd how they never question Hamas to provide evidence to justify anything.

    The BBC are really showing their true colours with this. It can only help us rid ourselves of them in the long run.


  24. StewGreen says:

    BBC Lincolnshire and Humberside news
    starts “A third generation steelworker says…”
    end of item “He’s also a Unite Union convenor”

    Shouldn’t affiliation be mentioned first ?
    Anyway the item as ever on a Sunday morning is really PRasNews for the BBC Politics North TV show.


  25. Foscari says:

    As you know by now I am not computer literate.
    Will one of you more literate than me. Please download
    from YouTube ” Hamas leader Yaha Sinwars exclusive
    interview on the BBC.”
    I think that this a quite a good satirical example of
    what this website stands for.


    • JohnC says:

      You mean just link it Foscari ?.

      One might think that if the ‘impartial and unbiased’ BBC are being sent up like this, OFCOM might just realise that something is wrong.


  26. tomo says:

    Absolutely not actors / moonlighting Federal employees?


    • Fedup2 says:

      Freedom to be Nazis …. Makes a change from the hammer and sickle brigade .,,,


      • JohnC says:

        Look just like the Muslim protestors but with a different flag and a less menacing overall bearing.

        They are so fake it’s embarassing. They walk around like effeminate Lefties.


    • StewGreen says:

      The replies shout Feds, Federal agents playing dress up
      There are 24 of them
      “They wear the masks so that nobody at work(The FBI) recognizes them.”

      “The Whitmer kidnapping was a similar example. Of the 14 conspirators, there were 12 feds. And the 2 convicted were paid by them. It’s silly… and gross.”

      comment on their last outing

      ✔️Brand new flags.

      ✔️Brand new shirts.

      ✔️Faces completely covered.

      ✔️Scream “Ron DeSantis” awkwardly after “white power” chant


      • tomo says:

        I wonder if they still recruit spear-carrying footsoldiers from Craigslist?

        A bit surprised that nobody’s followed them back to where the transport is parked


  27. Dickie says:

    1991 document describes what constitutes the New World Order; all nations will be given “quotas for population reduction on a yearly basis”



  28. StewGreen says:

    Today’s hyperbole, Anyone who posts short videos without context is a deceiver
    “Palestinian supporters step on a puppy wrapped in the Israeli flag.
    They also attach a zip tie and string around the young puppy’s neck to the Palestinian flag as they smile and laugh.”

    He doesn’t STEP on a puppy , he puts his foot over it for a photo
    They don’t seem to kill it or anything
    Earliest sighting is 22 Oct apparently Egypt
    There is a 18 October Tik Tok of same puppy


    صعيد مصر سوهاج #فلسطين #فلسطين🇵🇸 #فلسطيني🇵🇸وافتخر

    ♬ فلسطين عربية – اصاله


  29. Up2snuff says:

    TWoTWeee Watch #1 – the BBC have moved on from bashing Braverman …

    …. and back to bashing Bibi. I lost count of the number of times that Jonny Dymond had someone say that the Bibi Netanyahu government in Israel was bad. The BBC even managed to get in a dig at former President Trump.


  30. atlas_shrugged says:

    Happy International Men’s day!

    But try telling the bBC that.


    • JohnC says:

      International men’s day:

      ‘Promote Men’s Health: Encourage men to prioritize their physical and mental health by seeking medical advice and support when needed.’
      ‘Advocate for Gender Equality: Promote gender equality and challenge harmful stereotypes and behaviors that affect both men and women.’
      ‘Support Positive Masculinity: Celebrate positive male role models and encourage boys and men to express their emotions and vulnerabilities.’
      ‘Organize Events: Host events, seminars, workshops, or panel discussions that address men’s issues, such as mental health, fatherhood, and career development.’
      ‘Engage in Mentorship: Support mentorship programs that connect boys and young men with positive male role models in their communities.’
      ‘Recognize Achievements: Acknowledge and celebrate the achievements and contributions of men in various fields and industries.’

      Reads a bit more like ‘Change men to be more like women day’ for some of those.

      Lets see what it says for ‘International Womens Day’:
      ‘celebrate women’s achievements’
      ‘educate and awareness raise for women’s equality’
      ‘call for positive change advancing women’
      ‘lobby for accelerated gender parity’
      ‘fundraise for female-focused charities’

      Seems like the women get the best of it again !.

      It seems I am always being told by the BBC and the other misandrists how everyone is racist against BAME and sexist against women. Yet from my viewpoint, all I ever see in my life is a lot of anti-male sexism and anti-white racist discrimination.

      I’ll just file it under ‘Extreme Leftist hypocrisy and double standards’ with all the others.


  31. Fedup2 says:

    The IDF have found a long tunnel under a Gaza hospital- allegedly – according to the BBC – I’m sure the Israelis dug it themselves and planted guns in it and that the peace loving Islamic Hamas freedom fighters had nothing to do with it ….


    • Guest Who says:

      The state of febrility and lack of trust… with governments and media as well as those peace loving disembowelers’ sokseGoPros… means the usual suspects* can easily keep this going without pause by simply howling ‘genocide’, ;rivers and stuff’, ‘children’, ‘doctors without AK46s’.

      *The now amorphous blob of outrage that sways between JSo to Hamas PR in Islington and back again, with sidebars to Greenville. They have too much invested in this selective faux griefwank to stop now.

      But the bit really grinding my gears is the cover provided to them by the MSM, if not outright promotion.

      Think of all who have ‘graced’ BBC studios before and recently… Hasan, Novara, Champion, Corbyn… usually to only be offered a platform.

      My twitter feed is utterly swapped by Khans, Mos, Husains, and useful idiot Trevors sharing selective propaganda, emotive wibble or the occasional ‘not enough dead jews’. At least they and Mishal are honest.

      All in name of kicking off here about a small war nowhere near.

      And no mention of the initiating act, hostages, etc, or the fact that even small kids can man an RPG if motivated.

      In many of these countries, particularly ‘the West’, politicians have never been more out of touch with the majority of their citizens’ views. I hope it costs them dearly

      He seems nice. As does this babe.

      Durham college Sahar Shehadeh says she supports Hamas.
      She says history was made that day (on 10/7) & she would love it if Hamas did it again, & again, & again & again, & again.

      Note: might be altered but I see not community notes yet.


    • JohnC says:

      I think Bowen has declared it has to be a major command and control nerve centre before it justifies anything those nasty Israelies did.

      What irks me the most is how he has totally ignored the fact the it is beyong doubt Hamas WERE fighting from the hospital. He’s just changed his argument with conscience or remorse.

      Which puts him lower than what I trod in today in my book.

      Let’s not forget the calibre of reporter we are talking about:



  32. StewGreen says:

    BBC local newsPR
    “Oh look here were are at the Humber View Hotel near North Ferriby .. people were worried there would be trouble”
    If there have been no local victims , then that is good
    Now why would there be this PR piece ?

    #1 The hotel plans to DOUBLE in capacity from around 78 to 152
    So 78 is a relatively small number

    #2 They referenced Scampton as if buttering people up
    Scampton has plans for 2000


  33. Sluff says:

    We all know that the biased BBC will go to extremes to find ‘victims’ and ‘unfair situations’.

    But this takes the biscuit.

    On Countryfile, the well-known Islingtonia version of the countryside.

    In Northumberland there is a valley where the houses are not connected to the electricity grid. It has always been this way.

    But this doesn’t stop the BBC running a huge long feature about how awful it is.

    Weirdly the families concerned seem to take it in their stride. It’s the BBC that seems to find it so awful.

    Interesting to see how people live but not so interesting to see the BBC victim agenda.


  34. Fedup2 says:

    Apparently India lost a big cricket game against Australia – had India won the BBC wouid have led with ‘Indian communities ‘ being ‘over the moon ‘ … but it didn’t go to script … lucky it wasn’t the pakis …


  35. chancygardner says:

    In desperation to find a news outlet that gives a more concise breakdown of the action against Hamas, I have stumbled across the Times of Israel. It seems I am not the only one. The site now boasts a 600% increase in traffic for October, making it the fastest growing news website in the world that month.

    Several critical statements can be found by readers who have left comments regarding the bias and limp-wristedness of the BBC and CNN.


  36. Guest Who says:

    A single malt beckons.

    But before I go we have started watching a Netflix series called ‘The Defeated’.

    It is set in immediate post Nazi collapse Berlin, with the ‘zones’ in process of being established. The Russians appear dominant inasmuch as they seem able to go where they please and off who they fancy.

    The premise is a possible (two episodes in) love triangle between a US cop sent to sort out a nascent German ‘police’ force in the US sector, headed by a married blonde with a missing hubby.

    There is also some psycho stuff brewing but more on a serial killer basis. Just to keep the gore factory going.

    However, so far I have been interested in parallels.

    As any fule no, as things were crumbling around him, Adolf was not above getting old minions and supportive acolytes to get kids to person the Panzerfausts. So street by street was… messy.

    And stuff was lying around. And scores got settled, even after the ceasefire.

    Leaping ahead, I have little recollection of Russian suppression activity garnering much global outrage at the time. So it was messy for a while.

    But then things settled, and today even the wall is down and Germany prospers.

    That said, Germany does now seem to have a fair bunch of domestic nutterdom kicking off again after actually taking the loss better than the previous time, but again has not secured the oil supply before getting dragged into something silly with the neighbours.

    Will be interesting how the series pans out. And if history is being reflected as it is repeated.


    • JohnC says:

      Do let us know if it’s worth watching.

      In my experience, truth went out the window when the facist Left took over somewhere between 2000 and 2010.For example, ‘Chernobyl’ had strong women who stood up to ‘the men b@stards’ inserted where they never actually existed.

      I give a new show 10 minutes. If a black person or a woman appears in a scene they would NEVER have been in in real life than I can’t watch it.

      If you see a fleeting glimpse of any BAME during the first few minutes, you can be 100% certain they will be a main character in the plot.

      Good luck …


      • Fedup2 says:

        Im with you on that ‘test’ and i think its one of the reasons why subscriptions are ‘ under pressure’ plus the dumbed down woke kidult formula stuff gets cancelled . No netflix for me – and i only have amazon prime for the deliveries …

        As for 1945 berlin – im still surprised stalin let the other 3 powers in … after all the US kept the UK out of the Pacific …


    • Guest Who says:

      Come to think of it… a lot kicked off with various cross border incursions and ‘peace’s in our times’ with the Polish Jewish population finding out pretty quickly that when a despotic regime decides to purge another faith they get on it asap.


    • Docmarooned says:

      Guest – watched this a while back. I liked it – serial killer loose in post war Berlin.


      • BigBrotherCorporation says:

        Ditto, Doc, missus and I both thought it was good, one of Netflix’ better efforts – there are some, you just have to spend hours hunting for them among all the dross.


  37. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Nothing bbbc at all, it’s just funny.



  38. Guest Who says:

    One week, Lab MPs are furious that Suella said “hate marches”.
    The next week, the same Lab MPs are complaining about pro Palestine mobs targeting them & their families.
    Perhaps they should take their colleague, Naz Shah’s advice & “shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.”


    • Guest Who says:

      All UK councillors have been contacted demanding they sign a letter calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza & claiming that “antisemitism is being weaponised…to absolve Israel of any accountability”.
      It says councillors who do not sign will have their names publicised.

      Sinister indeed. Request to ‘or else’ in a few paras.


      • StewGreen says:

        Stalinists love making LISTS


        • Fedup2 says:

          I like making lists – you are very near the top –

          1 make list
          2 5 year plan
          3 revise 5 year plan
          4 review 5 plan
          5 review list
          6 start again ….


  39. Guest Who says:

    NEW VIDEO: Foreign hostages being brought into Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital on October 7th. CCTV video released by the IDF.

    Mixed messaging here. Feel for the big guy; he seems less than thrilled.


    • Fedup2 says:

      The bowen interpretation will be peace loving hamas freedom fighters caring for israelis who got lost whilst on a ahopping trip to gaza …


      • JohnC says:

        Bowen will just ignore it. Like everything else which doesn’t suit his pro-Hamas narrative. He doesn’t care one jot about those hostages.

        The more this goes on, the more I realise what a truly vile person he is. I used to just laugh at him. I’m not laughing now.

        At least Sopes is just a harmless idiot who has no clue what a complete buffoon he is. When you scrape through Bowens hypocrisy and virtue-signalling, you realise he is as evil as any other far-left activist.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I disagree – I think Bowen will say the tunnels were not very long or deep and were probably just used to feed the freedom fighters and provide ‘prayer space ‘ or address their social needs such as bingo or watching ManU lose again ….


          • JohnC says:

            I might agree with you for that – but now they have released video of a tunnel, I think the stupendous lefty hypocrite will just change the subject. Someone else will cover this now.

            Never forget that left-wing activists are the biggest frauds the planet has ever seen. They will say or ignore anything as long as it fits their agenda.


  40. StewGreen says:

    Luton clip just played on Free Speech Nation
    I note it’s 7 months old


    He also refers to the battle of Khaybar in 628 AD where Mohammed slaughtered the Jews.

    This is incitement to hatred & violence.


    • StewGreen says:

      a few years ago The Canadian , Lauren Southern set a LGBT stall up in Luton Town Centre.
      She is now banned from ever coming back here on the grounds of “terrorism”.
      Lauren Southern got banned from the UK officially because she offended Muslims with a social experiment where she stated God is for everyone, even gays and LGBT.
      Here is the tract she was giving in the streets of Luton.


      Photo of stall .. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EGtl6eQXkAUqXZx?format=jpg&name=small


      • Fedup2 says:

        We can be sure there are queer / trans / whatever branches of Islamic Hamas … let’s face it – at least 10% of the 2000 ? Who slaughtered civilians on 7th October were shirt lifters ? Right ?

        And was the slaughter carried out by an equal number of men , women and trans types ?


  41. Fedup2 says:

    Time for a new thread – but possible BBC TC shows-

    Hamas cooking
    Homes under the Hamas ( copied )
    Hamas top Hits – babies – women – men – old people
    Hamas favourite tunes
    Women’s hour from Hamas Gaza


  42. tomo says:


  43. tomo says:

    “They” don’t want the Jan 6th tapes released for reason…


    • Demon says:

      Apparently it was a vape. The person is serving a prison sentence for 6 Jan made up offences.


      • tomo says:

        Care to elaborate?