Start the week 22 January 2024

BBC bias can be seen across their output . But it’s most clearly seen in editorial values – such as the treatment of people who are ‘disapproved ‘by the BBC . Donald Trump will feature bigly in 2024 as fear of his re election mounts . Watch ( or not ) and see ….

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  1. Deborah says:

    Dare I suggest I am first?

    I have heard all the dire weather warnings both on GB News and the Daily Mail web site. Sadly I don’t have any bedrooms without windows, so sleeping away from one is going to be difficult. I don’t have to go to work tomorrow but I do have to go to the dentist for a check up. I am certainly not going to phone the practice and explain that I want a new appointment because the Met Office have suggested people don’t go into work tomorrow. Oh, I suppose if the receptionists have listened to the Met Office there will be nobody there to take my call.

    However I just watched the Met Office on GB news and there may be gusts ‘up to’ (their words, not mine) 90 mph in the Highlands but for us soft southerners, gusts might reach 60 or 70 mph. Put it this way, I probably wouldn’t want to go for a walk in those wind speeds, but I do wonder how we ever managed in the October storm that Mr Fish wasn’t worried about.


    • Nibor says:

      I’ll be between you .


    • Lunchtime Loather says:

      It was a bit breezy here in North Wales at about 8pm yesterday, but by 11pm the wind was not noticeable. I work from home but will take the day off on the BBC’s advice.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I’m getting suspicious of your repeated wins. You must be cheating somehow. I don’t know how but you must be. If not can you explain to the rest of us how you keep winning first place.


      • BRISSLES says:

        DT just checkout the time of the first post, it’s generally between 9 and 10, so it’s fastest finger first !


        • Doublethinker says:

          Well it would be fastest finger first a fair contest, unless Deborah got a special inkling when that would be. I’m not alleging any mal practise just airing suspicion.


  2. BRISSLES says:

    Go girl Debs. The vagaries of this site means though I’m second for now, some guy will pop in between us 😉


  3. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile customers


  4. Deborah says:

    On GBNews, Mark Dolan’s monologue is about Gary Lineker and his tweets calling for Israel to be banned from international sport. He is in a twitter spat (I think that is the technical term) with a Jewish scriptwriter. He denies being paid by Quatar when he was reporting on the World Cup. He tweeted he ‘works for the BBC and the BBC alone’. If that is the case, he should be paying tax as an employee rather than as someone under contract. Certainly an accountant explained it to me that way,


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ive deleted the post with a load of tweets – i hot a head ache


      • tomo says:


        I didn’t see that Twitter link that spilled all the posts when I clicked “Post Comment”.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Don’t worry I don’t even know how to put a screen shot up .. I wonder how many tweets there were ..?


          • tomo says:

            It seems likely that the number of tweets shown depends on the browser / device…

            I’ll be more careful and try not to link to Twitter profile links which trigger that stuff.


  5. davylars says:

    Here’s a little enigma that I would like the eco zealots at the BBC to explain.
    Entire UK facing gales and downpours as Storm Isha blows in

    In this case how come we are only producing 29% of our electricity from wind, but we are importing 27% of our electricity from continental interconnectors

    1. it’s cheaper at the moment….. highly unlikely,
    2 . Windmills don’t work when the wind speed is too high. Highly probable..☑️



  6. Dickie says:


  7. StewGreen says:

    Countryfile : Heap item was a subtle campaign item against UK onshore fossil fuel drilling and exploration.
    It started at 9 mins and ended at 21:22 .. so Heap was on for 12 mins
    That’s a lot !
    Most of that was activist lines
    There was about 3 mins of balance
    #1 Egdon oil boss spoke well
    #2 One local residents group under wing of oil corp gave praise
    #3 UK gov statement was read saying UK FF give security
    Hippie activists got the last lines of course

    It was not mentioned that a site of the size of two bungalow plots generates about £1.5m every month of oil (665 barrels per day)
    and that is far more value than a solar farm


  8. BRISSLES says:

    Apologies, but I don’t have enough time left in front of me to
    be reading all those tweets.


    • tomo says:

      apols BRISSLES – I didn’t see that it was the sort of link that dumps like that.

      The YT video is long too – but boils down to Mann using lawfare tactics to pick on Steyn.

      The action has been running for a decade +

      Mann’s lost a previous similar action and refuses to pay what the court in that case says he owes – he’s a scumbucket.


  9. tomo says:



  10. JohnC says:

    More than 25,000 now killed in Gaza since Israel offensive began, Hamas-run health ministry says

    So I’m reading these BBC articles these days for one reason : to look for how they hide their trickery and bias. They are usualy very subtle : just a nudge here and an implied-but-not-stated thing there.

    First thing I check : do they tell us the figures they are quoting are from a terrorist group. And the answer for weeks now has been no. They have stopped telling us that in any of these main articles. I will presume they mention it in some non-headline stories just so they can claim they are not hiding it – which they most certainly are.

    Then we get the usual sentence which reporters have obviously been told to include in every report:
    ‘the 7 October attack in which Hamas fighters killed 1,300 people in southern Israel and took more than 240 hostage.’
    That must be the biggest understatement of the year. The BBC make them sound respectable. And then we get a Hamas statement JUSTIFYING it:

    ‘Hamas described it as a “necessary step” against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and a way to secure the release of Palestinian prisoners.’

    Not a mention of the outrageous terrorist massacre it actually was.

    The report then disintegrates into the usual rhetoric with points about both sides – but witht he usual anti-Israel, pro-Muslim slant they always have.

    I mentioned the other day how nobody wants to tell me how many in Israel support this war. This is as close as it gets:
    ‘Most Israelis have rallied around their flag – but not around their prime minister, who, according to a recent poll, only 15% of the public believe should stay in office once the war ends.’
    Why not tell us how many Israelies DO support the war BBC ?. It’s the most important statistic of all. That is a deliberate omission.

    Then we get:
    ‘… a still relatively small anti-war movement is also demonstrating, horrified by the damage wrought on Gaza – one of the most intense and destructive military campaigns in recent history.’
    Which is classic BBC projection. How does he know what they all think ?.

    I saw the author is ‘Mark Lowen’. At least it’s a white male I thought – instead of a useless clone who reports on showbusiness on a good day.
    But being as sceptical as I am for the BBC these dyas, I checked him out. This is his husband:

    Are there ANY heterosexual white males left at the BBC ?.


  11. JohnC says:

    ‘Donetsk: Deadly blast hits market in Russia-held Ukraine city, officials say’
    ‘Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk shopping area kills dozens, local officials say’

    One thing I will say about ‘The Guardian’ is that they do have a mix of the most outrageous Far-Left and Misandrist articles along with the occasional ‘reasonable’ reports where they tell us things the BBC do not.

    This is not a ‘deadly blast’ at all. That headline sums up what the BBC have become : the headline is deliberately being vague about what happened and has the Ukraine denial included in the front-page headline.

    The Guardian tell us:
    ‘Pushilin said the area had been hit by 155mm and 152mm calibre shells fired from the direction of Kurakhove and Krasnohorivka to the west.’

    The BBC omit that bit.

    Ukraine shelled a market and killed dozens. End of story. Happens a lot. It’s a nasty war and both sides are brutal. Except when Ukraine do it, we don’t mention ‘war crimes’.

    It comes to something when we can even use Guardian articles to demonstrate just what liars-by-omission the BBC are.

    The authoer – Oliver Slow – is another one who describes himself as ‘an award-winning multimedia journalist’.
    Pathetic Oliver.


  12. Fedup2 says:

    From the Telegraph – nonsense blue labour stuff about stopping the Far Left BBC bias – joke

    BBC audiences think the corporation is not “sufficiently impartial”, the Culture Secretary has said as she announces tougher scrutiny of the broadcaster to deal with perceived bias.

    Lucy Frazer will announce that the BBC’s website and social media channels will be policed by Ofcom in an attempt to ensure impartiality.

    The BBC’s board will also be legally bound to oversee the complaints procedure amid claims by critics that the corporation has been able to “mark its own homework”.

    The reforms follow fierce criticism of the BBC’s coverage of the war in Gaza and its refusal to brand Hamas a terrorist organisation.

    The BBC was last month accused of offering a “steady diet of woke bias”, with a review of its output suggesting prejudice in coverage of debates over race and gender.

    Under the new reforms, the BBC will be expected to account for a range of political opinions, following accusations of anti-Tory bias in recent years.

    ‘Clear more can be done’
    Writing in The Telegraph, Ms Frazer says: “A major challenge for the BBC continues to be impartiality. It cannot be inputted on a computer, and it is not a science. Impartiality requires thought and it requires accountability.

    “It strikes at the very core of the BBC’s remit and the public expects the organisation to embed this value in everything it does.

    “But, as this review makes clear, audience perception that the BBC is not sufficiently impartial is an ongoing issue and it is clear more can be done.”

    Her announcement is part of the mid-term review of the corporation’s charter, which was introduced in 2017, but Ms Frazer says that trust in media organisations, including mainstream news, has “eroded substantially” since.

    “This has had an effect on public trust in the impartiality of the BBC,” she says. “This review is clear that, only by increasing accountability and transparency about efforts undertaken to improve impartiality, will the corporation recapture and enhance its reputation for impartiality.”

    The royal charter provides the legal basis, and the negotiated terms, under which the BBC can operate as a licence fee-funded organisation.

    Until now, Ofcom has been responsible for the BBC’s output on television, radio and catch-up services such as iPlayer. Under the reforms, the regulator will become responsible for policing BBC output published on third party platforms such as YouTube or Twitter. It will not oversee social media content posted by BBC stars such as Gary Lineker.

    The watchdog has the power to issue warnings, demand corrections and fine broadcasters for any breaches.

    Complaints will be overseen by the board, which will be made directly responsible for ensuring the procedure to resolve them works fairly.

    More independent
    The move is intended to make the process more independent, and to avoid complaints simply being resolved between programme makers and the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit.

    If the issue is not resolved by the board to the satisfaction of the complainant, the problem can be escalated to the complaints unit. Should the response remain unsatisfactory, the complaining party can then contact Ofcom.

    In 2023 it emerged that just 25 complaints of bias had been upheld by the BBC in the past five years. In the same period, the corporation received 1.7 million complaints, of which more than 600,000 were estimated to have been about bias, based on previous data.

    Danny Cohen, the former BBC director of television, who has raised concerns about the broadcaster becoming “institutionally anti-Semitic”, welcomed the changes.

    “This is a step in the right direction by the Government and Ofcom,” he said. “The BBC should not be marking its own homework when it comes to complaints about its output.

    “In this digital age, closer scrutiny of the social media output of the BBC is long overdue. This independent scrutiny should be extended to the social media of its news reporters and high-profile presenters. It is often the case that individuals who breach the BBC’s impartiality on social media are not being held to account by management.”

    Samir Shah, the new chairman of the BBC board, has made clear that he wants the broadcaster’s coverage to be “beyond reproach”, particularly as an election approaches.

    The reforms come after extensive criticism over apparent bias at the BBC, especially over its coverage of the war in Gaza. Rishi Sunak has previously urged the corporation to describe Hamas as a terrorist group, saying in October: “This is not a time for equivocation, we should call it out for what it is.”

    ‘Not BBC’s job to say who bad guys are’
    John Simpson, the veteran reporter, wrote an article defending the stance at the time. “It’s simply not the BBC’s job to tell people who to support and who to condemn – who are the good guys and who are the bad guys,” he said.

    The mid-term review also sets out the expectation that the BBC will seek to represent a diverse audience and take into account a range of political opinion, following criticism that a Left-wing, anti-Conservative view drives the corporation’s coverage.

    Last year, the BBC was accused of pushing anti-Tory bias after Ben Elton, the writer and comedian, branded Mr Sunak a “mendacious narcissistic sociopath” on Laura Kuenssberg’s political programme.

    In December, a review of the BBC’s news and drama output by the Campaign for Common Sense suggested the corporation had a preoccupation with the transatlantic slave trade, with more than one article a week on the subject published on the BBC News website throughout 2023.

    In January last year, BBC London News was forced to amend an online article referring to the explorer Sir Francis Drake as a “16th century slave trader” as well as delete a tweet carrying the description.

    An interview last May with a woman calling for the Government to “pay and support disabled people” to access prostitutes was also highlighted, as was an article on Satanism which featured claims that the practice helped with “logic and empathy”.

    The tensions have been worsened by controversies over Lineker, who has used social media to criticise government policies such as its Rwanda plan.

    Lineker is a freelancer, but he is obliged to stick to the broadcaster’s social media rules while representing the corporation. His social media use would be covered by guidelines revised separately last year, and would not be covered by Ofcom rules.

    Sir John Whittingdale, a former culture secretary said: “There was a case for going further but we will test this [new system] and see whether it does result in a more rigorous system which creates greater confidence. If it doesn’t then we need to come back to it.”

    A spokesman for the BBC said: “With regard to the BBC’s impartiality, no other organisation takes its commitment to impartiality more seriously.

    “We have well-established and detailed plans to sustain and further improve standards. We know this matters to audiences and the BBC continues to be the number one source for trusted news, with the highest scores for impartiality and accuracy.

    “During discussions over the Mid-Term Review, we proposed and implemented a number of reforms, including strengthening our complaints procedures, which now form part of the conclusions.

    “We are pleased the Government has fully taken our proposals onboard. We remain committed to continuous improvement to ensure we deliver for all licence fee payers.”ENDS

    So this site won’t be needed any more because BBCOFCOM will be doing its ‘ job ….


  13. Fedup2 says:

    And for enthusiasts here is the piece by one lucy Fraser -the outgoing blue labour culture minister as to why out world leading BBC is going to stop being an anti white anti British Far Left monster

    STARTS Whatever your views on the BBC, no one can dispute that it is unique. For the last century it has held a singular place in our national life, informing, educating and entertaining millions everyday, both in the UK and globally.

    Last year we saw the BBC live up to that standard time and again. Its coverage of the Coronation. Its reporting on the conflict in Ukraine. Its hosting of Eurovision. And abroad, the BBC reaches up to 447 million people every single week.

    While it’s right that we celebrate these successes, we must be clear-eyed about what the BBC can do better. It has – and must always be – held to a higher standard than others on issues like impartiality. Licence fee payers expect it, and it is the job of any Government to ensure the BBC lives up to this expectation. It is incumbent on us to take that responsibility seriously.

    Today we are publishing the BBC’s Mid-Term Review. Halfway through the Royal Charter, this Review is an unmissable opportunity to pause, examine and evaluate the effectiveness of the BBC’s governance and regulation. Is the BBC transparent enough? Is it accountable to licence fee payers? Is it consistently impartial?

    In answering these questions, this review specifically considers a range of issues, from the effectiveness of the regulation by Ofcom to whether the current system of governance and oversight is fit for the future. Our recommendations are unambiguous that there is scope for material improvements across a variety of areas.

    A major challenge for the BBC continues to be impartiality. It cannot be inputted on a computer, and it is not a science. Impartiality requires thought and it requires accountability. It strikes at the very core of the BBC’s remit and the public expects the organisation to embed this value in everything it does. But, as this review makes clear, audience perception that the BBC is not sufficiently impartial is an ongoing issue and it is clear more can be done.

    Today the way we access news and entertainment has changed dramatically from the one in which the Charter reforms were introduced in 2017. Trust in media organisations, and in mainstream sources of news, has eroded substantially during this period, and this has had an effect on public trust in the impartiality of the BBC.

    There is evidence to suggest trust levels in the BBC, overall, remain high relative to other international media organisations. But the corporation has a duty to evolve and maintain a gold standard for its journalism.

    This review is clear that, only by increasing accountability and transparency about efforts undertaken to improve impartiality, will the corporation recapture and enhance its reputation for impartiality. Following direct and constructive dialogue with us in Government, the BBC is implementing major reforms that put the corporation on the right track.

    Reforms include a new legally binding responsibility for the BBC Board to actively oversee the complaints process and the extending of Ofcom’s existing regulatory responsibilities to include the BBC’s online output.

    Our aim will always be to ensure a strong, distinctive, independent BBC can thrive for years to come – and also to improve the BBC where we can. Our hope is that this staging post in the Charter will help us live up to that ambition and support the corporation as it flies the flag for Britain, and our values, in all corners of the world. It’s a determination that goes far beyond this Review – extending to our review of the licence fee.

    Over its 100 year history, the BBC has proven to be one of the most adaptable, innovative and forward-thinking media organisations on the planet. Embracing the findings of the Mid-Term Review – improving its structures and processes – and practically putting impartiality at its heart, will add to that track record.

    The public expects, rightly, the BBC to be an exemplar of impartiality, accuracy and diversity of opinion. An organisation that trusts, respects and serves the entire nation. One that is held to the highest possible standards. We all rely on the BBC being the best it can be. This review will make sure that is what the British public gets.ENDS


    • digg says:

      That’s that sorted out then so nothing to see here move along….You can all stop complaining about BBC output.

      That’s the way they work hand in glove!


  14. digg says:

    Woke this morning and went out to survey the carnage caused by the overnight tornados as warned repeatedly by the Beeb….

    Terrible sight! My empty plastic recycling bin had moved at least 3 inches and a paper bag had been blown onto my doorstep. Don’t expect this sort of armegeddon in January in this Country!

    I guess we just have to get used to severe weather events like this and stop eating meat, driving cars, putting our heating on etc. etc. Blah, blah, blah!

    However the BBC rolling news appears to have sent at least 3 lady reporters to stand on seafronts without hats so their flowing locks blow in the breeze to underline the huge threat to life across the Nation. Also reporting empty rail stations as commuters stay under their duvets which possibly might be connected to all trains getting cancelled.

    Oh for an adult, honest news service!


  15. andyjsnape says:

    BBC review: Ofcom to gain more powers over BBC News website

    One useless organisation, overseeing another useless organisation

    More diversity enforcement?


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Storm story

    1 worst storm in living memory
    2 worst storm in a generation
    3 not enough warning
    4 traffic chaos
    5 dog Walker dies trying to save dog
    6 tree hits car
    7 car hits tree
    8 power lines down until Christmas
    9 vulnerable worst affected
    10 labour mp calls for more money
    11 train station crushes
    12 to windy for wind farms
    13 flight to London diverted to New York
    14 next once in a life time / since records began due tomorrow

    Repeat ….


  17. Fedup2 says:

    Toady watch

    Gloom in the studio – another rival to the true President withdraws from the Republican race to have the election stolen again .
    The daughter of the dead labour leader is now putting the lefties hope in the lefty Nicky Haley ….

    I think there is about to be an ‘anyone but trump ‘ campaign – with the Biden injustice department making up more charges against President Trump – and if he is photographed handcuffed his ratings will go up another 5% – but of no value in a fixed election ..


    • JohnC says:

      Doom and gloom at the BBC and no more leftist misandrists wetting their panties that Hayley is closing the gap.

      Because it’s getting bigger. Trump now has De Santis’ votes.

      It’s amost certainly going to be Trump vs Biden again – and no COVID for the false President to hide behind this time. I wonder if they will let him debate Trump one on one. If they do, you can be 100% certain Biden will get told what to say through an earpiece and the old duffer is so senile now, it will be painfully obvious. And will make the BBC look fools when they pretend they didn’t notice.


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        Biden is debating nobody.
        There is an event coming that will necessitate another lockdown and Senate will seize control under emergency measures.


  18. Fedup2 says:

    Toady y
    Amol v Lucy Frazier – the gutless ‘culture secretary this month

    Amol mentioned – listed the vast number of blue labour culture secretaries in the last 10 plus years who have done nothing – changed nothing …
    ….. and now there is Lucy …..

    Lucy was challenged because she said the BBC has reported her announcement differently during the programme – Lucy – being a coward – withdrew ….

    Meanwhile amol took the opportunity to give GBNews a kicking …. Because it has tories on it … Lucy countered with labour MPs on LBC …

    Amol accused the blue labour regime of being ‘ the governing party ‘ which was an awful slur on the sunak regime which is a long way from governing anything ….

    This time next year Lucy with be a peer ….the BBC will remain more powerful than any government …


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Toady popcorn

    Muslim meesh interviews a Muslim mate over the replacement of a mosque by a Hindu temple in India – whipping up a bit of tribal war on the streets of Blighty ….
    …… the shape of things to come in Blighty ….popcorn


    • Zephir says:

      Always victims when they are outnumbered and unable to bomb, maim and kill are they not….


  20. Zephir says:

    This is the racist scum coming over on the boats,

    “welcome here” say the deluded sex starved wimmin and beardy weirdies with placards, ironically also “stand up to racism” features widely on their placards readily supplied by marxist activist groups:

    “Jewish friends attacked by gang of men for ‘speaking Hebrew’ during night out in Leicester Square ‘called police 10 TIMES before help arrived'”


    • Fedup2 says:

      No coverage of this on the BBC – now where’s that Balen Report ?


    • StewGreen says:

      The context is that there dozens of collateral civilian deaths in London thing is small fry

      New tweet
      After a few minutes the attacking mob dispersed. Then, the shop owners – in which the 3 hid – demanded that they will pay for the damages caused by the attackers.
      “I just wanted to get out of there so I paid”, one of the 3 told me.
      They went to a hospital and were treated for their wounds.
      The Israeli-British woman called the police again this morning and was told an officer will be at her house in an hour.
      As to this evening, no one came.
      “I tried to stop them and stood in front as I was sure they would never hit a woman”, she told me, “they couldn’t care less, they hit me as well”.

      @BBCLondonNews tweets don’t cover it

      It does have this
      ‘Brilliant woman’ Batmanghelidjh honoured at vibrant funeral
      ..quote as a headline ..see they are not biased…. /sarc


  21. StewGreen says:

    9am Radio4 The ADVERTISE Your Book Show
    The topic is War crimes justice
    …. So I guess they will try to do a lot of Israel bashing

    Ostensibly the 3 books are
    – The Future of War Crimes Justice *
    – Judgement at Tokyo : A book about Japan WW2 war trials
    – “A book that explores Arendt’s writings on power and terror, love and justice.”
    The link is, he witnessed the end of a 1963 WW2 trial in Israel .

    * As the world grows increasingly turbulent war crimes justice is needed more than ever, but it appears to be failing.
    Since the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands opened in 2002 it has jailed just five war criminals.
    The journalist and war reporter Chris Stephen looks back at its history and examines alternative options.


  22. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – in USA, ‘Orange Man’ = bad; in India ‘Brown Man’ = bad

    The BBC do not like Donald Trump. The BBC also do not like Narendra Modi! There’s a Hindu temple being ‘consecrated’ on the site of a demolished Mosque and Mishal is upset enough to let the BBC’s famed (and required by OFCOM?) impartiality* disappear. There was an interview with a female Muslim and Mishal Husain about the Hindu temple opening but I wonder if there was an *equivalent interview between Mishal and a female Hindu*? I was moving between rooms and there was a delay in switching on radios in different locations.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Up2 they’ve made this story the no.1 article on the international home page: “For Muslims, India’s biggest minority, the event evoked fear and painful memories, members of the community in Ayodhya told the BBC…”

      How do people still look to them as a world authority?


  23. Fedup2 says:

    Toady. Again

    A quiz – what sort of person would meesh interview about Trump

    1 a democrat
    2 a former democrat Obama staffer
    3 a Republican trump supporter
    4 a Republican who hates trump and will vote for Biden

    The answer is 4 – one for the culture secretary – bbc OFCOM …


  24. Guest Who says:

    Have to love @bbcpolitics
    Was Nicola Sturgeon just following WhatsApp guidelines by hitting delete?


  25. AsISeeIt says:

    The formerly verboten is now presented to us verbatim edition

    The mainstream press this morning dips its toe, ever so gently mind you, into the dangerous depths of some hitherto verboten far-right conspiracy theories …

    The mildly conservative Telegraph’s editorial line, like Francis Urquhart our anti-hero from House of Cards, couldn’t possibly comment… although opinion columnist Nick Timothy may think: Multiculturalism is becoming a Trojan horse for Islamist domination

    Signalling, perhaps, that you can now simultaneously remain coronaphobic but yet ditch some of the more ludicrous magical thinking (TM Suella Braverman) official narratives, the long-time coronaphobic left-leaning ‘i’ newspaper today enables this opinion from Ian Birrell: Why Covid lab leak theory is gaining ground

    Lockdowns were politically motivated?

    Back to the Telegraph for some verbatim reporting of: …secret minutes of a Scottish cabinet meeting on June 30, 2020… The UK Covid inquiry was shown… Nichola Sturgeon’s Cabinet agreed to consider how the Covid pandemic could be politicised to boost support for independence…

    Morbidity Rate Blue Monday

    Meanwhile, over there at the Daily Mail there’s a heart-stopping moment where suddenly, as though completely out of the blue, the mainstream staggers and clutches its hand to its chest and notices: The NHS is suffering its ‘worst heart care crisis in living memory’… Cases of heart attacks among the under-75s had tumbled since the 1960s… – give it time and the Daily Mail might perhaps ‘tumble’ to what sudden novel medical intervention event may just possibly be considered as a root cause of all this heart ache

    In the meantime we’ll be on safer ground if we blame: …obesity, diabetes and undiagnosed high blood pressure are reversing six decades of progress (Daily Mail) – although: Long waits for tests and treatment are also taking their toll, as are the knock-on effects of the Covid pandemic – Mr AsI necessarily jumps in here with his own editorial blue pencil: taking their toll, as are the knock-on effects of the Covid pandemic Lockdowns

    You may want to sit down before I tell you this next one… today’s Guardian reports an adverse consequence of the relaxing of visa controls – you heard that right… the arch lefty Gruan, the very nexus of our metropolitan elite value system, the very BBC in print, suddenly finds a downside to opening our borders to all-comers…

    Surge in modern slavery in social care sector since visa rules eased (Guardian) – ok, I know it’s not exactly a leader penned by Enoch Powell – in fact it sounds just the sort of triangulating caring sharing middle England reassuring line that might be plucked straight from a Tony Blair-mentored Keir Starmer prospective manifesto

    So much for the out-lying reporting – now back to the tired old official narratives

    When it comes to transatlantic politics our mainstream have a simple mantra – anyone but Trump

    The Guardian as though in obituary mood, regrets to inform readers: DeSantis drops out US presidential hopeful quits race and backs Trump

    The market savvy Financial Times would, you might imagine, be loath to back no-hope long-shot outsiders, however: Haley looks for late surge

    Over to the weather…

    Mr AsI is somewhat of a connoisseur of a fine tabloid headline. He’ll even indulge a good pun. But he has to call them out when they’re forced and when they simply don’t work.

    The giveaway freebie Metro, keen as it is on climate alarmism, wants to pun on the latest named storm, but this screamer effort is too clucky for words: VISH-OUS STORM BATTERS BRITAIN

    Colour me sceptic

    When you have to use differently coloured type to work your pun – as the corporate ad sheet Metro does in red with ISH referring to the so-called storm Isha – not only do you give Mr AsI the hump on the not unreasonable grounds that he can’t render your lame gag in colour hereabouts, you also fall foul of the fact that the public simply ain’t talking about storm Isha in the familiar way your boys and girls may be in your newsroom.

    Note to the Met Office – knock it off with all these peculiar oddly spelt Celtic-sounding names for storms and get back to names like Betty or Claudette – they might stand a chance of catching on with the target audience – it’s advertising 101 – think brand name recognition – for goodness sake haven’t you listened to Donald Draper present an ad campaign on the telly in Mad Men?


    • Zephir says:

      Never seen Mad Men, just watched a couple of scenes on youtube, looks fascinating will have to explore further….


      • Fedup2 says:

        Zephir – I got the box set for about a 5 fiver in a charidee shop – I watched but git bored – might need to rewatch it though as it is meant to be ‘good ‘…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Bit like one of those desperate impersonators has to mention the name of the person he ?it is meant to be impersonating..


  26. tomo says:


  27. Guest Who says:

    BBC trawling the kindergartens to beat Sky?
    ‘My dream is to be a young journalist, so I can deliver the voices of the Palestinian children to the world’.
    Meet Gaza’s youngest journalist, nine-year-old Lama Abu Jamous.
    Listen to her full interview this week at 9pm on The World with @SkyYaldaHakim.

    Such efforts will not help their credibility.


  28. andyjsnape says:

    Sleepy Joe, not biden, this time

    Joseph Boakai: Liberia’s new president takes on tough challenge


  29. Zephir says:

    FFS x3

    THIS is “broken Britain”

    “Rochdale grooming gang ringleader, 54, is STILL living in Britain nearly nine years after he was meant to have been deported to Pakistan over sickening child sex offences.

    He was jailed for six years after being convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children under 16 and trafficking for sexual exploitation.

    But he was freed on licence in November 2014 after just two-and-a-half years in prison. He then returned home to his wife and five children.

    A new hard-hitting report released this week concluded that at least 96 men who pose a potential risk to children continue to roam the Greater Manchester area, but admits they are likely ‘only a proportion of the individuals’ committing sex abuse.

    Following on from a 2013 report that examined how abuse was allowed to continue for so long before any convictions were secured, the damning 173-page paper slammed police and council bosses for failing to act on early reports of grooming.”


  30. tomo says:


  31. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    With all the casualty numbers the bbbc are reporting from their friends in Gaza it will not be long until the only people left alive in Gaza will be the terrorists and the fighting age young men.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Even if you believe the Hamas figures (I don’t), they imply that about 1% of the pre war population of Gaza has been killed. I think that shows amazing restraint by Israel.


  32. BRISSLES says:

    Meanwhile back at Homes Under the Hammer, there is uproar on Twitter as the Beeb has ditched the older white male and DIY expert Tommy Walsh, for a flouncy gay weatherman Oily Wynn-Evans – who is about 15.

    What Martin makes of it all is anyone’s guess! a decent little programme with him and Lucy – both property developers, in the beginning, taken over by the United nations of presenters who know bugger all about property – except Tommy. But if you’re a footballer that’s OK- even better if you’re not white. If you’re on a shopping channel or rescue stuff from the tip, that’s good – even better if you’re not white. OK get a young girl to wave her arms about a bit, Scottish (?) even. Now we have a gay weatherman to extol the virtues of the amount of plasterwork needed to be done..

    So where is the wheelchair user in his hard hat? Oh he’s busy doing Escape to the Country.


  33. JohnC says:

    New Hampshire primary: Attacks fly as Donald Trump grows lead

    So we are told Nikki Haley is only responding to Trumps attacks:

    ‘His criticisms appear to have convinced her to turn up the heat on the former president.’

    So I read on to find out what he said about her. Nothing. The only thing they reported (again) is how he basically referenced her Indian name implying she isn’t a true American. And of course the BBC went to great pains to discredit what Trump said.

    For simply using her name, the BBC wrote:
    ‘a misspelling of her birth name Nimarata, and to baselessly suggest she was ineligible to serve as president or vice president in the US.’
    ‘was reminiscent of the false birther attacks Mr Trump deployed against former President Barack Obama.’

    ‘Ms Haley responded to the baseless claim by telling reporters in New Hampshire that Mr Trump is “clearly insecure if he goes and does these temper tantrums”.’
    That’s THREE pieces of information added by the BBC to counter what Trump said.

    Then we get explicit details of FOUR times she attacked Trump and then TWO more from one of her supporters !. And not a single comment on any of them from the BBC.
    This is the last one:
    “We have to continue to show incremental growth and progress until we are the last man, or woman, standing against him.”
    What utter nonsense !!! – not much growth involved when you end up being the last one.

    Here’s the BBC idiot and clear Trump hater who wrote it:


    • Guest Who says:

      Richard Burgon’s eye brow and braincell double?


    • Deborah says:

      I have always said that I don’t know about Trump. If I lived in America, I might have supported him, I might not. Trouble is I really don’t know about him and his politics because the MSM won’t tell me. The MSM and especially the BBC are so full of their lies and venom, I would find out more truth by looking at random blogs and YouTube videos.


  34. Flotsam says:

    I’m looking forward to Trump winning and pardoning Derek Chauvin the Police Officer convicted of murdering George Floyd. The uproar! Many people wouldn’t do it but I believe Trump will, if he wins.

    The issue is, will Trump survive a campaign? There’s a lot of guns in the USA


    • tomo says:

      Trump survive?

      not a given…. Ukraine and Palestine look like fertile ground for recruiting shooters who’d be arm’s length and murky enough to defy immediate attribution to domestic nazties.


  35. Guest Who says:
    JOHN MCGUIRK: Chances are the Government will see sense and not implement this madcap “tax broadband to fund RTE” scheme – but it’s consideration shows what a political problem RTE has become for politicians.

    Because politicians of all hues, n government or out, are noted for their ability to identify sense.


  36. Dickie says:

    While you were being distracted….

    Our ‘representatives’ (from all parties) have been passing laws that severely restrict our rights and freedoms, including those of free speech, free thought, freedom to travel, to associate,
    to work, trade, develop and pursue whatever life we want
    for ourselves and our families. Totalitarianism, or tyranny, in
    other words, and now they have the technological means to monitor, control and limit all of our activity at the touch of a button, which we admittedly are freely giving them
    by our addiction to smartphones and the internet
    Technocratic legislation disguised as protective laws to help society. While fully enacted legislation cannot be ‘conspiracy theory’, those who believe none of this applies to them will need to tell those who will be carrying out their enforcement, or automaticaly penalising you.

    Research By
    Jessica Peters

    Online SafetyAct 2023
    This Act limits the freedom to
    protest in certain places such as
    power stations or near hospitals
    and abortion centres. Despite
    claims that its implementation is
    for the protection of patients and
    workers, its powers have proven
    to be far overreaching and easily
    Described by the international
    human rights organisation Article
    19 as an ‘extremely complex and
    incoherent piece of legislation’.
    This act poses a threat to the
    privacy, human rights and civil
    liberties of every UK citizen by
    curtailing fundamental freedoms
    such as that of free speech and
    free press.

    Public OrderAct 2023
    This Act limits the freedom to
    protest in certain places such as
    power stations or near hospitals
    and abortion centres. Despite
    claims that its implementation is
    for the protection of patients and
    workers, its powers have proven
    to be far overreaching and easily

    Abortion (Amendment)
    Regulation 2022Regulation 2022
    Amends the Abortion Act 1967
    to provide for at-home abortions
    to mothers whose babies are
    at under 10 weeks gestation. A
    doctor can certify ‘on good faith’
    that the baby is below the 10 week
    threshold before sending abortion
    medication, meaning no scan or
    evidence is necessary, thereby
    broadening the ability to murder
    babies without due process.

    Contempt of Court Act
    Severely restricts the ability to
    comment on court cases publicly
    or using social media, even where
    the individual is unaware of any
    censorship by the judiciary. Those
    found to be in breach of this Act
    can be sentenced to up to two
    years in prison as well as facing
    a fine

    Elections Act 2022
    Being the most significant change
    to the voting process in around
    150 years, this Act makes it a
    legal requirement to present
    identification upon voting in
    general elections. This could be
    considered to alienate young and
    marginalised voters by hindering
    their involvement in the voting

    Judicial Review and
    Courts Act 2022Courts Act 2022
    The Act introduces suspended
    quashing orders (SQO) and
    prospective quashing orders
    (PQO), in addition to the regular
    quashing orders, meaning
    unlawful Acts can remain valid,
    even if just for an extended period
    of time. Broadens the remedies
    used by the courts to grant and
    limit the use of judicial review as a
    route of appeal from the tribunals.

    Police, Crime, Sentencing
    and Courts Act 2022and Courts Act 2022
    Far-reaching new powers for
    police; usurps constitutional
    right to protest and criminalises
    marginalised communities.
    Despite over 700 academics and
    350 charities in direct opposition
    to the Bill, it was given Royal
    Assent in April of 2022.

    Genetic Technology
    (precision breeding) Act 2023(precision breeding) Act 2023
    Precision Breeding – described
    by Birmingham University as
    ‘gene editing technology to
    make targeted changes to the
    genetic code of organisms’ – is not
    required to be clearly labelled,
    therefore potentially undermining
    consumer protection and free
    choice to not consume genetically
    modified foods or the products of
    genetically modified animals.

    Terrorism Act 2000
    (places of detention)(places of detention)
    Designation 2022Designation 2022
    While seeming to be a piece of
    legislation which protects the
    national security of the country, it
    allows for any police station to be
    considered a place of detention
    at which persons can be detained
    under the Terrorism Act 2000.
    Misused to unlawfully detain
    protesters and dissidents
    Health and Care Act
    (water fluoridation) 2022(water fluoridation) 2022
    This Act amended the Water
    Industry Act 1991 to transfer the
    responsibility and power to the
    Secretary of State for Health to
    implement and terminate water
    fluoridation schemes. This
    power was previously with the
    Local Authority, whom this Act
    relieves of that duty, in yet more
    centralisation of power.

    EU Digital Services Act
    EU will impose huge sanctions on
    companies if they fail to remove
    illegal content, including ‘hate
    speech’, from their large digital
    platforms. In summary, users of
    these platforms can be banned
    for sharing content which the
    EU concludes to be criminal,
    including ‘misinformation’ and
    hurt feelings.

    Climate Change Act 2008
    Committing the UK to reduce
    its emissions of greenhouse
    gases by up to 80 per cent
    by the year 2050. This Act
    legislates a responsibility to
    tackle and respond to the Trojan
    Horse climate change agenda,
    used to restrict our freedoms
    incrementally, in the name of
    lower carbon dioxide, which has
    zero effect on temperatures.

    Banking Act 2009
    Allows banks to legally confiscate
    our money. Any money stored
    in a banking institution is now
    an unsecured loan to the bank,
    and account holders will share
    in bank losses with no recourse.
    Disguised as a stabilisation tool,
    similar legislation was used in
    the 2013 Cyprus financial crisis
    to seize people’s hard-earned

    National Security Act
    Supposedly to strengthen the
    national security of the UK against
    espionage, interference in the
    political system, sabotage and
    assassination. Another Act that,
    while being introduced under the
    pretence of being for the hard to
    imagine being used against law-
    abiding citizens.

    Covert Human
    Intelligence SourcesIntelligence Sources
    (criminal conduct) Act 2021(criminal conduct) Act 2021
    Legalises criminal conduct of
    covert human intelligence sources
    – so long as the conduct is thought
    to be proportionate to what is
    sought to be achieved by that
    conduct. Those employed by the
    state and paid by the people to
    obstruct and investigate crimes,
    can be authorised to commit
    crimes in the course of their duty

    Energy Act 2023
    Described by Energy Security
    Secretary Claire Coutinho as “the
    largest piece of energy legislation
    in a generation” this Act aims to
    boost the roll-out of smart meters.
    This includes a five-year extension
    of the secretary of state’s
    power to modify energy license
    conditions and industry codes for
    the sole purpose of pushing smart

    Zero Emissions Vehicle
    In an attempt to switch to a nation
    of electric vehicles, this mandate
    requires 80 per cent of new cars
    and 70 per cent of new vans sold
    in Britain to be zero emission
    by the year 2030 and increasing
    to 100% over the subsequent 5
    years. Further pushing the green
    agenda as laid out by the United
    Nations/World Economic Forum’s
    Sustainable Development Goals.

    Digital Protection and
    Digital information BillDigital information Bill
    This Bill will establish a
    framework to facilitate digital
    verification services, enabling
    the replacement of paper
    documentation with digital
    identities. It will be used for
    birth and death registration,
    law enforcement and national
    security, and for the processing
    of data by political parties and
    elected representatives.


    • Terminal Moraine says:

      Gene editing is presented as different from gene modification (GMO) but it is still a potentially very dangerous technology.

      ‘Precision breeding’ and ‘precision medicine’ are new propaganda terms that the UK gov and biotech companies are introducing but are highly misleading. As precise as mRNA tech is safe and effective.


  37. digg says:

    I really cannot understand why the BBC are rolling continuous Storm Isha stuff with multiple reporters being rolled on one after another from points all over the UK.

    So far we know that a few trees have fallen as rickety ageing trees tend to in windy weather. Rail companies have stopped trains (no surprise there then!) Plus sadly an old man has died in Scotland after the car he was travelling in crashed into a fallen tree.

    Maybe the ridiculous overkill is because they don’t want another embarrassment such as the one created by Michael Fish in 1987?

    1987: Great Hurricane
    Michael Fish (BBC) laughed off suggestions a hurricane was on the way. A few hours later 22 were dead, 15 million trees uprooted and wind speeds of 122 mph were recorded in Norfolk.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      I think the idea is to create the impression that we have never had storms before, it’s something new so what could possibly have changed? Ah, I know, it’s global warming…

      I’ve just heard on the radio that we have had more storms than any other year since records began in 1516. Sounds dramatic, until you realise that the ‘journalist’ was actually referring to 2015 to 2016 i.e. the 8 years since they started giving them silly names. The naming business itself is propaganda i.e.

      1. The Americans have names for their hurricances.
      2. We never had to name our storms, but now they are so violent that they are just like hurricanes so we must name them too.
      3. Why have our storms become so violent? Ah, that’ll be the global warming, old chap. Doubles all round and let’s close down the steel plants. I know you’ve only just got back from Davos but shall we have dinner in my club tonight?


      • Flotsam says:

        Be aware that some insurance policies do not provide cover in the event of damage caused by named storms. I’m unsure how far the idea has spread to domestic property but it is used in policies for certain specialised areas. You obviously have to pay more to get full cover. Insurance companies often hide new terms on policy renewal so take care.


    • Eddy Booth says:

      And over the years Fish somehow increased his reputation despite the non warning…😕


  38. Terminal Moraine says:

    What could be a more ludicrous pairing than the Met Police working with Marianna Spring to help identify terrorist threats?

    “Head of @TerrorismPolice @MattJukesMPS spoke to reporters about concerns that ‘extraordinary’ global events may lead to a greater risk of people becoming radicalised and involved in terrorism […] AC Jukes also highlighted the sharp rise in reports of terrorist content made to the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit. We invited BBC’s @mariannaspring to visit the CTIRU, which is hosted by the Met.”

    Expect to see more frenzies in extreme-right village fetes with SWAT teams arriving to neutralise the scone stall.


  39. Doublethinker says:

    Guardian Perplexed

    In today’s edition of the far left newspaper there is an article which attempts to understand why in Germany recent ‘scandals’ re deporting unassimilated migrants haven’t reduced AfD polling numbers. There is consternation why the polling has slightly increased since the scandal story broke and worry that banning the AfD , something the German neo liberal elite are contemplating, will result in greater support.
    The article runs true to form and dismisses with a sneer any thought that Germans , like their French, British, Italian , Dutch , Swedish , Danish, Hungarian, Irish and Spanish, counterparts are rising against the policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism that the neo liberals have imposed on them.
    The neo liberal elite simply won’t see or admit that their policy is a disaster and one which ordinary people all,over Europe reject. The question now is how will the elite react when the ballot box drives them out of government?How dirty will their rearguard against democracy become ?


  40. Thoughtful says:

    Just listen to Lucy Fraser talking muppet from the Tories explaining how they are going to nothing at all to end the TV tax, save to make it 1000 times more expensive for those who end up being prosecuted to help the BBC destroy ordinary people.

    The BBC licence is currently a criminal offence. It needs to stay this way because everyone knows Britains criminal ‘justice’ system is a complete joke. Fines are pretty low for those who fail to pay their TV tax, however if it is decriminalised here is what will happen.

    Civil laws allow for damages which are limitless, and the also allow for costs which again are limitless. We have seen the way that parking penalties have been allowed to spiral to disgraceful levels by bent judges keen to provide fee work for their colleagues.

    If the Marxist Tory muppets decriminalise the TV Tax for the BBC then sanctions will rise on the poor from the tens of pounds into the thousands. It might be a good thing as the incompetent Tory muppets probably can’t even conceive the poor don’t have thousands and thousand to pay the courts for the BBC and we will be in another Post Office type of scandal once again.

    Have a watch of Beaker the muppet saying – well, very little really but using a lot of words to do it.


    • Guest Who says:

      Total set up.

      When was he last on QT? The guy who had The BBC utterly trained.


    • Fedup2 says:

      If i recall frazer wrote a letter about a citizen called russell brand over as yet unproven’ sex allegations’ frazer is another lesd than sharp knife in the blue labour box .,,


    • StewGreen says:

      Lucy Frazer is all over the media showing how clueless she is
      We all know that that the BBC has Guardianland bias running though it like a stick of rock
      And that truly honest and objective staff struggle
      WE see dozens of examples per hour
      eg We are not far away from the next wind industry PRasNews being read out in the news bulletin of Radio Humberside etc.

      The Civil Service have produced a weak report today too

      FFS they should’ve started with the obvious empirical that there is a chronic decline in licence fee purchases.


      • Doublethinker says:

        There is hardly a single institution left in Britain that has not fallen to the hyperglobalist neo liberals. From the education system , through the political elite to the judiciary , they are run and staffed by people who support the WEF build back better agenda and regard nation states and democracy as outmoded and an obstacle to be broken down. The BBC is their cheer leader.
        They support and reinforce each other and look down on ordinary people who don’t share their views as deplorables and knuckledraggers. Their arrogance and sense of righteous entitlement is immense and they hold all the levers of power which they use ruthlessly to protect their position.
        This government , or any other one formed from the LibLabCon coalition , and the civil service are fully paid up members of the neo liberal elite and will never do anything which undermines or damages their power. Democracy is unlikely to be able to overturn their rule and any challenge to them will be attacked by the full power of the state.


  41. StewGreen says:

    Opening item and theme throughout the show
    “tonight’s episode of Countryfile, alongside an amazing group of women from the Wildlife Camerawomen Community.
    I’ve been part of this group for the last few years and it’s such a supportive community, sharing knowledge, skills and inspiration amongst underrepresented groups within the wildlife film industry.”


  42. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC – but newspaper reports of ryanair passengers being dumped after their flight was diverted because of storm wotsit.

    What do people expect ? Too much by the sounds of it . The last time it happened to me – on BA business the crew disappears leaving a young girl with a clipboard to deal with 150 passengers at 11pm in an overwhelmied airport .

    Travelling is not always straight forward …as for ryanair – does anyone really expect anything from them ?

    Mini rant done


    • StewGreen says:

      Try being at Sri Lanka’s airport flying to India
      when one of the airlines was days into a strike
      I think I was there 3 days and even then a fridge was counted as hand luggage.
      I saw check-in staff turn and run away from crowds trying to check in etc.


  43. vlad says:

    Well, well, well, 2 days in a row, and 2 double-page spreads favourable to Trump in the Mail.
    On Saturday, BoJo wrote favourably about Orange Man, and yesterday it was the deputy editor of The Spectator, no less.
    “If Trump really is so uniquely appalling, how come tens of millions of perfectly reasonable Americans want him back in the Whitehouse, writes FREDDY GRAY”.
    Clearly there has been a shift in editorial policy. Until 5 minutes ago, the DM was as sniffy towards Trump as everybody else.

    Now, suddenly, its high-profile guest writers are declaring that, ‘hey guys, you know what? Trump doesn’t have horns after all.’
    Many here have known it for the past decade, but it seems that at least some of the mainstream commentators are waking up and catching up.
    In yesterday’s article, Freddy Gray runs through some of the areas where Biden has been an abject failure, where Trump would have been – and could yet be – infinitely preferable.
    Those include:
    Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
    North Korea
    Domestic US Policies including:
    The open Southern Border (with all the ensuing crime, drugs and human trafficking).
    Crippling energy policies
    Trump’s approach towards the UK, especially:
    Northern Ireland
    and what Trump called a ‘beautiful, beautiful’ trade deal.

    His conclusion: “it’s time we recognise that, for all his flaws, a second Trump term could be a lot better than the alternative.”
    Yep, high time.

    Full article: