Weekend 6th July 2024 After the Election

The red version of the uni party takes control …the BBC has achieved its’ objective of damaging the blues at any opportunity . it is safe for the next long 5 years .Our fight goes on with Reform as our friend .The targeting of Reform by the Far Left will be constant and intense because it speaks for the British people .

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  1. Scroblene says:

    a small hiya.

    Nigel Farage with his leadership of Reform gets five seats after getting millions of votes! 6.25% of the HoC to be exact.

    FPTP has to go, whether you like extremist parties or not – and there could well be several religious bunches hanging around next time!

    He has a huge hill to climb, but he’s the best man to do that clamber!


    • Fedup2 says:

      Scroblene – well done on the first again – my timing is a bit squiffy – caused by the heat of the med, having been awake for more or less 36 hours and a bottle of red retailing at €2.50 …

      During the night I was diving into R4 and ITV . Comrade Robinson got a bit tired at about 0400 and said something about Muslims voting as a group …. My ears pricked up because of the rare criticism of the BBC favourite group .

      Robinson either realised the road he was going down ( ie the truth ) or got shouted at by the editor and quickly rolled back and went to ‘all Muslims are peace loving individuals ‘ … I allowed myself a small snigger ….


      • Scroblene says:

        Have another snigger on me, Fed!

        I’m only first as I’d totally cocked up my home finance budget spreadsheet, and had to go to the extremes of a few glasses of red (£6 in Tesco) to extricate the problem!

        Luckily, I managed it by the skin of my teeth, and while congratulating myself, I clicked your site, and saw the magic words…

        So here I am, well over twice the driving allowance, and ready to – er – do – er anything for Reform…

        …until they ask me for money, but I really need that!


    • Nibor says:


      The British people might be hesitant about PR for the Commons , being conservative in nature .

      But the House of Lords has been radically REFORMed over the last years , in fact historically it’s been the first to be reformed from an upper chamber to a lower chamber .

      Nigel Farage would be best to posit that the House of Lords should be REFORMed into a lower chamber with proportional representation as its voting means .

      So it ends , no it starts , with two chambers , both elected but by different means and the British people can see which works best .
      The more democracy the better.


      • Scroblene says:

        Nibor, I like that!

        The HoL seems to be the be-all of democracy at the moment, because they tell us they are, but your idea is one to ponder seriously! I’ve never considered that!

        I am revived now!


    • tarien says:

      He is the man that cometh to save us from destruction of those that do us ill-Integration of other cultures over the past 40 odd years supported by the introduction of Multiculturalism, which as we have and are discovering is slowly destroying the indigenous folk of this nation. Kier Starmer has brought wolves into his cabinet that will endeavour to turn any good he may provide to the nation, away to follow the destructive polices of the Global Elites.


  2. Nibor says:

    Well Tories you’d decided that international agreements and judges , woke judges here , the civil service, the BBC and even criminal gangs at Calais should have the final say on policies that affect all our lives here rather than yourselves in the Parliament .
    And now you’re analysing why you lost power .

    You disregarded ordinary people with conservative inclinations and sucked up to the cleresy of university lecturers , BBC personnel and the BBC fixed audiences , left wing pressure groups and fake charities that act as pressure groups etc to find you lost the votes of the ordinary people but didn’t gain the votes of the cleresy .

    You allowed the problems of mass immigration then hit out at people , companies or organisations that weren’t responsible for mass immigration problems , like the water companies over sewage ( they are bad , but you are worse ) , landlords , car commuters, old folk living in houses they had always lived in etc .

    Do you think you ever deserve another period of power ?


  3. Lucy Pevensey says:


  4. Deborah says:

    Sue Gray, headed BoJo’s cake-gate inquiry and became Starmer’s Chief of Staff. Now I read that Sir Patrick Vallence, advising BoJo on lockdown, has become a Minister in Starmer’s government. I can remember him being asked a question at a Covid press briefing. He responded by saying that it wasn’t his job to make political decisions, only to advise ministers on the science. I wonder when he changed his mind. Perhaps the BBC could investigate.


    • tarien says:

      Valance was and maybe still is a major shareholder in one of the Pharmaceutical companies that provided the so-called Covid vaccine. As of that, this man should never be offered any Ministerial position, is incomprehensible.


  5. Up2snuff says:

    Snuffy is still in the depths of gloom at the size of the Labour majority in the HoC.


    • Nibor says:

      Snuffy ,

      Size doesn’t matter .

      It’s what you do with it . Enough innuendo.

      A big majority for Labour is even better than a small majority over the long term and the grand scheme of things .

      On the Labours side, there’s going to be a lot of MPs who know they won’t progress into ministers and will become more free thinking over time , even unruly and couldn’t care less if the whip was withdrawn .
      And could Sir Kier control such a mass of MPs ?

      On the Conservative side they can’t just shrug their shoulders and think it was a close run thing. They now have to analyse why they had a near obliteration. . Whether they reach the right conclusion is whether they listen.

      Reform did say the Labour Party would get into power . Perhaps those who did vote Conservative will rue wasting their vote in trying to keep Labour out .


  6. Deborah says:

    I am refusing to see any MSM but I watched Winston Marshall analysing the numbers on YouTube. If I remember correctly when Corbyn led Labour in the election against Theresa he got over 12 million votes. Starmer yesterday got 9 million. I cannot decide how rotten Parliament is or be pleased how many British people did not want this government. But I really fear what destruction is delivered over the next 5 years or how long it takes the uk to recover.


  7. tomo says:

    Well there’s a fresh spin on censorship

    Comments on NewsQuest local rag web sites are disappearing without a sign – previously there were removal notices.


  8. Flotsam says:

    Lammy as Foreign Secretary? What a joke, it demonstrates Smarmer is unfit to be PM.

    I think I heard that Smarmer has scrapped Rwanda. What plan does he have instead?


  9. wronged says:

    I’ve looked at the full cabinet members appointed by Sir Keir.

    The first thing that leaps out to me is just how white skinned they are, -very few ethnics.
    The media have failed to pick this up. I believe intentionally, I am therefore not surprised by this oversight

    This from the woke party who push positive discrimination.
    Blinkin’ hypocrites.


    • tomo says:


      • G says:

        Expect loads of ‘Justice’ coming down the tracks. Just think, she as SoS for Justice and the growing islamic contingent in the Home Office: Together, they have the means to strangle the public more in legislation and and enforcing same in the courts. A, ‘Meeting of Minds and Purpose’. What’s not to like?


    • BRISSLES says:

      Well, there may not be a lot to choose from if Lammy is the best of the bunch – and the only reason he got one of the top jobs – this is the thicko that believes a cervix can be grown !!


  10. wronged says:

    Just by means of supporting my previous post, namely the Cabinet list. These people are Labour’s best. I don’t think I’ve missed anybody out, if I have would you mind adding them to the list. Pretty sure they’d be white skinned.

    When you read this list. I would like you to please try and use the accent as portrayed by the former Scottish First minister Humza Yousaf.

    James Timpson White
    Patrick Vallance White
    Sir Keir Starmer White
    Alan Campbell White
    Richard Hermer White
    Lucy Powell White
    Steve Reed White
    Hilary Benn White
    Ian Murray White
    Lisa Nandy Ethnic
    Peter Kyle White
    Louise Haigh White
    Jonathan Reynolds White
    Liz Kendall White
    Darren Jones White
    Shabana Mahmood Ethnic
    Wes Streeting White
    Bridget Phillipson White
    Ed Miliband White
    Angela Smith White
    Jo Stevens White
    McFadden White
    David Lammy Ethnic
    John Healey White
    Rachel Reeves White
    Angela Rayner White
    Yvette Cooper White


  11. tomo says:

    They could all be purple with yellow polka dots as far as I’m concerned.


  12. harry142857 says:

    From sickipedia

    Angela Rayner asking Starmer which house on Downing Street she can have so she can sub let her current one.


  13. Doublethinker says:

    On a long term optimistic note in this otherwise gloomy summer.
    We in the UK have made a first tiny step in freeing ourselves from the serfdom of Globalism by electing 5 Reformers and gutting the Tories but elsewhere the people hare making much bigger strides forward. Eventually if they can complete the overthrow ofthe Globalists we will be able to free ourselves much more easily.
    The New Zealanders kicked out Jacinda, the Canadians are going to get rid of Trudeau, the French have at least made a lame duck of Macron, the Italians installed Meloni , the Dutch have voted in a strongly anti Muslim government as have the Danes, the Americans are favouring Trump ever more strongly , even the European Parliament in swinging right.
    Everywhere there are examples of people getting rid of Globalists and asserting their national interests. In all these countries younger voters are rejecting Globalism in favour of national populism.
    The tide is with Farage et al to build their national movement. There are reasons to be hopeful for the next election .


    • Fedup2 says:

      Double – Alexa says it’s 1824 days until 4th July 2029 – which I suppose is the limit of the red regime …. I ask myself – apart from for those on benefits or coloured – will anything improve for me ? No – I know I will be paying even higher taxes than I would under the blues ….
      But being someone of the right who will never be a parasite on their state I might either be in preventive detention or another country …. I’m glad I’m not in the former UK at the moment …


  14. AsISeeIt says:

    Magnanimous to the point of obsequiousness in this loveless landslide edition

    Keir Starmer to meet cabinet as he begins first full day as PM (BBC)

    But, didn’t he just say he likes to knock off at six on Friday for the weekend? : Starmer suggests he won’t work past 6pm on Fridays… The Labour leader says he likes to protect time to spend with his family on Friday evenings (Telegraph 1 July 2024 • 6:55pm)

    Be reasonable, we can’t take literally everything he said during the election campaign.

    I feel a friendly fact-check coming on

    No, Keir Starmer Has Not Said He Will Clock Off At 6PM Every Day When He Is Prime Minister… The Labour leader says he wants to spend time with his family at the weekend (Huff Post by Kevin Schofield)

    Or did he? And was it a mistake or not? Get ready for a lot of Starmer-friendly media gatekeeping and flip flopping.

    Is Starmer right to stop work for his family at 6pm on Fridays? Now we want to know what you think… All you have to do is sign up and register your details — then you can take part in the discussion… Make sure you adhere to our community guidelines (Independent)

    The gynaeceum that is the BBC Visual Journalism team celebrate the gynaeceum that is the new cabinet: Who’s in Keir Starmer’s new cabinet? – including a record 11 women… Rachel Reeves is the new chancellor of the Exchequer – the first woman appointed to the role. (BBC) – which, apparently, is about the most important thing there is to say about her.

    The hardest question our Sir Keir might be asking himself now is how many penises might there actually be around his cabinet table?

    And the media is, mind you, pretty Starmer-friendly – as our mythical Tory press (of which we hear so much) is about as hard to find for us chaps as that legendary little lady part – the Rishi lackey loyalist Daily Express is magnanimous to the point of obsequiousness: Let us be gracious in defeat… The Express pays tribute to Sir Keir’s historic victory – given such complacency at the advent of an avowed Socialist in Number10 one has to wonder what was the point in all the election campaigning against him? If the changing of the guard is apparently no biggie? But to highlight such matters would be to admit to the existance of a ruling Uniparty.

    Remember folks, it’s not a conspiracy theory, if it’s true.

    Pound and UK shares rise after poll result (Telegraph) – seems the markets don’t believe Sir Keir is that much of a socialist – economically speaking at least.

    The Labour-supporting Mirror hastily shoots its load: Now we begin… Keir Starmer enters Downing Street… Wave of hope

    The ever-excitable Daily Mail provides a rare note of caution demanding: Now he has to deliver – and daring to expose our semi-naked new emperor: Loveless landslide on just 34pc of the vote…

    The formerly patriotic Times is of course a fanboy and happily hangs on their bland champion’s every dull platitudinous word: ‘The work of change begins’ – Meaning? Well, all things to all men – and a record number of women, apparently.

    The corporate crony globalist FT Weekend liked that one for their banner headline too.

    Reading the runes, somewhat beyond the headlines, we can but notice frontpage of the Times the sloagn in an ad from Money Super Market: Time to get serious about saving

    It goes without saying that the Guardian tops the BBC online press line-up – with their man’s call for renewed faith in the system: ‘We will fight every day until you believe again’

    Let’s parse that statement – The Pandemic, The Vaccine, Our NHS, The Ukraine War… now The Democracy itself: Mr Farage said: “The political establishment are in fear in private as to what happened last night with those results in the election.” (BBC)

    Yep, the Uniparty regime will need to close ranks with the Unimedia to convince us plebs to believe again.

    The mildly conservative Telegraph conjures a rather distasteful image: Tories need time to lick wounds


  15. Fedup2 says:


    Have I heard it right ?

    Biden now identifies as a black woman ?

    And in response to a question he “did the goodest job he could “?
    Our Justin doesn’t seem concerned about the mental health of his false president – just whether his party – the democrats – can beat President Trump . Vote Trump . I have .


    • JohnC says:

      Only the ‘Lord Almighty’ could convince me to quit – Biden

      Way to go Joe !!!.

      ‘Mr Biden, who is due to speak at another rally in Pennsylvania on Sunday, thanked the vice-president for her support. She has emerged as the most likely candidate to replace him on the Democratic ticket if he were to step down.’

      Even better !!.

      Here’s the full video the BBC show us just a clip from. Obviously they picked the best bit. In the full one, he spends alarge part of it just insulting Trump. It’s amazing : what a truly nasty tw@t he is. I simply cannot bring myself to feel sorry for the old coot.

      I’ve started the video at a bit the BBC overlook as it clearly shows yet again how addled his brain is.

      The BBC have a big problem now and I can tell they are very worried. Even in this article which is nothing whatsoever to do with him, they get a dig in at Trump.

      This farce just needs the BBC to start hinting at some of the greediest, most corrupt potential replacements so crack the party right down the middle.

      Just like they did to the Conservatives by making Sajid Javid and the other lowest-life in the Tory party think it was their time to be PM – so they ousted Boris while he was under immense BBC pressure.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Biden’s brain identifies as a loofah.


  16. Fedup2 says:

    Today 2

    The demeanour of the Today studio is one of ‘victory ‘ and – I think ‘celebration ‘ … they now have approved politicians and an approved government .
    The targeting of reform / Farage can now be stretched across 5 years – but I think the bbc would rather ignore the 4 million voters who put reform second in 98 seats – that’s 98 seats ….
    In the news they said a reform candidate had won the Iranian election – I misheard – it’s a ‘reformist ‘ candidate .. he thinks queers should not be thrown off roofs higher than 3 storeys …


    • Guest Who says:

      The giddy sycophancy of the entire msm is quite something to behold.

      Fick Ange’s new fashions have appeared to turn Paul Brand straight.

      No more leaning out the No. 11 bathroom window for him.


      • Guest Who says:

        Where’s Amy Rutland when needed?

        “For the first time in many of our lives, actually Britain looks like a little haven of peace and stability”
        Political commentator Andrew Marr says Britain’s newfound “stability” will “draw money” into the country, but ultimately, labour will have to raise taxes

        QED. Even for Groper, now an LBC fixture, impressive.


  17. Doobster78 says:

    Slightly disappointed with Reforms 4.1 million votes , yes, it’s good but was expecting a little bit more.

    It’s not really been mentioned but the turnout was woeful, bit of apathy for sure but I wonder just how much having to take photo id had to play in it ? I know it’s not difficult but may have just turned a fair few off .


    • JohnC says:

      Indeed – nobody has mentioned the turnout !. At 60% it was just above the 59.4% in 2001 and apart from that, the lowest since 1918 !!.

      Clearly it was Tory voters who would not vote for this shower and couldn’t stomach Labour.

      Of course the BBC want us to believe that everyone switched to vote for Labour because they are so much better – so the significance of the turnout isn’t mentioned.

      I’m still stunned by the apathy of the Tories to allow all this to happen. The BBC ‘live update’ pressure really did take out all the best ones who might have done something. An absolute masterstroke of judgement that they could get away with it. It’s nothing less than a coup.


      • Fedup2 says:

        The source of ‘stun’ you mention- I think – is Mrs Johnson and whatever happened when borisovich got it . CCHQ must have been subverted by reds – she must have done everything to turn the blues red …

        But even before this unfocused blues were allowing institutions to be over run by reds – Cameron – May – allowing it to happen . The result was inevitable .

        The big difference I guess will be to punish anyone with assets as well as taxing pensioners more . I can’t see those tax thresholds moving again in the next 5 years – which will encourage those earning that 50k plus level to look elsewhere if they can .
        Coupled with continuing falls in quality of life caused by the third world invasion – illegals amnesties and a nicely grown benefits bill -and it’s grim .

        Blaming the blues will be okay for the first 3 years but after that it won’t wash ….


  18. Sluff says:

    What happened to the 20 point Labour lead that the opinion polls day after day had forecast?
    Not a single poll forecast a lead of ‘only’ 10 points.

    The scale of the Labour landslide is another example of the utter, staggering, ineptitude and incompetence of the Tories.
    July election? Whose idea was that? Campaigning against Labour only? Whose idea was that?

    Still, now the Muslim racists are out in the open, voting solely on sectarian grounds for their fellow Muslims in foreign territories, and with no interest in this country other than what it provides for them, they are officially fair game in my book. Every cloud……….


    • Fedup2 says:

      Next time I think the Hamas MPs will be taking as many as 20 or 30 MPs as all those little Mohammed’s add 5 years and their voting age …


  19. Fedup2 says:

    Today 3

    New girl interviews a bbc journalist who is now a red MP – Paul Waugh – who apparently presented a ‘week in Westminster ‘ – mr Waugh beat George Galloway –

    I wonder how many other bbc types wished they’d stood for their red party … they’d probably be red MPs by now …


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Questions the BBC will never ask about the US

    1 how did Obama steal the 2020 election ?
    2 how did they cover it up ?
    3 why did the msm collude – even now ?
    4 how was the legal system subverted ?
    How was the Washington demo turned into an insurrection ?
    5 how long has Biden had dementia ?
    6 why tell us he has dementia now ?


  21. Sluff says:

    Just a little number crunching.

    2019 election. Labour got a 32.2% vote share on a 67% turnout of a 47.6 million electorate.
    I make that 10.3 million votes
    Tory majority 80

    2024 election. Labour got a 33.9% vote share on a 60% turnout. Sky calculated that translates into 9.66 million votes.

    A REDUCTION of over half a million.
    So…not quite the ringing endorsement suggested by the MSM.


  22. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – Emma Barnett & JustRemainIn Webb sound very chipper this morning

    On radio, if you do not know about this you cannot disguise the delight in voices unless you know some tricks to make yourself sound neutral or even sombre. So much joy in the TOADY studio over the new Labour Government, despite an already broken promise by Sir Keir Starmer or the PM as he is now known.

    TOADY completely missed the fact that one of the sucker in charge of the Labour Party’s first Election promises was to reform the House of Lords. So what does the sucker do? He appoints new Peers to the House of Lords. What? TOADY completely miss this the first of Labour’s broken promises. The BBC: useless at the point of delivery.


    • Sluff says:

      Yes indeed up2
      The Toady atmosphere was decidedly positive, fresh, and breezy this morning.
      It was almost as if their preferred party had won the election.


  23. Fedup2 says:

    And Alistair Campbell gets air time again – must be every day …
    Then our Justin interviews another bbc favourite one ‘Damian green ‘- another lefty blue … I checked Damian – he dumped his constituency in May 2024 after being a parasite in Ashford since 2010 . He has been replaced by an Indian mental nurse – red – of course .

    Mr green features that amoral entitlement the blues seem to retain even when the voters tried to destroy them – as well as destroying themselves of course . The bbc love him .

    Vote reforn – again


  24. tomo says:


    • tomo says:


      • Jeff says:

        I’ve just looked at the list of candidates for the Perry Barr constituency in Birmingham.

        God’s teeth…Eight people standing…not a single white person…

        What the chattering classes of Hampstead might call an ethnically enriched, vibrant and diverse area.

        And what the rest of us might call a shithole.

        Immigration, immigration, immigration.

        There’s a lot more of this to come…


      • StewGreen says:

        parody .. I guess


      • Sluff says:

        The disgraceful BBC webshite reported on this in terms of sadness for the outgoing Labour MP not on the issue of the inherent racism and sectarianism this result demonstrates.

        Here’s an idea BBC. How about interviewing rentagob Jesse Philips whose majority went down from 13,000 to 700 because of the Hamas Party up against her.


  25. Guest Who says:


    And all her, the bbc and Labour’s supporters answered….


  26. tomo says:

    Lammy’s started then 🙂


  27. Foscari says:

    The question has been asked why did Rishi pick
    July 4 ? I was at Henley Regatta on Thursday. Don’t
    ask me what I was doing in the Stewards enclosure,
    and how I even got into one of , if not the most
    hallowed “establishment” sporting venues . It’s like
    being transported back 100 years to a different world.
    OK I will give you the proof I was there. You are not
    allowed to use a mobile phone . And the brass band were
    playing an Abba selection. And you very rarely see an
    “ethnic face.” BUT in contrast you see a quite a few George
    the fifth lookalikes .
    Anyway talking to an ex high up ex civil servant. I was told
    that. If the General Election would of been any later. Rishi
    would not of been able to enrol his kids for the next
    semester in the USA. And of course any of the high up
    Tories who had a punt on July 4 would of lost. You take
    your choice ,which you think was the most likely.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Foscari – funny – I was there too but I did nt see you ( sorry I couldn’t stop myself ) .. the Mrs green card school theory has been denied … but I reckon they’ll quietly disappear in August and rushi will commute for a while …. She won’t want to stay here another minute…

      There must be sons and daughters of the empire living in controlled third world free bubbles who think things are not too bad really ….


      • Foscari says:

        Actually Fedup I love it there. When the wind dropped
        and the sun came out it was quite pleasant. The shame
        is that the few times I have been to Henley . I have
        NEVER seen a close race. And the boys and girls competing
        are getting taller and taller.
        I feel a bit like a “straight” Christopher Isherwood walking
        around decadent Berlin in the late 1920’s. when being
        at Henley. Not a decadent Henley. But being a camera
        looking at folk in as you say in a bubble . Without a financial
        care in the world. And things have not really changed in
        a 100 years.
        I expect that before long, after the summer season. Many of
        the Phoebe’s and Tarquin’s I saw at Henley will be bored .
        And glueing themselves to the M25 again.
        Or doing a number 2 in Rishi’s pond . If he is
        still living in England.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Dusty Springfield was buried at Henley:

      Just to cheer folk up after the marxist coup. Dusty was a total legend.


  28. StewGreen says:

    “let’s not pretend that a party that had been consistently above 40% in the polls for most of the last two years only getting 33.8% of the vote was all part of the plan”

    Source .. https://x.com/FraserNelson/status/1809263434753507341


  29. StewGreen says:

    Andrew Neil’s Mail article
    The election of a Labour government with a massive majority is being portrayed, at home and abroad, as the start of a lurch to the Left in Britain. It would be more accurate to see it as putting in place the final piece of a Left-wing jigsaw that already covers all the crucial aspects of national life.
    Despite 14 years of allegedly Conservative government, the Left has never stopped making gains in nearly all the important professions and institutions that wield power and shape the most crucial areas of British endeavour: the civil service, the judiciary, the media, the police, the medical profession, academia, our schools, the bewildering array of government agencies which regulate and fund almost every field of human activity, the charities, the arts and entertainment.
    In all these areas, the Left increasingly reigns supreme. Capturing the government merely completes the picture of Left-wing dominance. The Cabinet and the House of Commons were the last commanding heights for the Left to be scaled — and now they have been.
    Keir Starmer’s government represents the clinching consolidation that embeds the Left even more securely in power and facilitates the expansion of its control and influence into the few areas where it is still perceived to be weak. Under our new government there is good chance that the process will become irreversible.

    continues for 2 more pages https://archive.ph/2024.07.06-035203/https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-13604625/ANDREW-NEIL-triumph-New-Establishment-Leftie-lawyer-Downing-Street-seized-piece-jigsaw.html#selection-1003.0-1033.308

    He also retweeted… “Yes BBC was dreadful”

    “Ed Miliband has been appointed as Energy Secretary in Sir Keir Starmer’s cabinet.

    The Minister for Rising Electricity Bills.”

    Neil’s Times Radio monologue .. transcript https://x.com/afneil/status/1809286213943062747


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – I think the whole piece is worthy of repeating here –

      STARTS Tory ministers were either unable to stop, or ignorant of, or did not care about, this ongoing power grab of the Left. What radical students and academics designated in the late 1960s the ‘long march through the institutions’ — the long-term strategic infiltration of the Left into every important citadel and crevice of public life — got under way when that generation graduated and entered the work force.
      Of course, it was never centrally coordinated or organised by any kind of Left-wing mastermind. There is no conspiracy theory at work here.
      It just sort of happened naturally as increasingly Left-wing students moved from university to take up jobs in key professions and positions that required graduates, from the law to broadcasting to public service, in much the same way as seriously woke graduates from elite universities today take up plum jobs in newsrooms and broadcast studios, transforming the workplace culture to fit in with their norms in the process.
      But it was really given legs during the Tony Blair-Gordon Brown years of Labour government (1997-2010) when public appointments went overwhelmingly to centre-Left types sympathetic to the government’s political outlook, including many who had been Labour activists or donors.
      The process was never reversed when the Tories came back to power after a 13-year absence in 2010. More Tory-inclined folks got a look in but Left-wing types continued to enjoy the spoils of the public purse. They became increasingly ensconced in public life until they and their kind became impossible to move.
      Over time, even professions that had traditionally been regarded as conservative — the judiciary, the police, the military — moved steadily Leftwards.
      Judges, once depicted in popular culture as reactionary, became increasingly liberal, a trend reinforced by the leftward tilt of a legal profession which grew wealthy on the relentless expansion of human rights cases, state regulation and judicial activism. The Left-wing lawyers of yesterday became the judges of today.
      Police chiefs increasingly began to sound like social workers in uniform, which was hardly surprising since a degree in sociology became a passport to advance in law enforcement.
      Even the military was not immune. Officers who prioritised diversity and inclusion over fighting or organisational abilities could expect speedier advance up the greasy pole. The RAF was recently engulfed in a scandal over such attitudes, which risked imperilling national security.
      The universities, always a bastion of Left-wing thinking, have become ever more so. A recent survey of academics found at least 75 per cent were Left-inclined, some pretty far-out Left, while fewer than one in five could be regarded as even moderately Right-leaning (only one in 10 among academics in the humanities and social sciences).
      Campus intolerance is on the rise — and not just among students. More than 50 per cent of academics admit they’d feel uncomfortable sitting next to a Leave supporter over lunch; fewer than 40 per cent would want to sit next to somebody who holds gender-critical views.
      Those who don’t naturally fit into the Left-wing consensus are often advised to keep their opinions to themselves if they want academic advancement or research funds.
      The teaching unions are even worse, pretty much a one-party state of Left-wing ideology.
      The media is travelling down this road, too. There was a time when the Left used to rail against the ‘Tory press’. These days it barely exists, while all major broadcasters are various shades of Left.
      The BBC, as our leading public broadcaster, is regularly singled out for its liberal-Left culture and attitudes, which it has. In reality its main competitors — such as Sky, ITV, Channel 4 — tilt the same way, sometimes more so.
      Efforts are sometimes made to introduce a greater variety of views to improve impartiality. But it rarely works. Today’s broadcasters, it seems, are enthusiastic for all manner of diversity, except diversity of opinion. With Labour back in power nothing will change. If anything they might move even further Left. Who would stop them?
      But perhaps the area of Left-leaning dominance that is best financed and most powerful is to be found in the myriad state agencies known as quangos (quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations) — public bodies financed by the taxpayer, at arm’s length from the government but with members appointed by government and often with substantial funds and regulatory powers.
      Quangos are now ubiquitous in British public life. There are almost 300 of them with a combined annual budget of around £250 billion — an incredible 20 per cent of public spending — and range from huge operations (the Environment Agency) to prestigious organisations (the Arts Council) to obscure ones that most folk have never heard of (Active Travel England) and whose duties and responsibilities are a mystery.
      They are a huge gravy train for the great-and-the-good Left. They are largely populated by metropolitan middle-class professionals who have little aptitude for business and profess a fashionable dislike for the profit-motive, which goes down well with their peers. But they like the status and rewards of high-profile public life.

      Many have carved out lucrative careers as well-paid quangocrats, boasting a portfolio of senior positions on multiple bodies, moving between different ones with the help of a well-oiled, mutually reinforcing network.
      London’s most fashionable clubs and restaurants are regularly frequented by our capital’s quango kings and queens. They are the new aristocracy, the modern, public sector equivalent of the old-boy network in the City.
      As a young, trouble-making editor of The Sunday Times in the 1980s I used to rail against the Establishment and complain that we’d never be a proper meritocracy as long as so many positions of power went to those from public schools and Oxbridge.
      One of my targets was a rival editor — Charles (now Lord) Moore: Eton, Trinity College, Cambridge, The Spectator, the Telegraph and the Lords (and author of a magisterial biography of Margaret Thatcher).
      An easy target, obviously, though I only went for him when he attacked me for being critical of the Monarchy. Honest.
      I recently interviewed him, describing him as someone ‘at the apex of the Establishment’. But he later penned a diary article that I found revelatory and made me think again. ‘I think Andrew misunderstands what the modern British establishment is,’ he began.
      ‘Today’s establishment consists neither of the snooty bogeymen of his youth, nor of iconoclastic meritocrats… Much more than in the past, it is a public-sector affair (no landowners, for example), populated by people who, while lauding ‘diversity’, are uniform in opinion.
      ‘They are entranced by concepts which scarcely existed when Andrew first stormed the citadels of power — ‘governance’, ‘inclusion’, ‘sustainability’, ‘leaning in’, net zero, ‘activism’, ‘stakeholding’, ‘gender fluidity’, ‘LGBT+’, BLM, CSR [corporate social responsibility]. They run almost everything which the state controls and most semi-state offshoots and dependents, such as quangos, big charities, universities, museums, regulators, the judiciary and the BBC.

      They run very few things for which people pay voluntarily from their wallets rather than compulsorily through their taxes. True, many are barons or baronesses, but none is aristocratic. To qualify, they must hold certain opinions — anti-Brexit, pro-abortion, anti-grammar schools, pro-mass immigration, anti-fossil fuels, anti-Boris [Johnson].
      ‘In our different ways, neither Andrew Neil nor I are part of this charmed circle. We can only press our noses against the windows of their eco-offices and stare resentfully at the establishment privilege displayed.’
      I read and re-read his words. He was right. He had captured perfectly the new establishment populated by the public-sector Left which has multiplied and prospered no matter who was in power. The powerbrokers the Tories did nothing about for 14 years.
      They are the people who really run Britain, no matter what politicians are in power.
      Just as you had to have gone to the right public school and Oxbridge college to fit comfortably into the old establishment so you now have to think a certain way, display the correct right-on attitudes on issues that are deemed important and prefer public service (well-remunerated, of course) to private enterprise to be part of the new establishment that calls the shots.
      This still being a British Establishment we’re talking about, even one of the Left, it’s naturally still not a disadvantage to have gone to a posh school and Oxbridge.
      Just ask any quangocrat.
      Read More
      ANDREW NEIL speaks to senior Dems who reveal: ‘EVERYONE wants Biden to quit’… this is how and when
      article image
      There was a time when opposition politicians promised a ‘bonfire of the quangos’ when they got into power. Of course, it never happened. Too many pay cheques, too many school fees depended on them.
      Starmer hasn’t indicated he will introduce any cull. Instead, he promises a plethora of new quangos: an Office for Value for Money, a National Wealth Fund, Great British Energy, Border Security Command, an Integrity and Ethics Commission, Skills England, a National Cladding Taskforce.
      It is all largely virtue-signalling nonsense in terms of making this a better country. But it means more well-paid and prestigious jobs for the right-thinking boys and girls. Lovely Jubbly.
      As Conservatives survey the wreckage around them this weekend after their thumping on Thursday, their first conclusion should be that what went before under their rule cannot happen again.
      If they can’t confront the permanent centres of Left-wing power because they are too strongly embedded, then there is little point in a future centre-Right government.
      The new populist right has its unsavoury aspects. But it does have a bracing desire to take the fight to the enemy. That should be harnessed.
      It might be too late. The Left’s roots might be too deeply embedded for them to be pulled out.
      But unless a revived Right — if there is to be such a thing — is prepared to confront the challenge, then, even if it does one day win a majority of the votes, it might be back in government but it would still not be in power.ENDS

      But when a party of the right is also taken over by the far left – what can be done .?

      I’m now of the view that within Britain – as things stand – nothing can be done . They’ve won . So many have seen it coming but been labelled as ‘racist ‘ or just been ‘cancelled ‘…

      .. I think the remedy will come from an event outside – whether it be war or virus or the movement in better countries I don’t know … but the State is now master . Increasingly to cross it or challenge it will lead to stronger – longer punishment. For those signed up it will be fine – for others – it’s the dark ages .


  30. StewGreen says:

    The Conservative Party must be honest about what happened: our voters stayed at home or moved to Reform.
    They didn’t go to Labour.
    The future for the Party does not lie in liberalism or progressivism; we must be firmly conservative if we want to win back our base.


  31. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Richard Tice has got written proof that the Channel 4 stitch up with the actor was indeed a Channel 4 hit job.

    How many votes/seats did this electoral interference cost Reform.

    If it was any other Party heads would roll but even if Ofcom were bothered they would get a £10 fine and that’s that.

    This really is serious. I hope those involved in the attack on Reform are severely dealt with.


  32. Lucy Pevensey says:

    The Muslim Vote

    🏆 The goal from the very start has been to empower the Muslim vote and send the main political parties a message: Muslims are united, in Muslim-heavy areas your majorities will be under threat, and there may even be an upset. Tonight we did that in spades.

    5 brilliant independents including removal of Jon Ashworth, majorities slashed for Wes, Roshanara, Jess, Keir just to name a few. Our community’s backing of Greens and Lib Dems have helped them to historic wins.

    📊 Greens, Lib Dems, Plaid Cymru, Workers Party and other smaller parties become the natural recipients of Muslim votes because of their better record on key issues the Muslim community cares about – in particular peace in Palestine.

    📉 Today, as predicted, Labour have secured a landslide. But in Muslim-heavy seats the seeds of our community’s future have been sown. It will not be a landslide in the coming elections – and that is when the message sent today will really resonate.

    💡Labour is projected to win landslide with a smaller share of the vote than Labour lost with in 2017. This is a sandcastle majority: when the tide changes so too do these results.

    ✅ The Muslim Vote & The Entire Muslim Community, with limited resources, has achieved completely unprecedented.

    👉 And this is after just 6 weeks of organisation – TMV has always been a 5 election campaign. We’ve seen what’s possible. We will continue to build this political infrastructure for the future – this coordination is only going to improve over the next 5 years.

    🗳️ Further Analysis and presentation of results will follow soon, there are quite a few.



    • BRISSLES says:

      I’m not usually given to violence, but this makes my blood boil, and would happily stick dynamite under every mosque (empty of course – though others might disagree )


      • Lucy Pevensey says:

        Briss, Muslims should have been banned from holding public office or voting from the start. The fact that they are subversive by religious order was more than enough reason to do that.

        No ideological “racism” or religious freedom concerns should ever have been put before our safety or our freedom.


      • micknotmike says:

        Afternoon Bris,
        A friend of mine, after a glass or two, put forward the theory that the two biggest uk problems (Energy and immigration) could be solved simultaneously by the development of mosl3m-fuelled power stations.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Just don’t go near a mosque with bacon. The penalty is death.


  33. Fedup2 says:

    I was thinking about how Farage / reform will handle the commons . Starmers stooge speaker – comrade Hoyle – will prevent Farage and co as much as possible –

    And I wonder whether it’s worth starmer speaking in the house or whether it’s worth being there .

    There will be a good maiden speech – but I reckon that’s about it – much else will be done outside that corrupted undemocratic place .,.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      For a barrister, Starmer is curiously bad at public speaking, and quite unable to think on his feet. His rise up the ladder of office to DPP must have been for other reasons. There must be some sort of common purpose behind it.


  34. Doobster78 says:

    Starmer press conference.

    First question BBC Chris Mason , nice fluffy soft question and then says , if I may have you unpacked and found you’re way round yet and a little chuckle !!!

    Next up Beth Piggy Rigby , again all nice and fluffy .

    Now contrast that to any questions asked to Rishi , Boris and especially Nigel , absolutely chalk and cheese , Rigby did a full 6 minutes of calling Farage a racist .

    They don’t even try to hide their bias , they really are scum


  35. Fedup2 says:

    I watched on YouTube sky – I think sky loves him ( surprise ). For some reason prisons got a lot of attention – so it looks like a lot banged up now are going to be walking out next week ….

    No suggestions for stopping the boats – only dumping Rwanda ( rhonda on the spell check) …

    The bbc radio didn’t take the conference live on R4 or R5 – their job of getting the reds in is done isn’t it ?


    • Doobster78 says:

      Yeah , the Prison thing was very strange, almost from nowhere it became a topic. LBC I think it was seemed to think now labour are in , most prisoners should walk free , was very odd .


      • Fedup2 says:

        Doob – many years back I did some work for the prison service and spent a year in them – ranging from A to D up and down the country …
        The problems are huge . Releasing prisoners will solve the space problem but not the actual one . I’m sure I heard starmer saying something about telling plod to stop arresting – in that conference – but maybe my internet played up …

        Still no humour in starmer – maybe a good thing …I wanna see what job Emily thornbury lands up with … I’d send her to Northern `Ireland ..


    • tomo says:

      I’d wager Sam Melia and Alex Belfield (are the two comparable?) will not be subject to early release.


  36. Fedup2 says:

    Lord Frost in the telegraph wasting words about his failed party ( again ) – frosty – just move to Reform – be a lord representative for them – instead of yapping about the dead conservative mob

    STARTS In 2019, 14 million people voted Conservative. On Thursday, 6.8 million did. Over half our vote melted away. Even in the previous disaster of 1997, that didn’t happen: we still had 9.5 million voters out of the 14 million of 1992. That difference between now and 1997 is what happens when you have a competing party on the Right and when many of your own supporters are so demotivated that they don’t turn out.

    Any analysis of what next for the Conservative Party, or indeed the Right more broadly, that doesn’t deal with this reality isn’t worth listening to. And there is, I’m afraid, already too much such analysis around. Yes, Labour’s final vote tally was unimpressive. Yes, the party has problems to its Left with the Gaza independents and the Greens. But Labour has 400-plus seats and all the instruments of government. There is plenty it wants to do and will do. The idea that the party’s majority is built on sand is just a coping mechanism, the purest wishful thinking.

    Of course I don’t think that Labour’s ideas are good or will fix the country’s problems. Living under socialism is always bad. But when so many voters live off public funds and have got used to looking to the government to solve every problem, it doesn’t follow that it leads to electoral problems for Labour in the short run.

    The correct way forward is to get serious: to offer a credible alternative proposition for how our country should be governed, based on tried and tested conservative philosophy, with a leader that believes in it and can explain it. That is going to require significant renewal and will take time. So the sooner we start, the better. The more time we spend telling voters they are foolish to have done something so silly as to elect Labour or to prefer Reform to the Tories, the longer we will have to wait.

    Crucially, this doesn’t mean self-flagellation. It involves saying self-confidently that conservatism is a good philosophy to which much of the rest of the world is turning once again, but that we lost sight of it in a misguided attempt to modernise, drift Left, and be all things to all men; and that this then blurred what we stood for, brought in too many parliamentarians who weren’t conservative at all, and therefore made it impossible for us to deliver on anything decisively. It’s crucial not to repudiate important things we got right, notably making Britain an independent country once again. What we must repudiate is the so-called modernisation and the Leftish policy drift.

    It also involves being honest that the Right won’t ever win an election as long as we are divided. Ending this situation, crucially, requires the Conservative Party to choose a leader who wants to make it genuinely conservative again, thus enabling cooperation, merger, or just successful competition with Reform. If, instead, we choose to vacate the conservative space altogether, tilting further to the so-called centre as George Osborne and others advocate, we are likely to continue our decline, and allow Reform, no doubt at that point with many defectors, to become the mainstream party of the Right of centre.

    Assuming we avoid that obvious misstep, three things will need to be accomplished: better mobilisation, clearer policy, stronger organisation.

    First, mobilisation. As I wrote last week, this means rebuilding a broader conservative movement, a campaign for “reformed conservatism”, to reinvigorate the Right of British politics. This should be open to members and supporters of anyone in any party willing to sign up to a simple set of propositions, perhaps something like: maintain national independence; get the government off the back of the people and of enterprise; win the culture war for our history, traditional values, and free speech; stop immigration and rebuild national cohesion; and let governments govern, by killing off the quango bureaucratic state and the web of international treaties that sustain it.

    Conservative MPs should also be asked to sign up to such propositions: if they won’t, we can draw our own conclusions.

    The second element, philosophy and policy, requires us to do hard work to explain what’s gone wrong, why only our philosophy will fix it, what we will do about it, and how we will deliver it. We have to persuade people that the country has gone down the wrong track and that only going back to conservative verities will solve it. We mustn’t set our policies according to a snapshot of public opinion; we must set out what we think is right and persuade the public to follow us.

    And finally, we need a renewed party organisation; a reformed CCHQ; better candidate selection, with members properly empowered once again; a bigger membership; and an effective campaigning outfit.

    None of this is about tilting to a narrow segment of the Right. It is about refreshing and reviving genuine mainstream conservative ideas, which – in contrast to the party itself – still have appeal across the country. It will take time. It will require a leader, and leadership team, who understand the problem and want to fix it, so that by 2027 we have a single party of the Right, with no competitor to its Right, and with a clear philosophy and policies, ready to fight an election.

    This will be hard work. But it must be done. As Lady Thatcher said: “first you win the argument, then you win the election”. There’s no shortcut. Let’s get to work.ENDS

    Personally I don’t think the people frost is talking to know what conservatism is any more

    BTW – can you imagine what a blue shadow cabinet is going to look like …lol


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Lord Frost, a good man, still makes the error of thinking that the Conservative Party is a party on the right, rather than a soft left social democratic party.


  37. popeye says:

    “President” Biden boasts that he has already spoken to the “English” Prime Minister. If Trump has said that there would be uproar and Trump castigated by the BBC on every newscast for his ignorance. Starmer is, of course, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He may have got away with the “British Prime Minister” (the island of Ireland being one of the British Isles), but England? No.

    I’m surprised the Government haven’t officially complained. The Labour party issued flags for supporters to wave to welcome Starmer to Downing Street. They gave out Welsh, Scottish and Union flags – but no Crosses of St George so it is obvious that in their eyes England does not exist.


    • Scroblene says:

      When the Kinnocks were lapping it up in Brussels, there was a map drawn which didn’t show Wales in the UK!

      Emily Bigbum would have been proud of that, as she despises national emblems!


  38. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Manchester Evening News

    Labour’s Lisa Nandy held on to her Wigan seat;


    She was returned comfortably to the Wigan seat she has held since 2014 with 19,401 votes, but the Reform UK candidate, Andy Dawber polled in second place with 9,852 votes. For the Conservatives, it was a dismal night with candidate Henry Mitson getting 4,310 votes.

    Following the announcement of the result, she raged from the podium: “I want to say to those people who’ve brought their nasty, hateful, racist politics to our town, the history of Wigan is of working-class people who for 100 years have driven you and your hate out of our town over and over again.

    “So take this result tonight as your marching orders. We are a better town than you. You are not welcome here. You can take your nasty divisive rhetoric elsewhere because we’ve got a job to do.”

    A constitient of hers writes:

    “Hi David. An anonymous concern of mine if you don’t mind as I work for the NHS & need to remain apolitical.

    “As the results of the elections came through last night my MP was announced as Lisa Nandy once again.

    “Mrs Nandy then went on to thank everyone, obviously, but then took the opportunity to brandish Reform, 11,090 of us voted for them, as “nasty, hateful, racists & to take this result as her marching orders.

    “Now this is the thing, we’ve had an asylum seeker jailed for the rape of a wigan woman on a night out, immigrants surrounding the neighbouring high school caught filming young girls partaking in PE lessons & harassing/surrounding a young 12 yr old girl & more recently a mass brawl involving a gang of immigrants stabbing each other in our local park.

    “Every empty building is being converted into a HMO with one located directly in between a primary & a high school.

    “I think our concern is justified yet Nandy is trying to silence us, her recent comment, I fear, echoes the post from Naz Shah like & reposted an
    post saying, “we need to shut up for the sake of diversity”.

    “There is a lot of anger around here but nowhere to vent. How do we protect our residents, particularly children when we aren’t allowed to speak up?

    “Many thanks for taking the time to read & giving me a place to say what I think.”


  39. Docmarooned says:

    Bloody MSM and ridiculous nonsense about climate change. So far this year has been the bloody coldest I can remember yet they bang on about this made up catastrophe (just like Covid). They are gaslighting cretins yet we now have a government that will have us freezing this winter as well as being poorer. This lot seem be of the same ilk as the Bidens cheerleaders in the US. “he is not demented and as sharp as a tack” and expect ordinary people to believe their bullshit. Things can only get worse.


  40. pugnazious says:

    Biggest story of the election? Starmer winning so many seats? Not really…he didn’t win them, he got them by default and the electoral system’s quirks. The big story was a party that came from nowhere and won 4 million votes…and only 5 seats.

    Not though a story the BBC is at all interested in. I thought I had just missed it but several times I heard them running down the votes and number of MPs for each party and didn’t hear Reform mentioned…however today I heard the BBC’s finest on ‘Newscast’ running the figures and Reform didn’t get a mention….the Libdems were praised and the Greens cheered on for gaining 4 MPs…a great success. A short while later Farage got a mention…oh and his ‘small number of MPs’…very dismissive and snubby….contrast with how they idolised the Greens.

    No surprise really, the BBC did the same when UKIP wiped the floor in the european elections…the BBC all but ignored the result….which brings into question one comment from the BBC’s finest that we need R4’s intelligent debate rather than the tittle-tattle of other media outlets.

    The Newscast is just three egos blethering on about the bleeding obvious whilst trying to dress it up as intelligent insight and stunning revealtions that none of the general public could ever have thought of themselves without their help.

    Nothing has changed in a decade…..The BBC treat Reform as they treated UKIP….

    ‘The British media and political class has always found its basic proposition – that Britain should leave Europe – unthinkable. For a long period, Ukip had virtually no airtime on the BBC (which controls some 60 per cent of news coverage), while on its rare appearances it tended to be mocked.

    When Ukip gained its first major breakthrough, scoring 16 per cent of the national vote in the 2004 European elections, the BBC literally wrote it out of the script. Its election graphs recorded the Ukip vote as “other”, even though it had won more votes than the Liberal Democrats and not that many fewer than Labour.’



  41. StewGreen says:

    July 4th American Independence Day is about a war that started over *taxation without representation*

    … then ironically Sunak chose that date for our *taxation without representation* election.


    • Doublethinker says:

      An easily fixed problem . Just change the word order, No representation without taxation ie only those pay tax get a vote.


  42. Lucy Pevensey says:

    UK Member of Parliament Adnan Hussain’s rally in Blackburn:

    “We will raise our voice for Gaza! We will continue to fight, until death, inshallah!”



  43. pugnazious says:

    Why we need the likes of GB News….


  44. Sluff says:

    From the BBC webshite

    Sir Keir Starmer has confirmed the Rwanda deportation scheme is “dead and buried”, on his first full day as prime minister.
    The Labour leader said he would end the “gimmick” of deporting migrants arriving in the UK illegally to Rwanda, which was established by the previous Conservative government.

    So………what is he going to do with those ‘arriving in the UK illegally’?

    Get out the red carpet presumably.
    And make the rest of us pay to keep them indefinitely.


    • Flotsam says:

      Only the first of what will be many idiotic actions by Smarmer, the message to the illegals couldn’t be clearer. His fellow Lawyers will be delighted with all the extra immigration legal work, we’re paying for it of course.


  45. Sluff says:

    I have a mate who is of Nigerian ancestry. Very black.
    We were talking about the election and about the pro-Hamas party who stood in my part of the Islamic Socialist Republic of Londonistan and nearly overturned the official Labour candidate, who I suspect was wetting himself.

    Here’s the thing. My black Nigerian mate leant across and whispered in my ear ‘white Caucasians are the least racist but the only ones that get castigated for being so’. That. From a black African FFS.

    A very telling remark I thought. Reveals the spinelessness of so many. But now we have a Hamas Party MP let’s hope someone will grow a pair and state the blindingly obvious out loud.


  46. Doublethinker says:

    Moving from the depressing post election UK and looking at the USA .
    I’m sure that when the Democrats want rid of Biden they will do it without the blink of an eyelid regardless of his and his close circle’s wishes.There is simply too much for too many powerful people to lose if President Trump gets a second term. I’m sure that they can hear the jangling of the gaolers keys!
    So the fact he is allowed to make the case for his own replacement by performing so poorly when on the public stage must be a key part of their plan. Perhaps their strategists think that a nominee elected by ‘popular acclaim ‘ at the convention in August will boost the polls sufficiently for the ‘fix’ to be at least plausible.
    Meanwhile President Trump needs to take great care to avoid the last resort accident that the Dems will have up their sleeves. His next critical decision is his running mate, who could very easily be in office until 2036 and complete the destruction of woke globalism.


  47. Sluff says:

    From the BBC webshite
    Reference new prisons minister

    James Timpson, of the Timpson Group, which provides key cutting and shoe repair services, has made a name for himself hiring hundreds of former prisoners. He previously said only a third of people in prison should be there.

    End quote

    Ex prisoners making copies of people’s house and car keys.
    What could possibly go wrong?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I reckon lord timpson is on a recruitment gig ….


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Timpson Group

      “Our style of Upside Down Management makes Timpson a unique and exciting place to work where priority is given to providing Great Service by Great People”

      “Being fearful of hiring people with difficult backgrounds is a dated and loss-making concept. We wouldn’t be the biggest and best in our field without them.”

      – John Timpson



  48. pugnazious says:

    The BBC is very concerned about people who want to limit immigration to this country and does its best to vilify and demonise them at every turn. How different, of course, the way they treat the 5 ‘Muslim’ so-called independents who got themselves elected purely on the basis they supported Hamas….because that’s essentially it.

    Hamas is the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood front, as is the MAB in the UK which is the backer of the Muslim vote drive….so basically the 5 MPs in Parliament are placemen for the MAB, the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas with funding perhaps coming from Qatar….want to talk about foreign interference in our elections BBC? Do we have the Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar sponsoring MPs in our Parliament to promote and peddle pro-Islam policies that are meant to further the influence and dominance of Islam here?

    Maybe about time someone started to take Islamic supremacy seriously and started talking about it……


  49. Richard Pinder says:


    1st – 9,698,409 – Labour
    2nd – 6,824,809 – Conservative
    3rd – 4,114,287 – Reform UK

    411 – Labour
    121 – Conservative
    72 – Liberal Democrats
    9 – Scottish National
    7 – Sinn Fein
    5 – Reform UK
    5 – Democratic Unionist
    4 – Green
    4 – Plaid Cymru
    2 – Social Democratic & Labour
    1 – Shockat Adam.(Independent)
    1 – Jim Allister.(Traditional Unionist Voice)
    1 – Jeremy Corbyn.(Independent)
    1 – Alex Easton.(Independent)
    1 – Sorcha Eastwood.(Alliance)
    1 – Lindsay Hoyle.(Speaker)
    1 – Adnan Hussain.(Independent)
    1 – Ayoub Khan.(Independent)
    1 – Iqbal Mohamed.(Independent)
    1 – Robin Swann.(Ulster Unionist)


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks Richard – numbers to remember . Every time the bbc put up the results the make sure SF- IRA gets a mention but Reform is ‘other ‘ – 4 million people is ‘other ‘… scum BBC


      • moggiemoo says:

        The BBC think that not only are the 4 million people ‘other’, but ‘far right scum’. I’m looking forward to the supporters of their preferred Muslim ‘independents’ throwing BBC personnel off rooves.


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