BBC – on the frontline of the gender wars!

As well as it’s pernicious and toxic bias the BBC is also a key advocate for various forms of radical leftist thinking and one of these is the idea that gender is fluid and with many options. There is not a week that goes by without the BBC pushing one or another form of mental aberration as the new gender progressive. Just take a look at this nonsense from 2016 and that was the EARLY days. Almost three years on the BBC itself was pushing this sort of freak trip;

“Is the way we treat boys and girls the real reason we haven’t achieved equality between men and women? In this bold, engaging and provocative experiment, Doctor Javid Abdelmoneim (pictured) aims to find out whether stripping away the pink and blue will change the way this class of seven year-olds think.”

The BBC is currently out to push the #Metoo agenda as far as possible since that is aimed at undermining  men but at a deeper level it is also all about subverting gender identity altogether  – and starting in the schoolroom.



“The people of Britain are under attack. We are being brainwashed. We are being brainwashed completely, ceaselessly and cynically… So just who is doing the brainwashing? How are they doing it and for what purposes?

David Sedgwick’s latest book takes the reader on a disturbing journey deep into the realms of mistruth and deception to reveal, for the very first time, the many tricks and subterfuges used by the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Every time we engage with BBC content, the author argues, we are exposing ourselves to a very dark art: the art of brainwashing. Wilful, deceitful and incessant, Orwellian parallels define the modern corporation and should chill the soul of all who cherish freedom and liberty. Mind  control is here. This is not fiction.

BBC: Brainwashing Britain? is a shocking expose of mass propaganda, its components and aims. You may never look at Auntie in the same way ever again.”

I commend David’s book and will be doing a video interview with David in January!


Let’s see. In the past few days we have the welcome reconciliation between North and South Korea, a commitment from North Korea that it will stop nuclear testing AND release captured US Prisoners. We have Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? And what does the BBC want to talk about? Yes – STORMY DANIELS. Well, I suppose it makes a change from “Muh Russians”! Their anti-Trump bias is visceral. Thoughts?


Hi everyone! Reports of my demise have been somewhat exaggerated BUT I have been very busy launching along with a few million other things. I want to get Biased BBC back on track but I have a request. Is there any volunteers who would agree to help us keep the open threads ready as well as perhaps writing on the BBC’s egregious bias? I need your assistance – please message me via the site! And in the meantime, highlight the endless dready offensive bias!!!


OK. This is what has kept me so busy in recent times – I am pleased to announce that ALTNEWSMEDIA is now live on Twitter, Facebook, Gab and Youtube and you can watch our launch trailer below. The web portal goes live in early 2018. I hope you will subscribe.

We have around 40 contributors from around the world, from Canada to Australia, from Singapore to the UK, from the US to Belgium.  We aim to produce written, video, audio and graphic content. The ethos of the site is that it is NOT about “right vs left” but “right vs wrong”

We live at at time when the legacy media is dying, that new media is emerging but it is also being shapened by vested interested (Check out the great Twitter purge). I am determined to provide a serious on-demand alternative. The channel launches in early January.

If you are sick of the biased BBC and its endless fake narratives, please support our new channel! Just subscribe to the channel here.