Whilst the BBC is hostile to any war on radical Islam, there IS at least one war front that it fully endorses. I refer to the war on gender. Yes, the BBC is an advocate of seeking to remove the idea of boys and girls being dfferent to each other. John Lewis are the latest coroporation to pander to this mental aberration and the Today programme had one of the “gender erasure” advocates on this morning around 6.45am to reinforce the idea that boys and girls should be genderless. Incredible really but it’s what passes for normal in the halls of the BBC,


It’s interesting to consider how the BBC chooses to report on an issue, because you KNOW it will never be from a pro-British perspective. Take this story on the tiresome EU “negotiations” – note how it leads with the view as seen by the EU! The BBC is a loathsome and persistent opponent of a soveriegn United Kingdom and it’s entire coverage of Brexit is a joke. I wouldn’t mind except it forces me to pay for it.



Wonder what you make of this?

Andrew Neil is stepping down as the presenter of the BBC Sunday Politics programme after five years. He will be replaced by Sarah Smith, the corporation’s Scotland editor. Smith, 49, eldest daughter of the former Labour leader John Smith, was made BBC Scotland’s first editor in 2015. While continuing in her present role, she will also host Sunday Politics when it returns on September 17 after its summer break.

So, the BBC move to allay any criticism of left wing bias by…appointing the daughter of a former Leader of the Labour Party.  I see.