Weekend Open Thread 13 July 2019

I was going to put up the usual “Far Left Failing BBC continues its propaganda war against anything it disapproves of “ but after witnessing what the British State has done to one of its citizen journalists I thought I’d write something else .

When the British State has been shamed into reluctantly prosecuting Muslim Pakistani paedophile rape gangs it has turned on someone showing the truth – put him through a sham political trial once and then done it again without a jury and sending him back to prison knowing he could be killed there .

Prisoner number A2084CG isn’t perfect – who is ? But Proportionality and Fairness went out of the window for Him and is a warning to anyone dissenting from what the authorities are allowing to happen in Britain because they don’t want to displease a favoured imported group .

I even feel worried writing this – that I will land up on a ‘target list’ – and so might you. Britain in 2019.

Midweek Open Thread 10 July 2019

So , Ladies Gentlemen and confused .. Thursday marks the sentencing of a journalist after a politically motivated trial in Britain . The BBC will cover it and fight for ‘press freedom ‘ right? Or maybe it’s the kind of ‘press freedom ‘ of which they do not approve . The British State will also want to send a signal to less courageous folk about the cost of challenging what it has allowed to happen – and which is continuing to happen to children in bits of Britain politicians and journalists seldom think of yet alone visit .

I would never recommend a BBC programme – but Wednesday night sees the broadcast of a report on anti semitism in the Labour Party ….

Midweek Open Thread 26 June 2019

Day 6 of the Boris Johnson crucifixion . Even the least attentive person must , by now , have realised that the Main Stream Media -led by a hostile biased BBC – are out for Mr Johnson’s blood . Only President Trump has received more vilification .

Perhaps , on the up side , more people will become conscious of what the MSM / BBC is doing in the name of taxpayers . And perhaps they’ll get Fedup too .

Start the Week Open Thread 24 June 2019

Three Years and 1 day since the majority voted to leave the EU . The BBC fights every minute to resist what must happen and it’s  129 days until the 31st October when we are due to leave – again . If it was possible – the BBC will dream up more ways of undermining our democracy – and expect people to pay the TV licence and watch them do it .