Weekend Open Thread 31 August 2019

The Biased Bubble returns from its unearned holidays to pour out rabid anti brexit anti democratic propaganda on an electorate bored to tears with their delaying tactics and lies – so we will be busy reporting it .

And as time passes How will the BBC deal with the 80th anniversary of the start of World War 2 be dealt with ? Plenty of opportunity for even more pro EU bias .

Project Fear summary
Apart from the Queen authorising the closure of the Remainer Parliament a bit early ~ Project Fear has chugged on mainly with repeats of medicine shortages .
Thursday was ‘flu vaccine shortage ‘ and the Ghost of Gina Miller using Soros cash for another go at using the courts to undermine the vote of 17.4 million people who she thinks are thick .
Wednesday was ‘getting the queen involved in brexit ‘it’s a coup – it’s the end of democracy hysterics .
Other than that just the usual biased BBC singing the Remainers song as loud as it can .

Weekend Open Thread 24 August 2019

I often wonder what to write in this bit but it struck me that it’s a good place to summarise the weekly misdeeds of the Lefty pro EU Biased BBC

So this week we’ve seen
An official finding of bias in the EU election campaign by distorting results in favour of Remain

Humph and RTHon David Davies on the naughty step for ‘ trivialising domestic violence ‘

The Head of State funded C4 coming out as a Lefty admitting to applying Bias to C4 news

The CEO of C4 saying kidults prefer Netflix’s and Porn to her biased station .

You’re welcome to add any I missed ( they’ll be plenty ).

I’d like to add a ‘ project Fear ‘ summary which has been – trash -meds’- no Aldi/lidl- ports – the non end of free movement ..

Start the Week Open Thread 19 August 2019

If weekend press reports are correct Government Ministers are to be advised not to go onto the Flagship/Wreck“Today Programme “ because it is a waste of time . Anyone who consumes the biased output of the BBC might understand why such a direction has been given and wonder why it hasn’t happened before . The question is – How will the Far Left , Pro EU , biased BBC react ?

Weekend Open Thread 17 August 2019

The anti democratic – biased pro EU BBC continues to run daily episodes of Project Fear in the run up the the UK leaving the EU. Desperate amateur repeats after Three Years of Pro EU Propaganda . Luckily the British People are far more intelligent than the BBC thinks . Let’s hope it pays the price for deceit and lies in time .