Start the week thread 14 October 2019

The employees of the State Broadcaster are getting bigger than their job . Marr accusing a Home Secretary of smiling . Naga shouting ‘racist’ at the president of America and the queen on newsnight found to be biased by her own organisations’ disciple board. Maybe just small cuts will lead to the death of the Unbritish broadcasting corporation .

Weekend Thread 12 October 2019

Is the watered down version of Brexit coming ? The biased state broadcaster continues to run out Project Fear each day , the Brexit Party is marginalised and Brexit supporters – if they get onto the State Broadcaster – are outnumbered or shut down .
The crucial time is coming – again . Meanwhile hysterical planet savers get a free pass as they screw up other people’s’ lives .

Weekend Thread 28 September 2019

This week two BBC TV current affairs presenters have been found to be overtly biased by their own corrupt organisation . Naga manchetty falsely accused President trump of being a racist . Emily Maitliss was found to have ‘bullied’ an interviewee on Newsnight .

It remains to be seen whether this will have any effect on these biased women and whether BBC discipline procedures are of any value at all. To add even more heat – plenty of non white lefty journalists are ganging up on the BBC complaints department

Brexit is becoming even more heated and I’d like to thank everyone contributing to this site for the restraint they are showing as we watch the country being turned into a dictatorship .