Presidential and general thread 11 July 2018

Welcome President Trump – now that’s a phrase we won’t hear on al beeb . Al beeb is neutral , untainted by bias , a world class broadcaster , so compare that with the last time an American President visited Britain and so many embarrassed themselves in exultation.

It won’t be difficult to evidence the bias but it needs to be done here.

regrets Engerland But the boys dun good .
It will be painful to see the French Africa team take the Croats apart in the final but al beeb will stick a multicultural spin on it

Weekend Open Thread 6 July 2018

Friday seems to be the day our exit from the EU is going to be determined so the BBC in onslaught mode .

A week before a Head of State is due to visit and certain types are queuing up to disrupt it .

The Russians being blamed for another chemical incident so no more involvement of Engerland in the World Cup or maybe we ll win it as a protest .

and TR remains banged up with a politically delayed appeal process .

More than enough for us to rage about .Good Luck England

Start the Week Open Thread 2 July 2018

Hello all – half way through 2018 and our forthcoming brexit is really causing tension eh?

A gentle plea – it’s not easy to limit comment to just the bias of al beeb because the BBC poisons the whole of National life but …. please keep it clean and choose your words so that they are acceptable to all ( yes I include me in this ) .

Anyway -lots to talk about .


Weekend Open Thread 29 June 2018

Al beeb busily undermining the UK government negotiating tactic by giving remainers the oxygen of publicity .

After  seeing the UK PM disrespected by the Belgium’s PM giving her a Belgium footy shirt I got really fed up . So I did some checks . The population of Belgium is 11 million . The population of Blighty is equal to the 15 smaller countries of the the Reich EU . Only one country has a bigger population – you know the one which habitually takes over other people’s countries using panzers . Yet the UK is being kicked around by the EU and its  MSM friends like we are the school wimp . Time to walk away soon unless the Government is playing a very clever game .As if.

Also 2 weeks to go until President Trump pays a visit to Britain which I’m sure will cause both embarrassment and navel gazing by the poisonous Main Stream Media .Prepare for stunts …

World Cup Thread

I thought it might be an idea to put a separate thread up for venting during the footy cup – and we can include ITV in the coming bias.

I calculate that the thread will be open until Eng er land get knocked out / win the Cup .

I respectfully ask that we concentrate comment on biased coverage as opposed to to footy itself but I know how it gets . …

Midweek Open Thread 27 June 2018

Two good pieces of news

The EU withdrawal bill received Royal Assent-


the US Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s ban on travel from certain Islamic States was lawful .

No doubt all of those politicians sneering at him for attempting to defend his country will issue fulsome apologies .

Al beeb quickly found other stories to tak attention away but we bear witness to their bias.

4 months until Brexit negotiations and due completion and 275 days until the UK leaves the EU.