Site URL Change

If you’re here you’ve probably figured this already. We had to change the site URL from to  This cock-up was due to a combination of errors – mainly due to the domain registrar being bought out and and transferring the domain to the parent company without telling us.  They also didn’t keep the correct domain settings, so the site became unreachable.  Due to them being overwhelmed by not-so-happy customers it’s proved rather difficult to get to our domain and fix it!  We thought it quicker just to change domain name as it was getting a bit frustrating.

So sorry about the downtime…

I’m going to send out an email to our user base to notify everyone.  If you would prefer we don’t have your user account any more feel free to use the contact form ( and we’ll remove your details.

Site Migration

Site migrated to a new server/hosting company!  Hopefully you shouldn’t see any issues.  If all works fine then things will be exactly as before.  I still have a bit of clean-up work to do but I’ll try to make it as un-glitchy today as possible.

Note the site address hasn’t changed – still