I listened to this remarkable interview on BBC Today concerning the likely reaction  by the Taliban to the killing of 16 Afghanistan people by a deranged US soldier. (Like they need an excuse to kill our soldiers) The bit that got me was when John Humphrys suggested that the Taliban may not be the enemy! Commodore Steven Jermy agree that the Taliban were not the enemy, remarkably. Humphyrs also stated that the Taliban will have won. Talk about undermining the moral of our soldiers but then again that’s what the BBC is for.


It’s really all so simple when you understand the meme.  The US is always wrong and the US military in particular is evil, a global bully. By way of contrast the Taliban are noble, exuding a humanity few truly appreciate, apart from BBC presenter Lyse Doucet. I was relieved to read the BBC dutifully report that despite the atrocious desecration of some of these noble humanitarians by evil Marines the Taliban have said it will not stop their commitment to the peace process. Taliban – heroes. Marines = enemies of civilisation. Oddly enough, the BBC don’t seem to be that interested in the mutilations, the maimings, the decapitations and the murders which the Taliban impose on fellow Afghans. Desecration seems a one way street these days.


The BBC leads its news this morning with the news that the Taliban are “furious” about the video of some US soldiers urinating over the dead bodies of some Taliban terrorists. Sorry, I mean fighters. Have to say I couldn’t care less about what happens to these savages who chose to pick a fight with the US military but the BBC certainly seems vexed about it. Could someone please explain that the Queensbury Rules don’t apply in war. I wonder if the Taliban have the BBC on speed dial?


A Biased BBC reader observes…

I was listening tothe BBC World Service (in Singapore) shortly after the news that British troopswere to be redeployed from Sangin to other parts of Helmand province. I wasastonished when the news reader went to the BBC’s correspondent in Afganistan forreaction to hear that the ONLY reaction sought and reported on was from theTaliban; who predictably described it as a British defeat etc. To say that(quite apart from the offense to the relatives of those killed in Helmand),this lacked journalistic integrity is a massive understatement of the BBC’sdisgraceful standards of reporting.


I note that Conservative MP David Tredinnick shares some of our concerns regarding the State Broadcaster..

“Tory MP David Tredinnick used the statement to raise concerns about the BBC’s report on the issue. “Many years ago during the Gulf War, I accused the BBC of being the Baghdad broadcasting corporation,” he told MPs. “I am very concerned that there is now a similar situation with the Taliban, in that they are getting far too high a profile.”

He told shortly after his appearance in the chamber that he thought it was unfair to present the Taliban as a coherent, organised group. “Instead of giving them this grand title we should describe them as a bunch of terrorists,” he said. “Why we are we building these people up? They’re a bunch of scruffs out there with RPGs who are using kids with wheelbarrows to blow up our troops. “We need a much blunter, more realistic assessment. Churchill would never have put up with this kind of propaganda in a wartime situation.”

The BBC denied that its coverage had given the Taliban’s views excessive prominence. I bet it did.

As ever, our nations enemies realise the BBC is their greatest asset. The license-payer funded enemy within.


A BBC meme is that it is always good to talk to terrorists. It doesn’t matter where they are and it doesn’t matter what they have done – the narrative is that “talk-talk” is the progressive way forward for all enlightened people. On Today this morning, I was stunned to listen a BBC contributor in the form of Conservative MP Adam Holloway declare that “we need to bring as much of the hard core Taliban” into the government of Afghanistan. These would be the same “hard core” Taliban that have just hanged a SEVEN yr old boy. I can see that Mr Holloway will be a regular contributor to the BBC in the time ahead.


Have you picked up on BBC coverage of the Jihad attacks carried out by the Taliban in Kabul today? I suggest to you that the tone of the coverage was almost one of….admiration. The BBC seems to take perverse delight that these dark ages barbarians can carry out such atrocities.


BBC reports that “western forces” have killed at least ten civilians, including eight schoolchildren, during an air strike in eastern part of Afghanistan. This can’t be confirmed owing to the presence of Taliban in the area which, I suppose, might just explain the reason for the air strike in the first place. The BBC seems to glide past that minor point in its’ desire to paint “western forces” as bloodthirsty child-killers. Know your enemy.