Like a latter day Dr Doolittle (and he really does do very little) Foreign Secretary David Miliband is to announce today that UK strategy on Afghanistan should now revolve around getting the Afghan government to speak to the “moderate” Taliban. The BBC interview wee Dougie Alexander about this and the usual references to the Northern Ireland peace process are thrown around to approving murmurs from the BBC.

Let me put this one straight.

Firstly, the Taliban are an Islamic malignancy with a Dark Ages mindset. The idea that there is a “moderate” section is like suggesting that there were some “moderate” Nazis. It seems to me that the BBC, in line with it’s Nulabour masters, are determined to pretend that some of those Taliban chaps will see sense if they are taken in from the cold and reasoned with.

Second, the comparison with Northern Ireland is lunatic. The British Government created the fiction here that there were “good” and “bad” terrorists – little consolation to the next of kin of their victims. “Good” terrorists play along with the fiction, “bad” terrorists don’t. This was served up as a “peace process” which enabled the Government to reward the mass killers in the terrorist establishment, betray their victims , disembowel the force of law and order, and win the plaudits of the liberal intelligentsia in the process. This depravity is the template that Miliband somehow seeks to impose on the Taliban. The head-cutters and limb amputators that make up the Taliban elite do not think in the way the IRA did, except when it comes to murder. They will take all concessions offered, of course, and then look for more.

Appeasing evil is pretty much all that Miliband and his ilk are capable of doing and they can be assured of a sympathetic hearing from the moral relativists that infest the BBC. There is, as Sir Winston Churchill once put it, NO point of compromise between the fireman and the arsonist.

As a final reference point, did you read THIS about the Taliban’s new terror chief? Why, he makes Butcher Boy Martin McGuinness seem like an almost decent cove.

What more do you want?

The headline of this BBC news story reads, “Sri Lanka leader hails ‘victory'” The same headline, along with the first few lines of this story, also appears as top story on the main BBC news page today.

What’s with the scare quotes round “victory”? I can go with the quotes round “liberated” a few lines later. That’s a matter of opinion. But it is a fact, not an opinion, that the Sri Lankan government has won a victory over the Tamil Tigers. The BBC itself writes that the Tigers are “finished as a conventional military force”. The Tigers’ leader is dead. They hold no territory. They have surrendered.

This is starting to sound like the Dead Parrot sketch. But do you get my point here, Beebfolk? Even if the Tigers were to stage a comeback, this, today, is still a victory. Or are you trying to convey that, “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers,” as Neville Chamberlain put it in 1938?


I see that on last evening’s BBC “Question Time” Shaun “Where’s my butler?” Woodward was trotting out the line that what has happened in Northern Ireland presents a template that should be used to bring ABOUT “peace” in the Middle East. I just wanted to say how utterly trite and disingenuous this is on so many levels and at the risk of being indulgent I would suggest that if you want to understand the unbelievable depravity and moral relativism that Woodward was waxing lyrical about, you could do worse than invest in a copy of my book “Unionism Decayed” which takes apart the appeasement process of which Mr Woodward and the rest of the intelligentsia including the BBC are so proud. Here endeth the commercial!


I see that the BBC has determined that the savages behind the mass murder attack in Islamabad are “militants” Now I don’t know about you but I would have thought that the brutal homicidal car bombing of a tourist hotel rather qualified as an act of unmitigated terror which would in turn make the culprits..terrorists. Then again, I also note that the Islamic terrorist scum behind this were able to get in contact with the BBC to explain that the aim behind the mass murder was “to stop America interference in Pakistan”

The BBC – the terrorists preferred broadcaster of repute.


. It is article of faith for the BBC that terrorism is best defeated through dialogue with the terrorists. Through the prism of leftworld, the idea that you might want to defeat terrorism by wiping out terrorists is a non-starter, hence the crusade against the Bush doctrine. So you can understand the delight of the BBC when the man tipped to become the next head of the Metropolitan police, Sir Hugh Orde, argues that we should be talking to Al Queda. Sir Hugh is the Chief Constable of the PSNI here in Northern Ireland and delights in the fact that convicted IRA bombers and bank-robbers now sit on his policing board. I’m guessing that his idea of the future for London might be when those masterminds behind the 7/7 attacks can be brought in from the cold and given a job running London transport. Orde’s views resonate perfectly with the BBC’ s views which is why he gets to make these outrageously craven comments with not one word of criticism from any other source. Perhaps the BBC could have asked the next of kin of those poor people slaughtered by Jihadists on that fateful July day if they share Orde’s enthusiasm for parlaying with deranged killers.