What more do you want?

The headline of this BBC news story reads, “Sri Lanka leader hails ‘victory'” The same headline, along with the first few lines of this story, also appears as top story on the main BBC news page today.

What’s with the scare quotes round “victory”? I can go with the quotes round “liberated” a few lines later. That’s a matter of opinion. But it is a fact, not an opinion, that the Sri Lankan government has won a victory over the Tamil Tigers. The BBC itself writes that the Tigers are “finished as a conventional military force”. The Tigers’ leader is dead. They hold no territory. They have surrendered.

This is starting to sound like the Dead Parrot sketch. But do you get my point here, Beebfolk? Even if the Tigers were to stage a comeback, this, today, is still a victory. Or are you trying to convey that, “In war, whichever side may call itself the victor, there are no winners, but all are losers,” as Neville Chamberlain put it in 1938?


BBC so upset that the Tamil Tiger terrorists have been wiped of the map. Humphyrs keen to point out that China has been supporting the Sri Lanka government and so any sense of moral satisfaction about defeating terrorism is ameliorated. Some liberal woman from Chatham House made a brief appearance to complain about the blood bath that hasn’t even happened. Pathetic stuff indeed. The BBC, like the rest of the internationalist left, has been pushing the narrative that the best way of dealing with terrorism anywhere is to use the Northern Ireland model i.e naked appeasement. Sad for them that Sri Lanka thinks differently. Even better news comes as it is reported that the leader of the Tamil Tigers has been shot dead. Wonder will Gerry Adams sent his sympathies?


More pro-Tamil Tiger propaganda from the BBC here with touching images provided, ahem, “by pro-Tiger media” allegedly shows a government air strike inside a no-fire zone and civilians fleeing. The BBC is proving a very helpful media outlet for the terrorist Tamils as they face a welcome extinction at the hands of the lawful forces of the government.