Demonstrators take part in a protest against plans for new austerity measures on October 20, 2011 in Athens
Another blow to the BBC. Greece’s cabinet has given unanimous backing to the plan by PM George Papandreou to hold a referendum on a EU debt rescue package. You will recall that only yesterday the BBC was hoping that perhaps Papandroeu would fail to win this backing, so another bad day for those living in the fetid Euro-swamps of the BBC. They wheeled on Elena Panaritis, an MP from the Greek Pasok party, to the Today programme this morning but she did not follow the script and talked about the need to consult the people about the implications of the Austerity measures forced on her country by “the colleagues.” This was met by BBC stony indifference. It’s hilarious watching the puffed up outrage of the Euro-elite at the concept of  the people of a Nation being given the right to speak out about their future, it’s disgusting to note the State Broadcaster parrot this totalitarian creed.


I listened to this interview with Terry Smith on Today this morning and chuckled all the way through it. His analysis is spot on, I agree with every word. There was a stunned silence when he politely explained to the BBC interviewer that the so-called Public Sector cuts have not impacted to any significant degree, yet. He excoriated the Eurozone folly that Merkel and Sarkozy are seeking to pull.  Make sure you listen – I am sure this was NOT what the BBC were looking for!!


Austerity – BBC style.

“The BBC is set to spend thousands on a “comedy conference” at a leading arts venue while its sparkling new multi-million media hub nearby is half empty. It has announced the event will be in The Lowry centre, Salford, parts of which cost more than £7,000 a day to hire, excluding catering. The October conference, close to the Corporation’s flagship northern home in MediaCityUK, where the BBC is struggling to attract staff, will also involve Channel 4, ITV and Sky.”