Right then. B-BBC has been gaining an increasing amount of media attention with more and more people realising that we provide an invaluable daily guide to the bias of our State Broadcaster. With the Daily Mail and places like Conservative Home also paying attention, I do think it is important that all who comment here ensure that they use language that does not leave the site open to criticism for being vulgar and just a wind-up.

You and I know we are serious people doing our best to expose the bias rampant in the BBC. Crude words and vulgarity does not help us in any way. I’m asking you PLEASE to keep the comments as family friendly as possible as otherwise we reduce the impact of the site.

I am also making you aware of the fact that there are those out there who wish this site ill. In recent days we are aware of attempts by certain parties to discredit this site. Do not help them by adding irrelevant vulgarity. We will deal with them behind the scenes.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


I was intrigued to find out that Biased BBC is banned in China. A Biased BBC reader writes…

“I’ve just got back from 12 days in Beijing and Shanghaiand there’s no way to access your site! Ironically most of the Beeb isn’tblocked. The Great Leader has obviously realised that the Beeb and his People’sCommunist Party have much in common!”

Bob’s Yer Uncle

Here we are, frantically battling against the bias at the BBC. Year in, year out, we stab away at our keyboards, foam-flecked spittle flying, blood pressure on the point of spontaneous combustion.
Auntie, meanwhile, gaily carries on, undeterred, oblivious and undaunted.

Then, along comes Bob. Hell hath no fury like a live-aid organiser scorned. The BBC sits up and openth one eye.
So. Should we recruit a celeb?.


Hi all. Just to say I have returned from my break over in the States and am pleased to report I have not caught any BBC output for the past 10 days! Instead, I tuned in to watch the excellent Fox News for some fair and balanced news – putting all points of view. My thanks to all my fellow writers for stepping in here during my absence – I will return tomorrow when the jetlag has worn off! Thanks also to all who have emailed me during my absence, I will respond in due course.


This is directed at all my fellow writers here on Biased BBC.

I will be away from this site from Friday 23rd October until Thursday 4th November and I’d REALLY appreciate it if you could ensure there is regular posting during my absence. The site benefits from daily posts and I sincerely hope that between you all we can keep the momentum going. I value all those who contribute here with your excellent material and hope you can just up the content when I am away in the USA!


I’m guessing that “Woman’s Hour” may not feature on every B-BBC readers daily repertoire of essential listening! That said, I happened to tune into it the other day and was regaled by Jenni Murray making the statement “Suppose you are walking along worrying about carbon emissions and you go to buy a punnet of blackberries”... Yeah, right. Then I heard a trailer for the show today which will feature Margaret Beckett whose career has been long and illustrious”. Really? I seem to have missed the illustrious element but I guess there is no bias in the BBC assertion. Whilst there are overt politically biased programmes like Today, the issue is that the sheer volume of BBC output provides a veritable constellation of bias all over the broadcasting spectrum, and Woman’s Hour is just one example. By the way, why is there not a “Men’s Hour”?

100 NOT OUT!

Yeah – I’ve been waiting on this! Ever since this site was redesigned thanks to the All Seeing Eye and G.O.T. I noticed more and more people have become followers of B-BBC. In the space of the past few months this number has almost trebled and is now sitting at 100, not out by a long count! Whatever we do, we must be doing something right – and here’s to the next hundred.


Hi all.

One of my favourite soul songs is “I can’t stand up for falling down.” Sometimes, that’s how it feels here. Thanks to the great help of others, this site has been redesigned (for free) and had the most modern of commenting systems installed (for free). Yet when I read some comments I detect a feeling that things were better in the golden days when we had a haloscan comment system and a basic blog design. Well, we now have the “new” haloscan system and a more refined design. It seems that each time anything new is attempted, all that comes back is brickbats and a desire for what was. In which case….why bother? Maybe others can sort it all out?