It would appear that BBC stands for Brown Broadcasting Corporation these days such is the amount of glowing coverage being extended the way of our dismal Prime Minister. Yesterday Mr Broon was over in Jeddah sorting out Johnny Foreigner by instructing him how to manage his oil and energy resources; today the Great Leader is once more amongst us – his people – this time extolling his vision of increasing fairness and social mobility This vision reduces down to throwing our cash at target groups of parents to encourage them to bring up their children in a manner of which the government approves. The BBC faithfully reports the Downing Street spin, helpfully emphasising that – yes, you’ve guessed it – Thatcher is to blame for these feckless parents. Also note how the BBC finishes the report by once again disingenuously referring to “child poverty” in the UK when this does not exist. It strikes me that the BBC’s attempts to prop up Brown and his rabble are getting increasingly desperate as Brown himself gets more and more desperate. As we approach the end of days for the NuLabour project to destroy everything that is great about Britain, I fear the BBC must be getting very nervous as to what changes lie in store for it. It’s current role as a 24/7 PR front for the Government undermines any claim that is is an objective reporter of news and emphasises that it is in fact an active and very biased player.

8 out of 10 cats

. Did you read the BBC’s report into itself? Sorry, I meant to say the totally independent report commissioned by the BBC Trust (Oxymoron) into the BBC’s coverage of the UK’s regions in its main news bulletins and factual programmes? I laughed at the statistic that 61% of the UK population agreed with the idea that the BBC provided better coverage from other parts of the UK than anyone else. I don’t think so. Do you? I suppose it depends on what is meant by “better”! Furthermore I am not that bothered about the fact that the National news does not provide greater detail on the devolved structures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. When I see the grovelling BBC coverage of the NI devolved Assembly, I would not wish it on anyone else in the UK! I also note that the Scots dissatisfaction with the coverage afforded to their burlesque is given great prominence – do we really need to ensure Alex Salmond and his goon squad are foisted upon our screens even more than they already are? My issue is not with whether or not the BBC coverage is sufficiently broad based across the UK, it is the fact that BBC coverage is inherently anti-British. Can we have a report into the self-loathing that permeates all BBC coverage of things British please?


. Just wanted to say thanks to all Biased BBC readers for making May our second biggest month in the past year! I am enjoying my time here and trust you all approve. I find it tough sometimes getting the time to blog here every day as well as on my own site, A Tangled Web. However such is the rich vein of bias that runs through the BBC that mining it is a joy.