B-BBC – the new team!

I simply wanted to thank all those new posters who have joined the site in recent days. As you will have noticed, Robin Horbury, DB, David Riddick and the All Seeing Eye now join with Ed, Natalie, Sue, Laban and yours truly to bring you a rollicking good daily read. The cast has grown and it will help me get the time required to get the BBC book completed. Please join me in welcoming the new folks and I wish them all the very best in exposing BBC bias!


Just to say the upgrade has taken place and I want to thank the All Seeing Eye for all his efforts. There is a lot of technical work behind this kind of thing – way beyond me – and we all owe him a vote of thanks!


Well, we have reached the end of another month and I just wanted to thank you all for your continued patronage of the site. This month has seen the highest number of stories posted and whilst I know that they vary in import, and inevitably there is hit and miss! – I like keeping things lively and topical. The site is attracting more and more followers and is read in places high and low.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to those who mail me so many good stories to cover – there are many eagle eyes out there. My thanks to all my fellow writers here on B-BBC and here’s to a good September.


Ok then – just back on the site and having a look through some of the lively threads. All good stuff but I do wish that there was less swearing and fewer ad hominem attacks. That is no way to approach civil argument and just as you would not go up to a stranger (I hope!) and start swearing at them then I wish the same civility was extended to all who come in here. I know it is easy to get annoyed but honestly, the foul language just gets us nowhere so do me – and more importantly Biased BBC – a favour and be a bit more careful as to your choice of words. If we want to open up the bias of the BBC to wider scrutiny (agreed?) then we need to lessen the vulgarity quota. Hope you will observe this, if it doesn’t improve I will simply start removing the sweary words and that then defeats my purpose of being here – which is to write, not edit. Please don’t take this the wrong way – I love all your passion, wit and erudition but I think we just need to clean up a little. Thanks.


I have just had a chance to have a read through the comments on the “Housekeeping” thread from the other day and wanted to try and explain the way things work around here from my perspective.

I am libertarian minded (on the topic of commenting here anyway!) and that’s why I simply requested you might all respect my wish to keep the language moderated on the site as it makes the many great points just as effectively. I see it being asked by some that I (and the other moderators) become more active in enforcing moderation. Here’s the deal; I don’t have the time. I came here to write and that is pretty much where all my interest lies. I am involved in three other blogs and I hope you all might understand I have to grab fleeting time.
I like the idea of freewheeling conversation and all I simply want is for civility from those who care about this site. 99% of the time all is well but sometimes it gets out of kilter. And I would be failing in my responsibility if I did not raise this.
Over on my primary blog, A Tangled Web, I was forced to moderate every comment and I don’t want that to happen here. It means that trolls (Hi Medicated, Red Avenger) can infest the site until they get bored and wither away but I am prepared to tolerate that just as I tolerate the richness of our language from time to time. But we do best when we speak with a civil tongue and that is what I seek from all who come here.


Just a quick word to remind all who like to comment here that this is not a “sweary” blog and there should be enough words in the English language to convey opinion without resulting to vulgarity! I don’t want to seem a prude and I do understand how passionate debate can become but I have noticed far too much crudity in recent times and I would appreciate your support in refraining from this. The site benefits from civil debate and if we lower our standards then we simply gift those who would try to demean the site. Thanks for your support.


Just to say that in an effort to improve site loading speed, I have removed my Twitter and also the video bar. I feel these have not worked and some have misunderstood why I placed my Twitter here. I have tried to bring more interactivity, greater responsiveness – including the weekly liveblog – but accept that these haven’t worked as I wanted. We are also planning to restore haloscan comments in the next few days. At that point, I think my work is done.

The essence of this site is BBC bias. I have approached this from MY perspective and angle all blog posts accordingly. I write to my own style which people can love or loath. I know that this sometimes brings trolls and perhaps that brings the site problems. It is not my intention, as I do not control trolls, it is they who haunt me.

In summary, I have come to feel I am more of a liability to this site than an asset and perhaps it can grow without me.


Alright then – we have now had seven days pass since the new look design has gone live. I have, of course, followed all your many comments. I thank you all for the feedback and I do value all you have to say, even when it is critical. Here’s a few updates for you;

1. I believe site traffic has risen based on our new stats.
2. More blogs have linked to B-BBC than ever.
3. Headers, colours, links etc have been sorted out as promised.
4. Some trolls have now moved on, which is a plus.

There are a few areas of outstanding business which we will sort our very shortly;

The Comments zone is not right and I want to see the haloscan system reinstated! Yes, I know it is imperfect but on balance, I prefer it. I don’t like all the anon comments we are getting as I think this just confuses. I also like the behind the scenes architectural benefits of the haloscan system. My esteemed tech colleagues are working on this so please be patient until they can resolve all this.

Once sorted, I intend to start getting B-BBC press releases up and going to various media channels, Stateside in particular where people still trust the BBC. I want to have the scale of BBC bias sent global and will seek to link to major US sites which would be sympathetic to the concept of this blog. We do pick up some great stories between us all and I figure it would be good to share these with those who may not quite appreciate the scale of left wing bias that the BBC exudes.

I realise that the blog is not perfect and we can always make it better. This will happen and in the meantime I hope you will all keep visiting, keep commenting, and keep it lively. We are doing our best and as I said this time last week – our aim is true. Stick with it.