BNP and the BBC!

Well then, I am sure you will heard plenty about the BNP’s published membership list today. I first caught Nick Griffin being interviewed about this on Today this morning by John Humphrys and I reckon Griffin acquitted himself quite well. Whilst I am no admirer of the socialistic racist nonsense served up by the BNP, I did chuckle at Humphrys evident dismay when Griffin wondered aloud why radical Islam was not treated in the same way as the BNP? In fact that’s really my point here. The BBC trumpets the cliched establishment revulsion at the BNP and loves to suggest it is “far-right” when in fact it is more accurately “hard-left” with a flurry of racism added. So how does that make it any different to the likes of “Respect” – other than it is not Jihad-sympathetic? And isn’t it cute the way the BBC finds room for UKIP’s Nigel Farage to stick the boot into the BNP whilst it normally ignores him on most other issues? The best way to test the BNP, in my view, would be for the BBC to allow Griffin onto the likes of Question Time so that his party views could be examined just like the other parties but the BBC chooses to ignore the BNP whilst finding time for other comedians such as Marcus Brigstocke. But that just is not going to happen and so by ignoring the BNP, the BBC actually helps create an undeserved mystique for the organisation. I never did see the list that was published but wondered if the BNP has members in the BBC?


Just ten minutes this morning into the “Today” programme on BC Radio 4 and I had to turn it off.

Just before the 7 a.m. news we had an item on “social cohesion”and the racial tensions that are evident in places like Dagenham. The spectre of the rise of the BNP was raised by the BBC interviewer and all agreed that this “far-right” abomination was undesirable. The solution to “divided communities” appeared to be “arts-based” social initiatives! Tell it to the Jihadists and those within the Muslim community who support them and who refuse to integrate within our communities. The BBC can’t even see the problem but instead fulminate against “the far right”.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes later and after a weekend which saw John Prescott, Cherie Blair and Lord Levy all expose Gordon Brown’s dysfunctional personality, the BBC then ran an item clearly designed to bolster Brown. The loathsome Denis McShane and Lance Price were allowed to explain why all this tittle-tattle meant nothing and said more about those who indulged in it than it did about the Great Leader. It seemed to escape them that all this invective against Brown was coming from within the Party, from senior figures. Operation Save Gordon seems in full swing and it should prove hugely entertaining to watch the BBC explain away what looks set to be a rout of Labour in Crewe in but a few weeks!


Well, it’s the morning after as the dust settles and what have the BBC been saying? Well, they have been struggling to get past a sentence about Boris Johnson which does not contain the word “buffoon” for starters. Then we have them giving Jack Straw – the Chemical Ali of the Labour project – being given an easy ride on Today where he was allowed to babble about how great Labour had been but how it had been damaged by not listening enough and those pesky global financial pressures. You could feel the pain in the interviewers tone, I doubt champagne corks popped last night at Broadcasting House. I also noticed two stories that the BBC have not bothered much about following the results of the London elections. First the success of the BNP. Whether you like them or not – and I don’t -nonetheless their performance was quite credible and worthy of more coverage. It got virtually no coverage. Why? Also the crushing defeat at the poll by Saddam Hussein’s cheer-leader George Galloway has hardly been mentioned. Surely the BBC wouldn’t want to minimise the rejection of this nauseous specimen?