I wondered what you think of the following comments made by Jeremy Bowen? “After inflicting so much pain and death, Israel still says that Gaza’s civilians are not its enemy. That is something that Gazans – and millions of others in this part of the world – do not believe.” I am sure he includes the BBC in that number, don’t you? Also, after Hamas firing rockets into Israel AFTER the ceasefire came into effect, I was curious as to why Jeremy has not asked his excellent UN for a comment on this act of war?


I would urge you to be sitting down as you listen to Jeremy Bowen’s latest report from Gaza. It’s amazing, isn’t it, to listen to such naked partisanship dressed up as reporting? Jeremy is nothing more than a pro-Palestinian talking head, doing everything possible to diminish the Israeli response to the savagery of Hamas. He concludes his ever so world-weary diatribe by saying “let’s hope there is a cease-fire soon”. Why? He is now offering opinion which favours one side (Hamas) in the conflict, is this not bias? And while we are at it, I notice the BBC is STILL pushing the death statistics of those in Gaza as one BIG media friendly number, whilst they breakdown Israeli deaths by military/civilian. We hear how many kids have allegedly died in Gaza, we never hear how many Hamas terrorists have been killed. Isn’t that a little odd? The BBC seem determined to portray the deaths of all those in Gaza as being the deaths of innocents. It’s sickening to behold.


I was reading Abu Bowen’s latest insight into the Gaza conflict and I was struck by his admiration for Hezbollah. I’ve added a few comments of my own into his commentary As he puts it “Hamas fighters, (Aka Islamic terrorists…DV) who know Gaza better than the Israeli troops, have a belief in resistance and martyrdom. (Terrorism and homocide bombing…DV) Their objective will be to give the Israeli army the same humiliation (Humiliation, mmm, interesting unbiased choice of word..DV) that Hezbollah inflicted during 2006. For all their bravado, (Hiding behind women’s skirts..DV) Hamas are unlikely to be as formidable as Hezbollah. (Less Iranian munitions..DV? The rocky, hilly terrain of south Lebanon was not good for Israel’s armour. Gaza, on the other hand, is flat and sandy.” Goodness, if it weren’t for the terrain….


I am puzzled that the world media has not reported the startling news that Hamas have left Gaza. That is certainly the impression the BBC conveys because in its latest reports on the cleansing of Gaza, it reports that 391 “Palestinians” have been killed so far. Yes, but apparently not one of these has been a Hamas terrorist. So, as in Lebanon in 2006, the BBC refuses to number how many of the dead are Islamic Jihadi militia and instead lumps them all into one big convenient number which is then used to portray Israel as the cruel oppressor of poor innocent Arabs. I also note the continued pro-Hamas testimony of Jeremy Bowen, a man who makes Orla Guerin seem objective on Middle Eastern affairs! It would a lot more honest if the BBC just came clean, admitted they loath Israel and are license payer funded shills for the so-called Palestinians. The pretence of neutrality is so risible as to beyond parody.


. There is a great dissection of the BBC’s recent 60th birthday “tribute” “to Israel here over on Honest Reporting. The very fact that the BBC selected Jeremy Al Bowen to present this one hour documentary is surreal given HIS track record. It’s akin to having Hannibal Lecter front up a documentary on Veganism.

A taste of things to come arrives in the first few seconds of the broadcast, which features images of Islam’s Dome of the Rock and a Christian crucifix against a Jerusalem backdrop. Despite the deep religious connection of Judaism to both Jerusalem and the land of Israel, this image is, incredibly, omitted. And herein lies the major flaw of the entire program – the legitimate roots of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel going back three millenia are either downplayed, delegitmized or ignored altogether.”
You should give it a read to see just how biased this disgraceful documentary was. I doubt that Hamas could have produced anything worse. There is something about any debate about Israel which brings out the very worst of Al Beeb.


The BBC likes to refer to Mahmoud Abbas, leader of Fatah, as a moderate. He is frequently positioned to us as the “good guy” on the Palestinian side compared to Hamas who are the more “militant” bad guys. What I found interesting from BBC coverage of this region is the complete absence of the news that holocaust-denying Abbas has decided is to award “The Al Kuds Mark of Honor”, the PLO’s highest medal, to two female terrorists who helped kill Israelis.

Ahlam Tamimi is a Hamas affiliate serving a life sentence for driving the suicide bomber who exploded himself in the Sbarro restaurant in Jerusalem, killing at least half a dozen people, including a whole family. Amra Muna, seduced Ophir Rahum over the Internet and then lured him to Ramallah where he was murdered. Both terrorists will be given this great honour by the moderate Abbas.

Any thoughts on why the BBC seems unable to report this? Maybe because it’s just too busy providing space for Jeremy Al-Bowen to urge direct talks with Hamas?