In the BBC world-view, what could be more natural than bigging up Libyan thug Col Qaddafi – new chairman of the African Union as well as getting the wretched Mark Malloch Brown on to agree that co-operation with Mugabe “is worth a go.” It always amazes me how the BBC drones on and on about the problems that afflict Africa whilst appearing seemingly disinterested in the ambitions and consequencwa of indulging terrorist thugs like Qaddafi and Mugabe.


Intrigued to listen to an interview on the BBC this morning that pointed out that tyrant Mugabe was cut off from “his feelings” because of a “rough childhood”. I was touched. South African journalist Heidi Holland then went on to equate Mugabe’s belligerent intransigence with the current US position on his failure to share power as explanation as to why there can be no progress here. So, even in Zimbabwe, the US is to blame, eh?


. Oh no – not ANOTHER post on the BBC’s coverage of Mugabe! Yes, ‘fraid so. You see until I tuned in to the BBC this morning, I did not fully appreciate that the way for the Zimbabwean tyrant to be toppled from power is to force Waitrose from trading with some small family fishing and agricultural enterprises in Zimbabwe. Peter Hain, that model of financial propriety, was on Today this morning to explain that corporate Britain should be banned from having any trading links with Zimbabwe, regardless of the misery this would have on those denied the chance to export their produce. The BBC interviewer did not demur from Hain’s line of thinking, so absolving African nations from their responsibility to isolate the tyrant and instead putting corporate Britain in the frame.


I think it can be safely said that the BBC views the United Nations as “the world’s highest moral authority” insofar as it’s coverage of this institutionalised vast bloated corruption is always glowing. So when the UN Security Council condemns the violence and intimidation against Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the BBC runs with this and no tough questions are posed as to what these words amount to. It also throws in a few specious lines about the brave attempts by South African President Mbeke to find a solution to the Zimbabwean nightmare . This is pathetic stuff. The UN, and Mbeke, have done NOTHING to seriously pressurise the thug Mugabe. In fact Mbeke has given years of tacit support to his Marxist pal Mugabe. What is happening in Zimbabwe demonstrates two truths which sit uneasily with Beebview. It shows the utter impotence of the UN to do anything of substance and demonstrates the callous disregard that South Africa’s President has for the suffering of those poor people under the jackboot of Mugabe.


You have to laugh at it all really. Yesterday the BBC reported on the attendance of Robert Mugabe at the UN Food Conference in Rome without managing to consider how it it that the UN could invite a man to such an event who starves his own people to death. EU compliance with the Mugabe jamboree was similarly ignored by the BBC itself. Today, the BBC reports the good news that at a meeting in Saudi Arabia the Islamic Development Bank said it would spend $1.5bn (£760m) over five years to help the least developed Muslim countries tackle the food crisis. If only the decadent west could follow the good example shown by the Islamic world, right? The BBC loves one thing more than an African tyrant and that is a gaggle of Islamic tyrants.


Entertaining to read the BBC’s coverage of Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe’s visit to Rome to attend – irony of ironies – a Food Summit! Criticism of Mugabe’s presence on European soil has to be muted by the BBC because he is in Rome care of that vast corrupt organised hypocrisy – the United Nations. Since the BBC likes to portray the UN as the world’s highest moral authority, it has to be careful not to say too much about the fact that this august body invites a man who starves his own people to a summit on Food. I also enjoyed the line the BBC spun that because the UN had invited Mugabe, the EU was therefore unable to prevent him attending this conference. Of course the EU could have insisted that Mugabe be kept out, but just like the UN it too lacks any sense of even vestigial decency.


The BBC faithfully reports that former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, one of their favourite sons, has urged African leaders to “do more” with regard to Zimbawe and Mugabe’s thuggocracy. One wonders why the BBC does not see fit to ask why Kofi himself did nothing during his years as Secretary -General? Maybe for the same reason that Annan did nothing during the Rwanda genocide and the Darfur genocide? The pious words of this morally bankrupt fool are reported by Al Beeb as if they have real moral and political meaning when in fact it is obvious that they are – unreal.