Been a busy morning for the Nanny Staters. If the Coalition wants decent publicity and a soft ride on the BBC, it needs to come up with views that are all about IMPOSING the will of the State on people. So Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, pops up on Today @ 8.50 to explains the serious health problems caused by second hand smoke. She made some tenuous connections between children wheezing as a direct consequence of second hand smoke and was allowed to get away with them, unchallenged. In fact she was being encouraged by Humphrys to suggest that we will only really change behaviour if there is legislation so perhaps we need a law to stop us smoking on their own property. To be clear; I have never smoked and hate the smell of it BUT I fail to see why the State, encouraged by the State broadcaster, seeks to remove choice from people in terms of what they do in their homes, in their cars.


The only time the BBC gets behind Cameron is when Nanny State comes out to play and in this case seeks to remove tobacco products from visual display. When the Coalition continues the socialist engineering agenda of banning and price hiking then it is guaranteed a good press from the State Broadcaster.


BBC leading the charge this morning about the evils of drinking. On both Radio and TV, it is running with the idea that up to one in three kids are horrified at the drinking they see going on in the home.The BBC itself has commissioned the study which suggests that a third of children said they feel scared when adults drink, a fifth say they have witnessed angry and aggressive behaviour, and the majority had seen their parents drunk. On TV, David Yelland was on to talk (again) about his recovery from alcoholism. The BBC has embraced the neo-Puritanism of the last Labour administration and lobbies to make us all feel bad about any form of enjoyment.


The BBC never misses an opportunity to evangelise on behalf of the Nanny State. And so it is that following the continued horrendous revelations concerning Haringey social services, the utterly ineffective Lord Laming is wheeled on to inform us that the logical conclusion to this sordid tale is ….that the State needs to become even more active in the role of parenting. No counter view required. None offered. Well, allow me to provide one. The guy that raped the two year old child needs castrated and put away for life, end of. The useless social workers need sacked. The politicians that presided over this should resign, Parents need to be held reponsible for their kids. How about some REAL debate?

The Global Sexism Scam

Aunty Big brother is concerned that you should be concerned about global sexual equality in this time of World Economic Crisis which the dear leader Brown is not responsible for and grappling with . The fact that the concept would barely be understood by half the world is unimportant (they haven’t even noticed the WEC poor dears!). You and your emotional condition are the targets. Let’s only talk “global female unemployment”. Yes, that would be meaningful. To make the report especially meaningful, let’s leave this little detail to the end:

“The ILO is predicting a global rise in unemployment this year of up to 51 million people – 22 million, it believes, will be women.”

You may think this undercuts the report- oh no, you’d be wrong. It’s all about “raising awareness”, after all.


Quite honestly ONLY the BBC would give prime time space to a loon who suggests that we need MORE Nanny State intervention! In this instance, Dr Alan Maryon-Davis suggests a ban on smoking in cars carrying children and a ban on massive price-cuts on alcohol would not be nannying but just responsible government. How about we are given the CHOICE as to what we buy and what we do? How about we are given a CHOICE as to whether we pay so much as one penny for for the BBC?

Weight coverage not broad enough…

This concerns one of the most mind-numbing BBC coverage areas of recent times: the fat issue. The BBC just loves an opportunity to wax on about swollen numbers of fatties. The mass of stories are contradictory, tendentious, and depressing. There are stories like this from the deterministic point of view- and stories like this from the social conditioning point of view. All the time the BBC infuriatingly racking their brains about how to rid themselves of the offending fatties, without ever considering that eating and lifestyle need balancing.

And then a completely different sort of story comes along. A heartwarming story (heart-burning story?) of an eater that would have made my Grandmother proud who also happens to be a world-beating athlete. What’s that I hear from the BBC? A chirping of crickets? A blanket of absent coverage?


Did you read this article from the BBC informing us that due to the serial recklessness of the sinister “alcohol industry” Government in the loathsome form of SuperNan Dawn Primarolo, may have to consider banning happy hour, banning larger wine glass sizes etc to help save the NHS?? Note how the article is contrived to establish the central proposition that individuals are NOT responsible for their own actions and need our benevolent government to step into the breach and “help” them. The advance of the neo-Puritans in the form of Labour seeking to ban as many of our choices as possible is given an easy ride by the servile BBC. Time for bed now, lights out…lie back and think of the Great Leader as he selflessly considers what to ban next….


. I was reading the latest instance of Nanny Statism, faithfully reported by the State Broadcaster. This wheeze involves paying smokers in the poorest areas of Dundee £150 worth of groceries from the NHS if they are able to give up cigarettes. Let’s leave aside the obvious stupidity of this which I am sure the more ingenuous Dundee smokers will quickly exploit. The BBC plainly states “There are 36,000 smokers in Dundee, about half of whom live in poverty. “ Wrong. There are not. The BBC is referring to the Government and NGO definition of relative poverty – a left wing invention in recent years to enable them to shakedown more of our taxes for their favoured client groups. In repeatedly making this claim the State Broadcaster advances a leftist agenda proving once again that it cannot be trusted to give us just facts rather than spewing out propaganda.