Here’s a gem of Obamania from the BBC’s Kevin Connolly. If you can bear to wade through it you will come across this classic lines.. “He is a complex figure, a child of a white mother and a black father who in his very essence draws together two of the longest threads in America’s national tapestry and has used his own life story to persuade Americans that hope is audacious rather than foolish. “

How about the BBC does us all a favour and insists that its journalists stop rapping for The One and start just reporting the facts? For example, Kevin finishes his ringing endorsement of Obama by declaring that he “has to protect the constitution”. Regarding constitutional liberty, I wonder how Kevin will equate this with the fact that Obama has twice taken an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and to “bear true faith and allegiance to the same.” He does, as the Patriot Post points out, not honor that oath because he subscribes to the errant notion of a “Living Constitution” which, in his own words, “breaks free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.” Maybe Kevin could “date to dream” about being a journalist rather than a pathetic echo-chamber for The One?



Yes, I know it has not happened but judging from the tone of the BBC coverage today, it may as well have. I caught Justin Webb (Who else?0 on Today just before 7am declaring that the only factors that can stop The One winning are 1. If his huge army of cultists don’t actually turn out to vote on the day and 2. If Americans are really prepared to vote for a black man. So, the defence is already in from Justin- if America does NOT elect Obama it is because too many Americans are RACIST. Got that? When he was at it, Justin managed his obligatory swipe at Sarah Palin, suggesting that whilst she was the darling of “the base” (aka redneck scum in the sophisticated Justin’s deluded mind) she was a real problem for many other voters (Democrats) There is no doubt that Sarah Palin has induced real irrational hatred from the political left and Justin is a prime example of PDS.

Next up, the polls. The BBC runs an interview with Bob Worcester in which he concludes Obama has a 95.7% chance of winning. The polls have been playing a major part in the Democrat campaign and as has been reported here the intent is to demoralise McCain supporters and imply that the outcome is already predetermined so there is no real point in republican supporters voting . I believe the BBC will play along with this “It’s a landslide” riff as Obamania fever mounts over the next week. The BBC thinks that in just over seven days the end of the wicked Bush regime is in sight and that a socialising appeasing liberal will be elected as President. Nothing will stop it doing everything possible to project this and this week’s Question Time from the States should be a guaranteed Halloween horror show (I won’t be around to blog it).


Well, the celebrations following Obama’s historic election as US President continued unabated on the BBC today. What’s that you say? He hasn’t been elected yet? Mmm..hard to tell when it comes to the Barack Broadcasting Corporation this morning! Two interviews ln less than 30 minutes this morning from the BBC with no pretence of balance – just pure Obamania.

At 7.13am we had an interview with the Democrat economics adviser Professor James Galbraith of Harvard University. Galbraith was allowed to waffle about the dire state of the US economy with nary a mention of the fact that the US economy has just enjoyed surging growth of 3.3% in the last quarter. (Wanna compare THAT with the Eurozone performance, Beeboids?) Galbraith spouted the usual half-baked left wing economics that Democrats always advocate, even being invited by the BBC interviewer to compare Obama’s protectionist plans to those of the “New Deal”. Any student of economics with any will understand just how profoundly flawed THAT was and yet the BBC was hailing it as economic success incarnate and the good Professor grabbed the rhetorical ball and happily ran with it.

Next up at 7.40am we had Justin Webb with his daily dose of pro-Obama propaganda followed by James Naughtie interviewing Sam Liebermam, chairman of the Democrat Party of Nevada. Naughtie concluded by wishing Lieberman “good luck”. We get the picture. Listen to the BBC – Vote Obama.

Phew, that’s a relief:

“McCain team ‘cynical, not racist'”

Says who? Says Obama. And the BBC considers this news? That the chosen one would pardon his nasty opponent from the unforgivable sin by substituting a lesser criticism. Sorry BBC, this is not balance- it’s reverence for your man. It’s bias.

They go on to report “The latest row began when the McCain campaign claimed that Mr Obama had “played the race card” by warning that the Republican would try to scare voters about how Mr Obama looked unlike “all those other presidents on the dollar bills” – all white men.”

Notice how the row began- not with the Obama accusation but… McCain, of course.


The BBC’s daily gushing tributes to Obama are an utter disgrace to the very notion of “impartiality.” I listened to Steve Rosenberg’s coverage of the visit by Obama to Germany on “The Today” programme this morning (7.42am) and a more fawning sycophantic biased item would be hard to find. Is Obama already President? Does John McCain even exist? As Steve points out, if Germans could vote in the US election then Obama would be President. Lucky that they can’t then, isn’t it? The JFK analogies were duly trotted out and the only down- side presented was that since expectations are so high, then Obama might struggle to deliver. I find this daily onslaught of pro-Obama PR hard to take – it is grossly irresponsible of the BBC to do this but I suggest it it merely the years of simmering hatred of the Bush administration coming to the surface where we all can see the pretence of impartiality uncovered without a trace of modesty.


Happened to catch BBC Radio 4’s The World This Weekend at lunchtime land was royally entertained by a discussion on US policy towards the mad mullahs in Iran. The discussion was predicated that the next US President will be Obama and in another example of that good BBC ..ahem…impartiality it proceeded to interview two of Obama’s Congressional supporters on what their man might do! Naturally these Democrat talking-heads were allowed to get all the cheap shots in against Bush. The BBC interviewer, bizarrely, seemed anxious that John McCain might undermine Obama by “flying his own jet into Tehran and having direct talks with Ahmadinejad”! Another Nixon/China moment was being fantasised about which seemed to even surprise Obama’s supporters! It’s a disgrace the way in which the State Broadcaster is so biased against a Party and candidate that most likely half the US electorate will vote for and yet claims it is being impartial on the matter.