I know we have covered this before but since the government and the BBC keep banging on about “eradicating child poverty” in the UK, when we all know that there is NO child poverty in the UK, it seems appropriate to question why the BBC nevers allow a discussion on the precise nature of “relative poverty” which is a leftist scam. I caught a discussion on the Today programme early this morning on this and whilst the BBC interviewer did explain that in fact what we were discussing is relative poverty, there was no voice to point out the stunning stupidity of the concept in the first place! Gordon Brown may be moving to enshrine the removal of “child poverty”by 2020 in law, this is in fact fantasy politics. My point is that so often the BBC chooses to accept what are left-wing shibboleths as in relative child poverty and then debates around them, rather than allowing debate on their validity in the first place. That’s how nonsense such as child poverty becomes part of the political agenda and stays part of it. That’s how the child poverty industry prospers.

The nonsense that passes for news

One can’t push back against it all, but Dizzy has a great go at a story which the Independent-echoing BBC report about food waste. It’s probably supposed to make the supposed food crisis more, you know, “interactive”. An absurdly long BBC report misses most of the points which Dizzy raises. The money quote as far as I am concerned occurs almost at the bottom: “WRAP receives government funding from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.” (WRAP is the niftily named organisation which carried out the food waste study. Nb- interesting how Gvt funding is pointedly devolved). Good of them to tell those readers who actually consider the matter newsworthy enough to read to the bottom.

Picture the little group hug that all this involves: the Labour Gvt, WRAP, the Indy, and the BBC. On second thoughts don’t- wouldn’t want you to waste your dinner.