BBC loving Her Majesty paying tribute to the “Fenian brotherhood” and the “old IRA” in Dublin. I find the BBC coverage nauseating and, of course, politically contrived. The BBC has been a long time cheer-leader for the appeasement process here and today is a culmination of that.


A B-BBC reader notes…

Did you note that yesterday ‘Today’ referred to Billy Wright…..Loyalist terrorist…’exceptionally dangerous and who continued to murder Catholics as mainstream paramilitaries edged towards peace….in some circles his death could be seen as productive.’

Shame the BBC couldn’t bring themselves to condemn Hamas in such tones after the murder of 4 Israelis recently….would the BBC agree Israel was being ‘productive’ in the peace process by killing these Hamas killers?


Today’s been a big day for Today doing it’s very best to “understand” terrorism.

At 7.12am BBC ace reporter Andy Martin went to Lurgan – a nexus for “I can’t believe it’s not the IRA” violence in Northern Ireland and but a few miles from where I live. He met with community workers to try and “understand” what makes young kids take to the streets, throw fire bombs at Police and wreck property. Guess what? Yes, it’s lack of social facilities. leisure activities.Mmm, and there was me thinking it was the fact that they are vicious little thugs who come from a generation of thugs in that area.

Then, in the prime morning slot at 8.10am, Andy was back with his tales of the terrible social woes that lead to young thuggery.(He forgot to mention all the local lesiure facilities about 3 minutes walk from the area concerned for some reason)

Coalition Sec of State Owen Paterson was on to assure us that violence does not pay! How he kept a straight face when claiming this is a testament to his powers of political delusion. He then causally pointed out that Policing is now under local control, with a Policing Board containing a convicted IRA bomber and a convicted bank robber. As Owen says, violence does not pay.

Owen also asserted, without contradiction, that “everyone” agrees N Ireland is in a much better economic position than it ever has. Odd how the interviewer did not point out how unemployment is at a ten year high and that it is the only part of the UK still mired in economic decline?

Isn’t it peculiar how BBC antipathy towards the BBC dissolves when discussing the “peace process” here in Northern Ireland. Love of appeasement trumps hatred of Conservatism?


Again, the BBC is to the fore in promulgating appeasement of terrorism. Just the other morning it provided Jonathan Powell with the prime-time platform to advocate that “we” should be talking to the Taliban and Al Queda. This morning it provided a platform to Peter Taylor and Eamon McCann to pontificate on the claim by IRA leader Machine Gun McGuinness that the Government is talking to “dissident” republican terrorists. Let’s leave aside the fact that the BBC completely ignores Unionist opinion on this (plus ca change) but look at the way the BBC actually posits the debate;

“Author and political activist Eamonn McCann and BBC reporter Peter Taylor debate whether talks could prevent future violence.” 

Oh, I see. Let’s have a chinwag with terrorists and see if we can given them what they want so we can buy them off. It could equally have asked whether talks only encourage these savage killers, but I guess that is not an appropriate approach. It could ask whether the need for talks such that a military strategy would be more effective. It could ask whether once you pay the Danegeld…

But of course, it never will, The BBC is steeped in the sordid gospel of naked appeasement of all forms of terrorism and I find it profoundly nauseating.


Should we talk to the Taliban? How about Al Queda? How about any terrorist group anywhere? The BBC was kind enough to provide arch-appeaser Jonathan Powell the prime 8.10am platform this morning. Powell is clear enough – YES, let’s talk to terrorists and see if we can find out things we can “give them” in exchange for them easing off onthe killing.

If you listen to the interview, Powell vapidly speculates about the Taliban position “on women’s rights” and he worries about the amorphous nature of Al Queda, harder to negotiate with don’t you know? Powell keeps using Northern Ireland style appeasement as the template for all of this and the BBC fully approves. In this regard we can see that Powell is actually articulating the BBC in-house position on how to appease terrorists.

At a time when British soldiers lose life and limb fighting terrorist vermin around the world, the BBC sees fit to provide a spotlight to Jonathan Powell’s naked appeasement of all terrorists. Truly disgraceful, Naturally Powell has a new series on the BBC on this topic.


BBC Today programme very keen to paint the notion that the past few nights of Republican thuggery on the streets of Northern Ireland are in some way linked to “contentious” Orange Order Parades. This is so outrageous that I thought I might set the record straight. In most instances, the violence is taking part in IRA controlled heartlands and those terrorists firing at police officers are out to KILL them. The reason why the BBC plays the establish game is that to delve too deeply into these riots might expose the rancid appeasement that lies at the heart of the “peace process.” It’s a little tricky to spin the line that violence does not pay whilst IRA godfather Martin McGuinness sits in high office and the scum on the streets of Northern Ireland are merely following the template provided for them. Odd how the BBC chooses not to investigate that line of thought. Instead, it chooses who is interviewed very carefully and the impression that this is a little local difficulty is conveyed so the lotus-eaters here can keep on dreaming…


A BBC meme is that it is always good to talk to terrorists. It doesn’t matter where they are and it doesn’t matter what they have done – the narrative is that “talk-talk” is the progressive way forward for all enlightened people. On Today this morning, I was stunned to listen a BBC contributor in the form of Conservative MP Adam Holloway declare that “we need to bring as much of the hard core Taliban” into the government of Afghanistan. These would be the same “hard core” Taliban that have just hanged a SEVEN yr old boy. I can see that Mr Holloway will be a regular contributor to the BBC in the time ahead.


…so long as it is black. Yes, Henry Ford’s maxim still directs much of what the BBC passes off as “debate”.

Last night, here in Northern Ireland, Irish republican terrorists detonated a car bomb outside MI5 headquarters at Holywood just outside Belfast. Plus ca change? Irish republican terrorists have been doing this for decades. But through the pervasive prism of the “peace process” – to which the BBC is ideologically committed – there are now “good” and “bad” terrorists. Hence IRA commander “Butcher Boy” Martin McGuinness is a good guy, and those behind last night’s bombing are the bad guys. Today sees Policing and Justice powers devolved here, a key IRA demand, but the orthodoxy perpetuated by the BBC is that this is a good thing. So, just before 8am, the BBC Today invited two Police Officers on to discuss this. Both were 100% supportive of the idea that Police and Courts now answer to IRA commander McGuinness. I could have given the BBC names of dozens of Police Officers revolted at this idea but curiously, they could ONLY find those who agree with the rancid deal. Where is the debate, where is the varied opinions, where is the representation of the outrage that many people in my community feel about this?

As you may know, I am standing for election in this General Election and so I have been canvassing opinion on the ground. Many people are nauseated by the idea that an IRA terrorist in the shape of McGuinness gets to appoint the Attorney General and gets to select the person who will appoint future judges. But  were one to listen to the BBC as an alleged impartial reporter of facts, none of this would be obvious. That deception, of course, is part of the toxic BBC remit. Pravda but in HD.


Last night, Irish republican terrorists detonated a car bomb at the Court House in Newry. No one was killed or injured but this was through good luck rather than design.

Back in 1985, other Irish republican terrorists bombed this same building. Their proxies now sit in government.

This morning, on the BBC, I heard the BBC’s political correspondent Mark Simpson claim that those responsible for the bombing last night had little support “in the community!. This is standard government/BBC operating procedure when these events occur. The fact is that the republican terrorists who carried out this bombing have tried to carry out many other such bombings, have murdered British soldiers and a Police Office, and still been able to melt into the community from which they hailed. It does not suit the Government to have the media expose the significant support that terrorism enjoys in certain areas, the same areas that have always supported violence. Yet the BBC, that tame poodle, simple barks the party line. Another line of enquiry they could have taken is has the removal of border security increased the liklihood of these kind of attacks. Then again once you pay the danegeld…..


Had the misfortune to listen to Thought for the Day this morning. The Right Reverend James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool. gave a little three minute sermon on the wisdom of those who accept that it is right and proper to accept terrorists in government here in Northern Ireland. I do not deny the BBC the right to provide a bully pulpit for clerics who urge appeasement but in the interest of balance they should also allow those morally opposed to gangsters and killers in power to have their say too. Naturally, this does not happen.