Twisted BBC Priorities: Cuba Edition

In the month of January, there were 268 arbitrary arrests and detentions of peaceful opponents of the Castro Regime in Cuba.

At least 268 arbitrary haltings of pacific opponents happened during the past month of January, revealed a report disclosed in Havana by the Cuban Commission of Human rights and Reconciliación Nacional (CCDHRN).

All the prisoners were released after some hours or of several days, but four of them were committed in prisons of high security, delaying their judicial hearing; another four have faced the same situation from December of 2010.
(translation mine)

But wait – there’s more:

The report emphasizes that the CDHRN was able to document in January at least 62 incidents that constituted abuses of human rights on the part of repressive agents of the government.

The document also emphasizes that “the political repression was particularly intense in the city of Santa Clara where at least 61 arrests happened, from only the 26 to the 28 of January, some of them with plenty of violence on the part of the police agents”.

The BBC simply isn’t interested. So what do they see fit to report?

Cuba welcomes new internet cable link with Venezuela

Cuba has welcomed the arrival of an undersea fibre-optic cable linking it to Venezuela as a blow to the US economic embargo.

The cable will transform communications in Cuba, which has among the slowest internet speeds in the world.

Apparently it’s all funded by the BBC’s darling, Hugo Chavez. Celebrate!

Human rights? Who cares about a few cracked skulls and detentions when a few well-connected (sorry) Cuban elites will be able to make cheaper international phone calls? Don’t be such a bore, eh?

Awesome priorities, BBC.


Little bit of Obama-love here from Michael Voss which happily also lavishes attention on Castro’s Cuba. No mention of the gross violations of human rights which passes for everyday life in this Communist hell-hole. But hey, never mind that, let’s dance…


See the BBC is bigging up the rich culture of communist hell hole Cuba. Matt Frei is there to highlight how ballet is the route from poverty to Covent Garden. I suppose the BBC’s love of the Castrol tyranny is understandable given the political sympathies of so many of the BBC luvvies. They love Castro like we love life.


Anyone else catch this paean to Cuba on Today this morning? The BBC just loves doing everything possible to big up the kind and charitable priorities of the Castro gulag of our times. Wonder if BBC reporter Michael Voss ever wonders why so many Cubans risk their very lives trying to escape this veritable nirvana on Earth? The bottom line is the BBC is shilling for Obama to restores diplomatic ties to Cuba.