Did you listen to this interview with Comrade Derek Simpson? I felt that Justin Webb was nipping at his ankles but holding off from taking a bite out of him. Why was no-one from BA interviewed? It seems obvious that Unite are losing this one but Comrade Simpson was dodging any responsibility for this and Webb let him.


Had to laugh at the easy ride (Scroll down) afforded Mark Serwotka of the Public and Commercial Services Union when he was droning on about the vital need for further substantial wage increases. The BBC seems keen to promote the idea that the State sector has had a tough old ride in recent years and needs all the extra cash it can possibly get – now there’s a surprise!


When he died, the BBC paid fulsome tribute to him. Why even living saint Tony Benn declared him “one of the finest men I have ever met.” I refer to Trades Union baron Jack Jones. Then, a week ago, the BBC informed us that “he was briefly considered by the Soviet KGB as one of their agents, according to an official history of MI5.” Panic not, dear reader, because ” he only passed on Labour party documents, not secrets, and was last paid by the Russians in 1984.

So, Jack may have “briefly” been on the KGB payroll but heck, he was only passing on Labour documents, harmless stuff surely?

‘Fraid not. It appears that nice man Jack sold British secrets to the Soviets for 45 YEARS. Not sure how that can be passed off as “briefly”, can you? Also as f0r those innocuous sounding “Labour documents” they included plans for nuclear disarmament, military secrets, the private opinions of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, and – crucially – the names of those in politics and the unions whom Comrade Jack believed might help the Communist cause. Notably, the files are said to contain slurs about people in every position of British public life – including key figures in the Armed Forces, MI5 and MI6.

Let us hope the BBC now moves to provide a somewhat more rounded portrait of this much loved…er… traitor. In the interests of balance, of course.


Comrade Barber of the TUC has his ludicrous economic assessment carried by the BBC here. The odd thing is that Barber gets space for his contention that it would be madness to deal with the burgeoning public sector debt by..erm.. cutting it. McDoom gets space to say all is well. Vince Cable even gets space to have his have it all ways say…but, I think ONE party is all but ignored. Can you guess which one? Barber even gets a veiled threat to public safety in the last but one sentence. The BBC does not pursue it, naturally. As we approach the GE, the BBC will work with the Union baronsto ensure that Cameron is as boxed in as is possible so that any post election propensity to axe the bloated State sector is minimised. Self-interest is clearly a driving force here!


BBC can always be relied upon to give the appropriately entitled NUT conference favourable coverage. The Keffiyeh adorned hordes that turn up for this annual circus are now complaining that the government plan to extend “free” nursery care are actually reducing the care children get. How? Well, it seems that some teachers work loads are being increased as a consequence of this policy. Oh dear – that would never do, would it? Perhaps another strike looms – with attendant favourable Beeb coverage?


Did you see the prominence the BBC has given to the thoughts of Comrade Brendan Barber on the UK economy today? Brendan reckons that “the finance and banking sectors” have caused the recession (Has he not read Gordon’s script? It all started in America, remember?) but that 2009 represents a chance for government to create a “new” and “more fair” economy. Yes, just like Cuba, I’m guessing. (BTW – the BBC celebrates 50 years of Castro tonight if you feel strong enough to tune in!) Brendan then shows his economic perspicuity by demanding more welfare benefits for the unemployed even though I note he does not specify where the money for this is coming from and naturally, the BBC merely acts as his PR agency. Since the Trade Unions have so little relevance to the wealth-creating sector of the UK economy, why is Barber given such a soap-box?