The Trade Unions bankroll the Labour Party. In a big way. (I have a small article on the topic published here  ) Today finally tackled the burning issue this morning here.  Comrade Billy Hayes  was on and I thought it was very insipid interview. He was allowed to avoid dealing with the fact that the minority of UK employees who DO belong to a trade union (29%) overwhelmingly work in the Public Sector. And that’s the link that dare not speak its name. The Unions own Labour, and the Unions are the Public Sector. This could have been a robust and interesting exchange but I thought it was very disappointing. Then again, how many of those interviewing trade unionists on the BBC are themselves trade unionists?

The BBC “Cuts” Orgasm…

The BBC is certainly maxing out on the evil coalition “cuts” with reverential softballs being thrown to strutting and strident trade union fatcats (all on £100,000+pa) and gut wrenching tales of woe from “randomly selected” families etc.

The mood music is clear, the narrative set in stone with helpful clues to remind of the last bloodthirsty regime which gleefully crushed the poor and the weak into the dust…..”…deepest cuts since the Thatcher years”

Mark Serwotka, leader of the Civil Service penpushers, poured scorn on the need to cut the deficit on BBC1 “Breakfast” this morning. He demanded an increase in government spending and when Simon Jack wondered where the money would come from Serwotka, economic genius, said we should borrow it. Mr Jack, instead of laughing in his face and giving him a pair of clown’s shoes, feebly accepted this cretinous nonsense.

It might seem odd to the average Martian that the Beeb should be helping to feed the egos of these latter day Savonarolas when it is having to face industrial action from it’s own Luddites over downsizing but remember that the BBC, like the Papacy, is always interested in the long term. So soon, just after the first reports of children and old people starving to death because of Osborne’s cuts, expect a full blown crusade, spearheaded by Stephen Fry and assorted Dimblebys and Attenboroughs, showing how the masses are suffering cultural starvation through the freezing of the BBC Poll Tax.

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It is very interesting to observe how the BBC covers the growing restlessness amongst the UK workforce as more and more precious jobs are lost to non-nationals. It has to be a tricky one for the multiculti-EU loving BBC and true to form I see that the line currently being peddled is to place all responsibility with the management of those companies concerned but this obscures the central fact that the companies are lawfully employing EU citizens, it just so happens this is in preference to UK citizens. So the issue is not UK management, it is the provisions of EU legislation that have created circumstances that are now leading, slowly, inexorably, to widespread civil unrest. As I pointed out at the time, when Brown talked about British jobs for British workers, he was lying through his teeth. When the workers in some sectors rose up against the Thatcher government, the BBC were with the comrades all the way but now..ah, it’s a lot more difficult…watch this space.


Wee Dougie Alexander was on the BBC this morning talking about the cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe. He was boasting about the £10m of UK tax-payers money that he has given to various NGO’s and the UN to help bring relief in Zimbabwe. My question is why are we giving so much as one penny to Zimbabwe? The issues that afflict it all have a political origin in the shape of the marxist thug Robert Mugabe and it is for African leaders to deal with this – not British tax-payers. Does the BBC ever provide a platform for those who argue that throwing cash into Zimbabwe is an inappropriate use of our money? Dougie then moved on to discuss ….SHOCK HORROR “reform” of the UN. For a moment I paid attention. Was he going to launch a broadside on the serial and despicable anti-Israeli track record of the discredited UN? Nope. Was he going to tackle the UN’s pathetic failure to agree on a definition, never mind a response, to terrorism? Nope. Perhaps he was going to damn the UN for standing by when genocide occurs as in Rwanda and now Sudan? Nope. Instead wee Dougie was worried that the UN approach to climate change and delivering poverty relief could be less than ideal. Big deal. The BBC and the UN – both beyond criticism. Both beyond parody.


. I caught Brendan Barber TUC General Secretary being interviewed on what was billed as the appropriate level of pay for public sector workers just after the 8am news on the Today programme. What an easy ride he was given by Evan Davies! We all know that the Public Sector has been the primary beneficiary of ten years of Labour magnanimity and those who work in it have enjoyed salary and pension benefits dramatically higher than those in the wealth-creating sector. Barber’s job however is to ensure that the parasite sector gets more and more for doing less and less and this can only be achieved by squeezing the pips out of those who work in the private sector. Corporate Britain is NOT paying it’s fair share, Barber claimed, and Evan Davies let him get away with this outrageous claim. I also noted the way in which Davies made a point of differentiating between the “middle-classes” and the “public sector”. There are plenty of those in the public sector who are very comfortably off and Davies displayed a shocking lack of economic understanding for a man who has an economics background. Comrade Barber was left to waffle and the toughest question he got lobbed his way was “How angry is the public sector”? A better question might be how angry is the private sector at the special treatment Government hands out to those in the public sector. What chance the BBC focusing on that??