It is very interesting to observe how the BBC covers the growing restlessness amongst the UK workforce as more and more precious jobs are lost to non-nationals. It has to be a tricky one for the multiculti-EU loving BBC and true to form I see that the line currently being peddled is to place all responsibility with the management of those companies concerned but this obscures the central fact that the companies are lawfully employing EU citizens, it just so happens this is in preference to UK citizens. So the issue is not UK management, it is the provisions of EU legislation that have created circumstances that are now leading, slowly, inexorably, to widespread civil unrest. As I pointed out at the time, when Brown talked about British jobs for British workers, he was lying through his teeth. When the workers in some sectors rose up against the Thatcher government, the BBC were with the comrades all the way but now..ah, it’s a lot more difficult…watch this space.

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  1. archduke says:

    i know atlas sounds like a fruitcake at times, but when i read more about what the EU is doing, he actually appears positively sane compared to what the Eurocrats and their lackeys in Westminster are engaged in.

    prime example – have a read of the Civil Contingencies Bill…

    passed in 2004 – and it has bits in it that i think even Adolf Hitler would not have been able to pass in Nazi Germany without strong resistance from his own party…

    and no – i’m not making this up. read the link. and read the bill…


  2. Martin says:

    I see the one eyed one is doing a BBC interview tomorrow. I assume that’s Andrew Marr doing his usual impersonation of Nu Liebour bog roll?


  3. archduke says:

    “There is nowhere to hide and nowhere to run too, because all the other establishments of the world have also been at war with their own people at least as long as ours has been.”

    except for Japan. which sticks out like a sore thumb – it is democratic and there is no multi-cultural rubbish in that country…

    my own theory is that when the dust settles, we’ll see Japan as a new superpower. probably in alliance with China (they’ll bury the hatchet on their long running animosity towards each other)…

    india wont make it. a nuke exchange with Pakistan will put an end to its dreams of regional superpower.

    my bet is china + japan for the 21st century.

    get busy learning mandarin or japanese. yer gonna need it.


  4. archduke says:

    Martin | 01.02.09 – 12:29 am

    i feel another guido fawkes cartoon coming on…

    with “coming” being the operative word.


  5. Tom FD says:

    I seem to recall the volumous protests in London about the putrid plight of the plucky Palestinians was headline news a couple of weeks ago. I was on Westminster Bridge today and saw this:

    but strangely I can’t find any mention of it on the BBC site at all!


  6. Grimer says:

    3 posts just disappeared when I was reading the thread. Archduke posted about China and Japan.

    They’re now gone.

    A post replying to Martin, also gone.

    Anybody care to explain?

    (Archduke: I already speak Mandarin! “War eye knee” – see you on the other side! I totally agree about Japan by the way. Nothing but respect for their attitude to their own culture)


  7. Grimer says:

    (posting a message seems to have trumped F5. Unless the cunts watching realised they’d been caught in the act)


  8. TedN says:

    My understanding is that Japan is in a demographic death spiral. I wouldn’t expect to seem them as a superpower.


  9. Johnny Norfolk says:

    If the BBC were reporting properly they would comment something like. ‘Its no use the labour government blaming the companies management as they are only carrying out EU law’
    That would be the real truth.


  10. tax-payer-to-the-queen says:

    Apart from all the other rubbish, the whole story is just bad journalism. It would be nice to know where this Lindsey company is. All we hear is North Lincolnshire. Would it hurt to mention the town?


  11. Jack Hughes says:

    It’s on the south bank of the Humber – near a small place called Killingholme. The nearest big town is Grimsby.


  12. Tom says:

    BBC’s ‘voice of the recession’ Robert Peston is more powerful than the Chancellor, poll finds

    Not that it matters – they’re singing off the same hymn sheet after all.


  13. George R says:

    In this BBC report, the emphasis is on Gordon ‘British jobs for British workers’ Brown’s criticism of British workers’ strikes against what they see as unfairness in excluding British workers from jobs.

    Brown avoids two salient facts from his criticism of these British workers:

    1.) E.U. rules on labour put its supra-national laws above British laws, and Brown welcomes this loss of national sovereignty;

    2.) the British Labour government has pursued the stealth practice of Mass Immigration, from E.U., and non-E.U. countries for the past 12 years, and continues to do so in its enthusiastic campaign to now get 75 million Muslim Turks into the E.U.

    “Brown criticises wildcat strikes”


  14. GCooper says:

    In my view, GeorgeR, it is the non-EU component in that immigration which is the greater risk – the legions of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Africans of all kinds that have been recruited by ZaNuLabour.

    Immigrants from the EU (so far – Turkey may change this) are more inclined to be compatible with British life and often return home in time, as has been shown by the Poles.

    But it is the Poles, alone, that the BBC chose to stigmatise, having been the prime cheerleader for all other kinds of immigration since the early 1960s.

    Presumably, the fact that Poles tend to be white and Christian, was the problem?

    The way the BBC behaved over this issue was one of the most disgraceful episodes in its history as it showed it not just to be profoundly biased but as spiteful and rabble-rousing as it says the BNP is.


  15. Allan@Aberdeen says:

    Japan has a population of 120 million and is over-populated so its “demographic death spiral” is a necessary correction to a problem which the Japanese people are dealing with internally.
    The British people really are on a demographic death spiral because projections show not only that the polpulation of the UK will increase even further beyond sustainability than now but also that the indigeous Britons will become a minority by 2040. That is the most serious threat that any people can face: becoming a minority to external colonisers within our own country.


  16. Original Robin says:


    Latest reports from the Polish community leaders themselves is that 500,000 Poles and their families are going to stick it out in the UK ,presumeably picking up benefits.
    I think all immigration is now a threat.


  17. Tom says:

    Original Robin | 01.02.09 – 6:18 pm

    presumably picking up benefits.

    Doubt it. They’re not known for claiming benefits. In fact, Poles are the least likely of all ethnic groups (including indigenous English, Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish) to claim benefits or to require social housing.


  18. Original Robin says:


    How are they going to live then ?


  19. Tom says:

    Original Robin | 01.02.09 – 8:26 pm

    Well, I’ve got four of them starting next month on my extension.


  20. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Were no Tories available for comment? The only non-Labour or non-Union voice was from UKIP. Funny how Farage was the only one mentioning the EU laws. Not that anyone at the BBC would want to discredit such an unapproved thought. The TUC guy blaming the employers follows immediately, as a palate cleanser.


  21. Original Robin says:


    OK four have them can undercut for your luxuries, and the rest ?


  22. Original Robin says:


    So thats four of them undercutting to build you something extra.
    What about the rest of them ?


  23. Tom says:

    Original Robin | 02.02.09 – 5:58 pm

    Many of them are self employed, and many of the others work for one of the self employed ones. Nor are they exactly ‘undercutting’. They tend to do work that otherwise wouldn’t get done by anyone. Which is rather different.


  24. Original Robin says:


    Self employed can take work from normal employed, and the ones who are working for the self employed are normally employed anyway.
    One question is why the work cannot be done without them , which is doubtful.
    another is how are the other half a million other than that 4 you mention going to live ?
    Latest reports are they`re going to sit it out in the UK drawing benefits.
    Which means that the Polish community is a drain on our economy.