Just popping in to thank you ALL for your support during 2009! Yes, I know the redesign of the site caused concerns but most have stuck with us and I am delighted with the new team of writers who have made such an impact with some incisive posts in recent months. Most of all, I thank you, dear reader, for clicking the button and coming along here. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the journey in 2009. There has been a record number of posts this year and our aim is to provide you with fresh issues to discuss on the topic of the BBC’s perennial bias. I have had email issues in recent days so if I have not responded to your mails, that’s why! Hope you all have a great evening and see you in 2010!


It’s pretty darn unusual for the BBC website to cover the death of a local Church of England vicar; in fact, pretty much their only interest in Christianity and our established religion these days is in gay bishops. When I was in BBC local radio, it was only when a local bishop popped his clogs that we reached for our microphones.

Unless, that is, he’s a revered green camapigner. Such, apparently, was the Reverend Hereward Cooke, a vicar in the Norwich area, who cycled the 150 miles to Copenhagen to attend the UN summit in December, and there, tragically, died in his sleep. I’ve nothing against Mr Cooke, I am sure he was a god-fearing chap, though it is a pity that he thought ‘climate change’ so important.

But to the BBC, of course, he’s a saint. Any mention of ‘green’ and ‘climate change’ – no matter how inconsequential – is front page news.

End of Year Quiz

1.Who ends sentences on an upward inflection and is too cool to, you know, pronounce the ‘T’ at the ends of words?
A.) Some Teenagers; B.) Labour MPs; C.) Mark Thompson; D.) The terminally insecure; D.3. ) Puff Daddy.

2. Who repeatedly trots out the well known ‘inflated-salaries-of-BBC-management-defence’if we want the best we need to pay top whack” without explaining why the same argument doesn’t apply to the comparatively modest salaries of the creative staff?
(You Gets What You Pays For?) hmm.
A.) P. Diddy; B.) The management staff at the BBC; C.) Mark Thompson on Today R4.

3. Who sounds, you know, a tiny bit like, um um um, a stammering stuttering nincompoop?
A.) The Director general of the BBC; 3 down. ) Someone else?

Pathos in Gaza

Who commissioned Katya Adler’s pathos extravaganza that BBC News24 has aired several times today?
What news value does it have, apart from being a gratuitous reminder of Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, just in case we forget about all that for a second?
Now that there aren’t any juicy war crimes to salivate over, did the BBC’s Middle East Editor brief Katya to seek out a cute enormous-eyed child to tug at the heartstrings merely to rekindle dying embers of indignation over Israel’s brutality, fearing the public might be beginning to lose interest?

If the BBC ever commissioned a proper and a thorough examination of how the Palestinians’ suffering came about, and who is responsible for prolonging it, the BBC might begin to claim some credibility.

Or if they stopped implying that children governed by ‘democratically elected’ Islamist Hamas would have a normal childhood if only Israel would stop preventing it. But they insinuate that Israeli oppression is the only thing stopping Gazan children from having a normal childhood when they must know very well indeed that indoctrinating them with hatred of Jews, glorifying child martyrdom and engulfing them in a repressive Islamist medieval straightjacket is a million miles away from any Western perception of normality.

So Katya and Jeremy, you’re pretending. You’re selecting. You’re projecting. You’re using sentimentality and half-truths to twist and poison. For what? Do you think it will bring peace? I don’t even think you do.


Well folks, we are almost at year end and I thought you would like to share your moment of the year for BBC bias. It’s so target-rich. Remember the hatred shown towards Israel when it sought to cleanse Hamastan? Remember the outrageous enthusiasm with which the BBC embraced the coronation of Obama? Let’s not forget the kindness shown towards poor useless Mr Brown, even as he bankrupted the Nation! Then there was the mockery of Sarah Palin, the hostility towards the Conservatives, the endless apologies for Islam, the relentless assault on Christianity, the propagandising for the gay lobby, the love-in with the AGW cultists…..the list goes on. So, your outstanding moment of BBC bias in 2009….??


….Australia, in particular. Turned on the BBC evening news and caught an item suggesting that this horrendous Climate Change thingy that requires us to pay more tax and subsidise third world kleptocracies is also causing Australians to change their “no worries” lifestyle and retreat from the ocean due to the coastal erosion! Just another little doom and gloom care of our AGW propagandists at the State Broadcaster. Meanwhile. I’m feeling their outrage of the death of “cor blimey” true blue Brit Akmal Shaikh. It’s just AWFUL when …erm…heroin traffickers meet justice, just so bloomin’ unfair? Mind you, he was “mentally ill” apparently or so the BBC state as if it were a fact rather than an opinion.


Did anyone try watch, as I did, the BBC’s new adaptation of John Wyndham’s The Day of the Triffids? This was one of the favourite books of my childhood, a cracking yarn in the HG Wells disaster tradition, and – more fool me – I was looking forward to it. Guess what? The producers, i.e. the BBC international conspiracists who see AGW as a religion, had tampered with the plot so that it conformed to their worldview. According to these morons, the triffids developed and got out of control because of global warming and because the wicked fossil-fuel oil companies had modified their genes. So, an old-fashioned morality tale about the problems of human nature descended into a zealous brimstone-and-treacle homily about ‘climate change’ and the horrors of capitalist greed. Brainwashing? John Wyndham, I am sure, will be turning in his grave!


I’ve become increasingly convinced that the BBC is part of an international conspiracy about ‘climate change’. It isn’t simply that the reporting is so biased; it’s also because there seems to be a concerted effort to make sure that whatever so-called sceptics discover, for example over Climategate, the warmists bounce straight back with a new set of warped theories or bent facts to support their arguments. The feed of material is relentless, as if it is coming from an organised source. Over the holidays, I’ve been doing some digging on this, and I wanted to share one of my first findings.

A BBC journalist called Peter Thomson is not a household name in this country, but he’s the environment editor of the BBC programme (made jointly with WGBH Boston and RPI) The World, which on a daily basis pushes out climate scare stories to millions of people. Mr Thomson, it turns out, is also the secretary of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a US organisation, the main purpose of which is to spread alarmism through a ‘guide’ about ‘climate change'(masked of course, under the cloak of ‘objectivity’). There can be no doubt that this is a campaigining organisation which wants to achieve political change because it believes that the world needs to reduce CO2 emissions.

Mr Thomson’s activism does not stop there. He’s also a member of the advisory board of the Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, yet another international organisation with alarmist goals. It, too, publishes a guide to how journalists should cover ‘climate change’; in truly chilling McCarthyite terms, the introduction explains how anyone who disagrees with “the consensus” should be ignored and that journalists should frantically pester editors to publish ‘climate change’ scare stories.

So, to recap. One of the BBC’s most senior editors responsible for environmental reporting has formal roles at the epicentre of a worldwide coinspiracy among ‘climate change’ alarmists. Not only that, he is assisting in the international propagation of so-called science communication guides, the main purpose of which are to enlist other journalists to spread the same lies in which he also believes. I suspect there’s a whole phalanx of Peter Thomsons, all feeding the BBC’s insatiable appetite to feed us with moonshine.

Update: Richard North, of EU Referendum, has kindly provided further information about BBC propagandists. Nik Gowing, a prominent – and rather humourless – BBC World Service presenter, has a no-doubt lucrative sideline in chairing ‘climate change’ conferences convened by the alarmist-in-chief, IPCC head Dr Ravendra Pachauri.


BBC reports that “western forces” have killed at least ten civilians, including eight schoolchildren, during an air strike in eastern part of Afghanistan. This can’t be confirmed owing to the presence of Taliban in the area which, I suppose, might just explain the reason for the air strike in the first place. The BBC seems to glide past that minor point in its’ desire to paint “western forces” as bloodthirsty child-killers. Know your enemy.