So, just in case you are a slow learner and don’t realise that every war the US now fights is ‘Nam all over again, on the day that Obama will announce more US troops for the war in Afghanistan, Today runs an excerpt from Lyndon Johnson’s speech in 1965 announcing more US troops for…yes, you’ve guessed correctly, Viet Nam.

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5 Responses to GET WITH THE MEME

  1. Grant says:

    This is a tricky one for the Beeboids.  On the one hand anti-American, pro-muslim.  One the other hand, Obama -worshippers.  A difficult one to get their tiny minds round.


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Well, it is rather appropriate, seeing as how this current President is also half-assing it, sending less troops than are necessary and forcing them to fight with one hand tied behind their backs.  Sounds very much like this President is looking to create a Vietnam if there isn’t one already.


  3. Mailman says:

    I love how al beeb is trying to present this as a president who is making an agonising decision.

    The reality is its actually quite straight forward.

    Support your generals request or not. Or perhaps Barry could cancel one of his many rounds of golf so he could make a decision.

    No, cant have that…the msm wouldnt be able to get lovely pictures of their boyfriend.



  4. deegee says:

    Parallels have been drawn between the Afghan war and Vietnam war which traumatised American society

    Who was it who drew these parallels? It perhaps would have been more honest to say the BBC draws a parallel. I wonder if the US has been involved in any war since Vietnam where the parallels were not drawn.

    There is of course the parallel of the US being involved in a war that objectively it was winning until forced out by public pressure brought on by casualties. Saddam Hussein made the fatal mistake on relying on it. 


  5. DP111 says:

    Diana West rips apart Obama’s policy in Afghanistan