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  1. George R says:

    Omitted by BBC-NUJ: report on Fort Hood Nidal Hasan trial;

    are they as clueless as ‘NYT’?

    New York Times can’t figure out Fort Hood jihadist’s motive


  2. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Finally!  An uncensored, uncritical, uneditorialized piece from the BBC on the Tea Party movement.  For once, they simply let four ordinary people speak for themselves.  No attempt to balance it with a harsh critic talking about extremism, no editorial suggestions from a Beeboid.

    Read the testimonials and consider how much they reflect either what you’ve heard from the BBC over the last 18 months, or what I’ve been saying since the movement began, over a month before the BBC dared to touch it.

    Then ask yourselves if you can ever trust a single BBC report about US issues ever again.


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nick Robinson has another one of those “the BBC has learnt” posts, this one about next week’s spending review.

    ‘Good news’ for schools

    Robinson makes this seem like another one of those insider sneak-peeks he used to be known for.  “I understand that…” and he uses the simple future tense when explaining what’s going to happen, as if it’s a done deal.

    I could be wrong, but everything he says here sounds exactly like what was all over the news on Friday.  Robinson banged this out at 10pm Friday night, after a full day of news and press releases.  It reads suspiciously like him summing up the newsgathering of the day, plus maybe one follow-up email after Clegg’s announcement.

    Hardly the kind of scoop he used to get from Labour, before they double-crossed him.


  4. Julio says:

    ATW not working, anyone know why ?


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Yes. I sort of broke it. It wasn’t really my fault…but…

      It was running an import of the 266,000 comments from the previous site, unthrottled, and the server melted through the floor. 

      I’m working on bringing it back right now. Actually by “working on it” I mean that their techs are shouting at me and I’m frantically kissing arse.

      It’ll be back in a bit.


  5. Julio says:

    oh ok 😀


  6. George R says:

    More INBBC censorship on Islam jihad threat to British people –

    (even when reported by Islamic outfit Quilliam)



  7. George R says:

    Not the sort of reporting which BBC-NUJ would do on IMMIGRATION:

    ‘The Immigration Game’



  8. Martin says:

    I’m listening to ‘Mong Radio’ with Stephen Nolan as chief twat. A caller (fellow mong) just phoned in claiming that he’d just done some calculations (he’s clearly the product of a bog standard Liebour comp) and that if a single mother working in the public sector loses her job the Government lose about 5K in taxes she pays and that they will have to pay out 11K in benefits.

    What Mong junior didn’t factor in is that the Government is paying her wages in the first place, public sector workers taxes are simply re-cycled Government money that they get from taxing the private sector.

    Why do some people have difficulty in understanding that taxes paid by those in the public sector are meanlingless?

    You could give you kid £10 pocket money and then take a fiver back as  a ‘tax’ towards their living costs, or simply just give them a fiver to start with. It makes no odds!!!


  9. NotaSheep says:

    Take a listen to Friday evening’s Any Questions, well the introductions and first questiona and answers. Anyone got the time and the patience to properly analyse the tone of the introductions to Jacqui Smith and Ed Vaizey, the question asked, the time allowed to JS and EV and the interruptions from Jonathan Dimbleby?  Craig?


  10. Betty Swollocks says:

    Did you see ‘beaker’ (kuensberg) on the News yesterday, she said there was a meeting at ‘Cameron’s country residence’ and a picture of Chequers?? I thought all PM’s stay at Chequers at weekends, it came across as if it was DC’s own private mansion. 


  11. james1070 says:

    Nicky Campbell promoting Eugenics again. Cut the goolies off junkies. The BBC refuses to cover many issues, but why are they obsessed with the sterilisation of men?