Katty Kay Tweets Her Bias Again

I was having a look at Katty Kay’s Twitter page, wondering if she had said anything about Sarah Palin lately. Not only is Palin on tour (as we know from Mark Mardell’s sneering the other day), but she said something yesterday about Paul Revere which raised a few eyebrows. It turns out Palin was actually correct and, as usual, a few Leftoid media dopes made fools of themselves laughing at her so-called ignorance.

Katty, the most hyper-partisan of all BBC employees working the US beat (yes, she’s worse than Mardell) now that Katie Connolly has done the honest thing and gone to work for a Democrat strategy group, didn’t say anything about Palin’s Revere remark, but still she did not disappoint anyone looking for her to reveal her personal political bias. Tweeting from her iPad, Katty sent her readers two links to hit pieces on Palin, both from the JournoList-infested Politico.

This Politico article is full of adjectives like “cartoon-ish”, “circus”, and “spectacle”. Oh, and the actual title is “Sarah Palin takes the media for a ride”. Katty editorialized that down to a sexist pejorative. Nice one, Katty. Notice also that the response from her reader makes it clear which side she’s on, as nobody would ask such a question if they thought Katty was either impartial or not far Left and a Palin hater. Katty does have form attacking Sarah Palin on air. The other tweet is equally amusing.

This Politico article is about how some in the GOP establishment aren’t pleased. Which is exactly what Palin’s supporters want, but of course Katty thinks it’s a bad sign for her. Partisan blindness. We can see where the Beeboids go to inform their opinions on US issues. The vicious atmosphere of Katty’s Twitter feed and her followers is again revealed in the reply. If Katty wasn’t openly partisan and anti-Palin, her reader wouldn’t feel free to make such a reply.

Further down on her Twitter page, Katty also retweets a Palin attack piece by none other than Andrew Sullivan (not going to give him a link – look him up if you want), notorious for his own version of a “birther” conspiracy (he still thinks Palin faked giving birth to Trig, while her daughter is the real mother). There is no greater hater of Sarah Palin than Sullivan, and Katty not only follows him but thinks his musings are important enough to share on her BBC-labeled Twitter account. This fact alone tells you all you need to know about Katty Kay.

If that’s not enough to get a scolding email from Helen Boaden, Katty also makes a tweet which combines her personal business interest – “Womenomics” – with her BBC profile.

This is clearly a violation of BBC protocol. Yet Katty often uses her position at the BBC as a platform to advocate for her personal pet issues (see here and here), including the women in business angle. It’s also worth reminding everyone that Katty’s partner in Womenomics is Claire Shipman, whose husband is the current White House Press Secretary.

There’s another tweet on the page about an article discussing how women are oppressed in oil-rich Muslim countries. It’s not US news, just something she’s personally interested in, and uses her BBC credentials as a platform to promote it. She even ironically tweets about “women who take a stand” having their morals questioned. That’s pretty rich coming from someone who called Sarah Palin a tease for doing just that.

Another overtly partisan BBC employee in the US who is not fit for purpose.


Anyone catch this wonderful interview on the BBC this morning with Millie Tant and her feminist tendency? It concerns the opening of a Playboy club in London and all good feminists are up in arsm against this unspeakable evil. I bet that she was speaking on behalf of  every good Beeboid although to be fair Michael Winder took the proverbial!


For as many years as I can remember, the BBC has propagated the line that the State always knows what is best for us. This is particularly accentuated when the Government is Socialist but the BBC default line is that State knows best. So I was somewhat surprised to hear John Humphrys suggest during this interview that the State should keep its nose out of our business. The subject: The sexualisation of children. Listen to his sneer at “Daily Mail” readers during this. I thought Nadine did alright but you could tell that she was a hostile witness.


When, why and how did the rot set in at the BBC? As an ex-employee who joined the corporation in 1978 when there were at least some news and programme editors who did not support left-wing lunacy, I have often pondered this point. But a penny dropped this morning when I read an excellent piece about the inestimable corrosive damage caused to Africa by Live Aid…which also has led inexorably to the current prime minister’s hell-bent destruction of enterprise in developing countries by his insane insistence on boosting so-called aid budgets.

It was, of course, the BBC’s Michael Buerk who broke the Ethopia famine story that led to Live Aid the following year. I was indirectly involved, and in the immediate aftermath, I was proud of the broadcast and the impact in terms of famine relief. But then I watched with horror of a series of behind-the-scenes battles erupted. As the television award season approached, I became aware of a major row between Reuters Television(then Visnews) and the BBC. Reuters claimed it was their stringer camerman, the legendary Mo Amin, who broke the story; the BBC, for its part, wanted to take all the honours. It was an unseemly fight to the death which the BBC, with its superior resources and knee-in-groin approach, won – and the corporation walked off with the major gongs at that year’s Royal Television Society Awards.

I now see that it was probably at that time and in that context that the corporation hitched its wagon irrevocably to supporting “aid” to Africa at whatever price and without regard of the facts. The corporation – and phalanxes of left-liberal recruits who had been drafted into the BBC over the years – became so determined to show it was doing good in the world, in particular in Africa, that it abandoned any pretence of “balance” on such issues.

A touch simplistic maybe (you tell me). But it is a fact that since then, the BBC has blindly supported the tenets of aid to Africa and all that goes with it. Bob Geldof and the insufferable Bono are their shining knights. The World Service Trust, as I have repeatedly pointed out, is a campaign vehicle for both its aid paradigm and climate change activism. Comic Relief is another conduit involving BBC staff, resources, and endless one-sided journalism. And out of the steadfast support for such approaches flows the uncritical propaganda about climate change and world poverty that I wrote about yesterday.

I thus believe that what happened back in 1984-5 was a watershed. Michael Buerk – however unwittingly – set in train a paradigm of activism that has now become a biased crescendo and underpins the ideology of Cameron and his useless Tories.

Tea Party News The BBC Refuses To Report

As the 2012 Presidential election gets underway (ugh, already?), it’s time for an update on what the Tea Party movement has been up to lately. The BBC has been utterly silent since begrudgingly admitting an influence on the 2010 mid-term results, so it’s well worth pointing out what they don’t think is newsworthy.

First, here’s some news which dispels the BBC’s accusations that the Tea Party movement’s primary motivation is racism:

Some Immigrants Turn to Tea Party

Lolita Mancheno-Smoak, an immigrant from Ecuador who once dreamed of becoming her country’s president, has found an unlikely home in the tea party movement.

When she launched her campaign for county school board last week at Brion’s Grille in Fairfax, Va., she was not alone — flanked by immigrants from Europe, Asia and Latin America who have joined tea party groups in the face of unrelenting criticism that the movement is isolationist and anti-immigrant.

How can this be? Mark Mardell even assured us that the whole anti-immigration issue was really about racism and nasty whites not wanting Hispanics coming in. But now Hispanics are welcomed in the Tea Party movement with open arms? No wonder the BBC doesn’t want you to know about this. This bit must especially cause a few Beeboid heads to explode:

Genaro Pedroarias, the national committeeman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia, said the tea party is a natural fit for many of northern Virginia’s immigrants from countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua.

“Most Hispanics who come to this country come here to flee socialistic and oppressive regimes,” said Pedroarias, who is Cuban. “They are some of the most vibrant members of the tea party.”

Lin Dai Kendall, who left Honduras when she was 33, blames the U.S. immigration system for persistent unemployment among those who are here legally. She’s part Chinese, part Spanish and part Hispanic and doesn’t hesitate to call President Barack Obama a Marxist.

“These people want to call themselves progressive; I call them regressive,” Kendall said. “What is immoral to me is standing there with my hand out waiting for the government to support me.”

Oh, dear, oh, dear. The BBC just can’t report this, or their entire Narrative will be destroyed. Now for some more Tea Party news the BBC won’t tell you about.

There’s a serious legal challenge to ObamaCare in the 6th Court of Appeals, and the Cincinnati Tea Party is on the scene. The lawsuit to prove that ObamaCare is un-Constitutional is working its way up to the US Supreme Court. The BBC has been mostly silent on the entire issue, and only barely mentioned when the challenge started in the Virginia courts, prompted by the Tea Party movement there.

As the movement moves from strength to strength, it’s affecting local elections in Utah.

The Tea Party is here to stay in Utah’s political races

Even the über-partisan HuffingtonPost says that the recent Republican vote against raising the debt ceiling is a response to Tea Party concerns. The BBC didn’t mention that at all in their reporting on the issue.

Here’s another Presidential candidate poised to become a favorite of the Tea Party movement, and another slap in the face of the BBC’s lies.

Is it cos he is black?

Many in the Tea Party movement apparently support Israel. There was a Tea Party-centric event at last week’s AIPAC gathering. The BBC forgot to mention that in between attacks on Netanyahu and praise for the President’s desire to take Israel down a few notches. I guess this makes Tea Partiers even more horrific to the Beeboids.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that the Tea Party movement the BBC hid from you, disparaged, ignored, then attacked and slandered, is very much alive and well and moving to have a major influence in 2012. And the BBC is silent.


A Biased BBC reader advises me;

Have a look at this review of over 2,700 links (only a portion of thousands more links, but adecent chunk)  It is a snapshot of outward bound links to National Dailes taken on 31st May 2011 around 9:15pm. The Guardian is way out infront. It’s either disproportionate advertising which I believe is against the rulesor is bias towards one newspaper, or both.


Was away yesterday so hence lack of posts but having got back I see the BBC are still running with their meme that the private sector and the “profit” motive are deleterious to our good health. They have been combining  the issues of Southern Cross and Bristol Nursing Home  to weave the narrative that only the well run financially responsible always-caring NHS can provide us with good healthcare. I believe they betray their own inherently Statist mentality in the way they portray this meme. The BBC seems to believe that the State is morally virtuous because it never has financial issues since it can thieve from the taxpayer. I can think of £3 billion reasons why they hold such an opinion.


Matt Ridley observes in his excellent book The Rational Optimist:

Despite a doubling of the world population, even the raw number of people living in absolute poverty (defined as less than a 1985 dollar a day) has fallen since the 1950s, let alone the percentage living in such absolute poverty. That number is, of course, still all too horribly high, but the trend is hardly a cause for despair. The United Nations estimates that poverty was reduced more in the last 50 years than in the previous 500.

He goes on to explain that population growth has not led to the mass starvation that greenies have been predicting with monotonous regularity since the 1970s. There has been a revolution in food production that has tripled the yield of staple plants and ensured that – while there is still a long way to go – most on our wonderful planet have full bellies and increasing life expectancy.

But that doesn’t stop the BBC from trumpeting this alarmist report about starvation caused by climate change as if it were a certainty. They stick to their unquestioning acceptance of the green creed emblazoned on every BBC door: millions are going to die because of our nasty, selfish, capitalist ways. The subtext makes International Socialists look subtle. The report is from the same Doomsday script as has been rehearsed dozens of times before, based on the same flimsy models. And the reporter quotes without a trace of balance the preposterous opinion that we can limit – as if we had supernatural powers – global temperature rises as easily as switching a thermostat. Jennifer Carpenter is clearly yet another of the army BBC climate-change activists without the remotest comprehension of science or development history.

Question Time LiveBlog 2nd June 2011

Question Time comes tonight from Glyndwr University’s William Aston Hall in Wrexham. It is represented at Westminster by Ian Lucas MP (Labour) and was the birthplace of Sir Foster Cunliffe, founder of the Royal Society of British Bowmen. Really. That’s about as interesting as it gets. Oh, and the local church steeple is known as one of the Seven Wonders of Wales. Don’t laugh.

On the panel we have Former Home Secretary Alan Johnson, Labour MP for Hell West. He campaigned strongly for AV which was appropriate because he was also the second preference vote in his own marriage.

He is joined on the panel by Elfyn Llwyd, a feared combat-dwarf from Lord of the Rings and also Plaid Cymru MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd (bless you – nasty cough, that)

On too we have journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer, former assistant editor and columnist at the Sunday Express and, stepping in for Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will be dripping wet Conservative MP Stephen Dorrell, former Health Secretary from 1995-1997. Also on the panel is journalist, author and serial quangocrat Simon Jenkins.

The LiveBlog will also stay open for the surreal This Week, with Andrew Neil and Michael Portillo. The Blue Nun Bingo is looking squeaky at the top of the leaderboard to it’s all to play for this week. TheEye just assumed but Millie Tant spotted correctly. No TH this week.

David Vance, TheEye and David Mosque will be moderating the abuse here from 10:30pm. See you later!