As the BBC continues to push the threat of the vast Christian  right wing terror threat across Europe, it was interesting to also hear it also advance the other side of the coin on Today this morning. It seems that the correct response to the Oslo atrocity is to have MORE multiculturalism, MORE Immigration, more of the same dysfunctional elite left wing politics that had created the tensions that are manifest across many European countries. The BBC has been a champion of multiculturalism, it believes as a matter of faith that immigration is always a good thing, it sees Christianity as bad if not worse as Islam and this Oslo atrocity will now be used at proof that those who oppose the BBC’s views are akin to Brievik.


You have to laugh at the bias oozing from this piece on the looming US debt crisis from Mark Mardell. The poor BBC just cannot get their mind around the simple fact that Obama – the original man without a plan – is quite determined to push the US economy into default for petty political advantage. In the BBC meme, Obama is “the adult in the room” and those pesky GOP’s the kids. Only Obama can save the economic day and isn’ it time everyone buckled down and did his bidding? Certainly that is where Mardell is coming from but then again he and the rest of the courtier media have cast aside any pretence of neutrality and are simply cheer leaders for President Petulant!


A most peculiar Thought for the Day on the Today programme this morning from Rev Dr Giles Fraser which seems to suggest the seeking economic growth is akin to original sin! Then again maybe this is not that surprising given that Rev Giles is a regular contributor to The Guardian and the Socialist Worker. (oh and a tireless crusader for gay and lesbian rights – just the sort of chap the BBC want on TFTD)

I suppose this all fits with the BBC vultures gathering around the release of UK economic growth figures later this morning. The BBC anticipates that these figures will show a slow down or retraction in economic growth with the Royal Wedding being prominently used to help explain away such a slow down. It appears all our economic woes began the day the Coalition was elected and I couldn’t help but wonder who was in power from 1997 to 2010 during which period the UK economy melted down.


For the past few weeks the BBC have used the NOTW story to pummel their arch-competitor NI owned by Murdoch with quite a bit of success. Now the Oslo massacre has provided them with the opportunity to run with the meme that “far-right” terrorism constitutes a danger almost equal to Islamic terrorism and that Christianity is as dangerous as Islam. Almost as bad, the likes of William Hague plays along with the suggestion that the UK “may” have a terrorist threat from “the far right”.  It’s all their Christmases (or “Wintervals”) come as one. There was an item on Today providing the author of “New British Fascism” to pontificate. Not sure where the BNP come into this one but with the BBC you can always be sure that they will find links. I am certain that when Jihadists attack next, the BBC will defuse any criticisms by saying that it is no different to “far right Christian” terrorism.


The Andrew Marr show was a strange one this morning. We have BBC favourite cop, Hugh Orde talking about integrity. The adulterous Orde is the man the BBC want to become next Met Chief. Then we had the economic sage Vince Cable on to praise the Eurozone and damn Murdoch, then the high minded Jacqui Smith to review the papers with Rory Bremner – then Tessa Howell who the BBC thinks is the Sport Minister. William Hague came on to waffle for a few moments but this was a massively biased progamme and it is as if we are back prior to the last election, Labour is in power and Prudence is in Number Ten.


Many BBC presenters not only deliver their masters’ Pravda-style pronouncements about climate change,the EU, the middle-east and immigration, they are also – it seems – corporate whores, available to hire from anyone who will stump up the fees of £5,000+ that are the going rate for their services. The Mail on Sunday reveals today that not only that – and despite their right-on trendy liberalism – they will work even for arms dealers if the cash is right, as well as for their favourite peddlers of climate lies such as KPMG.

Prominent among these fee-guzzlers is, of course, the BBC’s environment “analyst”, Roger Harrabin. whose credentials are oleagenously paraded here. The Steve Jones’s report has no doubt given him the licence to push his services even harder, but I note that he’s already as busy as ever. In June, for example, he chaired the “UK energy summit”, at which a key question was:

It is not easy to persuade consumers to do things that are inconvenient or selfless. How can energy companies get their customers to use less energy and accept rising energy costs? The panel will reveal how it is possible to persuade people to want to do things that are not easy or convenient.

Our Roger was also recently at the guest speaker at the green Bromley awards (no task too small?)and in February, he was at Jesus College Cambridge as a guest speaker at a climate change history group.
I have nothing against people making money for their skills. But in Mr Harrabin’s case, his BBC platform is used to spread climate change propaganda. In turn, this is the bait that will lead climate change fanatics who want to hear such messages to hire him.


First things first. All decent people will be horrified at what has happened in Oslo last evening. The atrocious terrorist act is beyond words and the loss of so many lives devastating. And now I turn to the BBC coverage.

Within hours of the breaking news the BBC was very quick to repeat comment that the culprit was a “tall blonde man” perspective, followed this morning by “fundamental Christian” and “far-right.” The words “Timothy McVeigh” also have been repeated on every news loop. Now, I don’t think there is anything WRONG per se with providing us with this information so promptly but I contrast this with those OTHER acts of terrorism where the culprits were Islamists and the BBC were extremely reluctant to provide us with similar backgrounds preferring to use euphemisms. As someone who professes a Christian faith, I also vehemently dispute BBC use of “fundamentalist Christian” to describe the killer. There is a commandment all Christians are instructed to follow – “Thou shalt not kill”. Anyone carrying out this sort of savagery is a lunatic in flagrant denial of Christian values. Of course the BBC hates Christians, it loathes anything vaguely “right-wing” and so in a sense it is feeding of this atrocity and advancing its own hateful meme. Thoughts?