#OccupyFail: Three Occupiers Exercise Their Freedom of Speech by Bringing Mortars in Glass Jars

The BBC will never report this, because their thought-leaders in the US media and Left-wing blogosphere won’t.

3 men claiming to be Occupy Portland protesters arrested in Marion County for possession of explosives

Inside the car, the deputy also found a number of firecrackers and two commercially made mortars inside glass canning jars, designed to be fired into the area during professional pyrotechnic displays. One was found in the floorboard of the vehicle, and the other was allegedly in Luff’s jacket.

The deputy also found two gas masks, protective eye goggles and a safety helmet. All three men told the deputy that they had spent the night at the Occupy Portland demonstration, and they brought the mortars and safety equipment to the demonstration in preparation of the expected confrontation between police and protesters Sunday morning.

The three had been at the demonstration during the confrontation Sunday morning and had left about an hour before the vehicle was stopped. During that confrontation, a police officer was injured by a firework, but the three men denied being involved in the incident.

When asked about the explosives, the three men told authorities that they knew the canning jar would explode, causing glass shrapnel to fly and possibly cause injury.

(emphasis mine)

A reminder of Mark Mardell’s partisan bias and hypocrisy:

Healthcare row gets physical?

We are used to terms like “Nazi” being bandied around in the health debate at overheated town hall meetings.

But a new way of persuading opponents has just emerged – biting off their finger.

It reportedly happened in California and the man took his detached little finger to a local hospital to be sewed back on.

I don’t yet know how he fares. But as we in the media are always on the look-out for real-life case studies to illustrate political debates, this seems ideal.

Did he have insurance and did it cover Severed Pinkie Syndrome?

As he was 65, was he covered by a government-run, taxpayer-funded scheme?

And can any Americans out there explain why this debate has got quite so heated?

Mardell can tut-tut about this non-story, and openly sneer at what he assumes to be the senior citizen’s own hypocrisy, simply because he disagrees with the victim’s political views.

Yet there has been utter silence from him and the BBC about all the violence and foul behavior by their darling Occupiers.  And all this while the BBC has increased spending and hiring for their US coverage.

#OccupyFail.  #BBCFail.

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13 Responses to #OccupyFail: Three Occupiers Exercise Their Freedom of Speech by Bringing Mortars in Glass Jars

  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Small proof reading contribution pre-cherry vulture droppings: unless there is a salty component (likely to result in rusty ordnance), the headline may need a tweak 🙂

    Hate it to distract from Tub of Mardell’s latest contribution to the BBC’s US investment.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Thanks, fixed. There were actually two typos in my headline… :-[

      I’m just too angry about the massive double standard in the media over this issue.  It’s really bad.  The same publications which apologized for abandoning their objectivity during the last presidential election are the same ones who slandered the Tea Party movement but have been sanitizing (too bad not literally as well as figuratively!), promoting, and encouraging the Occupier movement.


  2. Janaka Mendis says:

    An individual in Sri Lanka is planning to sue the BBC for defamation.

    [[Dilith Jayaweera has sent Letters of Demand to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for broadcasting an interview with
    Shan Wickremesinghe of TNL Network (Pvt) Ltd on Sandeshaya BBC Sinhala Service on 26th October 2011 and for carrying an article quoting the same allegations on the BBC Sinhala.com website of the same date. Letters were dispatched to both BBC, UK and its local representative office last week demanding a sum of 5 million Sterling Pounds each and Jayaweera is awaiting a response.

    Considering the unfounded allegations made in the above publications, Jayaweera plans to file defamatory charges against Sandeshaya BBC Sinhala Service and BBC Sinhala.com in the event that this demand is not met.]]



    • Grant says:

      Well, I know nothing about this case, but I hope anyone who sues the BBC succeeds.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        If it was found an individual from within our trusted news purveyor was responsible whose performance was not market rate, then it may be nice if they paid the price.

        However, I suspect the funding of any finding and consequent compo will be ‘unique’.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    If the BBC admitted the true nature of the Occupy Movement it would show how silly their stance has been so far. Remember Katty Kay?


    “…the most extraordinary thing about the US protests so far is that they have been so mild”.

    “…it’s interesting that – barring the one incident of pepper spray used against demonstrators on Brooklyn Bridge – the nice people camping out in Zuccotti Park have been well, so nice.

    “…in recent decades protests in the US seem to have become more peaceful, even more subdued.

    And here is the killer line in which KK likens the Occupy Movement to the Tea Party:

    “That other political protest movement of recent times, the Tea Party, might get fired up by their deeply held convictions, but they certainly don’t riot.”


  4. Louis Robinson says:

    By the way David, Look out for a new star Laurie Penny (http://pennyred.blogspot.com/) the British Left’s violence correspondent.

    Now she’s in New York for the Guardian. Different city – different country – same theory.
    The BBC won’t be able to resist her. She will be introduced as a reporter. However remember the reports (above), their allegations and the use of the word “us” to identify her as partisan. Her description of the attack on Prince Charles and Camilla as “two middle-aged elderly people got their Rolls Royce was slightly damaged” says it all.
    As she’s in New York now I’m looking forward to seeing her on BBC. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      “socialist, utopian”.  Says it all.  As David Vance says, Occupy Narnia!


    • cjhartnett says:

      Yes…our Laura is a New Statesman blogger and therefore the authentic voice of yoof to the useless ponytails “talkin` about a revolution”…yet still clinging to the Tuscan villa.
      Last heard her slagging off the Pope when he was in Spain a few months back. Radio 4 plied her with Sangria as she spouted off about the Catholic Church and…well, you know…word association.
      Still she had a nice cafe in a Madrid square to commentate upon…guessing that St Pauls could do without her “truly rad” insights from the back of mumsys SUV.
      A bleeding stump of faux-rebellion…a guaranteed “Womans Hour” bag carrier for the future.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        She’s already well on her way to becoming part of the nomenklatura.  She’ll be taking the BBC shilling within three years.


    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Good God – people like “Penny Red” really do get up my nose. Still wet behind the ears yet they know everything. She is a member of the ignorant half – wits which so excite the BBC types.

      “Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action.”
      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    • Geyza says:

      Penny is a typical example of the self contradictory, logically impaired idiocy of the typical lefty student.

      She is the kind of state smashing anarchist that wants a bigger state handing out more money.  Demands free education for the poor and wants the rich to pay more, and when that exact policy is given to the students, she supports people rioting in protest.  Penny, what part of “the poor will not have to repay their loan, at all” is going to “price the poor out of education”?

      If they have to repay their loan, they are no longer poor and as a rich capitalist, they SHOULD be paying more according to the socialists? No?

      She is clueless, logically challenged and emotionally impaired. Why anyone would read her blog is beyond me, and yet lots of lefty knuckle draggers seem to.  It is beyond parody!


  5. Geyza says:

    And yet the BBC treat peaceful, democratic, law abiding Tea Partiers as if they are the deranged, psychotic extremists?  Here are the “occupiers” bringing explosives, shitting in the street, raping women and being involved in at least one suspiscious death so far.

    They have no coherant message, no rational demands, offer extreme and self-contradictory convoluted bullshit arguments and yet they are treated as a rational and reasonable organisation by the BBC.

    They want to “smash the state” yet have that same state increase welfare payments???  Sorry. WTF? They have not had a crash course in logic, obviously!