I invite you to listen to this debate on the BBC this morning on the issue of the UK Border Agency. Consider the way Alan Johnson gets to open the debate without any interruption from Naughtie. Then, Conservative Mark Reckless gets as far as his first sentence and …bang on cue..interruption and heckle. (“People of Eastern Europe have a right to come and work here”) What is truly amazing is that the BBC are allowing Labour to present themselves as the tough guys, the efficient guys, on Immigration. It’s as if 1997-2010 never happened!

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  1. Martin says:

    Yes the BBC have a habit of wiping anything from that era from the minds of the BBC, luckily ITV and Sky tend to remind people of the shambles that went on under Nu Liebore.


  2. fred bloggs says:

    Well the bBC will be very disappointed, Yvette fell flatter than a pancake in her useless other attack about entry through private airports; only showing how useless it was under Labour.  Then the Brodie Clark and Rob Whiteman  interviews, clear that Clark was duplicitious.  It was also  disclosed that Clark wanted a golden payoff which was refused, so he resigns so he can get it via an employment tribunal.

    bBC still trying to make out May in trouble,   this should all blow up in Labour’s face; as all the laxity was due to a 2007 order under labour.


  3. jarwill101 says:

      DV, Nu Labour were ‘the tough guys, the efficient guys on Immigration.’ They had their policy and, by God, they stuck to it. Let’s call it the ‘Neather Regions’.A policy designed to destroy the cohesion, culture & traditions of the Britain they loathed with a Bolshevik intensity. A policy designed to induce an identity crisis within the indigenous people, who Bonnie Greer believes do not exist, in record time.
      But we must take ethnic displacement on the chin: grin & bear Harman’s/Straw’s/’Boy’ Cooper’s/The BBC’s, Ugly New World, as our towns & cities become unrecognisable – Babels of incomprehensible tongues, cultures & behaviour. For we are the unavoidable collateral damage: a worthwhile sacrifice on the way to becoming ZEUS NW1 – a Zonal European Union State, floating/sinking to the NW of the European landmass, swamped by strangers, afflicted by state-induced amnesia & cultural Marxism, a ‘Rainbow’ land that keeps, inexplicably, bursting into flames.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Blistering and prophetic sir!
      I`m reminded of some wise contributor said re Chomskys Storm in a Teacup Idea…words to the effect that the liberal media will whip up a storm over very narrow details and personalities within a very restricted domain.
      This generates all the wasted passions and gives the impression that there is such a thing as democratic differences….whereas in truth, it`s so put up and circumscribed that the big issues are never “democratically debated”…for that would be dangerous to their Empires.
      Bit like a furious row over the brand of pregnancy testing kit that was brought to the autopsy of a ninety year old woman…gives the impression that any of it all is worth the debate.
      Whereas the big issues…immigration, the emergent German Consensual Reich, the coming of the Caliphate and the removal of democracies in the likes of Greece and Italy…nothing to discuss here folks…go home and leave it all to Mandy and Neil!
      It`s the story of Andrew Gilligans Personal Organiser once again…thank God, we`ve seen right through it all, and resistance will be rewarded…we`ll be sloughing off the BBC for a start!


  4. As I See It says:

    No prizes for guessing the BBC line on this:

    1. God forbid that a civil servant be held to account for failings in the public sector – where might that end, Mark Thomas? (Anyway Brodie Clark is blaming it all on ‘elf and safety – so he must be in the right).

    2. There is a Tory minister at stake – so plenty of scope for presenting Labour attack lines, as supplied.


  5. Clarence says:

    Sorry to be off topic. Have you seen this?


    Same link shortened: http://tinyurl.com/ccgqg95

    Best wishes


  6. john says:

    Get May !
    Well it’s hardly surprising is it ?
    As she continues to walk and smile into every bear-trap the BBC lay in front of her, it’s hard to defend her.
    That said, if she takes a sabbatical and lets Vas, Johnson and Broadcasting House do their worst, then May may, may just come out of this with a sort of reputation intact.
    Boarder control issues – nothing to do with Labour !
    However, I suspect at the eleventh hour she will fancy a brisk march towards the nearest BBC microphone and grin her way into more trouble.


  7. Patrick Cull says:

    Listened to this story on Radio 5 this afternoon. Full coverage on Balls Belle’s questions and cut off Liam’s response fairly swiftly. 


  8. DJ says:

    My sympathy meter’s reading zero.

    Just like her boss, May has thrown real conservatives under the bus in an attempt to pander to BBC-Guardian Axis of Weasel. Now she’s belatedly realised that you can pander all you want to the BBC, but they won’t respect you in the morning.


  9. David Preiser (USA) says:

    So Brody Clark says that, while he kept to the pilot guidelines and didn’t go rogue, he and his staff did engage in other practices that ministers – in which May must be included – didn’t know about, which they’d been doing since Labour was in charge.

    Not sure how that “flatly contradicts” what May said.  The BBC needs to get their Narrative straight on this one.


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Well if the Conservatives were to grow a back bone then they’d be on the front foot all the time when it comes to immigration.
    Before the last election I was dismayed that the Cons hadn’t so much as mentioned the revelation from Andrew Neather, when he let it slip that Labour had purposefully embarked on an open door immigration policy to change the ethnic make-up of Britain and to import voters.
    I wrote to Jeremy Hunt asking why on earth they were keeping silent and not demanding an inquiry into what must be at the very least gerrymandering and quite possibly treason. (Either way it’s despicable.)
    His reply was:
    this document would seem to prove the high-level of deceit that runs through the Labour Party.  As the Election Campaign proceeds, I am confident that you will see us exposing the insidious pack of lies this Government have consistently fed the Country.”

    Had they have had the balls to actually do so, and then when in government, taken a hard line on immigration, I may have sympathy with them. As they have done neither then I say, good for you BBC! Please destroy the Conservative Party in its current form!  


  11. London Calling says:

    It is impossible to have any sympathy with the Conservatives. They had every opportunity too stick it to the broadcast arm of the Labour Party and instead Cameron decided to suck up to them, install wet-toiletpaper-Patten, and boast the BBC was one of our Crown Jewels. I hope he now chokes on it.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Now the BBC is reporting that Clark did drop some checks without telling Ministers, and did it under “guidance” issued by the Labour Government.

    Sorry, Tim Willcox and BBC News producers feeding him questions: obviously May and other ministers wouldn’t know exactly what he’s doing.  May is useless for a lot of reasons, just not this one.


  13. cjhartnett says:

    You might think that the Tories were on one perpetual “masochism strategy”, what with their level of creeping ineptitude in regard of absolutely anything they lay their mitts on.
    That they have no principles, no point and no coherent philosophy on anything…juts a few decent coves like Carswell, Hannan and a few others …means that they sneaked into power only with the hope of something turning up when they got the limos.
    Utterly useless cabbages…the very fact that the BBC is still crowing on its mobile dunghill and that Labour have not been strung up along the Eurostar route says all you need to know about how useless the Tories are.
    There will have to be a new kind of politics soon-before we get Merkels Chippendales turning us into a pasture for ex-MEPS and shits like Patten…oh, it`s happening already!


  14. Craig says:

    Nick Robinson’s much-amended blogpost includes two statements that must have come as a big disappointment to some of his colleagues: 

    “Brodie Clark has now confirmed that he did agree to suspend automatic fingerprint matching at the border without seeking the Home Secretary’s permission.”

    “The man who was forced out of the UK Border Agency for waiving border controls – in particular fingerprint matching – without ministerial permission has now accepted that normal border checks were regularly suspended, he did know about it and he did not inform the Home Secretary.”

    Danny Shaw’s astonishing report on Clark’s evidence for Radio 4’s The World At One did not mention any of this. If I hadn’t read Robinson’s account I would never known about any of Clark’s admissions from Shaw or from Martha Kearney. Shaw presented nothing but Clark’s defence and the only exchange quoted was with a sympathetic Labour MP. The cross-examination by Conservative MPs, one of whom even the Guardian’s blogger admits “carved up Clark”, was ignored. 

    Shaw’s account is perhaps not surprising when you read his tweets on Brodie Clark, all of which are helpful to Mr. Clark. He hasn’t added any more tweets today, since this morning’s “Brodie Clark at Home Affairs Cttee today: does he have a ‘smoking email’ showing Theresa May knew about relaxed passport checks?” 

    After this whitewashing of Clark’s Commons appearance came an interview between BBC reporter Jon Manel and an anonymous border agency employee. Martha’s introduction said, “Immigration staff aren’t allowed to speak to the media but one officer agreed to talk to our reporter Jon Manel on the condition of anonymity.” [Can these border agency people not stop themselves from ripping up their own rulebooks?]. An actor voiced his words, saying that Clark had “completely blown apart the home secretary’s version”, that he’d “been hung out to dry”. Manel fed him Clark’s version of events and he agreed with Clark (and Manel). 

    After a short clip of Damian Green speaking in the Commons, there was a full-length interview with…Yvette Cooper. I’d credit Martha Kearney here for asking a few appropriate questions, but she still didn’t put any of Clark’s concessions to the shadow home secretary, which remains odd. 

    Now, in their usual shooting-themselves-in-the-foot way, the government once again refused to send anyone to Martha’s studio to counter this flood of bias, and as the WATO team obviously couldn’t be arsed to invite anyone else to put the other point of view, the government completely lost the argument on The World at One. They only have themselves – and the BBC – to blame. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      In other words, nearly all of the BBC’s reporting has been slanted against May without justification. They decided from the beginning that May was to blame for the whole thing.  All Robinson is doing is posting what Clark said at the hearing.  No more scoops for him these days.

      As for the Government’s failure to counter the bad PR, it’s amazing how Cameron seems to have brought nothing with him from his first job.  Gordon Brown and Tony Blair had Peston and Robinson to help them.


      • Grant says:

        R4 News at 5.30 had a short statement from Chris Bryant. So I waited for the Government side of the story.  And I am still waiting. Not even a “Government spokesman not avaiable” comment from Beeboid.
        It is all one-way traffic these days and, as numerous posters have pointed out, it is all the Tories own fault so they deserve it. They are truly, in the real sense, stupid. 


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Nick Robinson’s much-amended blogpost ‘

      In the BBC world, this counts as legitimate story evolution.

      Trouble is, the damage is done, they know it, and don’t care because it serves their narrow agenda.

      However, the erosion to professional credibility (such as remains) will eventually reach a tipping point.

      You can’t pour out partisan tripe, or guests, when nothing is yet actually known, and then suddenly forget about it all when it turns out to have been speculative at best, or deliberate propaganda smearing as a matter of course. Not without consequences.

      That said, the Government has proven bovine in its response, and is reaping to consequences of such ineptitude.

      Trouble is, in serving up Labour back again at the next election is going to ruin this country if what they did before has not already.


  15. Span Ows says:

    The 5pm TV news (I think) was the same: a full 10 minutes on “the most important story of the day”…I must say Vaz surprised me by not accepting the bait Huw edwards gave him (several times), these idiots must think most of their viewers do not understand English: with their own news making it clear that there was no real contradiction Huw Edwards ploughed on trying to get Vaz to say what Edwards was priming him to say.

    the next story was the lawrence affair but Huw Edwards wa sstill mifed – I could read it in is eyes. 😎


  16. Grant says:

    BBC emphasising Labour placeman Clark’s boasting about his 40 year’s service without reporting the previous cock-ups he has been involved in.
    Would they have covered this up if he had been a Tory ? 


  17. Number 7 says:

    Nice, friendly interview on Toady this morning.  The beeboids must have been choking on their coffee when he admitted that May was not informed about his H/S scam.


    • fred bloggs says:

      Well the beeboids are slow, because if you listen to his testimony yesterday, it was clear that he had not informed May when he must have known from the restrictions on the pilot, that May did not fully understand what was being done under the 2007 rules.  Of course he, being a friend of Alan johnson and an unbiased civil servant, did NOT clarify the situation with may, but left her in the dark.  However having an unblemished record spanning 40 years is incapable of being in the wrong.  I wonder how many will turn up at his leaving party?


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Well the beeboids are slow’

        To the point of glacial or frozen, as many posts overnight reveal the extent our £4Bpa national broadcaster can ‘miss’ (or avoid?) things.