There are certain touchstone issues that inflame BBC bias. I’m sure we can name several of them; Israel, Afghanistan, Global Warming, Capitalism….and Immigration. Today has been relentlessly pushing the line that despite the fact the 370,000 immigrants to the UK are on Welfare this is a big ho-hum because only around 2% of this number are ripping us off by claiming that which they are not entitled to. If you listen here, you will hear Sir Andrew Green (polite cove but not pushing the issue too forcefully) getting dusted up by Matt Kavanagh of the IPPR “Thinktank” and John Humphyrs. (By the way, why wasn’t the IPPR “thinktank”  introduced as left-leaning, in the interests of fairness?) The narrative here was that this is all much ado about nothing. Immigrants bring so much benefit to us that is almost impolite to mention the Big Issue flogging Bulgarians and Romanians who then rip us taxpayers off. It’s a big ho-hum. Kavanagh was virtually yawning with boredom that the issue was even being discussed. The BBC was not finished, however, and Coalition Minister Chris Grayling was then dragged into the Today star chamber to be also given a verbal pounding by Humpyrys. Just listen to the tone of his voice. Unbiased? Also note how the BBC has erased Labour’s pernicious destruction of our borders from 1997 to 2010 and chooses to present unfettered Immigration as an issue that only started in 2010. This enables Labour to then claim some sort of surreal moral superiority on the very problem THEY created. It’s amazing stuff.


An annoyed B-BBC reader writes..

“In case anyone missed it, the Victoria Drbyshireshow on 10/01/12 had a typical discussion about the recent report stating that immigration had a negative effect on jobs (only for youths aparently).I did listen to as much as I could stand at the time,immigrants work harder, speak, read and write better than Brits,etc. (Not including journalists and their like obviously). This is to be expected of course and I am in no way remotely offended by such talk! I’m not allowed to be!

What really jumped out towards the end was a figure called Jonathan Portes from NIESR (yawn). After completely rubbishing Migrationwatch claiming that “they don’t understand statistics” he scoffs at Sir Andrew Green comparing Manchester with Windsor and the unemployment levels in each only to admit that of course there are far more people in Manchester seemingly unaware that he is AGREEING with Migrationwatch that more people in an area will inevitably mean less jobs! Well said that man! Still available on beeb site/ VD show and timed at about 1h13m in to programme”