Hungry Baker!

The BBC’s coverage of Khadar Adnan the Palestinian hunger striker closely resembles the extract from Al Jazeera highlighted by Elder of Ziyon, only the BBC’s version has been dumbed down, so that the public can understand it more easily. You know, large type and tiny paragraphs for those of us with poor comprehension.
To help the public absorb the heroic nature of this martyr more fully and stop us being confused by the unpalatable bits, they’ve left them out altogether.

It’s terrible what they’re doing to this principled man, is it not? Catherine Ashton will sort it out, I’m sure.

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  1. Louis Robinson says:

    The JP reports a few monents ago: “Khader Adnan, the Palestinian administrative detainee who has been on a hunger strike for 65 days, said through his lawyer Tuesday that he has ended his hunger strike.”

    No doubt The BBC and Al-Jazerra will be granted interviews in payment for their valiant propaganda efforts. 


  2. pounce_uk says:

    Question, when was the last time a political dickhead starved himself to death???


    • Demon1001 says:

      There were a few IRA murderers who committed suicide by not eating in the eighties.  Wish all the IRA and their supporters on the left wing had joined them in it.


      • Anonymous says:

        Those so called men that “committed suicide” fought and died for equal rights for all Irish people they are world figures for peace and seen as martyr in nearly every culture but the english, who started the troubles by killing over 30 Irish people within a few weeks and the admitted it, on bloody sunday the soldiers that should have be court martial for kill 13 people they received the metal of honnor… you may call the 10 IRA murderers but the IRA wanted equal right for everyone within Ireland and the english didnt, those men did something you could have never done and they will and are go down in history as heros


  3. sue says:

    Of course the Guardian has also done our hero proud!


  4. deegee says:

    He’s eating and the BBC has noted it. Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan ‘ends hunger strike’

    He is widely believed to be a leader of Islamic Jihad, which Israel has designated a terrorist organisation. It implies that only Israel who clearly have an axe to grind consider IJ to be terrorists. Israel and the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and Australia consider this group to be terrorists.

    The Israeli military has said that Mr Adnan – a 33-year-old baker – was arrested “for activities that threaten regional security”. The movement’s goal is the destruction of the state of Israel and its replacement with an Islamic state. Nothing to be worried about?


    • London Calling says:

      “Mr Adnan, a 33 year old baker”? That’s reporting in the manner of “Mr Christ, 26 year old carpenter,


      • cjhartnett says:

        And he can`t be too much of a baker if he`d rather starve than bake a little something to  stop that tummy rumbling.
        Surely there`s a Abdul ai Oliver equivalent available on the telly, when they`re not rerunning the Protocols of Zion stuff..or kids wearing the latest suicide vest.
        I was going to say Deliyah Al Smith, but would they allow a woman to bake on the telly there?


    • Biodegradable says:

      which Israel has designated a terrorist organisation”

      Lately they’ve been doing the same with Hamas, failing to report that not only Israel, but also the UK, the EU, and the US “designate” it to be a terrorist organisation.


  5. cjhartnett says:

    Typical of the leftlying media to go for the sob story aspect…for those who missed out on Bobby Sands.
    Israel is the one democracy round that area-the one place where a rule of law applies with judicila safeguards, even for the likes of this bloke.
    Imagine a Jewish bloke plotting terrorism round Saudi-and the likes of Harriet would , no doubt run a mile from it all, citing “cultural respect”.
    Lazy, smug hypocrite-and Khader would have her in a burka and passed from kebab owner to taxi driver if he knew of her.
    God Bless Israel!


  6. sue says:

    Probably a recipe for a multi-grain wholemeal bloomer.


  7. Durotrigan says:

    Apologies for being off-topic, but did any of you happen to catch Stacey Dooley’s ‘My Hometown Fanatics’ on BBC3 last night? In this, she interviewed (if that’s not attaching too grand a term to her ignorant chirpy prattling) a number of Luton Islamists and actually claimed that there was nothing wrong with Muslims wanting to practise Shariah in the town and elsewhere in the UK! The ‘dhimmwitted’ lass classified this as “moderate”. Ah, the wonders of the contemporary British education system!


    • Biodegradable says:

      Originally hailing from Luton, where she once worked as a shop assistant, Dooley was approached to appear in a series of proposed cutting edge documentaries for the BBC.

      ’nuff said.


    • Millie Tant says:

      How does that make her ignorant or dimwitted, though? Our highly educated, nay intellectual giant, the Archbishop of Canterbury – our most intellectual wishy bishy for a thousand years, I’m told! – believes much the same thing. 😉


  8. cjhartnett says:

    Great blog Durotrigan.
    That the likes of our Stacey get PAID by the BBC to shovel out this shit on a monopoly public sector broadcaster is quite something.
    How many years of compulsory schoolin`, `uni` and cBeebies manges to produce such a relex airhead?
    And then I hear kids and Guardian groomers getting all over the airwaves to moan about “slave labour”…what a generation we`ve created…and truly a monument to all things Labour!
    Truly frightening!


    • Durotrigan says:

      Thank you cjhartnett. There is something quite android-like about Stacey. I am yet to be convinced that she is not an animatronic mannequin.

      Yes, I’m dreading what kind of long-term damage the sort of nonsense that’s being planted in my young relatives’ heads by CBeebies is going to have. They will probably get a little older and then denounce me to some local PC Stasi type for “misunderstanding” the “religion of peace”. Oh well, I can always offer up a phrase of praise from Carry on Follow that Camel: “Mustapha Leak!”


      • sue says:


        I liked your blog post about this programme. You picked up on my own somewhat flippantly made points.
        Before Googling her, I hadn’t heard of Ms Dooley either, but I think I got the measure of her after reading John Crace’s review of her Kids with Guns programme.
        There are quite a few young camera-genic would-be TV Presenters on yoof TV who are plucked from the shop-floor to instant celebrityhood.
        Stacey’s naivete and stupidity seemed fairly typical of something; immaturity, the world of presenterdom, the BBC –  I don’t know.

        It’s such a shame (I’m saddened, saddened) that the BBC selects people to front their social engineering documentaries on account of their ‘girl/boy next door’ appeal rather than their wisdom.

        Clearly, the more at odds with ‘old Lutonions’ the interviewees were, the more ridiculous Stacey’s attempts to understand and excuse them became. I would think this should have been quite obvious to anyone with half a brain.

        The fella she consulted for his wisdom – shall we call him the intellectual – the one who criticised ‘loudmouths’ for not putting their money where their mouths are — used the word ‘Cowardish’ not cowardly. Somehow that seemed profoundly revealing.


      • Bupendra Bhakta says:

        a classic of the Mustapha genre.


  9. Merlin says:

    Completely off topic but still relevant to the wider debate.  
    Here’s a little fun game called, “Can you Spot the Lefty Cowardly Cencorship?’. Right, can you all Guess the missing word in the following link to the BBC story ‘reporting’ the sex gangs.  
    Post your answers on a reply please.


  10. sue says:

    Funny you should say that. I was going to mention it.

    For those who are morbidly fascinated by the BBC’s fixation on Islam, this programme, aimed at the yoof market, was depressing, or as the presenter kept saying, saddening.

     At a time when several ‘men’ are being tried for grooming and raping underage girls it seemed oddly desperate to show another of these contrived “studies” which are thinly cloaked in a guise of open-minded curiosity, but no-one is fooled, because they’re clearly designed to acclimatise us to Islam. Social cohesion, you know.
    The presenter Stacey Dooley brings her amazingly Pollyanna-ish personality to the difficult subject matter she specialises in.  A previous programme she presented about child soldiers was reviewed enthusiastically by hard left (I threw that in) Guardian critic John Crace who observed that her optimism might not be shared by many viewers, but he added “”what really made this documentary so good is the fact that it was made at all.”

    I can just imagine him saying the same thing about this one.

    Acting as though she’d just landed from another planet, she set out to investigate the manifestation of Islam in her home town, Luton pronounced Loo un. 

    The local radio station expects Inyat Bungle debating Stephen Lennon in a celebratory tribute to the anniversary of 9/11. Stephen Lennon hasn’t shown up, because he’s been arrested,  but  never mind because an Asian gent called Jim says the EDL are not a nice bunch of people. “Well, not as a group, anyway.”

    Off Stacey goes, to the no-go part of Lu un, Bury Park. “You could easily mistake it for “not being an English town.”

     “UK go to Hell! British Police Go To Hell, shriek a mob as they march along. A local, the Stockholm bomber’s wife, has been arrested! “Hands off Muslims!”
    A black tent comes up and tells poor Stacey she looks naked. Things are not looking good for social cohesion. “Who are you trying to seduce? Go put on some clothes.”

    “It’s a tiny minority. It’s sad. they’ve brought their kids along.” chirps Stacey, and scampers off to try and get some sense out of Anjem Choudary. “The laws of man can go to Hell. All non Muslims are destined for the hellfire.” Stacey is gutted. Surely this isn’t a true representation of the Muslims!!

    Stacey’s old schoolmates are  moderate Muslims. The Muslims haven’t integrated.

    The EDL rep wears a T shirt emblazoned INFIDEL. Stacey looks at him with a faintly patronising expression. Then off to meet another moderate Muslim to find out what Sharia law is. Stacey listens wide-eyed. She has just landed, don’t forget.  “The penalties are huge deterrents. They don’t mean any harm. We have Sharia here whether you like it or not.” Stacey nods and smiles.  Phew what a relief. Muslims are lovely.


    • Merlin says:

      The West’s history is littered with middle class self-loathing liberals who in their self righteous endeavours to eulogise all cultures but western (an important tenet of cultural Marxism) paradoxiacally end up adhering to a more fervant western mindset of patronising other cultures in the process. The BBC and every other politically correct and ant-truth/reason group have lied to us about Islam and many other issues around the world because Islam is a minority religion and any minority must be protected from any type of criticism in the eyes of left wing socialist filth. The BBC should air a programme about Islam and slavery (still currently a big issue across the world)  or Islam and homophobia, or islam and child abuse, or Islam and its many followers who incite racist hatred. But no, this would be going against the socialist agenda and would be tantamount to addressing the explicit argument; instead the left wing just revert to accussing its opponents of having a hidden agenda psychology because it is much easier to hurl personal slurs at your enemies than it is to answer their arguments.  


  11. sue says:

    White guys, even more ill-informed than Stacey, are called Lutonians. (Only when Stacey said it, it sounded like Etonians.)  “ We’re not clued up about that sor’ athing.”

    Stacey keeps doing a funny Elvis Presley thing with her lip.  Now she’s covering her head to meet some moderate Muslims. “This is the main prayer hall of the Mosque” say the moderate Muslims. “My God” she says, with unintended irony.

    “If you look over there you can see one of the names of God” a moderate Muslim continues. “And that particular one says Ya Salami in Arabic!”
     “Yer” screeches Stacey excitedly “I’ve heard that word! Sometimes Muslims say Salam to each other!”
    “Yes that means peace. Peace be upon you” “A good reminder for this day and age” chips in the other moderate Muslim.
    “Yeah. Yeahyeah” goes Stacey. “There were some Muslims with banners shouting at the soldiers. They couldn’t have been Muslims, because Muslims wouldn’t have done that, right?” questions Stacey, hopefully. Perplexed pause. “We have different groups in Islam. we can only speak for ourselves,” they say eventually.

    This is the women’s area. “There’s no room for violence in Islam. They twist it.” “Aren’t the EDL awful?”
    Such a shame, people don’t take the time to knock about with different people. Stacey has decided that it’s a peaceful religion she says, eyes sparkling.
    Off to meet more extremists. Leaflets condemning Democracy. Britain. The Government.  A load of be-nightied radicals, their stupidity shining out like a beacon. They won’t shake hands with Stacey because she’s degraded. The one in the green Muslim cap gabbles on nonsensically while the tubby one interjects with supportive interjections. “Soldiers, butchers, baby-killers….one day the Muslims will rise up……”

    They’re verging on the hilarious. Well, more than verging. They’re positively parodic. Stacey still insists that they can’t be Muslims. She’s parodic as well, and increasingly stupid.  The Muslims are inarticulate. Stacey is saddened.  

    Some wailing through a loudspeaker.. “What’s that noise?” asks Stacey who has just flown in from Mars. “It’s the call to prayer” “It’s like living in an Islamic country (Lu un)”

    Off to the tea shop. Three girls in top-to-toe niqabs sit at a table. ~Their eyes peered out at the three large slabs of cake in front of them…… Disappointingly the shot changed before we got to find out what came next.

    Now Stacey is with Tommy Robinson/Stephen Lennon. “If Muslims want to live by Sharia, that’s their right” says Stacey, the new expert on Sharia. She has started waving her arms around, and using some strange double-handed, waggly pointing action.

    Tommy’s wife has been intimidated, and advised to leave Lu un.
    Stacey thinks she can solve it by everyone listening to each other. I suspect she means the EDL should listen to Muslims, because she knows it aint going to be the other way round. Ignorance is what causes extremism 🙁


  12. cjhartnett says:

    Absolutely brilliant Sue.
    Never before have I had a whole programme laid out for me so I feel I`ve actually watched it.
    Even a fine commercial break from Merlin!
    Now THIS is what we should be paying our license fee for!
    Next…Peaches Geldof goes to Riyadh to discuss burka hemline lengths with the Wahabi…and is it any different this season for the Sunnis?
    Oh do tell….what`s Arabic for “you go girl”…not Allah Akhbar again is it?


  13. Merlin says:

    See the bilge corporation were melting in their dripping wet adulation for Obama’s singing skills this morning; did it really have to make the national stories? I think there is more issues worthy of mention like the ones above. I’m sick of the BBC cencorship and their constant patronising us like infants. The stories they choose not to include come across lord and clear!


    • London Calling says:

      “BBC ‘s constant patronising us like infants”
      Merlin, you obviously don’t appreciate the BBC  is only carrying out its mission to “educate and inform” you. Take detention, 100 lines, repeat “Rupert Murdoch is the Devil Incarnate” . Now run along boy.


    • deegee says:

      Actually, I think Obama’s performance as blues singer was vastly better than his performance as POTUS.


  14. John Peters says:

    What all of you have failed to appreciated is that with the Islamic practice of cutting off the head of their prisoners this sort of problem doesn’t arise. Can’t eat and can’t speak…..Now why can’t we take a leaf of their book? Must pose that one to the BBC CNN… 


  15. Akusia says:

    Here’s that baker. inviting others to a death he was too cowardly to inflict on himself:

    <iframe src=”http://player

    title=0&amp;byline=0&amp;portrait=0” width=”400″ height=”300″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe><p><a href=”“>Islamic Jihad Leader Khader Adnan: Baker or Terrorist?</a> from <a href=”“>CiF Watch</a> on <a href=”“>Vimeo</a>.</p>


  16. Akusia says:

    That was a Vimeo that didn’t work!


  17. Akusia says:

    I hope people will read this and I think a video should work all right there.  Arnold and Frimet Roth lost their daughter in the Sbarro bombing.  This is their blog.  They don’t forget to look at “Lady” (C)Ashton:


  18. sue says:

    The Guardian has been embarrassed – well it should have been – by the overwhelmingly negative response to an article by Randa Musa, the wife of Mr. Khadar Adnan.

    Even though she omitted to mention Mr. Adnan’s political affiliations, preferring instead to focus on Israel’s shortcomings in the human rights department, the majority of commenters seemed aware of hubby’s unfortunate connections.
    Not only that, but some of them were a bit surprised that the Guardian saw fit to publish such tripe.



    • cjhartnett says:

      Really funny Sue!
      Some of the comments make them worthy of being honorary Biased BBC staffers eh?
      Wonder what the Guardain think when their tribe know -eventually-what they`re up to…like the BBC, their comments boards certainly “don`y like it up `em”.
      I myself like to take a walk on the wildside onto them…a butterfly in a nest of wasps?


  19. cjhartnett says:

    And talking of funny!
    Great piece Mr V about Monica McWilliams on “A Tangled Web”.
    Doesn`t look a a happy bunny does she…Merckel with bunions.
    Never heard of her, but I`m guessing she thinks the world isn`t big enough for her Messiah Complex.
    The CV should go viral…do like the idea of the Frank Carson Peace award though!