The BBC Sides With Illegal Immigrants While Pretending Otherwise

Before I even get into this, I have to call attention to what appears to be the title for a series of reports: “Altered States”. This is bias right up front, as it’s a theme we keep hearing from the BBC and the Left-wing media in the US, that the US has somehow suddenly become more divided and vicious since 2008. I wonder why that is, BBC? Could it be that nothing has really changed except the occupant of the White House? Have we forgotten the constant outrage about Bush, and before him Clinton, and before him (skipping a Bush), Reagan, and before him….well, you get the idea.

In short, this is a BS Narrative being pushed by the BBC, in the long run-up to November, just to reinforce the notion that opponents to the President have made things worse. Not Him, mind you. It’s the fault of His enemies, those who want to tear Him down. Of course, that’s really about racism, right? So, with that in mind, let’s examine what’s sure to be a story involving a racial angle.

Illegal immigrants take taxis to avoid deportation

Here’s the blurb to this in the Top News Story featured links on the main news page:

Illegal immigrants take taxis because to avoid getting pulled over while driving and having their papers checked. “The BBC investigates why.”   I’ll tell you why, BBC: they broke the law. In other news, bank robbers avoid the police because they don’t want to get arrested for heroically redistributing wealth.

“They have their life blocked because of the immigration issue.”

And there you have it. No need to listen further, really, unless you just want to get hit over the head with it repeatedly. Their life is ruined because they broke the law, BBC. They all deliberately broke the law, in many cases repeatedly. Even if we’re to sympathize with the heroic idea that they’re just looking for a better life, I have to ask the BBC why Hispanics are elevated above my own family, who came here legally. There is no embargo, no blockade stopping these people from entering legally and going through the correct process. They don’t because people with whom the BBC sympathizes – and whom the BBC is abetting with this report – enable this illegal behavior.

In the tiniest possible gesture towards balance, we also hear from a white person who tells us about people from Kosovo, who had to go through the legal process. So that’s one voice on the side of the law. Next up, a man who is against the law. Then – the classic trick – a child, to appeal to your sympathy. Then another Hispanic who is against the law.

We next hear from another Hispanic taxi driver, who also shares his concern. And so on.

The blurb accompanying the video report itself says this:

But critics call it a civil rights issue and warn it stokes a climate of fear and division. Ironically, all eight of the cab companies in Gainsville are operated by Hispanics.

Ironically? And there’s the race angle. The fact that they have brown skin and speak Spanish is irrelevant to the legal issue. But that’s the real agenda here, the real Narrative from pro-illegal activists: that it’s about race. Typically, the racialist-minded Beeboids see ethnicity before they see a person’s character. There is a racial angle here, though: brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people helping other brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking people to break the law. I’m not sure that’s ironic at all.

By the way, BBC, where are all the hand-wringing stories about illegal Chinese immigrants who get deported? Or don’t we care about them because they don’t have the same powerful activist base, and Chinese people don’t get the same sympathy about race discrimination?

Does your head hurt yet? Did you get the message? In case you didn’t, and that lone voice in favor of the law out of ten against somehow held your attention, the closing line is “We just gotta learn how to do it the right way.”

This is a propaganda piece, full stop. Paid for by you.

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12 Responses to The BBC Sides With Illegal Immigrants While Pretending Otherwise

  1. Louis Robinson says:

    David, you’re right. What part of “illegal” don’t people get? And if I’m allowed to break one law, why not others? Drive on the side of road I want to? Break into banks? How about hate speech – ah, now that’s not allowed. It’s nuts!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC takes the activists’ line on this issue: these people are somehow forced to break the law through no choice of their own. This is a false premise.


    • London Calling says:

      Totems, the power of words. When two conradictory words are present together the more powerful one wins. “Illegal immigrant”: “Illegal” = bad, but “Immigrant” = good (geater cultural diversity, anti-racism, refugees in search of a better life, thumb nose at Daily Mail readers (cue roll eyes) and little-Englanders, means more potential Labour voters, all meanings ring the socialist’s bell.  
      Faced with the notion “Illegal immigrant” the word illegal becomes invisible. Doesn’t matter to the Beeboid whether its US illegal or UK illegal, its all the same to them. Immigration = Good, third world immigration, double good.  
      Its how superannuated white middle class left wing pricks think.


  2. Millie Tant says:

    This is a regular theme with the Beeboid Corporation: condoning and even promoting illegality when it involves groups or causes that find favour with Beeboids. So for example, you get Evan Davis presenting a programme about illegal immigrants in Calais and Dover which is dripping in sympathy for the individuals hiding in lorries and no concern at all that they are wilfully breaking the law and should face sanctions for so doing.  Same thing again with Evan Davis ignoring the criminality of drug taking and pretending that it is just like legal activity such as drinking.  

    And similar to the Dover and Calais programme, you get the Newsnight Protest Editor   😉 (well named by, I think, DP) going off to Athens to report on the Greek ecomomy but bringing us instead a sob story about the hard lives of immigrants hiding out and no concern about the fact that they are there illegally. You don’t get a report about whether they are being deported or when they are going to be.

    Public broadcaster, force-funded by the public, undermines the law and public regard for the law, as it pleases. And does so with impunity.  God knows why it is doing so for a foreign country, either. Shouldn’t it have more respect?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      If you’re talking about Paul Mason, that wasn’t me. But it’s very apt.

      I once actually entered Calais illegally, through no choice of my own. But that was due to positive racial profiling and laziness by the customs official.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC are just perverse and counter-intuitive.
    if it`s right, white, common sense or a view held by the lower orders; then it`ll be wanting EU legislation or banning. Socialist diktat is always on the side of the transgressor or the publicly underwritten “advocacy lobby”…as long as they get their TV licenses paid for.
    Whether its Muslims, gypsies or criminals…all find a catflap to enter the BBCs portals as “favourite pets”…easy causes that stick it to the Man, upset mumsy or confound matron…cheap rebellion that others have to sacrifice lives for.


  4. Span Ows says:

    “They have their life blocked because of the immigration issue.”

    “They have their life blocked because of the murder/rape issue.”

    “They have their life blocked because of the theft/bank robbery issue.”

    hmmm, doesn’t sound so good now…


  5. Ian says:

    Pity beeboid human rights don’t apply in their sainted Kosovo, where you can have your body parts removed free of charge, if you’re suspected of Christianity.


  6. rightofcentre says:

    I`m getting to old for all this changing malarky, working? Test!


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    There’s no hand-wringing over Pakistan’s harsh and possibly racist immigration laws in this BBC news brief about Bin Laden’s wives being deported for entering the country illegally. Not a word about how these women were forced to break the law through no choice of their own. And I’d wager that they had far less control over their own destinies than any of the illegals in Gainsville.


  8. George R says:

    And a reminder of the impact of  decades of uncontrolled mass immigration into Britain (as supported by Labour-Lib Dems and BBC-NUJ)-

    “Immigration to Britain is greater than at any time in history. We must cut their numbers NOW”

    By Sir Andrew Green

    Read more:


  9. Agnes says:

    i’m going to bookmark you here so i will be able to read at your new articles whenever i want. thanks for helping.