BBC Not Interested? “UK & US Intelligence Professionals Angry At Politicisation Of Underwear Bomber Narrative By Team Obama”

The BBC lost no time in pimping the foiling of the Yemeni Underwear bomber plot.

The US has foiled a plot by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to detonate an upgraded version of the failed 2009 “underwear bomb”, US officials say.

Quotes followed from Sec of Defence Leon Panetta and Sec of State Hilarry Clinton

“These terrorists keep trying. They keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people,”

Full marks to all those involved in the uncovering of this AQAP (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) terrorist attempt to blow up a plane. The US media really went to town on the story with wall to wall coverage in what became a clearly orchestrated valediction of President Obama’s record in the war on terror – and remember, it’s Presidential election year.

First the celebration of the anniversary of OBL’s termination, now this….”tough on terrorism, tough on the causes of terrorism”
As the UK arm of Obama’s re-election campaign naturally the BBC went deepthroat on the story. Except, as the days went by, it became clearer that this was much more of a Saudi/UK operation than a CIA coup.

The Guardian has learned from Saudi sources that the agent was not a Saudi national as was widely reported, but a Yemeni. He was born in Saudi Arabia, in the port city of Jeddah, and then studied and worked in the UK, where he acquired a British passport

The Saudi’s recruited him for their own security service and almost certainly kept the UK’s MI6 in the loop. However the Obama administration’s boastful publicity has probably made AQAP more aware of the threat from double agents. Experienced US intelligence operatives were certainly not impressed

Mike Scheur, the former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden unit, said the leaking about the nuts and bolts of British involvement was despicable and would make a repeat of the operation difficult. “MI6 should be as angry as hell………………………..this is really tragic,” Scheur said.
He added: “Any information disclosed is too much information. This does seem to be a tawdry political thing.”

Sorry, Mr Scheur, you obviously haven’t grasped the fact that the item at the top of the agenda was not the need to protect an existing network – it was to create a useful 2/3 day “shining moment” to maintain Obama’s re-election campaign. Kudos to the the left wing UK Guardian for posting this – to date nothing on these lines has appeared in the BBC website; indeed I wonder how much of it has been picked up by the msm in America. One thing is certain, however, if this had happened under President Bush the Beeb would have been in full Bush derangement mode.

Meanwhile, as Obama, Clinton and Panetta bask before the adulation of the media elite, British, American and Saudi agents must be bashing their heads against office walls in frustration…

….and doubtless, somewhere in Yemen, men and women are screaming in agony as they are tortured by AQAP “specialists” tracking down moles. But, as they and their families die, bleeding and broken, they must find comfort that they died for a higher cause – a few pages of Obama boosting coverage in the New York Times…..

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23 Responses to BBC Not Interested? “UK & US Intelligence Professionals Angry At Politicisation Of Underwear Bomber Narrative By Team Obama”

  1. Span Ows says:

    I fear your last paragraph will definitely come to pass if it hasn’t already.

    “Al Qaeda Mole Recruited by British Intelligence”

    “The long running operation with the deep cover operative was one that intelligence agencies planned to keep running. It was pulled up short in the past week when leaks developed and put the infiltrator in jeopardy.”


  2. The Highland Rebel says:

    Talking about terrorist bomb plotters here’s a very worrying article by Michelle Malkin about how the BBC is funding Islamic fundamentalists through, believe it or not, the Save the Children charity.

    It’s time the law to get involved with this one.


    • deegee says:

      We are all funding Islamic fundamentalists – every time we fill up our automobiles with petrol.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Malkin’s Daily Mail link doesn’t work, but I found a Telegraph piece, that actually attributes the exposure to BBC Newsnight!

      Notwithstanding, I think I recall a few years ago that a lot of CIN money went to lawyers for ‘asylum seekers’. Personally I would never donate to a ‘charity’ that channels a lot of its funds to left wing bete noires.


  3. Doggywoggy says:

    That was no more of a “foiling a terrorist plot” as me ordering a pizza and then turning up at the pizza shop and declaring, “AHA! CAUGHT YOU MAKING A PIZZA!!!”

    The CIA ordered the explosives and then claimed “OH LOOK, THEY MADE EXPLOSIVES!” Of course they did. YOU ORDERED THEM TO!

    This was more evidence of false flag terrorism to boost obama’s poll numbers, and nothing more!


    • deegee says:

      Can not agree. The unfortunate release of the details was designed to make the Nobel Peace Prize winner look like a warrior and further blur how his administration has handicapped the actual war on terrorists. That said, it was a praiseworthy effort to flush them out of cover.


      • john in cheshire says:

        And if you were a closet muslim, isn’t this the kind of thing you’d do?


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    On behalf of the US, I apologize once again for my President screwing you over to make Himself look better.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Correction: make that I apologize for my President screwing you over again to make Himself look better.


      • Reed says:

        …just waiting for the Nile Gardiner article on this latest betrayal…


  5. johnyork says:

    Gay marriage – Tick
    Killed Bin Laden – Tick
    Found some underpants – Tick
    Not sure we knew anything about it – No Tick
    Election coming up – Tick
    BBC on board (not bothered) – Tick ?
    Interview with the giant M&M – No Tick
    Interview with the giant M&M if we don’t talk about the economy, immigration, unemployment and far away wars – Tick


  6. Te Huhu says:

    It’s all too convenient. Underpants found. Anonymous Secret Agent, can’t disclose identity. How do we know this is real?! Are there any elections coming up?


  7. al Qaeda was a database nicknamed “the toilet” ie where the turds are. It isn’t real. None of this is real. It’s just rebranding of the same old crap that the DIA, CIA, DISC, MI6 etc. have been doing ever since 1945.

    Dig into how the Hamburg Mosque was originally built, and WHEN, and who by, and it all collapses down to the truth.


  8. lojolondon says:

    We all know Barack Hussein Obama has no love for the British – he also seems happy to drive the Islamist programme. Exposing British double-agents achieves all the above plus somehow taking credit for the actions in an election year.


  9. Guest Who says:

    ‘Kudos to the the left wing UK Guardian for posting this – to date nothing on these lines has appeared in the BBC website’
    Agree on the former; never say never on the latter as a cherry vulture fires up her engines.
    The media on security matters is universally hypocritical, and risible.
    They scream about being kept in the dark one minute, then start ‘analysing’ everything to death the next. I mocked a SKY news panel the other day for lack of irony in this regard.
    On a possible plus side, the sheer volume of guff must make an AQ Smiley-person’s turban spin second quessing first, double and triple agent possibilities.
    And, while not great for any innocents, but if there are any recruits for having a Semtex enema headed that way from these shores, it may cramp recruitment if what they find they are being offered comes before the virgin and honey gig in a back alley simply for having the wrong passport.
    And that may throw a light on the different levels of profiling between the West and these sh*tholes, which the likes of Shami, Cherie and the entire staff of the most trusted terrorist propaganda machine may like to reflect upon.


  10. Merlin says:

    OFF TOPIC: sorry to return to this folks but it’s not going to disappear anytime soon (though I’d wager that the BBC wish it would) . For my Sunday punishment I watched the BBC’s ‘Big’ Questions this morning and was surprised to see the first topic centering on the Rochdale grooming case. But I needn’t of raised my hopes as YET AGAIN the hand picked audience pussy footed around and stuttered through what was quite frankly an infantile politically correct debate that went nowhere fast. We got no further in tackling the questions that it is obviously a Muslim cultural problem; there were several guests who I thought came close to mentioning Islam as an issue but they were swamped by the usual PC androids in the audience. BUT NOT ONE mention of Islam in all of this, not one bloody mention. Again the BBC has managed to avoid the ‘Big’ Questions!


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      Yes. A bit of wasted airtime.

      Do you notice how Islamists tend to prattle on and on none stop talking garbage in a bid to deny anyone else a voice?


      • Merlin says:

        Yes. I also think that the producers pre-show announced that under no circumstances were the audience members allowed to pinpoint Islam as a contributing factor.


    • ltwf 1964 says:

      the REALLY big question is how crap like this is allowed to pollute the airwaves in the first place


  11. Louis Robinson says:

    How could this be? I thought the war on terror is over.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    It’s not going well over here for any Presidents wanting to bask in the glow of catching a terrorist. Sen. Diane Feinstein – Democrat from California, no less – is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committe, and she’s not happy about this leak.

    Feinstein: Bomb plot leak must be ‘prosecuted’

    The chairwoman of the Senate intelligence committee said Sunday that the press leak on the covert operation to disrupt an Al Qaeda affiliate’s sophisticated bomb plot “has to be prosecuted,” calling the leak “serious” and harmful to the government’s “sources and methods.”

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., told “Fox News Sunday” that the leak is “a big one.”


    “The leak really did endanger sources and methods,” Feinstein said. “And the leak, I think, has to be prosecuted.”

    She said an investigation is being conducted and expressed hope that “criminal charges will go to the Department of Justice.

    The Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has suggested that the leak had a political motivation. Best of all, though, is this statement from Sen. Feinstein, Democrat from California:

    Feinstein said the U.S. needs to “kill this bomb maker” and his associates.

    I bet a couple Beeboid heads exploded over that one. No wonder they’ve censored it and moved on to other stories.

    Note to defenders of the indefensible: don’t bother trying to shoot the messenger on this one, with sneering ad homs about this being Fox News. It’s full of direct quotes from the Senator herself.


    • Reed says:

      Though not directly comparable, I seem to remember that there was a great deal of media interest in the Valerie Plame affair. Of course, the nasty Bush man was in the White house at the time, so there was a clamour to discover whether there had been any involvement by Bush officials. It does demonstrate that, at the very least, the media was at one time greatly intrigued by the issue of possible CIA leaks.


      • DJ says:

        Good catch Reed.

        The contrast is even more pointed becuase Valerie Plame’s job as a CIA desk jockey directly impacted on the issue of how Clueless Joe got his goofy assignment in the first place. What are the leaks about the current op meant to prove? Whistleblower have to have something to blow the whistle on.

        There’s simply no way to spin these leaks into some kind of heroic narrative and so the BBC is doing what it always does, and sticking its fingers in its ears and singing ‘The Red Flag’ loudly until someone can feed it a good excuse.