Wanting to take a moment to wish everyone at Biased BBC my very best wishes for 2017. I think 2016 was a landmark year when the influence of the BBC (and the rest of the fake news media) was both exposed and disregarded by many people. It FAILED to stop us voting for Brexit, it FAILED to stop the Trump train in the States, just like it FAILED to stop the Conservatives getting a majority in 2015. The reason it’s stranglehold has been broken is because of the rise of the new media. Whether you like it or not, the social networks have risen up to a point where they are the chosen method of communication by the US President Elect, for instance. I am very active on Twitter, on Gab, on Youtube, as well as on A Tangled Web and this site. In addition I am working on a new book. So my time here is not as great as it once was but THAT is because I can expose and help replace the likes of the BBC in other ways. The thing that irritates me most about the BBC is that it still manages to raid us for £3,5bn a year to sustain its bias. Unlike other failing leftwing media outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times, the BBC can still call on a steady steam of enforced revenue to sustain itself. This is plainly wrong and needs changed. Because all political parties are scared of the BBC, they all resile from plunging a financial dagger through its black heart. Yet until they find the strength to do this, the BBC remains a danger. For that reason, sites like this are important and are read by a large number of concerned people.

A special thank you to Alan for keeping the site rocking when I am not about, much appreciated. A further thank you to Rob, our tech genius who also keeps the show on the electronic road.

That’s IT from me for 2016, thank you all very much for supporting the site, and see you all in the New Year!

Weekend Open Thread

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The BBC continues to press ahead with its promotion of the liberal’s mythical utopian project that, as with Corbyn, fails to reflect reality and the facts.  Whether Brexit or Trump the BBC buries its head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge reality and why it happened.

They keep talking about Brexit solely through an economic lens and, despite the evidence, try to paint a picture of doom and gloom whilst conversely not genuinely accepting that the EU is an economic basket case which in itself is a purely political project that has been forced through regardless of the disastrous economic consequences that are very real and very, very obvious.  When did the BBC ever ask what would have been the real result of staying inside the EU, an EU that is imploding on just about every front, economically, politically and socially?  They preferred to peddle the Remain claim that Brexit was a great unknown whilst the EU’s success and stability were a certainty.  Hmmm….so stupid…

Trump of course gets nothing but derision and mocking contempt, only yesterday we heard that people were looking for certainty and Trump recognised that…but of course ‘certainty’ is only for stupid people….so not only is Trump stupid but all those who voted for him….the ‘expert’ was absolutely certain about that.

Then there’s Obama, still the One who can do no wrong.  He’s at present making a lot of noise about Russia apparently hacking Clinton’s emails and effecting the outcome ofthe election…what the BBC reported as being like ‘a new Pearl Harbour’….lol.   If so…why?  Clinton must be seriously at fault allowing highly sensitive emails to be hacked and then why would such emails effect the outcome of the election? Only if they actually contained material that was seriously compromising for Clinton or the Democrats…the BBC doesn’t bother to investigate the emails preferring to avoid such difficult questions….as of course does Obama who should surely be disciplining Clinton for such a serious and dangerous breach of security.  Curiously the BBC seems unconcerned about the Russian spy, Snowden, who was aided and abetted by the Guardian, and the BBC itself, to attack US, and Western , intelligence and security, doing them enormous damage.

Obama is talking loudly of the threat to US democracy and when Trump won the Presidency Obama said…

“Everybody is sad when their side loses,” Mr. Obama said with Vice President Joseph R. Biden at his side. “The day after, we have to remember we’re actually all on one team. We are now all rooting for his [Mr. Trump‘s] success in uniting and leading the country. We are Americans first.”

However he has spent the last couple of weeks doing everything he can to undermine the new President and the democratic result of the election including of course pompous, sanctimonious speeches that ‘advise’ Trump on how to be a good President…something Obama knows little about…and as for democracy…Obama was pretty handy with those undemocratic executive orders using them to push through very controversial policies such as Obamacare, dodgy deals with the terrorist state of Iran and on  immigration.

The BBC of course doesn’t ask questions about the reasons for Obama’s attacks on Trump and the rhetoric about Russia…the BBC accepts it all as if every word were the truth and unpolitical when it is very obvious Obama is engaged in a highly partisan attempt to undermine Trump and make his presidency as difficult as possible.

Comes to something when we have to rely on ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine to bring us decent analysis of political news rather than the well-resourced and supposedly ‘gold-standard’ news organisation that is the BBC…

The problem with this story is that, like the Iraq-WMD mess, it takes place in the middle of a highly politicized environment during which the motives of all the relevant actors are suspect. Nothing quite adds up….this could also just be a cynical ass-covering campaign, by a Democratic Party that has seemed keen to deflect attention from its own electoral failures.

The outgoing Democrats could just be using an over-interpreted intelligence “assessment” to delegitimize the incoming Trump administration and force Trump into an embarrassing political situation.

The BBC…business as normal then.



Just Desserts




Big Gay Ice Cream Shot


Nothing to do with BBC bias but it is such an important issue that I think it needs addressing.

Richard Hammond, of The Grand Tour, Neé Top Gear, is getting a spanking from the Gay fraternity for suggesting ice cream is ‘gay’….check out the outrage here.

Hammond must have read this piece from the Daily Stormer

Then the trend became clear: gay and lesbian couples are especially sweet on ice cream

The Guardian of course is on the case telling us that Hammond’s unPC language even shocked Clarkson and May so outrageous was it…

Clarkson and May appeared taken aback as members of the studio audience applauded and cheered.

Never mind all the jokes are scripted…and Clarkson writes them.

Hammond can relax though…not only are there gay ice cream shops there are ones that sell ‘straight’ ice cream too…



Little did we know that this was an issue but apparently so…but even Facebook backs Hammond up…women like ice cream and real men like cars…..

Facebook can predict if you’re gay and like ice cream

Networked Insights saw declining mentions of iPhones by teens as a signal for Apple’s depressed earnings forecast

What women most want is ice cream, while men want cars says social analytics firm NetBase.



Perhaps Hammond is hiding something…

Whatever next?  Doritos?


Anyway hope that’s put your minds to rest and that’s another issue of world shattering importance that we’ve put to bed…now onto Obama not interfering in another country’s politics once again as he tells us the Labour Party is disintegrating and on the verge of collapse as it flees from ‘fact and reality’.

The Guardian thinks Obama’s words so important that it is their headline story and Corbyn has had to scramble a response….guess that desire for non-interference in other nation’s political affairs has been shelved now the US elections are over and it’s business as normal.  Curiously Obama, whilst keen to release what the CIA said about Russia, isn’t so keen to release what intelligence says about Saudi Arabia being  behind 9/11.  Which is more important…Russia possibly releasing some emails that shed light on Clinton’s stupidity and possible criminality [and her links to Saudi Arabia] or a country attacking the US and setting off a chain of events worldwide that have changed the course of history?




Boxing Day Open Thread

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Hope you all got the socks you wanted from Santa and may the baby Jesus guide you  to the best bargains in the sales.  However back to business here and a new year is fast approaching…a new year but same old bias…..The BBC’s new year revolution?  No more bias?  Guess that’ll be broken day one.  If so you know the drill…..

Mail on the ball


Damn, the Mail’s fast this morning.  Heard Kuenssberg on Today this morning say she was told that the Queen said she backed Brexit but didn’t report it as only one source…of course such high ethical and professional standards never stopped her ‘reporting’, or printing the legend as fact, that Boris was only backing Leave as a cunning ploy to snatch the Tory leadership…however the ease and readiness with which he stood down from that contest suggests he wasn’t really that bothered about the top job.

The Mail also spotted Kuenssberg’s admission….

`Queen backed Brexit,´ BBC journalist was told

The BBC’s political editor has said she was told that the Queen supported EU withdrawal, but did not report it as she could not find a second source.

Laura Kuenssberg said she was told about the alleged comment months before the eventual appearance of The Sun’s “Queen backs Brexit” headline in March.

The front-page story caused one of the biggest rows of the referendum campaign, leading to a successful complaint to press regulator Ipso by Buckingham Palace, which said it was “misleading”.

The BBC political editor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “In a casual chat with one of my contacts, they said ‘Do you know what? At some point this is going to come out, and I’m telling you now and I don’t know if the BBC would touch it, but the Queen told people at a private lunch that she thinks that we should leave the EU’.

“Apparently at this lunch she said ‘I don’t see why we can’t just get out. What’s the problem?’

“My jaw hit the floor. Very sadly, I only had one source. I spent the next few days trying to prove it. I couldn’t find the evidence.

“Lo and behold, a couple of months later, someone else did. Of course then ensued a huge row between that newspaper and the Palace over what had really been said or not said.”

Yep…bet she was gutted she ‘couldn’t’ report something that was so potentially damaging to the Remain camp’s campaign….she has admitted her ‘reporting’ about Boris was based merely on ‘vicious rumours’ spread by his enemies…so why not report what the Queen said if it came from a presumably reliable and credible source?

Interestingly she didn’t say who her source was…Gove was supposedly the source of the Sun’s story so if Kuenssberg’s source was not Gove…????!!!  She could just say it wasn’t Gove. Would back up the Sun’s original story.

Another amusing Mail tale of note…..Mail reports on the death of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt…

At the peak of his musical powers, the then married English rocker was spending £1,000 a week on cocaine, £500 a week on vodka, and sleeping with so many groupies that he forgot their names. Pardiff is pictured with third wife….

Yep shocking that ‘Pardiff’ forgot groupies’ names.  Like the Mail’s conclusion that ‘he paid the price for his rock’n’roll lifestyle’…he was 68 and had a great life with all the trimmings.  I’m sure he’ll be rock and rolling in his grave to think he has missed out somehow….or not.  The Mail’s Xmas bashes must be on a level with Status Quo’s.



Christmas Crackers

Contemporary anti-Semitism has been particularly prevalent on British university campuses since 2001 when the UN Conference against Racism in Durban accused Israel of the five cardinal sins against human rights: racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, attempted genocide, and crimes against humanity. Since then campus anti-Semitism has been cloaked in the language of human rights and promulgated in the so-called fight for Palestine; and student supporters of Israel have consequently been labelled as Nazis, apologists for racism, apologists for apartheid and racists by student supporters of Palestine. Although student supporters of Palestine may not intend to be anti-Semitic, the effect of their rhetoric has been to harass those students who support Israel, the overwhelming majority of whom happen to be Jewish.

Anti-Semitism on British University Campuses: An Intractable Problem?  2015


A quick one slipped under the Xmas tree to be opened Christmas morn…

We all know what the BBC thinks of those hill-billy crackers in the US, the rednecks who love their guns and their bibles, they’re there to be mocked, derided and denounced in horrified and appalled tones.  Imagine then how the BBC might react to the news of what the sockless, slip-on wearing, New York Times reading cosmopolitans are spending their money on…guns and baked beans.  The Trump apocalypse is coming.  But you know what….it’s OK, the BBC understands.…have all the guns you want because the world needs you to be safe…you are its future…or you were once….

Why US liberals are now buying guns too

Clara, a 28-year-old nursing student, grew up in the Mid-West, where “the folks that had guns were seen as hicks” or were just “culturally different”, she says.

But since the election of Donald Trump in November she has started going to a gun range for the first time and is shopping around for a semi-automatic pistol.

“It’s been seeing the way that Trump’s election has mobilised a lot of the far right and given them hope,” she says, citing a rise in reports of hate crimes and neo-Nazi activity.

So Liberals must arm themselves because of roaming bands of Fascist Trump supporters hunting down Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, transgender nursing students and Democrat voters.  No mention of gas chambers?  Surely the BBC missed a trick?  Then again it reports of ‘separatist’ movements as it coyly calls them in Catalonia, or indeed in Scotland, but you don’t hear the same language that the BBC uses for Right-Wing ‘separatists’ as in Gabriel Gatehouse’s attack on them in Austria and France in what could be considered hate speech as he called them Nazis and Fascists and claimed their policies smacked of the concentration camp and ethnic cleansing when in fact, if he’d bothered to listen, they were far, far from being anything like the scenario he painted….no mention of gas chambers but he wan’t far off.  How different the treatment then for one group of nationalists and another…the difference?  One group, the ‘Nazis’, wants to control immigration…the other doesn’t speak so much of it and the BBC doesn’t ask.

What else gets the BBC selective treatment?

How about Israel…the UN voted against the ‘illegal Jewish settlements in the illegally occupied West Bank’.  Hmmm…illegal settlers…illegal immigrants?  Aren’t they in fact refugees, many, ironically, driven from Europe by Muslim attacks, and so in a way justice is being served as Jews driven from Europe by Muslims end up doing to Palestinains what Muslim immigrants to Europe do to Jews?  Maybe ‘illegal Jewish settlers’ should actually be described as ‘undocumented migrants’?  You know like the millions of Mexicans who ‘illegally settle in and occupy’ the US?  Why are Jews in the West Bank pilloried and yet Mexicans are applauded and defended along with millions of Muslims who force their way into Europe illegally?

If Mexicans can invade and occupy the US and Muslims can invade and occupy Europe then Jews can invade and occupy Palestinian land…no?

Speaking of Jews…the BBC finally got around to reporting that Jews were under anti-Semitic attack in universities…or maybe not…the BBC took a different tack and has decided that there is no story here, Jews are not under attack and Muslims of course are not doing the attacking….and the BBC has proof that there is no anti-Semitism going on….

Jewish student groups deny university ‘no-go zones’

A claim that Jewish students avoid applying to certain UK universities over anti-Semitism fears has been criticised by a Jewish student group.

Baroness Ruth Deech, the former adjudicator for universities, told the Telegraph that Jewish students felt “unwelcome” on some campuses.

The Union of Jewish Students (UJS) denied that such no-go zones exist.

Note the plural ‘groups’ in the title when in fact it is one group…but is that really the case, is there really no anti-Semitism?…sure the UJS questioned the claim but why?  They know Jewish students suffer hugely from anti-Semitism, that is in major part why the UJS exists, to defend against such hate. …

We work with J-Socs and Jewish students nationwide to protect and maintain the welfare of our members and defend Jewish students’ interests on campus. We aim to empower Jewish students to ensure that they can study in a safe, inclusive and fair environment free from Antisemitism. We work directly with the CST in combatting Antisemitism. 

Consider this statement as the UJS was being asked to end relations with the ‘anti-Semitic’ NUS…

This motion threatens to reduce Jewish students’ role in NUS to victims of antisemitism, whereas the reality is that Jewish life is so much more – it’s vibrant and amazing. Voting against this motion is about giving ourselves the opportunity to show that we have identities to be proud of which we can’t do from outside.’

You might get the clue that the UJS’s position is political wanting to keep their enemies close so to speak and not make a huge fuss about anti-Semitism….Jews do not want to be seen merely as victims unlike so many other groups.

Note the BBC does not mention the massive furore over the NUS ‘s new Muslim head who was claimed to have made anti-Semitic statements.  A strange omission when you consider what the story is about….not so quiet when she was appointed…then it was a celebration of a Muslim getting into such a position.

The Times reported a different tale earlier in the year…

Young Jews reject top universities over antisemitism

So why has the BBC made the editorial decision to run as the main narrative that claims of anti-Semitism at universities are overplayed?  One look at the UJS’s website would show that they are being ‘diplomatic’ when they themselves downplay Deech’s report.  One look at news reports about anti-Semitism in universities would reveal the truth.  The BBC didn’t bother to get the truth because it doesn’t want to dig the dirt on a story that implicates Muslims and indeed Muslim countries that the BBC, whilst happy to complain about their actions in Yemen, seems reluctant to reveal what their malign influence is here in the UK.

Curiously elsewhere the UJS admits anti-Semitism is a problem not being addressed by the NUS…

Following the publication of the Institutional Racism Review (IRR) into the National Union of Students (NUS), UJS Campaigns Director Josh Nagli said:

‘It is clear that NUS will face challenges in breaking down the barriers that Black and Minority Ethnic students continue to face when engaging in its structures. UJS looks forward to playing its part and helping to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for all students.

‘However, many Jewish students are likely to be disappointed because, despite the NUS National President insisting that the report would look into all forms of racism, ‘which includes antisemitism’, there seems to be a lack of any in-depth examination of the challenges facing Jewish students. 

‘This is especially disappointing in light of the fact that Jewish students continue to articulate the struggles they face when engaging with the NUS. This issue was highlighted by the recent Home Affairs Select Committee report and reaffirmed by Government in its response, and it was expected that this would be addressed in the IRR.

‘The report’s treatment of the media coverage of this year’s National Conference is particularly troubling. In no way should reporting allegations of antisemitism be seen as negative reporting. By comparing the use of the word ‘antisemitism’ to words such as “shock” and “controversy”, the report trivialises antisemitism. This only goes further to delegitimise the real experiences of Jewish students.

Or this from February this year:

Anti-Semitism a major problem in UK universities, says former co-chair of Oxford University Labour Club

Funny how the BBC can always find a tale of the unexpected, the angle nobody else would consider…probably because it’s nonsense…whether its Liberals being hunted down in the US en masse or Jews being the most popular students at university.  The BBC can always be relied upon to bring you the news that tells you that everything you thought you knew is wrong.

Good job we have the wonderful BBC to eradicate fake news from the world and keep us so fully and entertainingly informed of what’s truly happening around the world.






Oh look….

UK third quarter GDP growth revised up to 0.6%

The UK economy grew by 0.6% in the third quarter, according to official figures, faster than previous estimates.

Oh and look…

“ONS statistician Darren Morgan said: “Robust consumer demand continued to help the UK economy grow steadily in the third quarter of 2016.  Growth was slightly stronger than first thought, though, due to greater output in the financial sector.”

Hmmm…the financial sector doing well and growing…how can that possibly be?  Haven’t they all decamped to Frankfurt?

Oh but look at this…..the deficit is out of control and exports are not helped by the fall in the pound…

Separate figures from the ONS showed the UK’s current account deficit rose back towards record levels in the third quarter, with few signs that the fall in the pound in the wake of the Brexit vote has helped to boost exports.

Curious this other far less negative BBC report today says different…the government is on track to meet its deficit target…

Government borrowing falls less than expected in November

Government borrowing fell in November to £12.6bn, down £0.6bn from November 2015, according to the Office for National Statistics.

However, the fall was less than analysts had been expecting.

The monthly borrowing figure had been expected to shrink to £11.6bn, according to an economists’ poll.

Borrowing for the financial year so far is down on last year. From April to November, borrowing, excluding state-owned banks, fell by £7.7bn to £59.5bn.

Despite the smaller-than-expected fall in November’s borrowing figure, economists said the government was on track to meet its less ambitious deficit forecast set out in November’s Autumn Statement.

Then exports…from the BBC itself….do they not take note of their own reports?  No…As we pointed out in the last post about Easton they obviously do not….

Manufacturing exports boosted by pound

Manufacturing exports have received a significant boost from the weakness of sterling, according to the the latest report from the CBI.

The Industrial Trends Survey showed that export volumes grew that their fastest pace for two and a half years in the three months to October.

Mark Easton Does a Nick Clegg



Mark Easton has always been extremely biased and not worth his salt as a journalist.  His ‘journalism’ consists mostly of telling us a very one-sided narrative about immigration….sitting on the BBC breakfast couch one morning a few years ago he treated us to his opinion, presented as ‘fact’ of course, that immigration is good, unstoppable and we’d better just get used to it and learn to like it.

Easton is the one who told us in the wake of the Trojan Horse plot [that the BBC still insists is a hoax] we should allow Muslims to Islamise schools, if Muslim parents want that we should let them have it.  Similarly he told us that Muslim extremists should be considered in the same heroic light as Churchill, Ghandi and Mandela.

Now he brings his toxic insights to Brexit in an ‘analysis’ that is beyond parody……did Easton write it or Nick Clegg?

What did the Brexit vote reveal about the UK?

We misinterpret the message of Brexit at our peril

Yes indeed, but not ‘we’ just you Easton who misinterprets Brexit….misinterprets or deliberately lies about it as some might suggest…..Here’s his basic thrust…..Brexit was not about immigration, not about sovereignty….

The vote for Brexit was a thunderous rumble of national indignation, an outpouring of frustrated fury that shook the foundations of the British state. We misinterpret its meaning at our peril.

“Brexit means Brexit” does not cut it.

This was much more than a simple referendum about membership of the European Union. Neither Brussels bureaucrats nor Polish plumbers were really the motivation for a popular revolt unparalleled in almost five centuries.

This was an act of extraordinary defiance against a system that does not and will not listen to people’s concerns and anxieties.

We need to be honest. Our governance, our democracy, does not function properly. It is failing the people of this country. That is the message of Brexit.


Thus we do not need to cut immigration nor our ties with the EU because the problem is ‘us’.

Of course that’s a deliberate twisting of the facts…..people are concerned about the lack of a voice but it was a lack of a voice on immigration and the EU that drove Brexit.

Here Easton tells another porkie…

I was very struck by the attitude of people I met in Port Talbot in South Wales.

Here was a place that has in the last decade received around a billion pounds in EU aid. It was due to receive around a billion pounds more over the next few years – money that is now very much in doubt.

And yet they voted emphatically to leave. Port Talbot is virtually untouched by the waves of immigration that some suggest was the driving force behind the referendum vote. I did not detect any profound ideological concerns over UK sovereignty either.

What I did hear were people who did not think anyone was listening to them. They felt powerless and ignored.

I’m sorry but Wales is strongly anti-immigration as a cursory check of the BBC’s own archives would have revealed to any real journalist not peddling a lie…..

The theme that emerges is that a larger percentage of people in Wales hold negative views on immigration than in Scotland, Northern Ireland or parts of south-east England and London.

In fact, the suggestion in the research by Wiserd – the Wales Insitute of Social and Economic Data and Methods – is that Wales shares similar, and more negative views, with neighbours in the English Midlands and the north of England.

Or this…pretty clear I might suggest…

EU Referendum: Immigration plays strong in Welsh valley

Easton goes on…

There was a time when people up and down the land believed they had some kind of control over their destiny. But one by one those traditional connections to power have been snapped.

Trade unionism has been neutered, local government is a shadow of its former self and political activism is, for the most part, simply shouting into the wind.

I’m sorry what?  Political activism is simply shouting in the wind?  Did he miss the result of the referendum or what?

It is an astonishing feat to write a whole article decrying the ‘elite’ for not listening when he himself, of the self-selected BBC elite, is pumping out what is a Remain piece of propaganda intent on dismissing all the concerns of the Leave voters.

Brexit means Brexit which means controlling immigration and severing the EU’s political and legal control of this country…and yes we know access to the Single Market may be limited …are you listening Easton?




Merry BBC ‘Holidays’ to one and all….just not Jews


Astonishing no?  A very serious statement that Jews are being driven out of universities by anti-Semitism and it is not being dealt with for fear of upsetting Muslim benefactors to the universities isn’t reported by the BBC….only mentioned in passing in the ‘What the papers say’….not on the front page, not on the UK page, not even on the education page…just a note in passing…..

The BBC is massively concerned about what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen but seems entirely unconcerned that they are driving and funding a deadly Islamist agenda in the UK.  The BBC leapt on the story about Boris saying the Saudis were beyond the pale whilst paradoxically admitting that what he said was entirely true, and yet no interest at all it seems in what is happening to Jews in the UK.