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  1. charmbrights says:

    My turn? To be first, that is!


  2. Guest Who says:

    Always up for some bbc comedy, and they seldom fail to deliver:


    More ‘trust’ built. Lovely. And created because the bbc says it is.

    Seems the audience gets to ask questions, and once passed through the bbc editorial integrity filter, the bbc may ‘answer’ them.

    The various accents involved are quite diverse, and suggest an average age of seasoned cubicle dweller to make young Sofia in the neighbouring post seem like a grizzled veteran.

    Anyway, it is pretty cutting edge. Currently they are ‘investigating’ what ‘signal failure’ is, so can’t wait. I wonder if it is when what the bbc punts out over the airwaves is again clearly utter dross?


  3. Fedup2 says:

    This morning al Beeb featured a piece about modern day slavery staring a Latvian who spoke English . He allegedly fell victim to s scam from which escaped and went to Birmingham ( poor devil).

    This was a golden opportunity to point out that when we Brexit such horrors as modern day slavery involving EU guest workers from the greater Reich will not be coming here in unregulated numbers.

    But al Beeb didn’t do that , bias by omission. I hope I heard the piece right as I was a bit sleepy.


    • Emmanuel Goldstein says:

      On bbc radio Newcastle this morning we also had the slavery news.

      Hundreds held in slavery in the NE.

      They never mentioned any ethnicity though, was it Bob and Doris next door keeping a slave locked in a room?

      One slip they made was when some girl who was being held as a slave mentioned that her captors kept her subdued by telling her that ‘White people’ will kill her if she goes outside.
      She was used to satisfy the sexual wants of lots of men brought round the house.
      Sound familiar?


      • Fedup2 says:


        Funny that – it’s a bit like that timed old adage about elephants in rooms – except in this case al Beeb doesn’t even mention the room.

        I’m sure that the ever active Hate crime related police squads will do a dawn swoop and many will be deported as a result. It is a Mrs May favourite after all – a PM with so much authority .


      • Pat..original says:

        We have had cases like this in Plymouth. Recently five Czech Roma were sentenced to five/six years each for importing down and out/drug addicted men from the Czech Republic. The men were kept in cramped conditions, beaten and half starved. They were made to work at factories and car washes. The EU enrichers will probably cost us more in jail than in welfare benefits. Bound to be some reason they cannot be sent back after as well.


    • DJ says:

      Yep, apparently ‘modern slavery’ in Britain is all our fault for not paying out welfare to every Tomaz, Dickov and Harrisev what turns up at the DSS.

      Funnily enough, the BBC never got round to wondering what the intersection was between ‘modern slavery’ and ‘jobs the British just won’t do’. Are they related by any chance?

      Ditto, they never raised the point that it’s the Government’s refusal to actually enforce laws on hiring illegal immigrants that created this situation in the first place.


  4. Fedup2 says:

    It’s great that so many people here are dedicated to our cause if you look at the times of these postings. And I think we are the tip of a Titanic sized iceberg. We are the berg. Al Beeb is the Titanic …


    • Beeb Brother says:

      All the energy is clearly on our side. They perfunctorily churn out SJW tripe about male midwives or whatever but there is no real belief or energy behind them. They have taken all the low-hanging fruit; so many of their biggest battles have been won and thus they only focus on minor issues which nobody apart from professional victims really care about.

      We have so much passion and energy as we are fighting for the very existence of Western civilisation; the jewels of human achievement which the cultural Marxists at the BBC have been working so hard and so successfully to destroy. Remember free speech?


      • Cranmer says:

        Beeb Brother – I think you are right. What you might loosely call the ‘alt-right’ is the only movement which seems to be looking at reality and asking whether our civilization can actually survive. The left are just dicking about with increasingly ludicrous twaddle about transgender, feminism etc and offers the same tired old communism in reply to any economic problem.


        • Beeb Brother says:

          They simply do not have the facts on their side. The ‘race audit’ showed that white boys were the most disadvantaged group. What sane person could harp on about the evil white patriarchy in the face of facts like that?

          Also this multicultural utopia the progressives promised seems to be more like rivers of blood flowing through the terrified streets of Airstrip One. Imagine having to sit down and write pro ROP articles after the events of this year. It must feel horrible deep down no matter how hard they try to doublethink reality.


          • Cranmer says:

            Beeb Brother, what saddens me somewhat is the way the younger generation in Britain seems totally in thrall to the worn out stale orthodoxies of the 1960s New Left. Yet in the USA, and some European countries, the youth seem to have woken up to a certain extent.


    • Dystopian says:

      “Al Beeb is the Titanic”

      Yes in full steam ahead, totally blinkered and soon to be sunk, hopefully!


  5. Guest Who says:


    That’s ‘LBC and frequent bbc Labour stormtrooper James O’Brien’, dear Canary.

    Worth recalling the Canary is also high on the list of Ian Katz’ go-to guest list of impartial ‘expert’ political commentary, along with Al Independent and fellow ABC audience topping Graun.


  6. Guest Who says:

    OT, and is possible that the bbc has moved on to richer distractions, but Classic FM Global Tripe had another Harvey slot in amongst handing the mic to every bitterly disappointed EU negotiator they can facilitate against the UK.

    I simply wonder if it might be worth ‘investigating’ how many other ‘businesses’ involve female staff trotting up to male employer’s bedrooms in hotels to ‘discuss’ work related issues. Alone.


  7. Englands Dreaming says:

    This little clip on the Beeb website is well worth a look.

    Brexit talks: UK government ‘not realistic’ over money

    Even poor Evan Davis seems to realise he is talking to an idiot.

    Antonio Tajani is apparently the president of the EU parliament.

    Senor Tajani: “20bn is peanuts” maybe he was thinking in Lira.
    “We need our money back” ….Erm the UK is a net contributor, so how can it be EU money? Answer only in the EU fantasy world of Senor Tajani,


  8. Guest Who says:

    This is sweet:

    “The NHS is under unprecedented pressure, but how is it performing where you live?
    Find out with the #NHStracker: http://bbc.in/2il03t3

    It is illustrated by a classic scene, with a bed blocked by the overbreeding Caucasian type, inflicting intolerable pressure on the noble medical Angel of hue.


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Hasn’t this Weinstein thing just gone on too long? It’s news from a foreign country about historic sex abuse .

    If you go look at the Mail on line website they list women in skimpy clothing doing what the mail likes to call ‘flaunting’ their parts . So I submit there are mixed messages. Women using their sexuality for professional reasons – looking better than other women – and then becoming victims with the likes of Harvey W and is need for conquest.

    Weinstein , rightly , is destroyed – but the issues around this subject are being ignored by the likes of Al Beeb and leaving blokes like me more frightened of women- particularly if seen as potential victims.


    • gb123 says:

      I think the Weinstein thing is being used to blanket out some of the breaking stories on the Obama era and precious Hilary. Like the one below which I doubt will ever see the light of day in the BBC and the rest of the left stream, sorry mainstream, media. There is a Russian story, just not the one the Beeb want to promote.

      As an afterthought in BBC speak. Some say could this be a partial explanation of Hillary’s accident to avoid awkward questions?


    • JimS says:

      The ‘approved thought’ line has long been towards making it illegal for a man to even look at a woman, while at the same time making it a ‘hate crime’ to resist the advances of a homosexual male.

      ‘Benny Hill’ banter is now completely missing from TV and radio programmes yet ‘nudge-nudge’ harassment by homosexuals is the stock-in-trade of the Graham Norton Show and Just A Minute. The new ‘normal’, (but think of the children – what children? It’s OK we will import them).


      • Thoughtful says:

        The gays loved Dick Emery especially his portrayal of Gay characters, but the Fascists really HATE laughter and decided it was homofauxbik and apparently they are ones who make the final decision, the ones it allegedly affects don’t get a look in.


        • Rick Bradford says:


          Someone needs to stand up and point out that these activists rarely have any right to speak on behalf of the groups they claim to represent.

          Example: the activists who claim that Christmas is “offensive to Muslims” and demand new secular names for the holiday plus the banning of carols etc. (see the Zwarte Piet controversy in the Netherlands for a classic example of this).

          And second, how dare they denigrate Muslims by suggesting that all of them must necessarily think the same way about Christian culture; or that all gays must be offended by words like ‘pouf’; or, worst of all, that all non-Whites are owed a debt by the “oppressive white patriarchy”?

          Demonising a group of people on the basis of their skin colour (in this case, white) is the definition of racism. But will anybody in the mainstream media point that out? I doubt it.


  10. Beeb Brother says:

    BBC news leads today with an investigation they have done into hospital waiting lists. This may well be a noble cause, but the BBC should be reporting the news rather than creating it. It then becomes all about what they choose to investigate and what they don’t, which is obviously dependent on their agenda. Would they ever do an investigation into mosque teachings, though such matters are so important?

    If you create the news then it is propaghanda, not news.


    • GCooper says:

      I don’t mind the BBC doing investigative journalism but, as you say, it’s the subjects it chooses that give the game away.

      The NHS is always going to a favourite as it touches so many of the BBC’s far Left ideals. Nothing one hears from the BBC about that organisation is likely to be true. Or even half true, in most cases.


      • Beeb Brother says:

        What do troughers in these publicly funded think tanks actually do all day? That would be an interesting investigation. I bet there are thousands on fat salaries who just watch pornography all day. I would also love to know how a lot of ‘charities’ spend our money.

        When was the last time the BBC did anything cool, risky or edgy?


  11. Thoughtful says:

    I haven’t seen this posted on here, and I certainly haven’t heard much about it on the BBC, yet it is of supreme relevance to the Brexit vote and IF the British government and civil service had been competent and not so financially incontinent then we might have voted remain.

    It would appear that the British government only needed to pay migrant EU workers for the first three month of looking for work. If after that time they had failed to find work the UK could have ceased to pay them anything and expected them to leave the country.

    Even now after it’s been pointed out to them they are still paying migrants massive amounts of benefits giving them access to the NHS and houses which are allegedly in short supply.

    It really sticks in my craw that this bunch of evil socialists we call a government can target the disabled, the young, and the elderly to save a few shekels and not target those foreign nationals who are claiming huge amounts and sending it out of the country.

    If the cockroaches we call politicians actually had a spine then they would have stopped this gravy train at the earliest opportunity, and just maybe they wouldn’t be in this mess over Brexit.

    My feeling now is that they made this situation just as much as the EU did, and if there is any blame to be laid then it should be laid at the feet of the Fascist left whose profligate spending on people they didn’t need to tipped the scales in favour of leave, and not as they are claiming the old & confused which the Fascists appear to have identified as a new hate group.


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Old and confused? I’ll show ’em. What they need is some cold steel. They don’t like it up ’em Mr Mainwaring!


      • Kaiser says:

        your sounding a bit teary eyed for the eu there thoughtful lol

        I would have still voted leave personally, but i have to agree

        the government clamped down EU rules when they wanted
        and didn’t make use of them when it needed too
        they were always too willing to use the EU as a smoke screen for there incompetence/malevolence
        other countries seem happier to cherry pick which EU laws they use and which they just let slide.

        I too have often heard we can make unemployed EU nationals go home by restricting their benefits, but im not sure its actually that simple and of course that would be discrimination natch in a similar vein to them getting child benefit and tax credits for families still in poland etc

        then again like you say we dont make non-eu unemployed go home either so thats definitely a uk government policy

        one of the reasons for my leave vote was to make westminster accountable as the place where the buck stops, so they can no longer have the EU as a ready made excuse for pretty much everything


        • Thoughtful says:

          I did vote leave in the end, but it wasn’t a conviction thing at all. In hindsight I think I made the right decision and I’m pleased the country voted to leave.

          However having said that the vote was close and it wouldn’t have taken a lot to sway the 2% to vote the other way.

          The reality is that it was Socialist values which led to the Brexit result, by failing to say no, or to implement the rules because it was all too much like hard work (Copyright D Cameron).

          Even now when the public are aware of the legal position the useless Tory government are doing nothing save attack the weakest and most vulnerable in society.

          I will vote for Jeremy Corbyn at the next election for the following reason.

          The Tories are Labour Lite they are every bit as bad as Labour on social policy. The only real difference between the Tories and Labour is that the Tories love money, and if I can use my vote to damage those wealthy aresholes financial standing that’s what I would like to do. A 95% wealth tax on Michael Heseltine, Bob Geldoff, JK Rowling, and lilly Allen? What’s not to like?


          • wronged says:

            ‘ A 95% wealth tax on Michael Heseltine, Bob Geldoff, JK Rowling, and lilly Allen? ‘

            They will just leave the country, they can afford to do so. It happened in France under Hollande. The rich just relocated their financial base. Result =Chaos.

            Remember the top 1% of taxpayers contribute 27% of the tax take.

            For me voting for Brexit was easy. I do not want an undemocratically elected EU to have sovereignty over our laws. The independence of Britain is importance to me.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        Unfortunately he was born in the UK Tottenham I believe. My mistake I apologise to Tottenham, born Welling in London.


        • MarkyMark says:

          That’s OK then … I guess Anjem Choudary has every right to bring down the country he was born into to.

          Anjem Choudary {wiki}
          Born: 18 January 1967 (age 50) Welling, London, England
          Nationality: British
          Spouse(s): Rubana Akhtar/Akhgar (m. 1996)
          Residence: HMP Belmarsh, London
          Alma mater: University of Southampton
          Profession: Solicitor
          “He was previously a solicitor and served, until it was proscribed, as the spokesman for Islam4UK.”

          “Reports today claimed he (03 June 2017 London Bridge attack) was a known follower of the jailed extremist Anjem Choudary, …”

          Twitter on #Islam4UK – Abu Hajaar‏ @abu_hajaar 10 Jul 2016
          “@jeremycorbyn We make you into power then you bring Sharia to London inshallah #Islam4UK”


          • Kaiser says:

            just being born here don’t make you British in my eyes

            Citizenship should be much, much harder to gain


            • Pounce says:

              “just being born here don’t make you British in my eyes”

              I was born here. But my brother was born in India.
              Both of us joined the British army, which for me saw me wear Green for a very long time.
              My niece was born here as well, she’s a Policewoman.
              Now I don’t see myself as British, I actually see myself as ‘English’ simply because I was born in ‘England’ Now some might find that unpalatable, yet not only have I done more than the average person for my country , I have been prepared to give my life for those very people. My niece as a copper actually has a harder time than I did when it comes to putting her life on the line. Yet tell me, should we be penalised for the acts of a few idiots, who actually see us as traitors and want to see us dead (My brother had his car smashed after police girl stopped a Muslim and wouldn’t look the otherway)

              I understand where you are coming from, yet the issue isn’t with the nomenclature of who can call themselves ‘British’ but rather with the lack of political will to tackle religious and cultural intolerance when the guilty party is non-white. The answer is simple, treat everybody the same, no cop outs for race, gender (or no gender as the bBC cock suckers promote) religion. if the Police/border staff etc actually did their job instead of arresting people for tweets, then the UK would be a better place. Instead, I have to the likes of Chowdry given star treatment by the likes of the bBC and a prosecution service too fucking scared of looking an Islamic terrorist in the face and saying: “Enough”

              If the law is clear and people are punished for breaking it, then the problem will go away. But when you have the law looking the other-way when 1000s of white girls are raped, when after any terrorist outrage, the Police appear more content on tackling a backlash, when they not only look the otherway at a Radical Muslim wearing a suicide rig outside the US embassy, but they will afford an Islamic group protesting against British soldiers police protection. Then why are we surprised at the growth of intolerance in the UK towards the native population.

              Lets look at the problem before us and accept that if we are going to be lax in defending our way of life, then we need to address the reason why we aren’t doing so.


              • Cranmer says:

                Pounce, the problem as I see it is a toxic combination of:

                1. a political and cultural elite which does not wish to, or is not able to, defend its own civilization, and;
                2. the importation of millions of people who consequently realise that there is no need for them to integrate with their host civilization.

                Neither 1 nor 2 would be an insurmountable problem on its own, but when combined it has the potential to destroy European Christian civilization.


                • Clare says:

                  It’s difficult if not impossible to discuss something like this without offending someone, so I’m just going to plough ahead and hope for the best.

                  As Cranmer says below, it’s all about numbers. Only the most extreme racist would object to your presence here because your family appears to have done everything right. With large scale immigration however, even well meaning immigrants feel less of a need to integrate. Why bother, it isn’t necessary, so the tendency is to look towards the “ethnic homeland” (for lack of a better phrase) for guidance in culture and general conduct. Then, of course, along come the BBC, the NUT etc who start telling people that the culture of the host country is rubbish anyway. In no time at all you have parallel cultures. Some rub along reasonably well, others less so.

                  Some members of the black population in the UK have an unfortunate tendency to look towards black America, or at least the worst aspects of it, for guidance even though many of them have never been west of Aberystwyth. The results are predictable. Yes, they were born here, but are they English? In a sense, no. White people sense this and move elsewhere, apart from those white idiots who think it’s cool to copy the black copiers.

                  It’s reaching the point where people are seriously worried about numbers, and the impact on their children and grandchildren even though many (but not all) of the recent arrivals came with good intentions.

                  What is the answer? As I believe Douglas Murray said in one of his many debates; “Where’s my Israel?”.


                  • MarkyMark says:

                    “Because when immigration is too high (no figure given), when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society. It’s difficult for schools and hospitals and core infrastructure like housing and transport to cope. And we know that for people in low-paid jobs, wages are forced down even further while some people are forced out of work altogether. … So there is no case, in the national interest, for immigration of the scale we have experienced over the last decade.”

                    Theresa May as Home Secretary // Speech to the Conservative Party Conference – in full / 06.10.2015


              • Kaiser says:

                it wasnt a pop pounce and im happy to agree you are english

                but there are “people” here for whom being british/english or whatever is only ever of use and claimed when hiding behind the flag , Ive met many a muslim who are perfectly happy to claim to be and consider themselves 1 muslim 2 pakistanis 3 citizens of the world and 4 british when they want freebies and the skewed human rights

                these people do not consider themselve english are not good for our society in any way shape or form.

                I would happily live next to a black,brown,yellow,white,green english/welsh/scots/irishman of most creeds but if it was a ginger muslim i would be moving

                its our politicians inability to name the problem and the enemy, never mind do anything about it, that threatens our way of life and why most people found it desirable to come here in the first place


                • Pounce says:

                  None taken, It really winds me up how in the name of equality, the do-gooders have polarised both sides of the argument. But what is worse, in light of all of the above, they continue to pander to the altar of Political correctness pushing both sides further apart , the current champion of their cause being: Black Chicks with dicks who are allowed to sprout their racist bile simply because they deem themselves worth it.


              • Lucy Pevensey says:

                Pounce, you are more English to me than some of the white so-called “English” people I know. And you would be more welcome to be living next door to me than some of them as well.


              • Fedup2 says:

                The “English “ identity is one of those reliable comfort blankets al Beeb uses when challenged over the evil multi culture issue of which they are so fond. It comes from the same source as – if the left think we re biased and the right think we re biased – we – albeeb must be doing ok.

                And we all know that both of these lines are just used to fog discussion.

                For years immigration could not be mentioned yet alone discussed without the racist term coming along – again to cloud the issue. Then eastern ( white) Europeans came along and it wasn’t just skin colour as the issue. Now we have religious discrimation – as you say – where to point out the reality of immigrant Muslims being unable or unwilling to adapt to the English way of life leading to the sexual abuse of hundreds of whites girls under the noses of tax paid authorities suffering from institutionalised cowardice.


            • Dystopian says:

              “just being born here don’t make you British in my eyes“

              Totally agree. If a dog is born in a stable doesn’t make it a horse!


              • Al Shubtill says:

                I think the difference lies in someone who is English or British (more accurately a Briton) and someone who is a British subject or British citizen.

                The former is an ethnic category which would encompass anybody whose ancestors originate from the British Isles or a part of them, remember there was virtually no immigration to Britain between 1066 until the end of WW2.

                The latter describes the Britons above, but also a descendant of someone who moved here since the end of WW2, usually non-white, from former Empire countries. These people cannot accurately be described as ethnically English or British nor can the children of recent Eastern european immigrants.

                However if a South African or Canadian of British stock moved here and had children, those children would be British; since this country was the original homeland of their ancestors before they went to Africa or North America.


          • Thoughtful says:

            If the UK actually chose to implement the EU law which other states do, we could have sent Choudary back to Pakistan as the first generation offspring of a migrant.
            These cases were heard at the Human Rights courts when Germany decided to deport the German born first generation of immigrants and found to be lawful

            If they can do it then so can we, but with only Socialists to chose from as a government its never going to happen.


  12. Soapbox says:

    On Toady yesterday, John the Hump was interviewing a foreign politico about Brexit. The name Boris Johnson came up.
    Ah, yes, yes the Hump….should he be sacked?
    The foreign politico made a tactful non-reply.
    Meanwhile I was shouting at the radio saying….No, but YOU should be!
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of our politicians or some of the so-called experts gave that sort of answer to the Humps of this world?


    • Lefty Wright says:

      Any politician who gave that kind of answer would be dismissed on the spot. The politicians do not hold the whip.


  13. TruthSeeker says:

    Greenwich Meridian.
    I needed to find some information about this.
    So I consult Wikipedia, usually reliable for cosmic constants.
    Always unreliable for political and historical truths.
    The article currently states :-

    “However, the claim, found, e.g., in a BBC article that this difference between astronomical and geodetic coordinates means that any measurements of transit time across the IRTF zero meridian will occur 0.352 seconds (or 0.353 sidereal seconds) before the transit across the “intended meridian”[8] is based on a failure of understanding.”

    £5,000,000,000:00 pa and the albeeb scientists cannot tell the difference between noon and a fourty year old bearded child.


  14. G says:

    For the (no doubt) very few here who didn’t sign the Petition: ‘Leave the EU Immediately’, this is the Governments response –


  15. StewGreen says:

    #1 Woman’s Hour is sandwiched between 2 progs on the Russian revolution.
    #2 2 SJW topics today
    – impropriety towards women, the hashtag #MeToo .. and why some women reject what they see as pressure to tell their story.
    – Diversity – In her new book Diversify June Sarpong puts the spotlight on six marginalised groups including disenfranchised males, women, those living with disabilities and the LGBT community. Jenni talks to her about integration and how we can all do our bit to help create a much fairer and more inclusive society that allows everyone to reach their full potential.


    • StewGreen says:

      11:30 the serial about the Indian lady detective
      15:30 item : sexual orientation and the NHS
      20:00 moral complicity. To what extent are those who tolerate a crime also responsible for it? eg in Harvey Weinstein case.

      10pm Channel4 : Trump Sex Russia : narrative building from Matt Frei


    • TruthSeeker says:

      SG From Wikpedia article on an educational establishment attended by Sarpong.

      Part 1 – Verbatim.
      “Notable former students[edit]
      See also: Category:People educated at Sir George Monoux College
      Redzz Rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and actor
      June Sarpong, TV presenter
      Hamza Jeetooa, actor
      Chijindu Ujah, Athlete”

      Do you feel enriched already?


      Part 2 – Edited by me.

      Sir George Monoux Grammar School[edit]

      Prof George Barnard, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Essex from 1966–75, and President of the Royal Statistical Society from 1971-2, the Operational Research Society from 1962-4 and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications from 1970-1

      Prof John Bastin, Professor of Physics at Queen Mary, University of London from 1971–84

      Prof Ian Booth, Director of the Institute of Child Health since 1993, the Sir Leonard Parsons Professor of
      Paediatrics and Child Health at the University of Birmingham since 1996, and the President of the British Society of Paediatric Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition from 1995-8

      Thomas George Cowling, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Leeds from 1948–70, and
      President of the Royal Astronomical Society from 1965-7

      Prof Sir Alan Fersht, Herchel Smith Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and is famous in his field for pioneering a new chemical approach to protein engineering. He was elected in 2012 to become the Master of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

      Professor Norman Gowar Professor of Mathematics at the Open University and Principal of Royal Holloway College, University of London

      Prof Frank Hay, attended Monoux 1956 to 1963. Professor of Immunology and Vice Principal, St George’s Hospital Medical School,

      Sir Barry Jackson, surgeon, and President of the Royal Society of Medicine from 2002-4, the Royal College of Surgeons of England from 1998-2001, and of the British Academy of Forensic Science from 2005-7

      That is diversity and progress for you folks, replace brains by coons.


      • maxincony says:


        That is diversity and progress for you folks, replace brains by coons.

        Biased-BBC perfectly summed up in one single sentence.

        Have a pat on the back ‘TruthSeeker’?


        • TruthSeeker says:

          Ah, minibrainy again.
          No, no, no congratulations please.
          Just doing my job, demonstrating the bias of the treasonous, racist, white-hating bbc.
          Not that this is an intellectual challenge.
          Incidentally this is really from me.

          Most of “my” comments are actually created by a bored Octopus.
          Did you read about Newton, my octopus?
          No? Do a search. “Mollusc outsmarts £5 billion BBC brains whilst simultaneously playing Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms and Bach.”
          506,041 +++++es, alas I can claim none of the credit.

          Tell us where you “contribute” your “original” “thoughts”.
          I will ask Newton to drop in and dissect the nonsense.
          He (or it may be a she) can probably spare 5% of its brainpower to deal with whatever insights you produce, whilst using the remainder (95% to the hard of thinking) to compose “Concerto #1283 for Octopiano, 2 DecaSquidKeyboards and orchestra” and simultaneously practising for the Mollusc Olympic multi-fencing competition.

          If Newton is too busy I will authorise him/her to get Dim the Amoeba to deputise.


  16. charmbrights says:

    Incidental information:

    What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and ET?

    ET learned to speak English and wanted to go home…


    • Dystopian says:

      “What is the difference between an illegal immigrant and ET?

      ET learned to speak English and wanted to go home…”

      Haha and do you know what ET ‘s short for?

      Because he’s only got little legs!


  17. Deborahanother says:

    BBC news 24 on the NHS bandwagon again today. No discussion about population increase of course.
    Yesterday they continued to blame increased hate crime on the referendum .Well I get verbally abused by certain people while I’m out walking my dog .Do I think its a hate crime .?No I think its ignorance and a dodgy belief system.I wouldn’t waste my energy on it.


  18. Number 88 says:

    So there we were on Monday evening, BBC2, watching the draw for the first round of the FA Cup to see who my lot would go out to this year and couldn’t help but notice that the draw was overseen by a BBC woman in full patronising flow and overdoing her phoney enthusiasm. Drawing the home teams was another woman and the away teams, Dean Saunders. Even the other half couldn’t help but notice – not a footy fan she asked, ‘who’s the token male?’

    The BBC never let up. Their agenda is sickening. Presumably when the Wimmin’s FA Cup is drawn, men won’t be allowed anywhere near it.


  19. Sinniberg says:

    In relation to the issue of “slavery” the problem is that with mass immigration a great many of them are illegal, don’t want to be found and want to operate below the radar.

    No doubt many of these jobs are linked to “connections”(gangs) from their own East European countries.

    This clearly makes them enter a different world which is open to exploitation but at the end of the day it’s a choice they made when they chose to come to the UK.


    • Cranmer says:

      Sinniberg, this ‘slavery’ stuff seems an inevitable consequence of open-borders mass immigration. In the old days if someone, perhaps a vulnerable person who was a bit simple, was being kept a prisoner and forced to work, there would be more chance of someone somewhere asking questions and the authorities investigating. But now we have a situation where illegal immigrants are enslaving other illegal immigrants, so nobody knows anything about them, who they are or where they come from. Yet this is the utopia the progressives are fighting for!


  20. Alex says:

    Sky Views is every bit as bad as the BBC; it is blatant, non-stop pro-Labour, pro-EU, pro-gender agenda , pro-mass immigration. Unbelievable that all of our tv ‘news’ stations totally left-wing. The diversity groupthink indoctrination is everywhere: adverts, dramas, news and current affairs etc. Demoralising! I watched Newshite last night and there was an unbearable discussion involving holier-than-thou, militant, gender-diversity SJW. I promptly turned off the tv and as I stumbled to bed (after a bellyfull of wine) I thought to myself: this country is finished; it is finished.


    • Cranmer says:

      Alex, I try to look at it this way when I get down: the worse things get, the more they are speeding towards a crisis, which gives us at least a chance of addressing some problems and reforming our society. Brexit and Trump were early signs of this coming crisis and change, which is why the forces of the leftwing establishment are so afraid of them.


      • Doublethinker says:

        Austria and Visegrad are also signs that the people are beginning to awaken to the tyranny of the liberal left. But whether changes in the politics of Eastern Europe will jolt the British into breaking the tyranny of our own liberal left political elite and MSM, is , in my view, possible but not probable.


      • Doublethinker says:

        The tentacles of the liberal left run everywhere. The police were politicised under Blair and subsequent governments seem happy to live with it. Policing by consent is the way we used to do things in the UK but now we have policing by consent of a few and coercion of the many. only when the Brits refuse to any longer accept being treated by the authorities as second class citizens in their own country, will things change. But who would organise such a movement in the UK today? There is no political party that would stand on such a platform . There is no sign of a President Trump figure. I’m afraid that we have been abandoned by our leaders, in favour of a host of minority groups , mostly aliens with different cultures and values to ours. The more I think about it the more sure I become that we need to look outside of the UK for the leadership and examples to get us out of this mess.


  21. StewGreen says:

    @Scroblene quoted the BBC about Weinstein

    ” more people talk, the less it’s becoming acceptable.”

    So get out there girl, and check on the kid’s rapes over here, and the Brit-haters we have to endure. We’re all ‘talking’, you love Twitting, so presumably some of your mates read or talk to you, so forget something about ‘stars’ getting their leg over, worry about something which really matters!

    Yep notice the correct behaviour in sexual abuse cases is
    : Listen Don’t judge
    And the SJWs response when we start talking ?
    …. SJWs Judge, and they don’t listen .
    …They shout the boo-words “racist”, “far-right” and try and shut us down
    It’s incredible that SJWs have become this pitchfork wielding mob, shouting “burn them, burn them, burn Trump, Farage, Hopkins and all the righties”

    In discussions you can spot they are in Attack-mode , rather than Challenge-mode


  22. StewGreen says:

    There are CHOICES in the way you report a gay sex story
    Unless they had shown 2 mixed race men kissing, I wouldn’t have known what “gay sex” is”.
    BBC = agenda, agenda, agenda


    • countryblues says:

      Getting to the bottom of the problem? 🙁


    • Pounce says:

      What does the word ‘gay’ mean?” asked a son his father.

      “It means ‘happy’,” replied the father.

      “Oh,” contested the son, “so you are gay then?”

      “No, son, I have a wife.”


    • Loobyloo says:

      Yes, I thought this too….so they can have sex without condoms. I thought we should be teaching and encouraging that barrier methods are a good way to decrease STDs in general, and should be used except when in a trusting, long term relationship? And, those of us who don’t want to become pregnant may have to use them.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the article said that it would pay for itself in 80 years!! mmmmm.


  23. Number 88 says:

    It’s been a week of book launches. Clegg, his missus and the US’s biggest loser Hilary Clingon, were never far from a BBC studio given free rein to spout forth – Brexit, Boris, Farage, Brexit, Brexit, Brexit were all in the firing line.

    But there was another book out last week, Quentin Lett’s, ‘Patronising Bastards: How the Elites Betrayed Britain’ in which Letts calls out the ‘faux liberal snooterati’. The Toady programme invited Letts along to talk about it, but did he get the interview to himself, a la Clegg and Clinton? No such luck – this is the BBC and no right wing voice will go uncontested, so Letts had to share his interview with one of the said condescendie, Polly Toynbee. I said ‘share’ but that concept is unknown to Toynbee as she spent the whole piece interrupting, talking over and sneering, so much so that poor Letts hardly got a word in. His book sounds like a good read though.


    • MarkyMark says:

      One book to answer the books of Clegg, Clinton etc … ‘No one left to lie to {amazon}‘


    • StewGreen says:

      So Toynbee was a “patronising bastard”


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Yes, only without the intellectual insight to realise it.


        • Number 88 says:

          But she does have the quality of being economical with the truth however. ‘I don’t have a property in Tuscany’, she protested. She might not now, but until recently she did – admittedly not in Tuscany, but Umbria.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Thank you for the recommendation. I bought this on my Kindle after reading your post and it is brilliant and so funny, he gives the liberal left a real bashing done with wit and insight. Just imagine if the BBC were impartial then they could have this sort of stuff on their so called comedy programmes. All those pompous liberal left elitists cut down to size with a rapier wit. Brilliant.


  24. Alex says:

    Oh God. That laughing stock Batmanjelly is doing the rounds again blaming everyone but herself. What a loathsome blob. She just won’t take any responsibility for her incompetence. She epitomises the arrogance and self-entitlement of the Left; no respect for public monies.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Clinton news from Stefan Molyneux


  26. Pounce says:

    Have you noticed how the bBC leads the charge when it comes to rewriting history. Currently the bBC is doing just that with Moscow theatre siege in 2002
    .When gunmen took a Moscow theatre audience hostage

    So in a nutshell, 40 members of Islamic terrorist group ,Special Purpose Islamic Regiment took over 850 people hosatge at the Dubrovka Theater moscow. Informing the authorities that they had mined the theatre and that all 40 were happy to die for allah.

    Instead of going in guns blazing , the Russians pumped gas in and resolved the situation. In the process 130 hostages died due to the effets of the gas used and all terrorists were killed (But the bBC did report they had it on good authority that some terrorists were lead away) To the cock suckers at the bBC, The Russians are at fault. Yet the fact remains, as bad as 130 deaths are, it was a lot less than if they had gone in any otherway.
    Guns blazing: everybody dead.
    Submit to demands: More deaths down the line.
    Funny how the bBC doesn’t mention that, neither does it mention the Muslim element, the suicide element, or even the hostages killed by the terrorists or even how Allahs faithful had stated that they would kill 10 hostages for any terrorist killed. Nor did they mention their own report on the above when Tony Blair (PM) made a statement in the commons:
    “”A deadly mixture of religious and political fanaticism is being pursued by those who have no compunction about taking human lives, no matter how innocent and little about losing their own. The only answer is both to defeat them by security, intelligence and policing but also to take head on, especially within the Muslim world, their perversion of Islam in the cause of extremism.”

    Not only have the bBC rewritten the script in which to make the Russians the bad guys, but they have left out the part of Islam in all of the above,

    The bBC, rewriting History for their Islamic masters. where religious intolerance is excused by blaming everybody else.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Same missing information with … Chechen ‘gay purge’ victim: ‘No one knows who will be next’ {bbc.co.uk 17oct2017}
      “Six months after reports emerged that gay men were being detained illegally and tortured in the Russian republic of Chechnya, a young man has spoken publicly for the first time about his ordeal.
      Maxim Lapunov has described being held for 12 days in a blood-soaked cell, beaten with sticks, threatened and humiliated by police.”

      BBC Article Word Search: islam x 0; muslim x 0; allah x 0; religion x 0; purge x 1 ;gay x 13;

      – The BBC cannot even say the religion is Islam that is causing the problem.
      – Chechen ‘gay purge’ – reason unknown!


    • Doublethinker says:

      Pounce, you know more about Islam and the views that average Muslims in the UK hold than most of us on this site. Do you think that such people have views which many non Muslim Brits ( or in your case English, I read your earlier post ) would find extreme ?


  27. StewGreen says:

    Dubai : “It’s become a kind of sport to see if you can get a foreigner locked up, especially a British” says Detained In Dubai
    Electrician faces 6 months for accidentally touching man him as he walked through crowded bar.


  28. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Anybody seen the itv news show ‘After the news’

    It’s a discussion show which seems to follow the usual anti Brexit format of shows like qt and the pledge.
    On Monday, both of the panel were anti Brexit.
    On Tuesday 2 of the 3 were anti Brexit.
    They even had that simpleton sarpong on coming out with her childish utterances.

    How I wish for a discussion show that is even handed never mind a right leaning one to counter all the left wing crap.

    We’ve lost the only impartial host in Andrew Neill. The bbc couldn’t accept his unbiased questioning of both left and right.


  29. theisland says:

    Bill Clinton MOCKS Brexit voters and teases them for ‘not knowing what they voted for’

    “Speaking at Dublin University yesterday as he accepted an honorary doctorate, Mr Clinton even went so far as to mimick a Brexit voter as he warned inequality and division was taking over the UK.
    He said: “Now there are lots of people who think they are less human.
    “A lot of people begged to differ. That’s really what the Brexit vote is all about.”
    Mimicking a voter, he said: “I’m sorry we can’t stay together, we had a disagreement. Oh my God, I didn’t know I was going to lose that customs thing and all these economic benefits.
    “Oh, why didn’t anyone tell me that?”

    I hope a lot of normal people see the video clip of this appalling and ridiculous man on the Express web page.


    • Guest Who says:

      Bill mocking anyone is ‘brave’, especially as his missus is touring trying flog her book whilst Topical Depression Harvey still blows and may not always be sat in in a BBC comfy chair reading out prevented question answers.

      A lot of people think Bill should stick it where a stogie can fit.


    • Loobyloo says:

      Can’t believe they’ve given that sex offender an honorary degree. Just shows what state the western world is in.


      • Thatcherrevolutionary says:

        An honorary degree to one of the only two impeached US presidents in history?

        A degree from Dublin University must be really shit.


  30. Tothepoint says:

    With all the made stories, personal insults, hearsay and “did it or didnt it happen” bullshit attacks on ‘The Donald’ by the so-called BBC, they will certainly not have any time to report on this actually real report thats out now in the US..


    The US, the UK…These devious bastards are all in it together! Trump and Bannon are right, “drain the swamp”!


  31. Tom_Kenny says:

    Last year more than 1,400 children who identified themselves as transgender were referred to the Gender Identity Development Service at England’s only gender clinic for young people – Tavistock Clinic in North West London, .

    9-year-old Poppy, formerly known was Louis, who wants to be a girl is on the waiting list for a gender assessment at the clinic.

    The Today programme’s Sima Kotecha reports:


    I found this uncomfortable listening. All sorts of rather obvious questions seemed to go begging, as if it would be unseemly or unsophisticated to ask them. All part of Al Beeb’s “identity politics” agenda.


  32. MarkyMark says:

    Does the BBC think about what they write on their website? Mr Xi has tightened control within the Party and also in Chinese society, but continues to enjoy widespread support among ordinary citizens. {bbc.co.uk 18oct2017}

    – tightened control within the Party (controls government)
    – tightened control in Chinese society (controls citizens)
    – but BBC say ‘widespread support among ordinary citizens (of Chinese Government)’
    – BBC let me help you here … citizens, who are controlled, say they like being controlled by authoritarian government that generates reports saying it’s citizens are happy.


  33. Guest Who says:

    Found this thread interesting.

    I wonder if the bbc went there, and to what extent?


    • StewGreen says:

      Quoted tweet


      • StewGreen says:

        From Twitter : no reporter was present and the widow hasn’t spoken to the media
        So strange the Congresswoman has got a quote. (Claims she overheard it in the carphone not in her hand)

        “Totally fabricated” says Trump
        So BBC use “Trump denies”


        • Guest Who says:

          Thanks for that.


          ‘Mr Trump did not immediately provide the evidence’

          This from the BBC? LOL. They self exempt from providing anything to support claims, ever.

          The BBC has ‘gone there’, and in true BBC style about as bent a way as it can get.

          As is selling the lady in question as an arbiter of sanity.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC to stop using questions in article titles …

      What do people miss most about living in North Korea?
      … actual title “What’s it like to live in North Korea?”.

      What do the North Korean people miss? Food and friends. So not really the country!

      Surely they miss being oppressed by a dictator? Being starved to death? Being treated equally – as bad as everyone else.

      – BBC, how about “North Koreans want freedom from their oppressive regime.”


      • Guest Who says:

        ‘BBC to stop using questions in article titles …’

        That should cut their output by about 98%.

        It’s their fave way to state something without getting hauled up for actually saying it.


  34. StewGreen says:

    BBC producer chemsex drug dealer trial


  35. Lucy Pevensey says:

    Pardon my ignorance but what is “chemsex”? It sounds pervy.


  36. Thoughtful says:

    BBC idea of wildlife and the countryside :



  37. StewGreen says:

    Hull Fair photos
    Photo on dodgems show policemen
    Photo of carousel shows only policewomen.
    They chose differently ?


  38. StewGreen says:

    Strange small article sits in the Times as if they didn’t really want to run it.
    It quotes Hope not Hate extensively so I guess they drafted it.
    Of course a lot of BNP guys are nutters and many would’ve had a change of heart, but the narrative of gay Jewish repenter seems a bit too wow to be true.


  39. gaxvil says:

    Greenwald has published articles in the Guardian and is co-editor of ‘Intercept’.
    This conversation is about just one of numerous lies perpetrated by MSM and as he says, ‘due to extreme group think’ and a desire for high sales sensation amongst MSM.
    For MSM there are no consequences for their lies but severe ones if they stray outside the group think.
    We know this is very much the case with the bbc ‘one view’ but it’s nice to see others speaking out.

    TUCKER CARLSON: So, Glenn, just to get to the facts of this story, it is conclusively shown that the story about the 21 voting systems being hacked is untrue, correct?

    GLENN GREENWALD, JOURNALIST: It’s false in two ways, one is that several of the states included in the list, such as Wisconsin, California, and Texas, said that the websites that the Homeland Security Department cited had nothing to do with voting systems, they are entirely unrelated.

    And it’s false in a second way, which is a lot of the stories, in fact, most of them said that Russia tried to hack into the voting systems when in fact even Homeland Security, it can only show that what they did was scan those computer systems, which is basically casing something to say for vulnerabilities and made no attempts to actually hack into them. So, it was false on various levels.

    CARLSON: So, you and I don’t agree on a lot of issues but I think we share the same concern about this story, and that is that American journalists are being manipulated for whatever reason by the intelligence community in the United States, and I’m wondering why after years of having this happen to American journalists, they are allowing this to happen again.

    GREENWALD: Well, that’s the thing I would refrain that a little bit. I don’t actually think so much that journalists are the victims in the sense of that formulation that they’re being manipulated. I think at best what you can say for them is they are willingly and eagerly being manipulated.


    Because what you see is over and over they publish really inflammatory stories that turn out to be totally false and what happens in those cases? Nothing. They get enormous benefits when they publish recklessly. They get applause on social media from their peers, they get zillions of re-
    tweets, huge amounts of traffic, they end up on TV. They get applauded across the spectrum because people are so giddy and eager to hear more about this Russia and Trump story.

    And when their stories get completely debunked, it just kind of, everybody agrees to ignore it and everyone moves on and they pay no price. At the same time, they are feeling and pleasing their sources by publishing these sources that their sources want them to publish. And so, there is huge amounts of career benefits and reputational benefits and very little cost when they publish stories that end up being debunked because the narrative they are serving is a popular one, at least within their peer circles.

    CARLSON: Gosh! That is so dishonest. I mean, I think all of us and journalism have gotten things wrong, I certainly have. If you feel bad about it, I mean, you really do and there’s a consequence. Do you really think there’s that level of dishonesty in the American press?

    GREENWALD: I think what it is more than dishonesty is a really warped incentive scheme bolstered by this very severe groupthink that social media is fostering in ways that we don’t yet fully understand.

    CARLSON: Yes.

    GREENWALD: Most journalists these days are in Congressional Committees or at zoning board meetings or using — they’re sitting on Twitter talking to one another and this produces this extreme groupthink where these orthodoxies arise in deviating from them or questioning them or challenging, believe me, results in all kinds of recrimination and scorn. And embracing them produces this sort of in group mentality where you are rewarded, and I think a lot of it is about that kind of behavior.

    CARLSON: That is really deep. I mean, you live in a foreign country, I’m not on social media, so maybe we have a little bit of distance from this, where do you think the story is going? What’s the next incarnation of it?

    GREENWALD: Well, the odd part about it, and about the inpatients that journalists have in trying to just jump to the finish line is that there are numerous investigations underway in the city, including by credible investigators, including Senator Burr and Warner and the Senate Intelligence Committee, which most people seem to trust and certainly Robert Mueller who is armed with subpoena power, and everyone is really eager to lavish with praise.

    So, we are going to find out presumably one way or the other soon enough. I guess that one thing that is so odd to me Tucker, is that, this has been going on now for a year, this accusation that the Trump administration or the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to hack the DNC and John Podesta’s email and we know that there are huge numbers of people inside the government who are willing to leak, even at the expense of committing crimes in order to undermine Trump and yet, there has been no leaks so far showing any evidence of that kind of collusion leading one to wonder why that is.

    So, I hope that everybody is willing to wait until the actual investigation reveals finally the real answers. But it doesn’t seem that will be the case.



    • Loobyloo says:

      Tucker and Hannity to a lesser extent seem to be the voice of reason for the ordinary person at the moment. And it is great that they do comment on world events, especially Europe eg the outcome of the Austrian election. If you’re following it – the situation regarding the Las Vegas massacre now reads like something out of a John Grisham novel. Hard to believe in 2017 USA. There is next to zero info being given to the public. The key witnesses – Paddock’s girlfriend, and the security guard Jesus Campos have not been seen for days. The timeline of events has been changed twice. The Sheriff looked like he was going to have a breakdown, last time I saw a news conference. Key crime scene, or scene of evidence, Paddock’s house – was burgled!! Because of the dirth of information, conspiracy theories abound. Fortunately and hopefully Tucker, and his resident experts will not let this go. It seems, these days, that there is a very short collective memory, along the lines of oh well, we’d better get on with our lives, as with terrorist incidents. Where is the progress on the Parson’s Green bomber? Any media coverage?
      Forgot to add that last night, Tucker was raising the possibility that both these ‘missing’ witnesses may have been undocumented (working) immigrants, and that the security guy might have been using a false Social Sec no. ‘Some say’ it is very easy to buy these.


      • maxincony says:


        Tucker and Hannity to a lesser extent seem to be the voice of reason for the ordinary person at the moment.

        Fox News is not; “the voice of reason”. See how your thinking might of taken a wrong turning there?



        Where is the progress on the Parson’s Green bomber?

        There is this thing called the internet; it might help…



        • Loobyloo says:

          Thanks for putting me right Maxincony. I see you don’t just use the b BBC for news sources either. Interesting that the bBBC don’t refer to the Parsons Green bomber as an Iraqi national, as do your cited article from the telegraph.
          I think though, you mean ‘in my opinion Fox News is not the voice of reason’.
          I reiterate, that in the absence of reliable, convincing information from authorities, conspiracies abound. The authorities have made a dogs arse of this one and I don’t think they even care. Hence the rise of populism.


          • G says:

            Fox v BBC? – For many including me, Fox wins hands down. If you want truth exposed, Fox is the broadcaster. Fox in the UK? the BBC would loose most of its viewers/listeners if that were to happen. Not to mention BBC staff being made redundant such as the sophist, ‘Maxi’.


  40. Guest Who says:

    Tea brewing. And in other news…

    Speaking of BBC transparency:


    Next, wither Jezza?:


    I liked the use of ‘despite’ here:

    ‘the BBC has cancelled Crimewatch after 33 years – this despite added Jeremy Vine for the 2017 series’

    Because he is worth it?


    The actual, only qualification not mentioned. As that would be illegal.

    Funny how the BBC finds endless folk taking potential employers to the cleaners for not hiring them, but when it is within W1A, what happens in W1A stays there.



  41. MarkyMark says:


    In 2016, a total of 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks were reported by eight EU Member States. More than half (76) of them were reported by the United Kingdom. France reported 23 attacks, Italy 17, Spain 10, Greece 6, Germany 5, Belgium 4 and the Netherlands 1 attack. 142 victims died in terrorist attacks, and 379 were injured in the EU. Although there was a large number of terrorist attacks not connected with jihadism, the latter accounts for the most serious forms of terrorist activity as nearly all reported fatalities and most of the casualties were the result of jihadist terrorist attacks. Explosives were used in 40% of the attacks and women and young adults, and even children, are playing increasingly operational roles in committing terrorist activities independently in the EU. Most arrests were related to jihadist terrorism, for which the number rose for the third consecutive year. Also, the European Counter Terrorism Centre at Europol supported 127 counter terrorism investigations in 2016, which shows a clear indication of the growing range of jihadist activity.
    . . .
    In 2016, left-wing and anarchist terrorist groups or individuals in the EU carried out 27 attacks. This was a sharp increase, compared to the number of attacks that occurred in 2015. EU Member State authorities arrested 31 people related to left-wing and anarchist terrorism in 2016, most of them in Spain.
    // PAGE42

    Similar to previous years a majority of EU Member States have no indica on that terrorist methodologies or tactics have been adopted by their right-wing scenes and considered the threat from (violent) right-wing extremism (RWE) to be low. The scene is described by most Member States as fragmented, lacking consistent leadership and organisation, and suffering from internal conflict.
    // PAGE 45



    • G says:

      Page 45 of the ‘Report’ concerns right-wing threats. On page 46 is it stated:
      “The migration phenomenon affecting the European continent and the perceived threat from Islamisation remain key topics on the RWE agenda and have been used by the right-wing scene to induce public opinion to adopt its xenophobic and Islamophobic position. These topics are exploited to spread fear and concern.”
      “the perceived threat” being used to spread fear and concern?
      Just how out of touch are the authors of this publication?


      • MarkyMark says:

        Maybe we’ve got this wrong, I thought perceived was your own personal interpretation of the events …

        Perceive – become aware or conscious of (something); come to realize or understand.


  42. Cranmer says:

    Some interesting articles online about the axing of BBC’s ‘Crimewatch’ programme.

    Like many on here, my first assumption was that it was because they did not want a programme showing mugshots and CCTV footage of ‘enrichers’. Since the programme focuses on major violent crime, it would have to include a lot of politically sensitive material which the authorities would probably prefer remains buried.

    The two articles, one in the Independent and one in the Guardian, claim the programme is being axed due to its lack of efficacy in solving crimes and the extra work it gives to already stretched police, who have to sift through all the reports from fantasists etc, plus contempt of court issues to do with discussion of ongoing cases.

    Guardian comments are ‘pure’ but oddly enough, the Indy comments have quite a few suggesting the ‘enrichment’ angle is part of it. I am pretty sure that must be an element, perhaps not the only one but I bet it was a big part of the decision.


    • gaxvil says:

      Horse shit like Sky axing Fox News.


    • imaynotalwaysloveyou says:

      Cranmer – I do wonder how our constabularies can be described as ‘stretched’ since they gave up the whole ‘policing’ job in favour of poncing about pretending to be left wing charities.


  43. gaxvil says:

    Anyhow here’s a thought regarding our divorce bill which, no doubt we’ll end up paying.
    Pay the money to Poland in lieu of German reparations for WW2.


    • gaxvil says:

      ………….. or keep it in lieu of UK reparations. Germany can attend to any deficit in the coffers.


  44. G.W.F. says:

    EU Terrorism Report

    In 2016, a total of 142 failed, foiled and completed attacks were reported by eight EU Member States. More than half (76) of them were reported by the United Kingdom.

    But the cops are on to the far Right. Cops turned up to re-arrest Britain First leaders for harassing rapists. And they face a stream of trials.
    You may not like Britain First but this Government will harass them until they are locked up for a long time




  45. StewGreen says:

    The weird LibMob mind and Radio 4
    Radio 4 is weird, so it’s no surprise that
    Neil Macgregor says something weird as well in the Times article about his new Radio4 series

    ‘A Nigel Garage or Trump may have have a simple take on religious difficulties and the French…
    But MacGregor talks about the 1685 last pocket of Protestants and their great church … And even though they were loyal the King had their church demolished.
    So in France “a different way of religious practice is such a threat that you demolish the buildings and persecute the people”
    “..and now ..that Burkhini ban goes back to 1685”

    Firstly a burkhini is not all Muslims, cos many women choose not to cover more that non-Muslims do.
    Burkhini is more cultural than faith.


    • gaxvil says:

      Mark, The bbc doesn’t have to do a darn thing – the cash justs keep on flowing and Ofcom is in it’s pocket.


  46. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm R4 Crimewatch axed and “Tinder journalism” are 2 of the items on Media Show.
    Amol is away again, but for once the webpage has full info
    Other 2 items : Murder of Maltese journo, and Which Magazine