Doctoring the news


Wonder what the BBC will make of this story:

‘Perhaps we now have the link between vaccination and autism’: Professor reveals aluminium in jabs may cause sufferers to have up 10 times more of the metal in their brains than is safe

Aluminium in vaccines may cause autism, controversial new research suggests. 

Autistic children have up to 10 times more of the metal in their brains than what is considered safe in adults, a study found.

Study author Professor Chris Exley from Keele University, said: ‘Perhaps we now have the link between vaccination and autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the link being the inclusion of an aluminium adjuvant in the vaccine.’ 

The researchers speculate autism sufferers may have genetic changes that cause them to accumulate aluminium which healthy people are able to remove.

The findings are controversial after the disgraced gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield said in 1995 that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine is linked to bowel disease and autism. 

Andrew Wakefield is of course now a pariah, driven out of his career and publicly vilified not least on the BBC which will not countenance any suggestion that he may have had a point about the MMR vaccine being linked to autism in some way.  Wakefield is wrong, dangerous and should be ‘shot’ on sight.

You kind of suspect that the ‘authorities’, the medical profession, the government and the likes of the BBC, know he may be right but crushed him for the better good.  What is the likelihood that some of the 100’s of thousands of young children getting a cocktail of drugs will not have some allergic reaction?  Mothers-to-be are told not to drink, smoke, eat certain foods…and yet a cocktail of drugs is 100% safe for very young children? Peanuts and apparently, we learn to day, fish can have tragic consequences for some.

What’s the chance those ‘authorities’ know that some children might develop autism due to the MMR vaccine but because the vast, vast majority do not they have decided that it is better to ‘sacrifice’ those that will become autistic for the good of that vast majority?  They won’t ever admit this as to do so would result in parents not taking a chance and avoiding the MMR jab regardless of the probably miniscule risk.

As with climate change the BBC has decided that the ‘science is settled’ and that means the news is one message only with no further discussion or debate….and that is a political, not scientific, decision.



I came, I saw, I tweeted


Muslim children are being spoon‑fed misogyny

In the Times yesterday….the BBC completely ignored the report.

Image result for nick robinson jayda fransen

Nick Robinson and Jayda fransen from ‘Britain First’


The BBC has gone bananas as Trump retweets some videos that appeared on ‘Britain First’s’ deputy leader’s twitter feed allegedly showing Muslims and immigrants attacking various people.  Whilst Emma Barnett totally ignored a Tory MP being smacked down by the Speaker and told she was ‘disorderly’ she stopped her show for the ‘breaking news’ that Trump had been on Twitter…hold the frontpage….the BBC sensationalised all this by describing the videos as inflammatory anti-Muslim videos….were they just actual videos of real events by Muslims?  And why was the BBC completely uninterested in what was in the videos?….other than to suggest the attackers may not be Muslims…despite two obviously being so…

Donald Trump retweets far-right group’s anti-Muslim videos

Donald Trump has retweeted three inflammatory videos from a British far-right group.

The first tweet from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, claims to show a Muslim migrant attacking a man on crutches.

This was followed by two more videos of people Ms Fransen claims to be Muslim.

One video is clearly a Muslim smashing an ‘idol’…a statue of the Virgin Mary, another is of pro-Morsi Islamists attacking youths in Egypt on a rooftop, the third attacker is claimed not to be a Muslim nor an immigrant…but no mention in the news report either way…

The Egyptian video was widely shown years ago….here in the Daily Mail:

Islamic lynch mob waving Al Qaeda banners throw terrified

This was the moment Islamist thugs threw a teenager head-first off a roof as the vicious riots sweeping Egypt plumbed grisly new depths.

His only ‘crime’ was to have been caught celebrating the ousting of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi by the army last week.

The Telegraph has the video on its Youtube account even now.

So why are the video’s ‘inflammatory’ and ‘anti-Muslim’…they surely just depict what Islamists actually do…if that is showing Islam in a bad light who is to blame?  One video may or may not show what is purported but the BBC has made far worse ‘mistakes’….such as Newsnight fabricating a completely false report about racist Britain and Poles under attack…claiming Nigel Farage had blood on his hands.  If that is not inflammatory not sure what is.  Naturally no apology at all from the BBC for its deliberate and dangerous dishonesty.

The BBC of course is more than ready to post videos of white people being racist to non-whites, not so prepared of course to post stories of non-whites being racist to whites.  Why are these videos not inflammatory and anti-white?

Inflammatory, sensationalist, fake, dishonest, lying, anti-white BBC video…….

The ‘Ugly mood in our country post-Brexit’




A Tulip by any other name would smell as…..


Yesterday we thought that the BBC looked like it was going to completely ignore the disorderly behaviour of a Muslim Labour MP as she was asked by C4 whether she woud intervene and ask her aunt, the PM of Bangladesh no less, to release a man who has been ‘vanished’ by her government.  This resulted in claims from her that C4 were being racist and finished with a somewhat sinister and nasty comment from her wishing ill upon the pregnant C4 producer present at the interview.  Tulip Siddiq apparently headed off to the police to report C4 for something or other…no doubt a ‘hate crime’.

I suggested the BBC might ignore or downplay this.  They ignored it.  A Labour MP with close family connections to  a brutal regime who makes threatening comments to journalists…..and the BBC stays silent.

Then today we had PMQs and Nadine Dorries asked a question relating to this event and was rapidly slapped down by the Speaker who intervened sharply and accused her of being ‘disorderly’ as she hadn’t informed Siddiq that she was going to ask a  question about her in the House.  Probably one of, if not the most, standout point of PMQs.

And yet John Pienaar completely ignored it in his wash up of PMQs immediately afterwards as did Emma Barnett who made no comment at all about such an extraordinary event.  Looking at the website and there is still no story about Siddiq but Nadine Dorries does get a swift mention but no explanation of what was going on….it’s about Dorries not Siddiq….funny the BBC’s priorities….and of course tucked away on the politics page on a sidebar…..

PMQs: Speaker says Nadine Dorries ‘disorderly’ with Tulip Siddiq question

The Speaker tells off Nadine Dorries for not informing Tulip Siddiq ahead of naming her in a question at PMQs.

The Conservative MP made reference to the Labour MP and a TV interview, and her family links to the Bangladeshi prime minister.

And they mention it in this run-down of PMQs…..but note the link they give…it’s to the Daily Mail story about Siddiq and C4…because the BBC hasn’t thought it worth doing one on Siddiq’s behaviour themselves….and again no explanation of those ‘allegations’….

What other subjects came up?

Conservative MP Nadine Dorries brought up allegations about Labour MP Tulip Saddiq, who has apologised for comments about a pregnant Channel 4 journalist.

Naturally not headline news but slipped in under ‘other subjects’ rather than raised as one of the standout moments in this non-descript report about the whole of PMQs…..

Almost as if the BBC were trying to hide this story for some reason.  What if Siddiq’s aunt had been PM of Myanmar and it was a Rohingyan that had been ‘vanished’ by the Buddhists?  Any interest from the BBC do you think?

Front page news.



“anti-muslim” videos

The BBC quickly changed a blatantly incorrect headline which revealed their warped view of the world. Here’s the original headline:

It now reads: “Trump account retweets incendiary videos.” The reason for this is that the videos most certainly were not anti-muslim videos, and didn’t criticise Islam or muslims in any sense. According to the BBC mindset, simply showing a muslim doing something bad is ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beating up a disabled boy is of course not as bad as retweeting a video of it, which is the real hate crime here. Met police should arrest Trump ASAP. It’s okay for the BBC to draw attention to the videos though, because it’s only bad when Trump does it.

Keep it in the family


Labour MP Tulip Siddiq makes ‘threatening’ remark to pregnant journalist

Can’t imagine the BBC not taking a look at Channel 4’s run-in with Labour’s Tulip Siddiq if she’d been, oooh, say Boris, or any Tory in fact, as she refuses, with menaces and deft playing of the race card, to help a Bangladeshi man who has been ‘vanished’ by the government there….a government led by her aunt.….she can’t help because, she says,  the man isn’t her constituent.  However she’s not usually so strict in her application of defining boundaries as to whom she helps….

Siddiq is keen to back Israel and says non-Jews can help in the fight against anti-Semitism…Is Israel in Hampstead?

Or how about this posted just a couple of weeks ago celebrating her time campaigning for Obama to be US President:  ‘We must keep fighting for positive politics across the globe!’…except in Bangladesh where her aunt has locked up a lawyer who is the son of a political opponent who was hung by her government.

She challenged Putin about gay rights in Russia…

Tulip Siddiq once challenged Vladmir Putin over his record on gay rights. The Labour candidate for Hampstead and Kilburn had travelled to Moscow in 2013 to see her aunt, Sheikh Hasina, the Bangladesh Prime Minister. Hasina took Siddiq to a meeting with Putin.

“You have the man in front of you, why wouldn’t you ask for his stance on the treatment of LGBT people in Russia?” the fast-talking 32-year-old asks. “He avoided the question. But I can tell my grandchildren I did it.”

Shame she can’t challenge her own aunt on human rights in Bangladesh…maybe her grandchildren would be proud….she has the phone number of her aunt right in front of her…so why wouldn’t she?

The Telegraph and Mirror, and even Mumsnet, have covered the story….why not the BBC?  And when they do eventually work out how to present this story will they try to downplay it and make C4 out to be the villain?


Hold the frontpage!!!


Whilst the BBC is still holding back on reporting that Corbyn is ‘more dangerous than a hard Brexit’ to the economy they have this important piece of news…..

Prime minister’s convoy goes wrong way at roundabout

The prime minister is filmed by a passer-by taking an alternative route to work as she leaves her Berkshire home.

The Metropolitan Police said they will often close roads for people under their protection as it helps officers get to their locations safely.

Nice that they broadcast a film that pretty much gives away where the PM lives in her own home.




Keeping the Momentum rolling

The EU benefits from being one of the most open economies in the world and remains committed to free trade.

Over the next ten to 15 years, 90% of world demand will be generated outside Europe. That is why it is a key priority for the EU to tap into this growth potential by opening up market opportunities for European businesses abroad. One way of ensuring this is through negotiating agreements with our key partners.

European trade policy

Odd, Big Pharma makes a big investment into the UK despite the BBC telling us that Brexit means science and R&D investment will be history and the BBC hardly mentions Brexit at all in its report…merely a snide, off-thread comment…this is happening ‘despite Brexit’…please note Dimbleby…

Of course, all of these new initiatives are being born under the star sign of Brexit which makes them children of uncertainty.

And that’s it….no indepth analysis of why we get this investment even as the ‘catastrophe’ of Brexit looms, no big cheer for Britain, no analysis that suggests this might bode well for the future and that Britain may not sink into economic obscurity and cultural isolation after Brexit….but no…..the BBC’s approach is still to sneer [very quietly in this case] and warn of hard times to come because of all that uncertainty…#duetoBrexit.

Odd also that though the BBC is keen to publish anything said by bankers about fleeing Britain for the Continent they don’t seem too keen to report this double whammy for their worldview…From the Telegraph…

Corbyn more dangerous for markets than hard Brexit, warns Morgan Stanley

The prospect of a radical Left-wing lurch under Jeremy Corbyn is a more serious threat to British asset markets than Brexit and risks setting off a drastic repricing of UK plc, a leading US bank has warned.

In the Guardian too…Corbyn becoming PM is ‘worse threat to business than Brexit’, says bank

You may also remember the BBC totally ignored this warning during the election instead telling us what a champion of anti-terrorist action Corbyn was…despite him being, in essence, a terrorist himself such is his open support for such groups and methods….

The once head of MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, said:

Jeremy Corbyn is a danger to this nation.

Today, Britain goes to the polls. And frankly, I’m shocked that no one has stood up and said, unambiguously, how profoundly dangerous it would be for the nation if Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister. So let me be clear, the leader of the Labour Party is an old-fashioned international socialist who has forged links with those quite ready to use terror when they haven’t got their way: the IRA, Hizbollah, Hamas. As a result he is completely unfit to govern and Britain would be less safe with him in No 10. 

If you have been listening and watching widely on the BBC recently you will have noticed a very constant theme…that Capitalism is dead, we need a new economic model, and, of course, that Brexit is a disaster.  It seems the BBC is loading many of its programmes with some subtle, and not so subtle, pro-Corbyn messages, never missing a chance to slip in some cheerleading for the thought that the old ways are dead….we need a radical new solution.

On Sunday we had Will Self wheeled on for his thoughts….Will Self reflects on the epidemic of sleeplessness. …harmless enough no?  Ah but…you’re sleepless because you’re a voracious consumer, never happy unless you’re buying something, a victim  of a capitalist plot to keep you on the hamster wheel and under their thumb.  I might suggest the biggest leech on the consumer society is the like of Self who produce complete twaddle and still get paid for it by gullible hacks at the BBC.

Then we have something like today’s effort on Start the Week about Finland….a happy, multicultural, wide open place before it sought independence [geddit?] and we hear that the West’s economic system is broken and needs to change [geddit?] and there is talk of the ‘rise of the Populists’…naturally the evil populists are all right-wing….why is Corbyn not a ‘populist’?

Whilst neither Brexit nor Corbyn were mentioned directly they lurked in the shadows unsaid…apart from an outburst from one speaker who told us that ‘the European Union is one of Man’s greatest creations!’.

There there’s the likes of this little comment from Kamal Ahmed [a Remain supporter and possibly somewhat inclined towards Labour]…

Analysis: Kamal Ahmed, BBC Economics Editor

What is the point of capitalism?

That might seem like a pretty big question, but one answer could be “to provide people the opportunity through work to become richer”.

What, though, if the economy fails in that endeavour?

If the system leaves you – despite all your efforts – worse off in December than you were the previous January?

Or worse off now than you were a decade ago?

If a system does not deliver increasing wealth – even if it is a modest increase – then people, quite naturally, begin to wonder what is the point.

During the referendum Ahmed was very easy going on the Remain camp as he ‘fact checked’ their claims….the worst he’d say was that maybe a bit exaggerated but, you know what, the gist is right….yeah…post-referendum we’ve had that emergency budget, the economic disaster, the never ending dole queues, the rush to the exit of banks and businesses…and oh yes…world war 3.

He also seems to be a long term pal of pro-Remain Alistair Campbell……

Ahmed latched on to Tony Blair’s spin doctor, Alastair Campbell. As a result, Observer readers were “slowly soaked in disinformation” as Ahmed became a “conduit for government announcements”. When The Observer supported the decision to invade Iraq, Davies recounted how colleagues feared Ahmed had crossed the line between dispassionate journalist and government aide.

In fact, senior staff at The Observer did approach Ahmed with their concerns. One says he did believe Ahmed had become too close to Campbell, and told him so. “Kamal would go around calling himself ‘Campbell Ahmed’,” he recalls. “A joke’s a joke, but at the same time, never a truer word was said.”

Ahmed spreading Labour disinformation in the Observer…who’d a thunk?  Not much seems to have changed.  Ahmed like the BBC prepared to hold his nose about Corbyn as long as Labour win?

The BBC is definitely laying the groundwork for the Corbyn narrative on the economic system, that it is broken and needs replacing.  Just a shame it is all so simplistic, idealistic and completely lacking in thought….for instance if we buy nothing then we don’t need all those factories, shops, and transport systems to move the goods…and of course we don’t need the jobs that go with them.  Maybe we can all be poets or ‘thinkers’ like Self…but of course he only eats because he leeches off the system he hates….and if the system isn’t there?….oh….he didn’t think of that.  Never mind, we can all eat grass as they do in North Korea.  Happy days ahead.



Nick Robinson…Enemy of The People?

Image result for russian hackers

Those crazy Russian hackers….”Vote for Mollie King”



The BBC faithfully serves the devious needs of a foreign master, the EU, as it disseminates information that favours the EU world-view, and misinformation when it comes to those who oppose the EU’s ever-growing power and influence over our lives.  The BBC betrays not only its funding principles but the country it supposedly represents.

Nick Robinson seems quite happy to put his name to that betrayal as he continually presents as fact, in both the Today show and the pro-EU Sunday Mail, that Brexit was won by Putin claiming that the People didn’t really want Brexit, their minds were manipulated..the silly, simple-minded fools….

If you can game the algorithms it is all too easy to manipulate the emotions of a large part of the population.

That’s why we all need to wise up to what is going on: a state-sponsored effort to hack into our national conversation. It’s why politicians, social media companies and we as citizens should do more to protect our democracy and freedoms.

So, was it ‘the Kremlin wot won it’? So far, there is no firm evidence the Kremlin tried to, let alone succeeded, in bringing about Brexit. However, we do need to ask why so many tweets and posts about the things which divide people in the UK seem to come from Russia.

I am not arguing that those who backed Brexit or Scottish independence fell for a foreign plot. But we need to understand why the Kremlin might want to set up its own TV news network in London called RT, or Russia Today, and a news agency in Edinburgh called Sputnik. 

So having a news organisation in a country means you are plotting the downfall of that country?…..

New BBC Moscow Bureau opens

The BBC has opened a new Bureau in Moscow.

With new, state of the art technology, the bureau is the largest international broadcast operation in Russia and brings together for the first time journalists and production staff from each of the BBC’s different news operations.

The bureau, which began operating this week, is the BBC’s largest news operation in the world, outside of the UK.

The new bureau has additional broadcasting facilities, with seven radio studios and a television studio as well as indoor and outdoor live broadcast points.


Then what of this?

‘….why so many tweets and posts about the things which divide people in the UK seem to come from Russia.’

So all those news broadcasts, not just Tweets and other social media publications, from the BBC trashing Trump are not equally an attempt to subvert American democracy?  How about the outrageously dangerous claims from the BBC that white police officers in America are ‘executing’ unarmed Black men when that is totally untrue…such stories led to the death of many police officers then targeted by Black killers.  The BBC plays a very dangerous game.

Robinson has placed himself front and centre of the campaign to undermine Brexit, this is blatantly part of the highly political and partisan pro-EU Project Fear, a project whch failed miserably despite having the might of the combined forces of the world’s finest and most powerful cheerleading for it…Obama, the Clintons, Merkel, Cameron, the BBC, vast arrays of businessmen and banks, ‘respected’ international institutes such as the IMF and…Putin?

What’s missing from Robinson’s puff piece is any mention that Putin also shilled for the Remainders….his aim is to divide and rule, to sow as much confusion, doubt and instability as possible…thus it is logical that he would back both teams if any at all…as he quite possibly did in the American election….why is it that the BBC claims Putin supported Trump and yet can also report that serving Russian intelligence officers fed our very own 003.5 a pack of lies that damned Trump and still claim Putin only tried to help Trump and not Clinton…also ignoring the millions of $ of Russian money that flooded into Clinton accounts?  The BBC ignores all that preferring to say Trump won because Putin won it for him and thus it wasn’t a legitimate election….and they do the same with Brexit…happily ignoring any possibility that the dread Russian tweeters also helped Remain and never mind that massive ‘Establishment’ push for Remain…against which we had essentially Boris and Nigel Farage and a red double-decker bus [which the BBC normally tells us is ‘wot won it for Leave’.…maybe Putin paid for the bus?  or was it a vast programme of data mining and targeted canvassing as the BBC also claimed?  or was it the young were robbed of a chance to vote on their future?…as in 1975 then?].  Why doesn’t the BBC just come clean and admit it hates Brexit and is going to ignore it completely and pretend it never happened instead of inventing ever more preposterous excuses for the failure, not just of Project Fear, but of the Grand Project of the EU itself?

Amusing how Robinson recruits May’s last statement about the threat of Russian  interference in the West to his cause….when she first made that statement the BBC ridiculed her and mocked her and defended Russia….even as Robinson first made his conspiracy theory public….

Putin’s new bestest friend…the BBC

Has Lord Hall Hall been handed a large brown envelope of roubles, has he been on the vodka, has he been seduced by a Russian temptress and rudely compromised?  Who knows but the BBC is suddenly very Putin friendly as it mocks May for her warning to Russia to stop interfering in British democracy.  What a turn around by the BBC.

It was only a week ago that the brilliant Nick Robinson was giving us alarming news that both the Brexit referendum and the general election had been hacked by the Russians….indeed the BBC and MPs have been hot on the trail…

‘British MPs have asked Facebook if it has evidence of paid-for activity by accounts linked to Russia at the time of the Brexit referendum.’

Interesting when Robinson does a roll-call of elections he claims the Russians have tried to influence he doesn’t mention the German one….because it is known they didn’t.  He asks no  questions…such as why they wouldn’t interfere in an election that was pretty much a sure-fire win for Merkel?  Maybe they really, really like Merkel….who was working as an eager young communist in East Germany when Putin was a KGB officer in the same town.   Germany and Merkel run the EU….if Merkel is the Russians’ most successful plant then the Russians ‘run’ the EU.

Far more plausible than a few tweeters in a Moscow flat deciding the fate of Brexit you might think….certainly worth  a mention……and I suppose 4 million voted for UKIP due to the Russians?  If the might of the BBC can’t persuade people not to vote for the nazifacistracistlittleenglanders of UKIP I’m not sure a few tweets or facebook posts will have much effect.

The BBC is the biggest troll factory out there pumping out endless fake news and alternative facts.

and Nick Robinson is a waste of space.

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