Weekend Thread 28 September 2019

This week two BBC TV current affairs presenters have been found to be overtly biased by their own corrupt organisation . Naga manchetty falsely accused President trump of being a racist . Emily Maitliss was found to have ‘bullied’ an interviewee on Newsnight .

It remains to be seen whether this will have any effect on these biased women and whether BBC discipline procedures are of any value at all. To add even more heat – plenty of non white lefty journalists are ganging up on the BBC complaints department

Brexit is becoming even more heated and I’d like to thank everyone contributing to this site for the restraint they are showing as we watch the country being turned into a dictatorship .

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  1. R P McMurphy says:

    And a happy new year to all our Jewish friends on here.


  2. theleftwilleatitself says:

    Naga taking one for the sistas!
    Lying by omission from these beeboids as usual and not quoting Trump’s exact wording.
    Just read the autocue love and keep your thoughts to yourself ????


    • Scroblene says:

      Always remember that she only got the ‘job’ when they had a vacuum on the awful morning prog. She’d sat in during holidays, and we thought her a lightweight back then, but when she was shooed in, it was the start of the rot, and a year or so later, we started getting the real news here!

      Very irritating front face of the tiring beeb, and not really very good at anything.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    For a little light entertainment, have a look at this. It’s about nine minutes long:


  4. StewGreen says:

    The way libmob seem able to get maximum PR out of incidents which then vanish into the slow fog of a legal system
    Will the guy knocking on Jess Phillips closed office windows, end up charged ?

    In the Owen Jones incident after 10 weeks there are still no charges,
    but yesterday he tweeted
    “Quick update: three men have been arrested,
    the police have two lots of CCTV of the attack,
    and I’m waiting on the @cpsuk regarding charges.
    I hope they don’t take too long,
    because FAR RIGHT conspiracy theories (“he made it all up”)
    have increased threats of violence and death*.

    * Really ? such a claim without evidence and context is worthless


    • john in cheshire says:

      Have the cops recovered the wet paper bag he was attacked with?


      • The General says:

        He is the wet paper bag.


        • Scroblene says:

          Yup, funny how he just ‘lurves’ the police now isn’t it.

          Usually, he’d be squealing from well behind all the big lads, yelping the first thing that comes into his little head.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Owen Jones should keep opening his mouth and jabbering about the attack, the arrested assailants and anything else to do with the case in all media possible at any and every opportunity.



    • maxincony says:


      Will the guy knocking on Jess Phillips closed office windows, end up charged ?

      Yes he’s been charged with a section 5 public order offence. Which is a bit more serious than just “knocking on windows”.

      In the Owen Jones incident after 10 weeks there are still no charges,

      It wasn’t an “incident” it was an attack and it happened 6 weeks ago, not 10. Before the arrests you described it as “fishy as heck”.

      Why do you do this, Stew?

      Do you remember when a plot to murder Rosie Cooper was uncovered (for which Jack Renshaw was jailed for 8 years)? You similarly dismissed that as “fishy” and joked; “she might well die of natural causes before the plotters succeeded.

      Why do you do this Stew?

      Do you remember when someone drove their car into a crowd of protestors in Charlottesville (for which James Alex Fields was jailed for life)?

      Oh, what a surprise, you described it as “fishy” and suggested it; “could be like his foot slipped on the accelerator

      Why do you do this Stew?

      What do the alleged attackers of Owen Jones, Jack Renshaw and James Alex Fields have in common I wonder; apart from you leaping to their defence?


      • Up2snuff says:

        Aah maxi, now you are here, how about that apology you owe me. It is bad enough having you around with your credibility all shot (makes the Thread look untidy), but picking up our Stew on his perceived faults while not admitting to your mistakes and apologising, well that makes you look much more than untidying, it makes you look like a Lefty from the Labour Party or the IlliberalNonDemocrats, in other words a total hypocrite.


      • StewGreen says:

        Ah Maxi is there trying to score small points
        “he’s been charged with a section 5 public order offence”
        .. which is way less than the breaking and entering that it was made out to be
        “uses threatening [or abusive] words or behaviour, or disorderly behaviour,”
        “It is punishable with a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale[5] (£1,000 as of 2015).”
        15 people/day are prosecuted , about a third get off

        Maxi It is quite common for hyped news stories not to live up to their hyperbolic initial reporting so it is entirely reasonable to think things are fishy, when media reporting dries up
        “*dismiss* as fishy” that’s a strawman
        I do not *dismiss*, I merely point out when something seems fishy
        I am always entirely open to proper evidence emerging.
        Of course you can just choose to highlight the cases when someone does end up charged and ignore those that just fade into the media background.
        We are still waiting for the Owen Jones guys to be charged.
        Jones was attacked on the night of the 16th of August so, that is just short of 8 weeks ago


        • StewGreen says:

          Furthermore Maxi like the BBC has a habit of giving us half the story
          So that people walk away with an impression that the BBC narrative is true
          here Maxi tries to constructive a narrative
          It is outrageous to say I “simply dismiss” things, I don’t
          Furthermore to support his false premise Maxi gives cherrypicked short quotes when he could easily give fuller context that show the quotes don’t actually support his premise.
          eg I certainly did not joke about a plot against Rosie Cooper
          I merely analysed an early newspaper report where the plot did not seem what it was made out to be .
          Yes subsequently he was convicted for plotting .


  5. digg says:

    I’ve been reflecting on the overall scheme of things and I am getting more encouraged.

    We have been subjected to the most intensive brainwashing in history by a coalition of the BBC, Channel 4, The Guardian, The Independent, Almost all the USA media, the UN, the EU, the Climate bandwagon of self elected pompous fools and of course the Democrats in the USA, all trying to ram their rabid version of state control, socialism or even communism (with them at the helm) down our throats for at least the past 4 years. They have distorted news, fabricated scare stories, used racism, sexism, genderism even children as weapons and much more.

    And the result?

    In my opinion they have failed miserably and got the exact reverse of what they wanted, witness the rise of Trump and his blue-collar supporters, the miserable state of the Labour and Lib Dem parties, the rising popularity of Johnson, the inevitable progress to Brexit, the near desperate devious plots of the left in politics.

    It seems like all they have tried to do has worked against them and I for one am overjoyed.

    They are suffering at the hands of those they despised and belittled despite the fact that these same people produce the wealth they so greedily grab with inflated salaries etc.

    Yes the average Joe has wised up and a very quiet and dignified revolution is taking place. Long may it continue.


    • taffman says:

      Yep !
      “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”


      • Fedup2 says:

        Digg / Taffman

        It does show the resilience of ‘ordinary joe ‘ once the mind is made up . All that noise and propaganda counts for little .

        I listened to the noises made on Thursday night by a former Conservative PM busily stabbing his party and current PM in the back .
        He sounded genuinely worried that ‘clever tricks ‘ would be used to get the UK out of the Reich without a deal cum 31 October . Considering he and his traitor friends have been doing the same dirty trick stuff backed the the MSM for over 3 years I really hope it come to pass …..

        The office of national stats hasn’t yet said whether provisions have been made to treat the collective mental breakdown of thousands of snowflake remainers if boris does pull it off …. out thoughts and prayers ….


        • Dystopian says:

          FedUp2: “It does show the resilience of ‘ordinary joe ‘ once the mind is made up . All that noise and propaganda counts for little.”

          I would agree if their mind is made up about what is right and what is wrong. As I mentioned before, I have heard plenty of people who voted Remain stating that, knowing what they know now, they would vote Leave.
          However, I’ve never heard anyone who voted to Leave state that they would now vote Remain.
          The constant lies and propaganda just makes people more determined not to be shafted by the Remainer establishment.


      • Up2snuff says:

        taffman, and a lot of all the people, the ones on the losing side in the EU Referendum, are very decent people, very sharp, very aware people, and they value the UK’s democracy above everything else and are keen to respect the result of the Referendum even though they voted Remain.*

        *Source: Lance Forman MEP London (which ‘some’ like to remind us voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the EU.) Think he suggested on TWatO this lunchtime that the proportion of the 48% wanting to support the EU Ref result was over half – either that or 25% of the London Remain voters now want to support leaving the EU. Or somewhere between those two extremes. The former would tie up with what Prof. Curtice has been suggesting on R4 recently.


    • G says:

      The “average Joe” has progressively been emasculated in every respect and that’s been happening for well > 4 years. From what I can gather, the gathering demise of the ‘West’ started in the 60’s just after use of the familiar expression, “Red’s under the bed” lost common currency. Those that believe firmly in communism went underground and plotted, and plotted. Secretly at first infiltrating every important organisation or, setting up an organisation to pursue their aims where there was none. So-called, ‘Charities’. In the early days, came the likes of ‘Stonewall’ bent on the Marxist principle of destroying the family by subverting all the values of the public that had been held sacrosanct for previous decades if not centuries. That’s now flourished and blossomed into the nonsense of gender and other Marxist supporters have taken the principle on to further aka our State Broadcaster. And so, we arrive at 2019. It appears that the ‘people’ are becoming more confused with the barrage of information that few understand. They aren’t angry enough – yet – but that must change if there was someone or something to really rally around. Dare I suggest, a ‘Trump’ like character.


      • taffman says:

        The Rt Hon. Geoffrey Cox QC PC MP, had a good go earlier this week ?


      • digg says:

        G yes a lot of truth in what you write. My observations are that around 1970 it started to change, I guess that was when “woke” was an embryo.

        It seems to me that the majority of citizens born after that time see only bad stuff, even though they have been the most feather-bedded and entitled generation in history.

        Maybe that’s it! If you have never experienced for instance: power cuts, strikes, 3 day weeks, industrial action, picketing and even war and your life is stuffed full of goodies your appreciation and tolerance is reduced to zero.

        Hence the Brexit reaction, I think they are all scared stiff of the approach of something they don’t understand and have never known. Self-reliance and Self determination!


        • honestus says:

          there does seem a gradual slide into citizen dependency that just didn’t existing decades ago. Victims now abound individually and in large groups suffering from mainly self inflicted or non existing situations. Self help, as a concept, has all but been demonised as are those who expound such virtue.
          For example, child obesity up to age 10-11 is 22% for boys and 18% for girls with both groups @ 14% overweight in addition.
          Why are poverty and food banks such regular features on the social activist state media?


          • Dystopian says:

            Call me old fashioned, but I think it reflects a lack of respect for authority resulting from a lack of discipline. It was the left who started with all this nonsense about not smacking your kids and using the softly softly approach.
            When I was young I wouldn’t have dared speak to my father in the way that the kids do nowadays, or a copper. I’d have got a clip round the ear. Discipline tought me respect and was a deterrent to getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.
            I honestly believe that when all this nonsense began, we should have told the left to go and do one and not tolerated it. The PC brigade ought to have been laughed out of town, but thanks to the likes of the biased BBC trumpeting their “causes”, society has gradually allowed the idiot minority causes too much of a voice. Now they have become emboldened. We gave them an inch and they took the whole yardstick and bashed us over the head with it!
            The kids of today are, metaphorically, wrapped in cotton wool and spoilt rotten.


    • Doublethinker says:

      I do hope you are right in your assessment and that you are not being over optimistic in how ordinary folks like us see the situation. I think that we on this site fully understand that the establishment is anti democratic and will stop at nothing to get their way and protect their privileged position and power. This is my fear , the elite will either continue to ignore the democratic outcomes which they don’t like , or , more likely, gerrymander any votes, elections , referenda . They will use the MSM as a mass propaganda organ. I know we all think that is what the BBC has been doing for decades but I fear that we ain’t seen nothing yet. The courts , police and intelligence services will be deployed to investigate and imprison dissenters and particularly their leaders. The education system will continue to brainwash young folks into supporting globalism. Getting rid of the establishment by democratic means within the next decades or so , has, in my opinion , only a 50% chance of success. We may well be saddled with them for many years to come whether the majority likes it or not.


      • Kaiser says:

        education system brainwashing kids surely not


        • maxincony says:


          Well done for posting a video by “Reverend Sideways Simon”. The same person who also said this:

          There is a massive over representation of people of the Jewish faith in banking, in British politics, in the House of Lords, House of Commons.

          Over in America – they make up a ridiculous proportion of the power structure over there; when they only make up, I believe, 1.2% of the population. You can draw from that what you like…

          Kaiser, I wonder, would you like to take this opportunity to wish; “a happy new year to all our Jewish friends on here.”?


      • Beltane says:

        As I understand it the Lisbon Treaty becomes EU law next year, so if they can spin things out for a few more months we are toast. The whole parliament/high court/court of sessions/supreme court fiasco has simply been a small part of the delaying tactics – and the bear pit performance in the commons merely its continuation.
        After all, wasn’t the whole process created to ensure that our MPs could get on with healthy and constructive debate? I wonder when they plan to start?


  6. Guest Who says:

    KGM brings in the big guns.


    • Doublethinker says:

      Members of the elite tutting at those who call them out. It’s ok for them to call us all the names under the sun but if they are referred to as cowards and traitors , oh dear oh dear , what a fuss they make.
      If , and I think it is a big if see above, the elite are over thrown at a GE , I know that all the commentariat and politicians such as Boris, Nigel etc etc will all call for moderation and unity. Past sins were committed in the heat of battle etc etc. Well I am well past the stage were forgiveness is on the agenda. I want examples made , I want retribution for traitorous behaviour . If not the elite will only try it again . They must be punished , no magnanimity in victory. If the boot was on the other foot what do we think would happen?


  7. StewGreen says:

    Piers Morgan calls out SkyNews’s Lewis Goodall, a former Labour party activist
    Goodall, a former Labour party activist.


    • theleftwilleatitself says:

      It is my natural instinct to dislike Piers Morgan as he supports the football team my set of fans most despise, but boy he does come out with some terrific quotes and calls out the rabid lefty twats when it’s needed most ????


    • Dystopian says:

      Cummings “News almost all bull****”

      Except where the BBC and SKY are concerned. Then you can drop the word “almost”.


  8. Venutius says:



    These BAME people, like Munchetty, are deliberately mis-quoting Trump. Like linguistic archaeologists, they find, within his words, the offence they constantly seek. This ‘incontrovertible truth’ or ‘offence’ then forms a basis, a foundation, to push their own agenda – demands to change the BBC, increased diversity etc etc…

    It’s exactly the same as:


    Where Amber Rudd accuses the PM of inciting violence. He did nothing of the sort (I’m no fan of BJ either), yet he has been branded a Nazi, fascist and worse with no recourse. Shouts of liar and fraud are shrieked at him across the chamber and all of us who voted Brexit have Been labelled far worse.

    Offence, it seems to me, is the preserve of the left and they wield it with such power through The Bias BBC.


    • honestus says:

      flat earther and neanderthal are two of my favourites from the mouth of that bastion of impartiality – jimmy o’bie.
      Still listen to him now and then for his head in hands ‘I just don’t get it’ cos clearly ‘it’ doesn’t reach into the bubble.


  9. StewGreen says:

    How will BBC report this Trump tweet ?


  10. vlad says:

    Much discussion on the beeb about alleged hatey / divisive / inflammatory talk by conservatives and Brexiteers, ignoring the much worse violent threats coming from the enraged left and the remainers.

    And it should be remembered that the rot started with those idiotic ‘angry young men’ of the left, back in the 50’s and 60’s, who made it cool and praiseworthy to be permanently angry and swear a lot. The early virtue-signallers.

    Look at me, I swear therefore I care.


  11. StewGreen says:

    Mike Hill the suspended Labour MP
    Has the BBC being make much of the story of the secual investigations ?
    Meanwhile Labour MP Kelvin Hopkins still suspended on sexual harassment allegations, 3yrs 8mths wait.
    Still not concluded. on a separate matter rape allegation happened at a conference.culprit never been named


  12. StewGreen says:

    Wow, Amazon sells an incitement to hate and kill notebook


  13. G says:

    It is clear to me that the NI so-called, “Backstop” is a fiction created by the EU to deter the UK leaving and/or cause problems. Interesting how the EU deal (or not) with other contemporaneous border areas of non-EU countries. There are many.
    I guess the Government has taken a good look at how each operate?


    • The General says:

      Thought it was created by May and Robbins.

      ( You are allowed to say “created” aren’t you ?)


  14. StewGreen says:

    Greta’s UN Speech Turned into a Swedish Death Metal
    shoots to NO. 1 on Swedish Death Metal Charts!
    Discussion : https://notrickszone.com/2019/09/27/greta-thunbergs-how-dare-you-surges-to-no-1-on-music-death-metal-charts/


  15. StewGreen says:

    One beeboid calls out the language
    It’s vwery very easy , so why is it only Neil that does call it out ?


  16. MarkyMark says:

    British Colonialism .. we want the facts and truth about how barbaric it was.

    Islam.. we want to create a word that stops you asking awkward questions.


  17. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Some remoaner was on radio Newcastle this morning saying that people would be dying because medical supplies would be held up at the border.
    At Dover and Calais, our person in charge of the port and the French equivalent have both said many times they are ready and foresee none of the catastrophe the remoaners have decided will happen.

    Do remoaners think that if a lorry full of insulin arrives at Calais heading for the UK, that the authorities will say you can’t cross the channel and you have to park the lorry for a few months until any insulin has past its use by date.
    Or will the UK side say you have to park up for a few months ‘cos we’re not letting you in.

    These are the idiots who say factories will close because just in time manufacturing will be shutting factories.
    If the lorry driver stops for a pee will the Nissan factory close?

    Right now some girl, Maya Goodfellow, on sky has said Cox was murdered by a white supremecist neo nazi who shouted traitor as he killed her.
    So many untruths and Sky’s Sarah Hewson has not picked her up on anything.

    Good job Ebenezer Scrooge isn’t about. Gina Miller would have him up in court before his feet could touch the ground with his evil hatespeak (bah humbug)


  18. StewGreen says:

    IPCC world class SETTLED SCIENCE …..not

    See further discussion of IPCC breaking its own rules
    that it supposed to be policy-neutral , as its latest report CAMPAIGNS for policies


  19. vlad says:

    Talking about hateful books that could incite violence (above), I know of one that hates Jews, Christians, Unbelievers, Atheists, Infidels, Apostates, Women, Gays, Blacks, Dogs (particularly black dogs, bizarrely) and much more besides. And has indeed incited violence, lots and lots of violence.

    I trust it will be condemned by Al-beeb, Parliament, the Bishops, and banned by Amazon, Google, YouTube, Twitter etc..


  20. Doublethinker says:

    In the US Fox has been tacking to a less supportive position of the President for some time. But today the ex leader of the Republican senate, Paul Ryan is calling on them to break entirely with President Trump and join the hyenas in the rest of the MSM . Couple this with the purchase of the Express by the Mirror group last year and with the replacement of Paul Dacre as editor of the Daily Mail with a rabid Remainer , a pattern begins to emerge. The MSM which has been 90% plus pro Globalist for years is now moving to extinguish even the glimmer of any pluralism , stamp out any source of news and comment other than that approved by the Globalist elite. We can add to this the continued censorship of any right of centre internet sites and we can see that they are determined to achieve total control of the news agenda worldwide. It is scary stuff.


  21. StewGreen says:

    That nasty he belittles the MSM by calling it FakeNews

    Whereas people like Sky’s Beth Riby set such high standards
    writing tweets that say “sources say” etc.
    and then not bothering to apologise or correct it when she is proved wrong


  22. digg says:

    It appears that the BBC are banking on Bargain Hunt to save their bacon from falling viewing figures. Pulling in two ageing rock bands as contestants.

    I am struggling to work out the logic of this as Bargain Hunt is by it’s nature likely to be viewed mainly by quite old folk.

    I am imagining the scenario……

    Producer: “Hey we are losing viewers – the young are not watching BBC any more, we have to do something”

    Assistant: “Maybe it’s because the young are not interested in old Tat sir?”

    Producer: “What would pull them in then?”

    Assistant: “Oh drugs, computer games, music and stuff…”

    Producer: “Well we can only manage the music thing, lets get some stars in as contestants”

    Assistant: “We couldn’t afford it sir, they cost zillions and we just had to pay Gary Lineker his salary!”

    Producer: “Well lets get some cheap old ones then! Then we will be able to interview them on the News afterwards to show how wake we are”

    Assistant: “Thats woke sir”

    Producer: “Whatever!”

    Assistant: “Now you are getting it, well done!”


    • JimS says:

      Bargain Hunt, where four contestants buy things retail and then attempt to sell them wholesale!

      It’s like buying soap powder from Waitrose and then trying to sell it on to Costco.


  23. StewGreen says:

    to Brendan O’Neil “Do you think there could be Brexit riots ?”
    Brendan O’Neil ” there could be .. there should be”


    • StewGreen says:

      Paul Mason didn’t exactly call for riots
      but “.. mass, peaceful civil disobedience is legitimate.
      They don’t know what they’ve unleashed”

      BBC Newsnight gave him a special slot to repeat that call to the streets


    • StewGreen says:

      Julia adds context


  24. SPC says:

    Adam Fleming – worse than Jo, yes almost pooing himself in his enthusiasm to pour scorn on Brendan O’Neils Pro Brexit viewpoint.
    He really is one of a long list of very annoying little squirts at the BBC.

    Brendon was right in saying that their should be riots in the streets.
    Their won’t be of course because most Brexiteers are sensible law abiding citizens. That is what the remain ‘Brexit Deniers’ are banking on.

    No more – we have a champion at last – ‘The Boris’ – god love him.
    I have every faith, and if he pulls it off he will get my vote however long he is PM, whether I agree with future policy or not, as a reward.


    • G says:

      “…..I have every faith, and if he pulls it off he will get my vote however long he is PM, whether I agree with future policy or not, as a reward.”
      An extra half-million or more immigrants from the third (muslim) World every year, year on year?


      • SPC says:

        G – Explain. Half an argument is no good to me.


      • SPC says:



        • G says:

          UN Migration Compact or, (remaining in) the redistribution of migrants already in the EU.
          Take your pick.
          I don’t see this Government withdrawing from the Migration Compact and, well, I’ll say no more about the EU.
          Over and above the roughly average 300,000 that simply arrive any year from the third World. If you can manage any arithmetic: Happy now?


    • Fedup2 says:

      I don’t think that state broadcaster anchor will be doing that job again after letting the Brendon bloke firing a full legitimate broadside at the Remain Industry . And I think they were all scared of him – which is good .

      I’m surprised – too – that there hasn’t been trouble in the streets -or maybe the state is preventing publication – if that is possible now …


  25. SPC says:

    There is a common theme here about the Naga and Emily issue – never mind about the racist nonsense – Whoever has been responsible for positive discrimination in the past and the future is never the fault of the individual involved – is it?

    Tell me I’m wrong and explain why.

    The common theme is that these are youngish women and are empowered, and very angry. Jessie Philips comes to mind – she is taking a lot of stick but maybe she should consider her past actions and language.

    Thanks Spice girls and thank you Harvey Wernstein. You have helped to create a ‘CULT’ movement. They are untouchable and ALWAYS right.


    • Beltane says:

      ‘…never mind the racist nonsense’ SPC? What an appalling philosophy, and one which not only overlooks Ashua Hirch’s valuable contribution but Sir Leonard Henry too.
      How could you sir! There is no naughty step high enough.


      • SPC says:

        So your point is? I do like a debate – Don’t spout characters at me – Explain your own position – not someone elses.
        I don’t agree with these peoples opinion necessarily – that is not the isssue.
        The issue is that no one person is responsible for the political position of others. You can’t denigrate a whole race because of a couple of people who have done rather well out of our society and who are now complaining.
        Are you superior to others young man! I would certainly guess not.


      • Banania says:

        Are you – very properly and understandably – conflating Afua Hirsch and Ash Sarkar? Or are they actually one person?


  26. Dover Sentry says:

    BBC Online News:

    “”Nigerian ‘torture house’: Hundreds freed in Kaduna police raid””

    “”Children as young as five were among those in chains at what was thought to be an Islamic school, officers said.””


    Those darn Methodists again, following their godly book of instruction.


  27. pugnazious says:

    This is just tendentious nonsense and Amber Rudd should know better than to clamber onto the bandwagon and make a fool of herself….and yet the BBC makes it headline, the top headline, news….

    ‘Amber Rudd accuses Number 10 of language that ‘incites violence”

    What language exactly?

    ‘On Wednesday, Labour’s Paula Sherriff referred to Jo Cox, the MP murdered in 2016, as she pleaded with the prime minister to refrain from using “dangerous” words like “surrender”.
    The prime minister was also repeatedly challenged over his use of the words “surrender bill” and “surrender act” to describe legislation passed earlier this month ‘

    Er…that’s it? Perfectly harmless and perfectly descriptive phrases? Disgraceful that the BBC pushes this narrative and continues to play this game for Remain and Labour.

    The fact that the BBC never ever challenges this narrative and instead puts in headlines without any questions as to whether this is in fact reality amply shows how untrustworthy, how partisan and how political the BBC really is…and which side it is on.

    What really incites anger is two-faced, lying, shameless, duplicitous, hypocritical, treacherous, disloyal, back-stabbing MPs who undermine democracy, dishonour Parliament and betray this country in favour of a foreign power which threatens to unleash the IRA upon us.


    • Beltane says:

      Surely Amber Rudd has spent the major part of her political life climbing onto bandwagons with an near automatic car crash following with predictable frequency.
      I think, inside, she wants to be neat, well-proportioned, politically adroit and smart. Instead she is forced to accept her role as parliament’s Goliath. Even the contact lenses don’t seem to have helped.


      • Scroblene says:

        Not much chance of her ‘abilities’ near here in Hastings, Belt.

        They’ll be back to the quagmire of ‘don’t knows’ come the GE.

        Meanwhile, the fishermen in her constituency seethe at the indignation of our fishing grounds being rap(p)ed by the super-trawlers from Spain etc.

        Willo-the-wisp, that one.


    • theisland says:

      I prefer a bit of common sense. Rudd is pointless.


    • Banania says:

      I blame all these “narratives”. Life was much better before they came in.


  28. Fedup2 says:

    In the preamble to this thread I incorrectly referred to one of the biased BBC journalists found to have breached that corrupt orgsnisations’ Rules as

    ‘Naga ‘ Munchetty.

    Having checked my facts I am now happy to correct the record by naming her properly as

    Subha Nagalakshmi Munchetty-Chendriah

    I apologise for any distress caused and am more than happy to put the record straight . A bit like she should have when examining what POTUS really said about three mixed heritage American politicians …..????


    • john in cheshire says:

      As the Pub Landlord might say ” a good English name”.


    • Scroblene says:

      Noggy Yaxley-Lennon then, Fed!

      It works both ways doesn’t it!

      Nice one Fed!


    • Banania says:

      The Munchetty-Chendriahs are a good old Shropshire family. I often met them at dinners when I was Lord Lieutenant.


  29. StewGreen says:

    The anti-Brexit agenda of the Scunthorpe Telegraph
    “Brexit Gridlock”
    Scunthorpe town is 20 miles from the ports
    (a Reach plc cutNpasted newspaper made in Leicester)


    • StewGreen says:



      • StewGreen says:

        Technical note , as if you are bothered on a Friday night
        That image address had a hyphen in it, and the system here changes it to a different type of hyphen that the Twitter server doesn’t recognise.


  30. Thoughtful says:

    I think I need to post another Non BBC Brexit post so people know what is going on with parliament.

    There are three possible options at the moment

    Leave without a deal
    Leave with a deal

    With the surrender bill we theoretically cannot leave without a deal without the PM asking for yet another interminable delay to Brexit.

    In theory we know that the PM could possibly get the EU to give a better deal to the UK, he would at that point thanks to Gina Millar have to bring this back to parliament for their approval.

    The Labour Party / SNP / Tory Rebels have all said they intend to vote against any deal, even if it is they themselves who have negotiated it, making leaving with a deal an impossibility. Leaving without a deal is also impossible unless the EU completely loses patience with the lunatic games remainers are playing.

    This is a catch 22 where the UK can’t leave without a deal, and can’t leave with a deal because it would never be approved.


    • Luckyharry69 says:

      That is the LEFT’S plan…that’s exactly what they want…to BRING DOWN BORIS and essentially take power…..


    • Scroblene says:

      Catch 22 is the real answer, as you say, Thoughters (I made that name up, and want 55 gold splonders in cash by Tuesday)…

      So, in our (here) real world, Boris can just say ‘R(B)owlocks to you lot, sue me!’, and be done with it!

      Marvellous way to just walk away on Oct 31, as any sane person does with a crowd of foaming idiots trying to cut you to ribbons for no apparent reason!

      Keep going Boris, the majority of citizens want you to succeed!


  31. SPC says:

    You don’t fight bigotry with more bigotry Fedup – I’ve had enough of this racist site. Shame – I thought we were fighting for democracy – seems it’s only a cover for this nonsense. I’m no fan of Naga – but only because she is no good at the job. I’m a 66 yr old white male in case you wonder.
    Fly your true colours!
    White supremacy has one problem – white folk are just as idiotic as some black folk. History shows it to be the case.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Farewell . You’ll be missed even for calling me an idiot and a bigot . The point I make is this . This journalist and her type were more than happy – every time a journalist they didn’t like – Tommy Robinson – to refer to him by his ‘ other ‘ name . So I looked up wiki to see what this lady’s ‘ real ‘ name is .

      A rule for one but not another .
      As for fighting for democracy – fighting the biased state broadcaster is fighting for democracy . It is an enemy of democracy .

      Easy to call some one a bigot and an idiot and run away isn’t it . ?

      Bye SPC


      • Captain Panick says:

        fu2. Have you been redacting or removing conversations between you and SPC? I admit to being confused as to why SPC decided you were a bigot or an idiot on the basis of the evidence in this small thread.


        • Fedup2 says:

          Captain – I could be flippant and say I cut out the bit where I said I was a member of the KKK but I won’t . No redacting or changing .

          I must admit I was taken aback by the white supremacy thing but I’d have done the same thing if it was a white male state broadcaster employee who used a name different to their ‘ real ‘ one .


          • taffman says:

            Was that the real SPC or has someone ‘hacked’ his password, email address etc ?
            Come to think of it, where’s maxi?


        • StewGreen says:

          @Captain FedUp made a point about Naga’s full name
          that she has a much longer full name
          as if he was making fun of it.
          @SPC then missed the reply button and ended up replying 5 posts below
          saying that he thought the comment was racist
          I think he might be over interpreting cos it is Friday night
          and someone might have had a bit to drink.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Golden rule – avoid typing and drinking – especially at the same time . Since I’ve caused a bit of jip over the abbreviated Naga I’d better have a go about the Emily Maitliss hasn’t I ? Working on it …
            …. incidentally – I wonder what the punishment is for current affairs ‘journos’ being found to be biased – off to CBBC or BBC3?


          • Banania says:

            Why not make fun of it? It is a funny name. Why can’t we make fun of things?


    • JimS says:

      “I thought we were fighting for democracy?”

      A noble aim but not the purpose of this site which is about the bias of the BBC.

      For once the BBC has picked up two of its own for displaying bias, that they are women and that one is ‘of colour’ is of no consequence, unless you are suggesting that the BBC is misogynist and racist?

      The BBC has form for only reporting part of some peoples’ words and can be surprising pedantic when reporting some peoples’ names.

      I quite enjoyed our tireless moderator’s little joke, which I am quite sure wasn’t driven by any ‘bigotry, but rather to insert a little bit of levity into these weird times.


      • Fedup2 says:

        I’m glad someone noticed my dryness .
        I’ll admit – there have been some aspects of TRs past which I don’t like . But the mass media Remainer Broadcasting corpse continued editorial referencing to “ Yaxley Lennon “ wasn’t there to inform the public – it was there to cause his whole view to be treated with suspicion from the outset – to prejudice a view of him .

        So when I write out the full name of a proven biased employee of the state broadcaster – i am racist bigoted and an idiot white supremist. So easy for people to see what they want to see isn’t it ?

        I thought about it and can’t under stand why the SPC decided to cease contribution to this website because of me . But he has gone so we ll never know . I’m only one of the moderators.- last week I was thinking about chucking it in .
        I’m really glad I didn’t because places like this and our sister site “isthebbcbiased” has got to record what’s going on if nothing else .

        Differently – I am really concerned that the prospect of some kind of Corbyn led government is being floated to get a reaction . Now that really would be a very British coup.

        I’m entitled to my own view and expression as long as it doesn’t put me on the naughty step .


    • Thoughtful says:


      That word only has one definition, the belief that one race was superior to others by dint of racial characteristics. It has no other meaning unless you have invented one of your own.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Pervy police
    A report from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary has revealed that police officers are preying on victims and vulnerable people for sex in a “fundamental betrayal” of their public service.
    Zoe Billingham said 415 allegations of officers “abusing their position for a sexual purpose”
    had been received in three years, but the true extent of abuse is not known.
    The number of reported cases has been rising since 2016, but the watchdog said police forces are not doing enough to detect and root out the behaviour by their own officers and staff


  33. pugnazious says:

    ‘Surrender’…a normal everyday word in common usage…

    From the Economist:

    ‘Cutting the BBC’ No surrender

    From The Huffiington Post: Battles and surrender….

    ‘One Labour MP told HuffPost UK many in the party are worried about losing the key early battles.

    They said: “It looks like the opposition has just surrendered the pitch to Boris Johnson and the Tories.’

    From The West Midlands Business Desk:

    BBC won’t surrender Birmingham like Bake-Off

    From Politics Home:

    Union boss says Boris Johnson has ‘surrendered to Brexit Party’ as she backs MPs blocking election

    TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady…”He’s the one waving the white flag. He surrendered to the Brexit Party and he’s ready to surrender our NHS to Donald Trump.”

    Maybe the BBC should be concentrating on the real threat to democracy and the national interest as Corbyn seems ready to sell us out to anyone who waves a gun at us….I won’t use the word ‘surrender’ of course because such language is dangerous.


    ‘Unbelievably, Corbyn wrote in a 2003 article titled “Lansbury’s lessons for today” that Lansbury’s call for Britain to give up its weapons after World War II had already started was “wonderful”.

    “As war broke out in 1939 [Lansbury] wrote ‘I am also quite certain that the first great nation that declares its willingness to share the world’s resources, territories and markets and also disarms will be the safest in the world’. I hope Tony Blair, on his travels on behalf of George Bush, reads at least that part of this wonderful work.”’


  34. pugnazious says:

    Beware the most dangerous word in the world….SURR….. Sorry, had to censor that…can’t take too many risks you know!


  35. Guest Who says:

    I am presuming, like Greta, his global efforts were and are pursued using Jon Donnison’s dugout, especially the ariel shots?

    Some are awesome shots of pollution.


  36. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 and only – sorry bit late, had things to do

    Mark Mardell was in the Beeb seat but not in charge. Matt Hancock (Con) Sec. of State for Health (loser in leadership contest and ‘some would say’, heretofore, just plain loser) was the Sacrificial Goat (as it is Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will be along on 8/9th October) put up for a battering by Mardell.

    Something h-hhas h happened to h hHancock.

    He was robust. He was tough. Mardell couldn’t bully him into conceding to BBC/Socialist rage and into apologising for a very correct definition of the Benn Bill as a Surrender Bill. He could not drag a soundbite out of Hancock that the PM had lied to the Queen or would ignore the law.

    Mark Mardell went down, no scores, with h h hHancock h h hhitting the back of the net three times. Mardell 0 : 3 Hancock.

    I don’t know what has happened. Maybe at long last someone in Central Office has arranged some coaching in how to handle the BBC and other hostile media types. Perhaps it is a Cummings Effect with Dominic inducing some steel and some interview skills into the people who have to be available for interview. Whatever. It appears to be working well. Long may it continue.

    Before that match Mardell had with Hancock, he had gone down 0 : 2 to a MEP, Lance Forman, from The Brexit Party. Oh dear! Twice in one programme.

    “Hey Tony, your ‘boys’, Tony, are getting one hell of a beating.”


    • Fedup2 says:

      Ha ha Up2 – in the current circumstances I cannot understand why a Conservative party minister would not take on the consciously hostile state broadcaster .
      I’d have a dig about Maitliss and machetty as clear proven evidence of the sort of bias we are recording here daily .


  37. pugnazious says:

    Where’s this on the BBC? Quick enough to give lots of coverage to a Labour activist attacking Boris but not this…


    • Fedup2 says:

      Maybe the Labour Party wasn’t quick enough to find an ‘ activist ‘ with a sick kid in the hospital to confront the PM in front on a convenient State TV camera and full sound .


  38. JimS says:

    As predicted Jeremy Vine’s own little bundle of perpetual hatred, Dale Aston, gets his hate-filled e-mail read out today on the lunchtime show.

    What is the point? The man never contributes anything but venom.

    It is one thing watching and reporting on a fire, it is quite another to give it a poke or throw a few sticks onto it.


  39. taffman says:

    How did these get into Wales ? We need a proper Border Force .
    This may be just the tip of the iceberg ? Well, at least some are getting free “board and lodge” on the British Tax Payer. Will they be deported after they get out ?


    • cromwell says:

      Nothing mentioned about them being deported after they have served their sentence. Surely they will be.


  40. pugnazious says:

    Many people will think he’s right as they have their voice taken from them by politicians, the courts and the media….he didn’t actually mean riots as in smashing things up…. but significant and effective street protest.

    Just remember several BBC journalists have expressed surprise and disappointment that ‘the youth’ haven’t taken to the streets in angry protests against the older generations….the BBC that is always trying to cause division and conflict between the generations…and races, and religions, and political rivals…etc etc etc. The BBC that supports the climate terrorists of Extinction Rebellion, the IRA and Islamist terrorism.


  41. taffman says:

    \\Boris Johnson could resort to “political chicanery” to bypass a law designed to stop a no-deal Brexit, Sir John Major has claimed.//

    Not Al Beeb, but I am surprised they have not covered it yet ? Someone needs to inform Sir John Major that we voted Out in the biggest democratic exercise in British history.
    How much does he get from Europe ?


    • pugnazious says:

      Taff….I think they covered it yesterday…reporting that he said he wanted to bring unity…he then said Brexiteers[the bastards] would never be forgiven nor forgotten……so much for unity and peaceful coexistence.


  42. Tabs says:

    BBC1 The One Show has gone 100% blacks only. Black presenters, black guests, black singer. They are celebrating Rudolph Walker’s birthday. I find it strange that he hasn’t got any white friends in the studio considering how long he has lived in multicultural Britain.


  43. G says:

    The ‘Amazing Polly’. Never ceases to amaze me. A little long but well worth a watch.
    How the Silicon Valley giants are manipulating everything based on stress.


  44. Sluff says:

    It’s unusual to thank the Guardian but here is a quote from an article
    ‘Labour is expected to accuse Mr Johnson of proroguing parliament for the longest period since 1918 simply to avoid the embarrassing findings being published’.

    The thing is, I made a slight alteration. The article is not from 2019 but from 1997 and the accused was not Mr Johnson, it was Mr Major!!!

    So the article actually reads
    ‘Labour is expected to accuse Mr Major of proroguing parliament for the longest period since 1918 simply to avoid the embarrassing findings being published’.

    I think readers will agree that as hypocrites go, this puts Remoaner Major right at the top of the pile. Something which the BBC mysteriously seems not to have noticed.



    • Scroblene says:

      Magic, Sluff! Well researched!

      Major must have been on his eighth shaq of the year by then, and was well wired! I mean, two a month must have been a record back then! And the bbbc didn’t even know – as usual!

      ‘More peas Norma…’


  45. StewGreen says:

    Karl Turner on local Hull news
    I’m guessing that if the BBC hadn’t been called out for Subtitlegate they would have run the full Karl Turner video.
    I wasn’t expecting them to do any criticism
    .. They didn’t, but they took care not to fawn.. They chose to just air a quick clip and not give him a soft interview
    They completely avoided his controversial ‘ you should be dead in a ditch’ line
    instead the beeboid said “You don’t think you were unnecessarily aggressive ?”
    They gave him a lot of rope
    Beeboid “Was the filming a stitch u[p, how come you were being filmed ?”
    KT “I have been filmed with a camera following me for the last two weeks by a freelance film maker making a documentary”
    Then after a few seconds …”I’d no idea I was being filmed at the time when I spoke to Dominic Cummings, the filmmaker had whipped out his iPhone when he saw Dominic Cummings”.
    (Look North viewers on Twitter didn’t believe that
    that KT saw Cummings , decided to do a stunt
    but was surprised that a film-maker who was following him around , filmed it.)
    Quite a few tweeters and commenters at the end of the show called out Turner for being aggressive in the BBC interview


  46. pugnazious says:

    BBC headline….and extreme dishonesty…


    ‘Man held over MP Jess Phillips ‘fascist’ abuse at Birmingham office’

    Looks like it was a fascist giving Phillips some ‘fascist’ abuse doesn’t it? But that’s not the reality…it was a man calling Phillips a fascist…now who would do that? A Brexiteer driven to extreme political violence by Boris’ call to arms as he shouted ‘surrender’ from the ramparts or a hard-left Corbynista…the same Corbynistas that have been harassing and attacking Labour women for years now?

    Why has the BBC not mentioned the abuse she has been getting from Corbynistas? Because the BBC wants you to think this is linked to Boris and his inflammatory and violent language.

    Jess Phillips should not be attacked for making her loyalty to Labour conditional

    ‘Jess is asked whether she will leave the Labour Party, as I and others have done. She responded: “I feel like I can’t leave the Labour Party without rolling the dice one more time. I owe it that. But it doesn’t own me. It’s nothing more than a logo if it doesn’t stand for something that I actually care about – it’s just a f***ing rose.” You can imagine the reaction from the Corbynite left online which this provoked.

    For her frankness and refusal to blow with whatever the Labour leadership and its army of keyboard warriors demand, she has been subject to the most horrific online abuse and yet she has never let it deter her. I get the same nonsense, but nothing like to the same degree and awfulness as many women MPs suffer. The hard-left Twitter trolls are something to behold – and the right-wing equivalents are just as bad. ‘


  47. taffman says:

    Here is a new Liblab mob invented word to use….. “unconscious bias”. I am surprised that Al Beeb haven’t got their teeth around that yet ?


    • StewGreen says:

      @Taffman the concept is not recently made up
      You can do a dated limited search on Google and find it was mentioned before year 1995 on the web
      And right at the start of Twitter in 2008
      Or do a book search and find it in 1928, 1942 books etc.
      Maybe you mean the term is being use in a PR trickery way


  48. taffman says:

    Does Boris have the assistance of the MI5 and GCHQ ?
    Are they monitoring this site or more importantly , do they monitor Al Beeb, or even much more importantly, the EU?


  49. Stan says:

    Unconscious bias is real and can be quite simply demonstrated, but also it is a survival instinct as when I am approached by a bunch of certain types wearing hoodies I am always alert


  50. Guest Who says:

    Great; they’re breeding.


    BBC News

    The young girl inspired by Greta Thunberg to take a stand against climate change.


    (via BBC Wales News) https://bbc.in/2nbWbx6


    • StewGreen says:

      Mashup video
      ‘ Severn Cullis-Suzuki’s speech to the UN in 1992 on climate change sounds an awful lot like Greta Thunberg’s in 2019’