339 Responses to Start the Week 30 August 2021

  1. JimS says:

    One of the problems of listening to the radio in bed is that you fall asleep and then wake up listening to something you wouldn’t have done by choice!

    The Company of Wolves
    It’s Christmas Eve, and a young girl is on her way to visit her granny in the forest. She has been warned not to stray from the path but, on her way, she meets a charming huntsman who has other ideas.

    At the time of writing The Bloody Chamber in the late 1970s, Angela Carter was disaffected by both sides of the feminist debate. She re-worked traditional fairy tales from her own unique, literary outsider’s point of view, putting women at the centre of the stories.

    With their feisty heroines and rgiastic mash-up of beasts, shape-shifters and ghouls, her extraordinary tales are the most perfect example of her style, not just for her incomparable prose, but also in the dizzying twists and turns of perception, fantasy and myth.

    Basically female radio porn, as described by Dr. Jordan Peterson here, (worth listening out for the student caught blushing!).


  2. Guest Who says:

    How any ‘correspondent’ or ‘editor’ at the BBC still has the front to post any ‘analysis’ these days is impressive.


  3. Guest Who says:

    He has his own personal satellite.

    It can see the Great Barrier Reef, pollution in China and his ego.

    Van was naughty. Hope the claim was checked.


  4. pugnazious says:

    So Trump isn’t, of course, a murderous dictator….but…..


    ‘The devious art of disinformation’

    LOL….this BBC effort is itself disinformation….highly selective targeting….of the Tories and of Trump….very prejudiced language and tone and very obvious narrative….Trump is bracketed by Stalin and Hitler….but he’s not a murderous dictator!

    Odd how they manage to miss out the biggest story…the Russian hoax…the dodgy dossier….the information in it supplied by Russian intelligence…and the BBC lapped it up as real…as did the Democrats and their media lapdogs who tried to use it to overturn an election and to unseat a President…..not very democratic eh?

    The BBC itself is the most corrupt and prolific disseminator of fake news on earth today…Putin, the Chinese, the Guardian have nothing on the BBC. It is the most poisonous, most divisive, most dangerous organisation in Britain today….supposedly meant to unite us with a national story the BBC divides people, whips up hate and anger and sets communities against each other and all the while doing its utmost to blackwash Britain…to destroy our identity, our culture, our history and society…..in essence it is ethnic cleansing of white British peoples and their lives.


  5. Guest Who says:

    In the hands of the media, the addition of -style to anything can reduce the language to nothing coherent.


  6. pugnazious says:

    Lots of hypocrisy around, not least and not unusually from Tom Tugenhadt, about Pen Farthing and the animals….

    Friday we were told this…

    ‘The UK has stopped taking people into Kabul airport to remove them from Afghanistan, the defence secretary, Ben Wallace has said, and the evacuation process will end in “a matter of hours”.’

    And on Saturday British troops were on their way home….

    Pen Farthing got the Taliban to let him into the airport on Sunday and he flew out then….how did he in anyway effect the, er, ended, evacuation of Afghans? And if troops helped load his plane? They weren’t going to be helping any locals…and Farthing says he asked for anyone eligible to be put on his plane but was told there were no people needing the transport….so he came home with empty seats…not his fault.

    Maybe BBC, and others, should actually look at the facts before crying ‘people before animals’…the Spectator goes hysterical…

    ‘ It is not a charmingly eccentric rescue mission. It’s a moral abomination that shames Britain.’

    ….then again the BBC is quite happy to put animals before people….it, and its friends[Monbiot, Packham] want to ship out Welsh farmers and ‘rewild’ Wales….apparently it’ll be OK…the ex-farmers can become ‘safari park rangers’ and guide the bien pensants around Wild Wales….not to mention most of the BBC seems to be veggie or Vegan and are not shy about suggesting meat should be off the menu….along with all those farm jobs….not realising that crop growing is as damaging to the planet as livestock farrming.


    • Banania says:

      I believe the army have put down a lot of their dogs in Afghanistan – I mean hundreds.


  7. Sluff says:

    The seditious BBC has inadvertently shown why it is almost impossible for the West to fight the Taleban, ISI, Al Quaeda etc.

    From the front page of the BBC webshite
    ‘Afghanistan: US investigates civilian deaths in Kabul strike
    A US drone strike near Kabul airport ended up killing 10 members of one family, including six children, surviving relatives have told the BBC.’

    This is not an issue that would worry the Taleban, ISIS and all manner of other terrorists.

    But if the West cause any collateral damage whatsoever then the pacifists, Leftoids and fellow travellers are just waiting to exploit the situation. The ‘Stop the War Coalition’ organise a march and we’re back to square one. If a civilian stubs their toe then the military are castigated.

    And the governments cave in and the military has to fight with one arm behind its back. And it tries. And is unsuccessful.
    And so it goes. And we are where we are. With the militants, anarchists, terrorists, and Far Left in the ascendency, and right-thinking decent people cowed into inactivity, and thus unable and unwilling to act.


    • G.W.F. says:


      Meanwhile the whitewashing of the Taliban (pronounced Torlebon to show respect) continues on both the BBC news and woke GBNews where it is argued that the Torlebon respond to kindness and humanitarianism with thanks


  8. Dobyns says:




  9. JimS says:

    Did every Western soldier in Afghanistan get their own personal interpreter or does it just seem like it?


    • G.W.F. says:


      I think that some of the interpreters have their own interpreters, and so on


  10. pugnazious says:

    LOL….The Big Lie…..the BBC piece on fake news quotes Hitler on the use of ‘The Big Lie’…he was ‘the master of the Big Lie’…..except of course the quote used comes from a tract in Mein Kampf that is not promoting the use of The Big Lie but complaining about its use by others, the English and the Jews, to destroy and demonise Germany.


    Oddly the BBC doesn’t mention the use of The Big Lie by the Allies….

    ‘The war[WW1] propaganda of the British and Americans, on the other hand, was psychologically on target. By portraying the Germans to their people as brutal and destructive barbarians, they prepared the individual soldier for the horrors of war and helped protect him from illusions. Even the most terrible weapons used against him only confirmed what he had already learned. This strengthened his belief in the truthfulness of his own government and stirred up his anger and hatred against the evil enemy. The effect of the enemy weapons, which he now discovered through first-hand experience, gradually proved the barbaric and already familiar brutality of the “Huns” was real. He was never led to believe that his own weapons might be more dreaded. Consequently, the English soldier never felt he was being lied to at home. ‘
    These are all things English propaganda did in an excellent manner. They never allowed two sided arguments which might have raised doubts. They realized the broad masses’ emotional state was primitive. They proved this by publishing horror story propaganda that met the masses on their level. They ruthlessly and brilliantly reinforced their moral position, which strengthened endurance at the front despite great defeats. They were equally vivid in their “festival” nailing-down of the German foe, portraying him as the sole guilty party for the outbreak of the War. This was a lie, which because of the complete and one-sided colossal boldness of its presentation, appealed to the emotional and extreme attitude of the common people, and therefore it was totally believed. ‘


    • MarkyMark says:

      Orwell’s resignation letter from the BBC 24.9.43
      Joseph Millson reads letters by George Orwell.

      BBC 24.9.43

      Dear Mr Rushbrooke-Williams,

      In confirmation of what I said to you in private, I want to tender my resignation from the BBC, and should be much obliged if you would forward this to the proper quarter.

      I believe that in speaking to you I made my reasons clear but I should like to put them on paper lest there should be any mistake. I am not leaving because of any disagreement with BBC policy and still less on account of any kind of grievance. On the contrary I feel that throughout my association with the BBC I have been treated with the greatest generosity and allowed very great latitude. On no occasion have I been compelled to say on the air anything that I would not have said as a private individual. And I should like to take this opportunity of thanking you personally for the very understanding and generous attitude you have always shown towards my work.

      I am tendering my resignation because for some time past I have been conscious that I was wasting my own time and the public money on doing work that produces no result. I believe that in the present political situation the broadcasting of British propaganda to India is an almost hopeless task. Whether these broadcasts should be continued at all is for others to judge, but I myself prefer not to spend my time on them when I could be occupying myself with journalism which does produce some measureable effect. I feel that by going back to the normal work of writing and journalism I could be more useful than I am at present.

      I do not know how much notice of resignation I am supposed to give. The ‘Observer’ have again raised the project of my going to North Africa. This has to be approved by the War Office and may well fall through again, but I mention it in case I should have to leave at shorter notice than would otherwise be the case. I will in any case see to it that the programmes are arranged for some time ahead.

      Yours sincerely,

      Eric Blair.



  11. Guest Who says:

    She certainly has an interesting way of writing stuff.


    • MarkyMark says:

      So Ban everything is her answer? Can she not create a way to use fossil fuels better?

      China implement 3 child policy .. ha ha ha ha ha


    • StewGreen says:

      Greta is a team of PR people not a person


    • gb123 says:

      “Ban all greenhouse gas intensive practices.” If we take that literally we must ban drinking water. I think this is a Baldrick like plan to ensure the end of the world in 11 years.
      Why has the world generated so many batshit crazies? What is worse, how come so many people give them air time?


      • Dobyns says:


        I offer you five words and a hashtag …

        George Soros

        New World Order



    • pugnazious says:

      Remarkable for someone who bunked off school….maybe someone is writing it for her…lol….and I guess she means we must all stop breathing…or maybe breeding as it’s humans who are the problem….mainly ones in the developing world of course…note how as population rose since the 50’s CO2 rose at the same rate….odd huh? Not something the BBC wishes to examine…..let’s just blame the industrial revolution…never mind the forests burned and chopped down by those who developed farming in the Middle East.

      ‘Today it is hard to believe that in antiquity vast forests were growing in the Middle East. However, during the early part of the third millennium BCE, the mountain slopes of this region were covered with massive cedar forests. ‘

      Oh….still going on….

      ‘The destruction of the world’s forests is a major concern in our age. According to the UN about 40 percent of Central America’s forests were destroyed between 1950 and 1980 and during the same period Africa lost about 23 percent of its forests. ‘


      • Up2snuff says:

        Pug, actually it is not just humans that are the problem. I remember listening to Johnny Ball on Radio4 many years ago. Probably one of his last appearances on any BBC network or station. I think he became ‘persona non grata’ for pointing out that mosquitoes, for just one insect example, outweigh the humans on Earth by a factor of nine, yes, there are 9x as many mozzies eating us than humans eating food.

        And mosquitoes breathe out CO2. Even worse, their favoured habitats give off methane gas. Methane got added to the list of nasty gases at the end of the 1990s or in the early 2000s and is said to be many times worse than CO2. You will not hear facts like that on the BBC any more.


      • Garry Lavin says:

        They never mention the Eastern European forest that were felled for timber and which undercut western, regulated timber producers……and made it non profitable for the Forestry Commission.


        • Up2snuff says:

          True, and now we are importing wood chips from the US East Coast to fire a so-called ‘green’ electricity genrator plant. Is it Drax? Crazy.


    • Banania says:

      By “interesting” do you mean “clear”, and “making you want to know what comes next”?


    • tomo says:

      …only she doesn’t write it – papa Svante and the committee do that


  12. StewGreen says:

    BBC4 7:30pm onwards is Agatha Christie night
    yet ITV3 already started its two Agatha Christie films at 6pm
    next one is 8-9pm


  13. pugnazious says:

    Ah yes…the ‘armed movement…Hamas’….and the ‘occupied West Bank’….when does the BBC call Tibet the ‘occupied Tibet’? The BBC seems quite OK with China’s occupation and complete annexation….I think it was Nick Robinson who told us how wonderful the coming of Chinese railways were for Tibet. Maybe ‘The Jews’ should build some railways across the West Bank…seems to make everything OK…..then again it was Robinosn who called Gaza the world’s biggest open prison…never mind the Israelis left lock, stock and barrel…so maybe not.


  14. Guest Who says:

    Twitter is oft decried.

    However, given a well argued piece of reporting that makes whatever the bbc does look silly, I will stay with.


  15. StewGreen says:

    7pm BBC1 Edinburgh Tattoo
    The Times choose a picture of a black drummer


  16. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news : item #1 Afghan refugees: the narrative every place has a duty to house them


    • Garry Lavin says:

      Why? Sounds charitable and humane…..but did we want UK to go to Afghan in 2001?


  17. StewGreen says:

    BBC two a strangely rushed show first done for BBC East Midlands where the rich Indian woman Sindhu Vee who used to be a City Of London banker is walking 3 rivers The Dove, Soar and The Trent
    Except she didn’t walk the Trent rather she came to Newark and interviewed 3 people
    One of whom was a standup paddle board anti-plastic activist
    “80% of sea plastic comes from rivers” ..hmm there isn’t a lot of noticeable plastic waste floating in the Trent.


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      What are the paddle boarding anti-plastic activist’s, paddle boards (and paddles) made from? What about their footwear? Their clothes? The greater part of their mobile phone? The greater part of their car?….

      80% of drivel comes from the BBC and the idiots they interview.


      • Rich says:

        Only 80%? That’s an improvement on the 90% claimed by researchers cited in this article from 2018. And from only 10 rivers as well apparently.


        Sindhu Vee? Nope. Never heard of her, but according to wiki she’s a bit of a bBbc babe. I see she’s from India as is one of the rivers named, the Ganges. The Yamuna river, a tributary of the Ganges that runs through her Delhi birthplace, isn’t listed but is so severely polluted it is basically dead, parts of it now no more than sewage channels.

        Most of the other rivers listed are in China with a couple in Africa. The Thames that flows through London where Sindhu now resides is not one of them, nor of course is either the Trent, Dove or Soar.

        Now, where should Sindhu Vee really be having this discussion? In which country should XR really be holding their demonstrations? Where should the bBbc really be broadcasting/ campaigning from?


        Oh well, maybe not the third one then.


  18. digg says:

    The BBC are building the pointy finger at the US over the “killing” of 10 members of a family including 6 children by a drone strike. When any fool can see that the only possible way this could have been the case is if all those 10 members were living in the boot of the the vehicle that got hit which is the only part of the vehicle damaged.

    The BBC are acting like useful idiots to the Taliban.

    This is a paid for by ISIS PR stunt and designed to force the US to consider stopping sending drones in or face the wrath of the hand-wringers in the West.

    Pathetic that the US doesn’t just come out and rubbish the claim.


  19. G.W.F. says:

    GBNews was recovering after its woke appeal to BLM style kneeling. But now its viewers express anger over its simplistic people or pets approach to the rescue mission for animals. Viewers certainly better informed than the little boy expressing his outrage over the pets.


    It looks like GBNews has an objective in a similar manner to BBC’s biased reports. Heavyweight Farage is also criticised for apparently towing the party line.

    Come on GBNews, insist your presenters are better informed.



  20. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Anybody see on Farage, GB News tonight, that interview with the correspondent in France.

    It seems that according to him there is only left or far right politics. Any mention of the right was always called far right yet the left was always called left.

    A common trick slipped in by the media.


  21. Garry Lavin says:

    This is a statement of the bleedin obvious….

    Welcome to the new feudalism.



  22. Fedup2 says:

    Final day of the US Afgee Adventure .
    How will the BBC handle it ?
    I reckon theyll dig out the big guns – Adie or Simpson or some one who witnessed the fall of Saigon .

    Theyll also go for the easy emotional stuff of dead / desperate afgees at the airport and …
    …. The inevitable failure of Operation Welcome to Benefits Land ….


  23. Philip_2 says:

    Things we should know but we remain ignorant relying on the BBC.. or Facebook.. or who exactly..

    ‘Developers of AstraZeneca vaccine finds that vaccinated hospital personnel are acting as super-spreaders — asymptomatic but a viral load 251 TIMES that of the unvaccinated. And listener in Vietnam trapped in country and under house arrest for weeks due to COVID (only 700 deaths reported in a country of 98 MILLION in a year and a half)’

    Israel found this out.

    There is more to this in TCW.
    Why are we being lied to about Covid?
    Here I learn that a simple low cost medicine does better then than all of them combined.

    Ivermectin is one of the WHO’s ‘essential drugs’ which all countries should have access to. It’s very cheap as its patent has long expired; it’s one of the most-used drugs in world history; it’s extraordinarily safe; it is often life-saving against parasitic infections. It is also one of the best-established pharmaceutical treatments for Covid-19, showing benefit in every stage of the disease…

    Its also worth reading that Doctors have been forced to resign in not being able to use this cheap and effective remedy.

    Please pass it on.

    The Doctors who asked the question:
    All genuine Doctors have been silenced, if they object to roll out of something else we are being given.

    Click to access ResignationsFrontiers.pdf

    What is going on?

    I also learn that EU compulsory ID cards are going to be called VACCINE passports and the UK has signed up to it, ignoring objections. It will be compulsory for most jobs and travel. That was in the TELEGRAPH I think.

    I know from another source that the DVLC will be running the centre. So it has not much to do with NHS either. It will have all your travel details, health and (probably ‘benefits’ and banking details irrespective of a mobile phone ‘app’. What fun that will be…!

    I hope I am wrong. Biden is pushing for it in the US I read. The key word is ‘mandatory’. This is in the Newspaper today alongside who is running the US?

    UK Doctor Dr Tess Lawrie attempted to alert the Prime Minister to the potential of ivermectin. Her video here was pulled from YouTube within hours of posting, though it survives on Vimeo.

    The video has been deleted as I write. But try later.Link was on TCW (Conservative Woman) website link above.

    So follow the Science, as the Politics are clearly in play on all sides. There is strong objection to vaccination healthy children with an unknown and untested drug approved by US government (Biden is about to approve it wholesale). Expected we will have to follow, even though its not drug tested in UK. None of them are.

    I still remember a German drug called THALIDOMIDE that was approved and used in the UK without proper testing. The clue to this is that all the drug companies are IMMUNE from any future prosecution (emergency powers). That is world wide. So this, is not unique to GB.

    The BBC I have not mentioned but I am sure its all wonderful from their own limited point of view and why should they bother us with things we would never understand?


    • StewGreen says:

      This video of Tess Lawrie seems to have been up for since Aug15th and was not deleted yet … https://youtu.be/j2EEDJuQNrI


    • G says:


      “Ivermectin is one of the WHO’s ‘essential drugs’ which all countries should have access to. It’s very cheap as its patent has long expired; it’s one of the most-used drugs in world history; it’s extraordinarily safe; it is often life-saving against parasitic infections. It is also one of the best-established pharmaceutical treatments for Covid-19, showing benefit in every stage of the disease…”

      Keep tabs on IVM on,

      Britain: https://bird-group.org – Tess Lawrie

      US: https://covid19criticalcare.com/about/

      The large pharmaceutical companies are trying to halt and or condemn the use of IVM. No prises for why.


  24. JimS says:

    Once upon a time Thomas the Tank Engine stories were about the working of railways, something that little boys of that time were very interested in.


    According to the creators, the episodes will incorporate 26 “social-emotional, cognitive, and physical life lessons” including friendship, teamwork and self-help.

    “Thomas And Friends: All Engines Go features stories that are both timeless and timely, with themes that will resonate with children, parents and care-givers alike.”

    1946 schoolboy: “I want to be a train driver!”
    2021 student: “I want to be a diversity, inclusivity and equality enabler!”


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      2040 BBC reporter: “Britain’s final train is to stop running at the end of the year. A British Rail spokesperson said that following the retirement of the last batch of drivers and engineers, the country no longer has the capability to operate any train services. A spokesperson for the governing Labour Islamic Green Party Alliance (LIGPA) welcomed the news, saying it is “One important step closer to a fully de-carbonised, de-industrialised and de-colonised country in line with UN/WEF guidelines”.


  25. StewGreen says:

    Flipping heck everything the media do is PERFORMANCE
    as they do this bias by omission and hype stories up
    Countryfile definitely said there is only 1 population of orcas

    However May 14th Telegraph quoted an expert
    “We learned that actually, there are far more killer whale pods present around the north coast of Scotland and Northern Isles than previously thought,” she said.

    The three pods are in addition to a separate group, often described as the UK’s only resident pod of orcas, known as the “west coast community”.

    Photographer and naturalist Hugh Harrop, of local company Shetland Wildlife, said that the idea that the UK had just one resident pod was incorrect.
    We’ve now got three pods that we refer to as a Northern Isles community. thought to comprise 18 animals in total.

    (Additionally transient pods are mentioned)
    “Northern Scotland is also frequented by Other pods who move between Iceland, …and other areas of the Atlantic.”

    Orcas get called killer whales (but they are actually giant dolphins who sometimes kill whales)


  26. StewGreen says:

    Libmob thinking : I read this in the Hull Freedom Festival schedule
    Theatre “Celebrating their final year *as Europeans*, island-monkeys Becca and Louise got invited to the European Capital of Culture in Malta,”
    … Em Brexit didn’t cause us to become non-European ..We still are.


    • JohnC says:

      Many remainers are unable to comprehend the difference between Europe the continent and the EU the political organisation.

      Reminds me of the student so upset by Brexit she was out protesting with her friends. When asked what the best thing the EU gave us, she said the NHS.

      There is an intelligence threshold where people below it are too thick to realise how thick they are and actually think they are clever.


      • Banania says:

        Peter Simple had them summed up years ago: “I’m with Jo Wilson and the Conservatives”.


    • Guest Who says:

      What’s needed is a trusted broadcaster with a fact che…


  27. JohnC says:

    BBC: US completes withdrawal from Afghanistan

    ‘President Biden will address the American people tomorrow on his decision not to extend the US presence in Afghanistan, he has said in a statement following the final withdrawal of US troops from that country.’

    Wow – how long is that now that Biden – the President of the United States – stood up in public about Afghanistan.

    First he only took pre-arranged questions and still couldn’t cope. Now he’s been removed from press conferences altogether. As has the vice-President.

    I fully expect this ‘address the nation’ will be pre-recorded and behind closed doors.

    Joe is now quite clearly unfit to be President yet the BBC are absolutely ignoring it. No questions at all.

    I would say this is the most obvious and most extreme display of BBC news being so biased, it is absolutely unfit to continue as a publicly funded state broadcaster.

    We should make sure we do not let anyone forget the extent of their cover up here.

    The 25th amendment is looking more and more likely – though I expect Joe will just resign when he is told to and it will all go under the carpet.


    • JimS says:

      One can always argue over political policies and the differing parties will probably always argue over the most impartial reporting of those policies but there can be no argument that the BBC is blind to Biden.

      ‘Impartial, free and fair’ Sopel and the Bronzed Strumpet shut up shop once Trump was gone. Every anti-Trump disinformation story was given a good outing on the BBC while stories that put the Democrats in a bad light were either ignored or given a minor mention for an hour or two.

      The inept actions of the US military, under Biden’s command, are going to have grave consequences throughout the West for decades to come. Forget all the fancy hi-tech stuff, (a gift to the Russia and China), the 600,000 small arms is bad enough.

      It’s a pity that the US doesn’t have the equivalent of a vote of no confidence, with the potential for the whole administration to resign and to cause a new election.

      Perhaps the ‘free world’ should demand just that?


      • JohnC says:

        Yes : it’s the magnitude of the consequences which make the BBC bias here so unacceptable.


      • Guest Who says:

        BBC Moaning Emole:
        n a tweet, the US Department of Defense shared – in the green tint of a night-vision camera – a photo of the last American soldier leaving Kabul airport. Officials said the final C17 aircraft took off with the US ambassador on board just after midnight, ending the 20-year presence in Afghanistan. It departed to the sound of celebratory gunfire from the Taliban, back in charge having been deposed when Nato-backed American troops entered the country in 2001. It marks the end of an evacuation that has seen more than 123,000 civilians flown out by coalition aircraft since 14 August, according to the US military.

        “The military mission is over. A new diplomatic mission has begun,” says US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. The UN Security Council is urging the Taliban to allow people to leave the country. However, our chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet says: “Even after 40 years of war, I don’t think Afghans have lived through a transition that is so uncertain, that is so shrouded in darkness and that is so overcast in fear.” The international community will “push as one voice” for the safe passage of Afghans who want to leave, Prime Minister Boris Johnson says. The Taliban has promised just that to those with authorisation. Many have already fled. We hear from some of those who poured into Pakistan. “Where can I go? What can I do?” asks one despairing woman.


        So a £5b, envy of the world outfit gets its ‘news’ from Twitter. No surprise there. With added Lyse. And deceit. Plus a very bbc conclusion.

        This despair will doubtless manifest as a wish to leave, and via Pakistan to a noted Pakistan idiot country of aid. All papers will be lost of course, but amazingly trainers, iPhones and mobile tariffs will be secure.


    • Dobyns says:

      While suturing a laceration on the hand of a 70-year-old Texas rancher (whose hand had caught in a gate while working cattle), a doctor and the old man were talking about Joe Biden being in the White House.

      The old Texan said, “Well, ya know, Biden is a ‘post turtle’.”

      Not knowing what the old man meant, the doctor asked him what a post turtle was.

      The old man said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

      The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain, “You know he didn’t get there by himself, he doesn’t belong there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid guy get down.”


  28. JohnC says:

    ‘Calls for cyclists to pay ‘road tax’ in response to upcoming Highway Code changes’

    Just saw this on social media. If it goes ahead, stand by for Jeremy Vine to be opening it to callers and using all his left-wing trickery (such as pre-arranged callers) to discredit it.

    Because despite the millions he gets from the BBC, Lefties like him are always the most shallow and greedy of anybody. As we witnessed during Brexit when they realised they might be worse off. People like Soubry and Adonis used every reason they could think of. Except the real one.


    • Garry Lavin says:

      If they want everybody on bikes…..the roads still have to be paid for by users. It’s quite straightforward.


  29. JohnC says:

    Fury as Covid crisis hits Australia’s Aboriginal communities

    “We were watching what was happening in other communities. We were watching it [the virus] getting closer,” she said.

    In Wilcannia, more than 60 people have tested positive. Adjusted for population size, that’s the highest proportion for anywhere in NSW.

    “We’ve been crying out for prevention. No one listened to us.”
    Jesus Wept. There is no lower limit to what the BBC will write. That article is over 1,000 words long !!!.

    These people knew about the virus and they didn’t care because they don’t integrate with whitey. Same as the blacks and Asians here who quite amazingly also had a disproportionately high number of cases. All due to racism from whitey if you believe the BBC.

    I don’t need a government to take responsibility for me avoiding the virus. I do it myself.


  30. brexiteerkent says:

    The BBC loves standing up for indigenous people everywhere .. Except for the indigenous British !


    • taffman says:

      That’s the indigenous people who are forced to pay for it.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      As with the British establishment in general, they do not believe there is such a thing as indigenous British people. A number of years ago, the House of Commons actually voted that this was indeed the case. The official view is that we are a nation of immigrants (sic), with the population constantly changing over time: Romans one day, Vikings the next, followed by Norman French, West Indians, Pakistanis, Somalians and so on, indefinitely.


  31. tomo says:

    Apparently (according to the Daily Mail) the delegates arriving from COVID red list countries won’t have to self isolate for the UN COP conference in Glasgow….

    Apparently if you are properly concerned about the proper issues you are not contagious. How long until this is commonplace? (Jordan Peterson)

    Let’s see if the BBC defends this.


  32. Thoughtful says:


    The cowardly useless incompetent Tories indicating here that they will not increase the TV tax in line with inflation (doesn’t mean they won’t increase it at all) over the next five years.

    However as readers might expect of this hopeless liberal left wing party they give every indication of supporting the TV tax as a model for the years to come with no sign of a move to subscription.

    A government source said: ‘The BBC is a hugely important national institution. But equally these are hard times.

    ‘Nobody wants to punish the BBC but it’s got to be subject to the same efficiency savings as everyone else.’


    • G says:


      Maybe its a plan although our current Labour Government does not display any ability in that department, only adherence to some ‘Grand Plan’ with other Western leaders to destroy the UK/Western democracies.

      In the knowledge that ‘Our Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster’ is haemorrhaging licensees, no increase in the license fee would result in a ‘turn of the screws’ on the BBC – annually. Perhaps a death by choking?


  33. taffman says:

    Is there any criticism of Biden to be heard or seen on Al Beeb?


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      You wouldn’t expect it. It’s the old solidarity principle of ‘No enemies on the Left’, that led to the alliance of the Labour Party and the Communist Party back in the 1930s.


    • Guest Who says:

      Let’s just check the impartial home of holding power to account…

      Seems not.


      • MarkyMark says:

        Thank you for contacting us about Beyond 100 Days on the BBC News Channel. We note and appreciate your concerns.

        We can assure you that the scheduling of Beyond 100 Days has no relevance to the recent US Presidential elections. We would also highlight that you can continue to watch BBC News with Katty and Christian on the BBC New Channel.

        BBC News never takes a position on any story that we cover.

        We do value your feedback about this. All complaints are sent to senior management and we’ve included your points in our overnight report.

        These reports are among the most widely read sources of feedback in the company and ensures that your concerns have been seen by the right people quickly. This helps inform their decisions about current and future content.

        Kind regards,

        Darren Loughlin

        BBC Complaints Team


        President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

        Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

        You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

        Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

        ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


        Thank you again for contacting us,

        BBC Complaints Team


      • StewGreen says:

        @GW I thought you were misleading there
        cos asked if BBC were holding Biden to account you posted a Sopel tweet from Thursday night.
        Yet actually that is his most recent tweet apart from 2 about Arsenal

        OK it was a holiday weekend but Sopel hasn’t tweeted for 4.5 days yet he used to tweet sneers at Trump everyday.


        • StewGreen says:

          BBCnews also have not tweeted about Biden, since Thursday night.

          BBCworld tweeted about Biden last Friday morning.

          I wonder if Biden’s withdrawal was deliberately fast
          to keep the number of refugees low.
          ie it’s 100K not 5 million.


    • Thoughtful says:

      There shouldn’t be any criticism of Biden, it’s like criticising a scorpion for being a scorpion.
      The criticism should be of the terminally stupid American people who when faced with a stark choice “Make America Great Again” or destroy and diminish America chose the latter.

      They knew exactly what they were voting for and what Biden was likely to do. They are the ones entirely to blame, and to make matters worse despite the crazed loons falling poll numbers, they have started to climb again as stupid Americans begin to appreciate his destruction of their country.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Thoughtful – it’s nice to see someone on this site – apart from the trolls – who think the US election was a fair one and that the majority voted for an old career politician like Biden.

        The responsibility for afgee lies with those who carried out the coup – continue to report – and are now in power.

        Elsewhere -I notice that some hopeless UN resolution calling on the taliban to be nice had the Chinese and Russians abstaining ….


        • JohnC says:

          And also with those who blatantly and deliberately misrepresented the truth in order to keep Trump out. They didn’t care one bit about how bad Biden and Harris are : they would have supported anyone.

          The BBC (and their USA equivalent CNN) have plenty of blood on their hands now. It’s what you get when the Left put ideology over the real world. Lots of people end up dying.

          This is how the real world views the UN:


        • Thoughtful says:

          Up to now no hard evidence has been presented to support a claim the election was rigged, which not to say it wasn’t given the rather surprising figures.

          It gets worse with the Fox news piece I posted where 100K recall ballots were found in someones car ! Clearly the Dems are no strangers to rigging ballots in their favour and have no respect for democracy and the people.

          Despite all that, all claims of fixed elections are as of yet unsubstantiated, and all they do is muddy the waters, giving those on the left a quick and easy dismissal of valid points by simply saying ‘conspiracy theory’ and the discussion is over.

          Here it’s something of an echo chamber, but I can tell you that if you raise issues like that on other sites your points will be completely lost.


          • Fedup2 says:

            Just from following it from a distance –
            1 Huge turn outs for trump rallies every day
            2 someone who had delivered on election promises
            3 economy and jobs
            4 achieve progress in the Middle East

            Compared to an old man hiding in a bunker and a token running mate with nothing behind her …

            The democrats controlled counting across the states – add the MSM support – even now to that and that’s enough for me .

            I admire the skill with which the coup was carried out and in some ways blame Mr Trump for not pre empting it – but I guess even he couldn’t believe they’d carry it off so easily ….


  34. Guest Who says:

    At least it took a few AKs to bring America to its knees.


    • JohnC says:

      Not AK’s any more. The latest assault rifles with night vision and everything.
      Anyone who tries to go back in or oppose the Taliban will meet an enemy armed to the teeth.
      Well done Joe.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Extinction rebellion

      Oooze planet are planet

      Then bloodywell keep it. I am going to burn a couple of tyres in the garden


    • MarkyMark says:

      Protected by the poilce.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Jeremy sure to have Femi on to ignore the driver situation elsewhere too.

    Luckily, the BBC has a good news story that is news…


  36. AsISeeIt says:

    We note some mixed messages in the news this morning: ‘The BBC licence fee will rise by less than the rate of inflation over the next five years because ministers are concerned about hitting households with higher bills, The Times has learned‘ – the BBC there landing themselves yet another five year plan… of which they’ve now had more than Stalin.

    Meanwhile: ‘Parents face new nappy tax. Government may introduce levy on disposable brands to tackle landfill crisis‘ (Daily Mail) – so we sense the restraint on BBC funding has more to do with the gifting of a very mild token sop to BBC critics than it has to do with any governmental concern about rising household bills.

    The FT frets: ‘Women from ethnic minorities are “almost invisible from positions of power”, according to a charity report, and over-represented in entry-level and junior roles‘ – an interestingly-worded statement there emphasising visibilty and tokenism.

    I like to run my little thought experiment when faced with such claims of implied British structural racism. Supposing we now airlifted a million-and-a-half Afghans to the UK representing roughly 2% – give or take – of our population. In a year’s time if two FTSE 100 CEO’s were not Afghans, one of them a woman, would that prove Britain was racist?

    The BBC are doing all they can with the visibility thing: ‘Sam Quek. A Question of Sport is the dream job for me‘ (Daily Mirror) – I’m guessing there’s a pool of thousands of experienced pub quiz masters and mistresses out there. Her qualification: ‘“I know my stuff” Sam is the first female captain on the TV show

    The thought occurs that maybe chaps aren’t buying newspapers as often as women these days, or writing them? I’d be interested to know the readership demographics.

    We do seem to be preocupied by certain male/female breakdowns – when they fit the agenda: ‘Vaccine gender gap for under-40s. Young women 10% more likely to get jabbed than men‘ (‘i’)

    The circulation failure which was the Independent once informed us: ‘The Daily Mail has a mainly female readership…‘ however, the Indie’s Hannah Fearn grumbled : ‘so why do women enjoy those ‘who won Legs-it’ headlines?‘ – This was the Mail’s jokey commentary on that March 2017 Nicola Sturgeon-Theresa May post-Brexit vote summit photo op. Penned by Sarah Vine and frankly promoted by the Mail as Mrs Michael Gove’s: ‘light-hearted verdict on the big showdown‘ – the giveaway there not to take it too seriously being the Brexit-Legs-it pun.

    Apparently, Feminists, just like the Taliban and other Islamic no-fun-dermentalists, don’t do humour – maybe that’s why the right-on girls like them so much? I can envisage the lonely hearts ads now – looking for manly chap, rebellious nature, with no sense of humour, preferably no previous wives.

    So come on sisters, rally to the feminism flag, why don’t you? ‘It might be an uncomfortable truth to many, but it is women who want to read (and often to write) such pieces; it is women who were motivated to hand over a few silver coins in the newsagent with that deeply old-fashioned headline

    A certain flavour of sour grapes there methinks, since the Independent folded as an uneconomic low-circulation physical entity in 2016, disappearing from newstands and going exclusively online. But I digress.

    It’s not as though there isn’t anything in the papers aimed at the ladies today. Celia Walden in the Telegraph has: ‘Why all disadvantaged pupils need a tiger headmistress‘ – there’s a rare deviation from the current de rigueur term headteacher.

    We welcome the return of that hardy perennial the female celeb angst trope: ‘Arabella Weir “Mum couldn’t bear the sight of me”‘ (Telegraph)

    The Sun’s frontpage is remarkable in that as the Taliban are pictured in: ‘Chilling scene in ex-Brit HQ‘ – having occupied the UK’s former police training centre in Kabul, and as one of their looted trophies they have unearthed what must be about the last ever proper British Bobbie’s helmet you’re ever likely to see.

    Mixed messaging becomes a serious matter when it arises between allies: ‘Pentagon leaks blame UK for bombing deaths‘ (Times) – hey, all you British anti-Trump people out there – how’s that Joe Biden working out for you?

    The FT’s Datawatch assesses US public trust in various institutions according to political leanings. Seems Democrats now like Banks and Corporations more than Republicans, which is an interesting turnaround. While Democrats love Tech and Universities.

    Mind you, Pew Research either didn’t ask or the FT didn’t care to highlight what the public thought of the Media.


    • taffman says:

      “The BBC licence fee will rise by less than the rate of inflation over the next five years because ministers are concerned about hitting households with higher bills,”

      Not for me because I don’t pay it. Neither I hope, do all the other readers of this site ?

      Nor do I watch the agenda driven trash on Al Beeb. Trust me life is much better with out it.


  37. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    Celebratory gunfire by the Taliban was heard after the last US plane departed, marking the end of a controversial 20-year presence in Afghanistan.

    By whom?

    And has Mishal got a BBC Mostly Peaceful controversy chart of gunfire now, ranging from ‘celebratory’ through ‘trying to shoot the bloke dangling from the Blackhawk’.


  38. Guest Who says:

    I have never seen a takeaway like this.


  39. Guest Who says:

    Krankie come out of hiding yet to nut her?


  40. Up2snuff says:

    BBC WEB-SITE Watch #1 – when two tribes go to war

    OK, OK, I know it’s not the Bank Holiday Weekend any longer but that just popped into my head as a title. Greta the Great, leading Extinction Rebellion, versus The Wee Nippy, leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58387017 They are probably a similar size and weight. Maybe they should head into a boxing ring to settle it?


  41. Zephir says:

    A political savvy versus one who has yet to take her geography o level, popcorn time

    One who has limited insight into past climate change beyond formally recorded climate time of about 100 years who has bever been afforded educaton of other insights into past climate, tree rings, pollen deposists, iconograhy (frost on the Thames pics) oxygen isotopic changes etc

    versus a nasty backbiting goblin….

    Here’s what’s going on: Scientists mark the start of modern global record-keeping at roughly 137 years ago, in 1880. That’s because earlier available climate data doesn’t cover enough of the planet to get an accurate reading, according to NASA. So 2016 wasn’t just the hottest year in 137 years—it’s truly the hottest year on record. Last year also very likely broke the record for “many hundreds” of years more, according to NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt; the data just isn’t robust enough to make that statement definitively.


  42. Thoughtful says:

    Larry Elder is standing against the Democrat loon in charge of California who is actively engaged in destroying the state.

    Larry Elder is Black, both his parents are Black. He grew up in a majority Black neighbourhood, and yet it has not stopped the loony left in california, along with the media and big tech allies labelling the man a “White Supremecist!”

    This is always the tactic of the Left now, and its the same here where anyone who dares to disagree with them is labelled as ‘racist’. In Manchester at a Gay pride rally a Gay man dared to wear an LGB alliance T shirt which apparantly believes sexual orientation is not the same as gender issues, and as a result has been labelled as ‘racist’ – how does that work? Anybody anti Gay is apparantly now ‘racist’!

    Here’s a piece by Tucker Carlson on the issues there.


    • tomo says:

      I suppose one could call Newsome a loon – but he’s so much more …. I’ve followed his doings a bit over the last couple of years – he deserves to be pilloried big time – he is simply awful in so many ways…


    • JohnC says:

      It’s what happens when the intellectual bottom 20% suddenly get a louder voice than everyone else via social media.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Looks like California is going to carry on the ‘stolen ( Biden ) election methodology …. Maybe the Democrat chap will get a 101% of the vote of a 101% turn out ….

      Coming our way soon …( if not already ( see postal voting ‘student voting ))


  43. tomo says:

    Looks like sleepy Joe has struck a chord with the American people!

    I wonder how much gardening of the replies has been done by Twitter?

    Them ‘Merikans don’t look too happy ….


    • MarkyMark says:

      Make Afghanistan(Taliban) Great Again.


    • JohnC says:

      The elephant in the room here is that Joe should have been making that statement on live TV.
      This is a very serious development – and is being ignored.


    • Loobyloo says:

      He could have signed off with ‘what time is it?’


  44. JohnC says:

    If anyone wants a break from this Afghanistan misery, there are a some ‘Full Story’ articles up for you to browse on the front page:
    Elizabeth Holmes : Boss who duped silicon valley (picture of woman)
    The students amassing degrees to stay in Europe (picture of black woman)
    Indian atheletes shine at Tokyo Paralympics (picture of Indian woman)
    BBC Travel: A Gen-Z spin on a centuries-old fashion (picture of Asian woman)
    Can apps move the #Metoo movement forward? (picture of woman)
    Japan’s huge army of under-employed ex-housewives (picture of Japanese woman)
    Campaigners call on India to outlaw marital rape (picture of Indian woman).
    Anybodies fancy tickled ?.


    • Up2snuff says:

      John, that’s a good W-S Watch, get the label on it quick if you still have edit time. 😉


  45. G.W.F. says:

    Here is Andrew Lawrence on the BBC licence fee. No swear words today


    • Thoughtful says:

      Ah and into the trap the simple minded do fall.

      The BBC have not been denied a TV tax rise, quite the reverse, they have been denied an inflation matched rise which is pretty much meaningless.


  46. Zephir says:

    For a cult that calls itself religious, they do like guns and bombs and hurting and killing people

    and we are regularky asked via tv to feed their kids while they induged themselves

    I prefer the lame donkeys


    • MarkyMark says:

      Islam …Mostly Peaceful.
      BLM .. Mostly Tolerant.


      • Zephir says:

        Most wars across the world are taking place in majority-Muslim countries, with Muslims mainly fighting each other, says The Washington Post.

        In 2012, there were six civil wars worldwide. All took place within Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Of the nine rebel groups in these conflicts, seven had an Islamist ideology.

        Citing the Human Security Report, it says war around the world has been declining both within and between countries, especially since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 effectively ended the Cold War.

        The reasons given for persistent violent conflict among Muslims include border disputes, the Middle East’s strategic importance between East and West, and oil – the latter two sometimes inviting major powers to get involved for good or ill.

        Islam, the report says, includes elements of violence, as with other religions (e.g. the “just war” theory), but what varies over time is how prominent people — both religious and political — emphasise different parts of the message


        • Zephir says:

          It does beg the question, is Islam a “religion” or a war organisation, attacks wide and far would suggest the answer,, even christians preaching at Hyde Park Corner are regualrly phsically assaulted by this so call reilgion


  47. Zephir says:

    How many religions have it in their current idealogy that one has to shoot and bomb all others that do not accept your ideolgy ? churches set fire to and chrstians attacked, homosexuals and jews attacked, women raped
    There is only one religion that accepts this

    it is a religion of hate and intolerance


  48. Zephir says:


  49. Zephir says:

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that, no one, but no one, will help the police or that poor assaulted person despite full knowlege of who did itwhilste wavihg ther br i sh pass port innit


  50. Zephir says:

    Not a headline on the bbc, not reported at all, in fact quite a stunning silence, rather strange considrering theiruinbiased reporting of racim



    • Loobyloo says:

      My son tells me that at venues like this the bouncers aren’t interested in getting involved. Risk of hate crime accusations?